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JULY 2012


From the Editor’s desk! The last time we wrote this page we were heat stroked, tanned and exploding with anticipation about the randomness awaiting us ‘downhill ‘over the next two months but this ‘beyond of the back’ home of ours is such a complete black hole that it always succeeds in leaving us realistically spellbound in a dreamy way. Yes, PGP 1s …. Welcome to our crazy family in this divine space … some strayed mind once said ‘The Universe is made of stories, not of atoms’, we are sure your stories will fit perfectly in this larger story which has a wonderful cast and a wacky plot. And PGP 2s- Welcome Back!! With this we leave you to delve into the depths of beautiful minds around us …. Pooja Vernekar puts us in character by giving us an amazing rhyme to recite, about the ramblings of an Autowala. The trickery of being is touchingly pondered upon in a piece by Tejasee Pai - ‘The grass is always greener on the other side’. Ravi Chandran strikes a chord with his poem ‘Lost’. Rohan Bedi celebrates the victory of La Furia Roja with ‘Its Spain, yet again’. Go on to have a look at Gunjan Atwal weaving magic in her way with words in the poem ‘Enrapture’ . Further, we present an exclusive chat with Prof. Jaideep Gupte which leaves us both enlightened and wiser.

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19.7.2012 Inside this issue:

Krishnashish Nath’s thriller ‘She Knew’ wins our ‘Author of the Month’ not only displaying wizardry at the use of instruments of writing but

brought along with it wacky cultural and social trends, our personal favorite ‘The In Thing’ segment captures these rad fads.

also exploring the changing complexity of the nature of human relationships. Finally, the injection of vivacious and colorful members to our family has

Frustrations 4 of an Autowala The grass is 5 always greener on the other side Lost


It’s Spain, yet Again






She Knew


The ‘IN’ thing

18 Happy Reading!!!

Different Strokes

21 Midsummer’s@G!M



Cover Page Courtesy: Nishant Aggarwal, PGP2


FRUSTRATIONS OF AN AUTOWALA– Poorva Verneker (PGP1) (To be read with a stereotyped Indian accent) You are coming to my auto, You have no change in hand. I am not knowing if it is just bad luck, Or if it previously planned. You say you know the destination, But the route is very much unclear. You yell while I try to find the way, I tremble and shake with fear.

You say, "bhaiya bhaiya left", While your hand is pointing right.

You say, "bhaiya bhaiya left", While your hand is pointing right. Left or right I'm so confused, so I choose and then we fight. Four people in the backseat, Yet one and a half is unfair. I would gladly like to throw you out, But madam I do not dare. By the end of the day I'm fed up, But my mood means nothing to you. Do you expect a hello? A good evening? Or maybe a how do you do? So you may find me inhuman, My mood dark and kala. But you must understand madam, The frustrations of an auto wala.

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THE GRASS IS ALWAYS GREENER ON THE OTHER SIDE– Tejasee Pai (PGP1) Little Maitreyi stumbled as she tried to walk

No more uniforms and no more teasing by boys.

in her elder sister’s high heels. Walking in a

Mayura fidg-

straight line was a feat for this 8-year-old,

eted with her

let alone going down the flight of stairs. “I

dupatta and

want to grow my hair long”, she said. “I

let out a frus-

want to watch cartoons till 10 o’ clock at

trated sigh.

night, I want to wear long ear-rings and

The last place

most of all I want to wear high heels. I hate

she wanted

being the smallest!”

to be right

Mukta, her elder sister watched in amuse-

now was in

ment. Although she hated the little one

this old house, visiting the relatives. And the last

sometimes for all the attention seeking, she

thing she wanted to wear

envied her too. Life was all about cartoons

was this drab looking

and homework for her little sister. Maitreyi

dress. But mum would not

old body was

need not worry about fitting in at school,

listen. It was a trade-off.

