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Biggest Dilemma of an Engineering Aspirant At last school days are over. Some of you still might be enjoying the moment of “freedom” from school. Seems it’s an end to all problems? You think if your exams went great, so will the entrance exams will? Think again, as this is not the end of your journey but just the beginning of a tougher life. Better equip yourself with the necessary preparation as it is tough to survive cut throat competition! There are thousands of aspirants like you who are fighting for one seat. There are lakhs of aspirants; you are just one of them. Some of you must be continuing to prepare for a further tougher exam! Get ready for a new phase of a tougher life. Even though the journey is tough and you are determined, it is likely to get confused which road to choose for yourselves. Having umpteen people around you to guide, including your parents, relatives, friends, neighbours, you get pushed into a dilemma. You tend to get more confused. Mostly, it is observed that they either push for Medical or Engineering. Finally when you are pushed to choose engineering there comes another dilemma. Which branch to choose as there are many? That is a biggest decision that will change the course of your life. The branch you choose to study for next four years of your life should be chosen wisely. Your future depends on this decision. Thus we are here to help you choose the right path.

Well, there is nothing such thing called the best branch! Majority of you will not agree to this but the fact is that diverse branches of engineering are specialized in diverse field of applications. Every field has its own importance that will land you to all the favorable positions. You can’t ignore any of these branches. The first thing that you need to do is to make a note of possible cut-offs of different colleges and branches in the best colleges in India. You are bound to get confused in making a choice among diverse branches. These are computer science, civil engineering, mechanical engineering or electronics. You cannot just assume which branch is better than the rest. You need to think logically about the various applications of each branch that you short list and then further try to filter it down. You can think of the following questions and answer them honestly to yourself: do you really aspire to be an engineer? Do you really want to take this up as a career throughout our life? Are you well equipped with the appropriate preparations? What are your interests that excites you the most– programming, circuits, chemical reactions, industries or buildings? Narrow down your search to arrive at a conclusion. Do not decide according to the wishes of anybody else than you. Think about what are you best at and not what others think what is best for you. When you choose as per your interest, only then you will be able to master it and justify it. This follows that other factors like parents’ hopes, money etc will suffice automatically, i.e., everything will fall at the right places. It is known that IT sector has loads of opportunity. True. But what’s the point following the band if you that doesn’t excite you. Many people from non-IT sectors also fetch more money. It’s about the interest level that you and only you need to identify as you know yourself the best. If you just get into the rat race blindly, you will end up falling into the pit. Thus identify your field of interest and then analyze every option around you. Once you do this, you will see clarity in your vision. You will have the answer. When you choose one branch among the rest, that choice becomes the best. Then you just need to work hard on whatever path you choose. In case you realize that you are not made for engineering and something else interests you, then you should not regret as engineering is not the only successful profession in life. Choose what your interest is and excel in it. There are many professions waiting for you. All you need is self realization, self belief and self motivation.

Biggest dilemma of an Engineering Aspirant  

Having