changing. She

nor did she have to live up to any expecta-

“Be good with the rela-

prayed that her

tions. Mukta’s 13-year-old body was chang-

tives and you can go to

ing. She prayed that her mother would not

Goa for your friend’s

see their class photograph this year. All the

birthday bash next week-

other girls wore their uniform skirts above

end, mum had said, but

their knees. Mukta prayed that her mother

not before she had taken

would not notice that she too had pulled up

down the phone numbers

her skirt for the photograph. She wished

of all the girls who would be going. Mayura had

she could grow up sooner. She couldn’t wait

not mentioned that Rahul and his friends would be

to be 18 like her cousin Mayura. She could

coming too. Rahul had told her yesterday that she

then go to the beauty parlor for things oth-

was the first female to ride behind him on his new

er than just a haircut! How cool would that

bike. Was that some kind of message or was she

be, and of course she would go to college.

taking things too seriously?

“Mukta’s 13-year-

mother would not see their class photograph this year”

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She wished she was a little more mature and older. She wished she was 25 like Madhuri didi. “I would earn then and stand on my own feet”, she thought. “Capable of making my own decisions” Madhuri was lost in thoughts, unaware that someone else wished to be in her place. If she knew, she would tell them how painful it was to not know so many things. Not knowing if she had chosen the right person. Not knowing why the path ahead was so unclear. Not knowing if the she was heading the right way professionally and emotionally. Not knowing when or how and who. “I need some time”,

looked back at her own life. But that was easier said than done. Although to everyone else it seemed like a whole world of opportunities out there, for her it was more like a circus that she was asked to be part of. A few years ago it seemed like she was on top of the world, and now it seemed to have moved ahead without her, and she was expected to catch up, and yet not let her family slip behind. Maybe she should ask Mrudula aunty for advice. Mrudula, as the youngest of the older generation, was in her forties. Young enough to be active on Facebook, and yet somehow

she thought. “I need to stop over-analyzing and obsessing about the past and the future. Some more years should do it. I need to wait it

“I need some time”, she thought. “I need to stop over-analyzing and obsessing about the past and the future”

out till I’m older. Say as old as Maithili? I will have my feet planted firmly wherever I am by then.” Maithili looked around at all the people around her and hoped they were having fun. Hosting her first big scale family gathering was turning out to be easier than she had thought it would be. Her 3-year-old was running round bumping into people as he wound his way through the crowd, airplane in hand. She won-

old enough to face constant resistance from her 18-year-old. How could she be a friend to Mayura, and yet play the hated role of rule-maker? “My daughter knows all too well that I myself am not perfect. When she tells me I have not been a responsible mother, I cannot explain to her what made me give up on the 20 odd year struggle and finally go after my own happiness.

dered if she did the right thing 3 years ago when she quit her job to make time for the new one in her life. Now it was about time she Page 6


And if it was happiness that I achieved, then why is it accompanied with so much guilt? How do I explain to her what companionship means at this stage in my life?” She should ask her eldest sister how

“She wished she could

she got through this phase.

go back to that place,

Mrunal looked up from the newspaper

where being

she had been reading and looked at the happy family spread out in front of her. As the eldest of the group, she was not ex-

dependent on others was taken for granted”

pected to participate much, yet she wished they would make her. She wanted to feel that sense of inclusion again. Although she had been ready for it for years, the hollow feeling that her husband’s demise had left behind, would always resurface at family gatherings like these. She had kept herself busy, yes. She had not let herself be idle even after retirement, and she quite enjoyed doing the things that she loved to do, and doing them all day. But she wished her nowgrown-up kids would realize how the fear of dependency haunted her. She looked at little Maitreyi stumbling along in heeled shoes too large to be her own size, and she wished she could go back to that place, where being dependent on others was taken for granted. Page 7

LOST- Ravi Chandran (PGP 1) Weep not, my beloved child; No more tears for bygone souls. Because they are and will be; Faded letters written in the book called Life. Like a gorgeous scene that gives way to another, Like a fruitful thought replaced by another, They ebb away, into eternity. There’s no time to lose; There are no tears to be shedOnly a humble prayer from your trembling lips. Because they are and will be; Withered petals torn away from the flower called Life. Time rubs off the pain, Time makes us forget; So weep not, my little one. Weep not, over a vanished soul. Because they are and will be; Fallen leaves from the tree called Life.

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IT’S SPAIN, YET AGAIN!- Rohan Bedi (PGP 1) What a fantastic Euro 2012 it was indeed. Spain, the favourites coming into the tournament, lived up to their billing by winning their third consecutive major tournament, stamping their name in the history books as the first team to

final worked wonders for Spain as they

achieve the feat.

went on to win in some style.

And they did it with the most ultimate display of passing, cohesion and discipline. The roots of these characteristics can be traced back to Catalonia and Madrid, where Spanish football giants Barcelona and Real Madrid ply their trade. But credit must go to their coach, Vicente Del Bosque, who recognized that La Roja’s strength lied in midfield and successfully deployed a 4-60 tactic employing Cesc Fabregas as a false striker who would drop deep to pick up the ball, thus not allowing central defenders to mark him. David Silva and Andres Iniesta were employed in the wings but constantly cut inside to enable them to make runs inside the box. Xavi Hernandez and Xabi Alonso were deployed as the playmakers and Sergio Busquets played as an out and out defensive midfielder. Del Bosque was scrutinized throughout the tournament for employing a striker less formation and shuffling his line-up for every other game. But the tactic of dropping an ineffective Alvaro Negredo who could not get behind the Portuguese defence in

Another important aspect of the Spanish setup was their defense, which was being considered

“But credit must go to their absence of Carles coach, Vicente Del Bosque, Puyol. But in Serwho recognized gio Ramos and that La Roja’s Gerard Pique, they strength lied in found a fantastic midfield and successfully defensive partnerdeployed a 4-6ship which went 0 tactic “ fragile due to the

on to concede just one goal through-

out the whole tournament. The pair was commanding in the air and outstanding on the ground. Another constant threat from the left back position was Jordi Alba, surely Spain’s emerging player of the tournament, with his overlapping runs, as he went on provide an assist in the quarterfinal and scored a well worked goal in the final.

the semi-final, and starting with Farbegas in the Page 9

Spain’s style of passing is considered by many as a sort of a high functioning machine, where each part knows its role and plays it to perfection. In Spain’s first few games of the tournament, they realized early that they would not be able to pass their way to a win, and adopted an efficient style filled with defensive discipline and sheer calmness. Their efforts paid rich dividends as they went on to reach the final, eliminating France and Portugal on the way. They then turned on the style in the final, dominating possession and the scorecard by thrashing Italy 4-0. With the World Cup in Brazil looming in the next couple of years, few would want to bet against Spain continuing their domination and successfully defending their crown. Whether anyone can come and spoil the Spanish party, remains to be seen.

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Gunjal Atwal (PGP 2)

Those silent tears, holding my strongest prayers... Seemed to have whispered into God’s ears... ...that I longed to love, be loved… I know today, He did hear :) Through all those moments when I frantically prayed... I know He smiled... Watching destiny’s play... While you lived through your days Far away...unaware... I prayed and waited…and waited and prayed…. Dreaming of times I’d love unabashed… Live all those feelings- intense, unsaid… Which had lingered there deep, sooo long ago, Unfed, forgotten... But not wanting to go... When shards of emptiness, gashes of being numb... Would melt into oblivion To that love I would succumb... Love - your love, So surreal, so complete, Beautiful in its honesty With purity replete... That tear falls again...i clasp my palms... Ever sooo thankful…blissful, To finally know that love for which my heart longed!! Page 11

In the first GuruCool segment of this term KSHITIZ speaks to Professor Jaideep Gupte about Operations, academics, Sanquelim campus, the new batch and much more! Here are some excerpts:

Q. What is your opinion about our Sanquelim Green Campus? The campus is very beautiful. It has the entire necessary infrastructure for both learning and recreational activities. From a student’s point of view it is a good thing that it is far away from the city as it helps in saving precious time that otherwise would have been spent commuting in busy city traffic. Also, you get a pollution free environment here. Q. What do you enjoy the most at GIM? Nothing in specific, but I do like teaching here and interacting with the students and the faculty. The entire experience is turning out to be a great one. Q. What do you think about the ‘Operations field’ at GIM? Do you think it can be improved? Usually there’s a myth associated with this field that only Engineers can take up Operations. Let me tell you it’s not true. Students from diverse backgrounds can also study Operations as adeptly. I think we lack nowhere; the faculty is an amazing blend of industry and academic experience. We are trying to offer more electives in Operations depending upon the interest levels that the students show. Q. In your opinion how will allowing FDI in multi brand retail enhance supply chain infrastructure in India? There are two aspects to the problem. Firstly, the enhancement of transport and storage infrastructure cannot be guaranteed with this move because the problems in India are different compared to those in the west. Also, kiranawalas may suffer due to stiff competition from international players. It’s a complex issue and must be tackled with care, as it’s a big gamble.

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Q Could you tell us something about your experience? What inspired you to become an academician? I was a science student in school and went on to study production engineering. The natural extension of the field was Operations, so I got masters in Operations Management. Instead of pursuing a PhD I chose to work in various industries such as manufacturing, a hospital, and logistics. After all this, I wanted to foray into teaching and do consultancy. Q. Tell us something about your hobbies and interests. I like to read novels in my spare time. My favourite genre is Crime. I enjoy reading Sherlock Holmes, Agatha Christie, Alfred Hitchcock etc. One of my all time favourites is Agatha Christie’s ‘Murder on the Orient Express’. Q.What are your favourite hangout places in Goa? I usually go to Panjim for a movie. I have explored all the beaches in Goa. I recently went to a historical place called ‘Hampi’, I found it very fascinating. Q. Your comments on your interaction with the new batch. It has been wonderful. It is a very diverse batch. You have students from disciplines such as Engineering, Medicine, Arts, Commerce, Science etc. Such a blend creates a great learning experience. This is the reason why the college strives to achieve greater diversity in the batch. Q. What’s your opinion about the student Initiatives like Midsummers Night, Samriddhi etc. at GIM? Such activities are very important as they provide a getaway for the students from the regular course work. Q. We are the creative club at GIM, in your opinion can creativity play a role in business? Creativity is important in every aspect of business. You cannot expect everyone to be creative and innovative like James Watt and Edison, but a small amount of creativity is expected out of every student and every employee. From my experience I can say that solutions to most problems like in out of the box thinking. That’s why I encourage my students to come with their own case analysis rather than relying on the authors’ point of view. The projects associated with every course provide a platform for the students to showcase their creativity and come up with unique solutions. Q. Your advice/message to the students. Students should be disciplined in their lives. For most of you this is the last academic experience. Make the most of it while you’re at a B School. Strive to get good grades, at least a first class (or its equivalent) as these stay with you forever. The faculty here is very knowledgeable, with both industry and academic experience. The students should work hard to extract the maximum from the faculty and the other available resources. Also, students should try to keep aside time for activities such as the Gym, sports and reading which add value to one. Students should also read and keep themselves updated in accordance with current market and industry requirements.

Page 13

SHE KNEW- Krishnasish Nath (PGP 2) "You shall not talk to me like that ever." Aryan's voice rose, anger welling up within him like wa-

how this picture piqued Aryan's interest.

ter from an overflowing pitcher. “Please Aryan,

"20 years, Rini....... and yet you break my

understand ..." Rini pleaded through her tears.

heart. It must have been hard, digesting

" I totally understand, sweetie, that you have

all the sarcasm and insults. Let's get it

been an absolute B***h. The whole neighbour-

done, shall we?" Aryan remembered how

hood is talking about it. Hell, I feel that the

Rini had once said " That smile is my

whole world does. Wonderful job, Rins. Just

undoing .... as it shall be yours. Mark my

wonderful ." His sarcasm cut through Rini like a

words" . A slight smile appeared on the

AUTHOR OF THE MONTH poisoned blade, unforgiving and uncompromising as ever. Rini

" Ah

well! The whiskey's almost over... ", mused Aryan, as he crushed the cigarette butt in the ash-tray�

kept wiping her eyes again and again. " Things shall never be the same again,

56 year old businessman's lips. " Please

Rini." And there it was. Rini could feel a chill

Aryan, Understand" was the last thing he

rising up her spine.

heard before he closed his eyes and the

The chiming clock above the ebony showcase did little to pierce through the hollow silence of

cyanide bottle fell out from his hands into the floor...

the December midnight " Ah well! The whis-

" My friend is dead because of the wom-

key's almost over... ", mused Aryan, as he

an. Poor guy couldn't have continued

crushed the cigarette butt in the ash-tray. As

living with the fact that the very police

sleep overtook him, his eyes wandered over to

officer that kept him under custody was

the mantelpiece- a dusty neglected picture of

all over with his wife. And that B***h

Rini and himself during their Ooty vacation after

actually went with it. You women are a

B-school graduation. While the haze of alcohol

strange lot...full of ironies, yet so adora-

nudged him into the gentle arms of sleep, some-

ble" Sujay said as he gulped down his final peg for the night.

Page 14


His wife Sharmi, helped him up. "Aryan

be. I can only hope he never comes to

and You were close, weren't you?" , she fi-

know about me and Aryan. I just love him

nally said. Experience had taught her the

too much. Sujay is my husband but my

hard way to always go with the flow, a role

love for him is the kind of love I would

she played to perfection.

give to someone who takes care of me as a

Once she had helped Sujay into the bed, she

wife. But passion was my weakness , as it

walked into to study to write her daily diary

is now. Aryan seems to awaken the woman

entry, a habit she had taken up back at

in me. The times we've spent together shall

school. Something about her manner was

always continue to fill me with rapture and

not right today. A tiny speck of grief seemed

happiness. But, have I gotten into some-

to stifle her usual poise. "How come you are

thing different? some-

always calm no matter what, Sharmi ? Hell,

thing immodest? some-

you could give the gods a run for their mon-

thing wrong? That I

ey when it comes to patience." Sujay had said

cannot tell. The worst

when he arrived late for their first date. " I

part, Sujay has no idea

am patience, boy" Sharmi had smilingly re-

of what happened on

plied. Lost in thought, Sharmi put down her

10th night, a storm that

pen, an old wing sun Chinese fountain-pen,

shattered all that we

a gift from someone she had always loved,

held dear.

but was never able to tell. She slowly opened

Aryan thinks Rini buys whatever he tells

one of the pages and started reading, as if in

her about us just being friends. Whatever

a trance.

Aryan might believe, but she knows and

" 16th July, 2:30 am

yet keeps quiet. She knew that Aryan was

Dear Diary, Today I write because I dare not speak of my secrets with anyone. Sujay is such a nice person. He's the best husband that shall ever

“But, have I gotten into something different? something immodest? something wrong? That I cannot tell�

arrested that night after we had our covers blown by the police at a sleaze bar at Lokhandwala. It was my jealous boss who could never cozy up to me back at my office. But it was she who paid the price.

Page 15

Both of us were locked up. My father, being an

would have had less to worry about. To

influential MP got me out of it in a jiffy but

think I am responsible for this. Did my love

couldn't care less for Aryan. It was Rini who

for Aryan ultimately destroy him? Am I re-

agreed to spend a night with the police officer

ally a monster? What was I thinking when I

to get him out without the media going haywire

had my father's goons shoot her in the head

over yet another high class corporate scandal.

while Aryan was away from home ?

I alone know about this, but Aryan doesn't. He

It's my good luck that Sujay never peeps

doesn't talk to me nowadays. It’s only during the

into my things. He's always had this pride in

rare parties and family get-togethers that he utters

giving me my space, poor fellow that he is."

an occasional monosyllable directed at me. That

Tears were starting to fight their way out of

much I understand.

Sharmi's eyes as she finally put down the

But, the punishment he met out to Rini was un-

diary. She no longer had the strength to

imaginable. The other day, I caught a glimpse of

continue. "What if Sujay came to know of

her at the hospital. It was a swollen lip. Aryan never handled alcohol

“Am I really a monster? What was I thinking when I had my


father's goons shoot her in the head while Aryan was away

The silence around the room was

from home ?”

overwhelming. Sharmi turned a few pages, " Dear diary, It kills me to see Aryan like this. Ever since Rini died ,all he does is drink himself to death. Rini was always the jovial girl. In jealous moments I often hated her for who she was, the way she'd appear pretty and charming to my eyes. The kids loved her. Even our little Astha loved her so much. In my darker moments I often wondered how things would be if by some

all this?", she shuddered at the thought. .The silence was suddenly broken by the loud noise of a car igniting itself into life. "Where the hell are you going this late at night, hubby?", she shouted over the window. Sujay gave her a slight smile, but no answer before speeding away into the night. He was always like that, obstinately foolish in an endearing kind of a way.

means she were to just disappear. Aryan and me

Page 16


Drowsy and half feeling like crying her heart out, she switched off the lights and lay down on the soft bed when a crumpling sound from under her pillow grabbed her ire. She unfolded the paper, smoothening it out on her thighs. What she saw next was just words: "I KNOW, JUST LIKE SHE DID. YOU DIDNT TAKE ME FOR A FOOL,DID YOU?" and then all that was left was silence..

Page 17

THE ‘IN’ THING It’s been a while since we did a lil sneak peak at what’s going on at this spiffing campus of ours. KSHITIZ brings to you what all’s exciting @ GIM this July! Monsoon

The last time we wrote this section, the hot, wicked sun was right above our heads in the sweltering town of Sankhli. But gone are those days. The harbingers of rain arrived in the form of bright raincoats, colorful umbrellas, and long before we set a foot into the campus, it was raining cats and dogs. There are few things in life as beautiful as the Goa rains, the lush green GIM campus, and the picturesque mountains. Blessed are we!

Cross batch couples

Page 18

GIMites are not just Vodafone service users, but die-hard loyalists of the brand. Why! some of us have taken their tagline ‘Wherever you go, our network follows’ to our hearts. Have you all noticed the number of junies who have followed their paramours to our Sanquelim Green Campus? Not that we’re complaining. On the contrary we’re so digging these love birds: P. Whatever it takes to keep our fellow batch mates happy! Home is where the heart is, and college is where the sweetheart is!’ seems to be the new mantra @ GIM ;) KSHITIZ, JULY 2012

Umbrella chor

Yes people, it’s true. It’s with a very heavy heart that we have to tell you that the Umbrella thief is back in business. The chor plans, plots, and very surreptitiously follows you around the campus. And doomed are you if you let your attention waiver even for a split second because by the time you’ve as much as uttered “Where’s my Umbrella?” off (s)he goes with your extended self in this crazy monsoon.


Common question to be heard everywhere after our Razzies let open the date trap- “Excuse me Ma’am? Sir? Are you a PGP2? Would you like to go out on a date with me for freshers?” And common answers ranged from a lil confused “Umm..I haven’t thought about it yet “, diplomatic “Give me your number, and I’ll let you know shortly” , to white lies/bitter truths like “I’ve already been asked out” , and even to the most brutal “No. Na. Nahi. Nyet. Illa.Bu. Iie. Non. Hellz No!” What men PGP2s!! Ehhh!! Were our seniors that rude to us? We hope you make amends for this dumping spree!

Page 19


The gymnasium is as crowed as a Mumbai local, one has to queue up to get to the badminton court, the basketball court is finally being put to use, the volleyball team stands tall every evening day after day, the evening walkers are increasing steadily, and where to begin about our hunky footballers? ;) No number of vicious viper snakes slithering about the lush green ground can deter these enthusiasts from playing in the rains. The concept of a healthy mind in a healthy body has never been clearer.

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Different Stokes of our very own talented



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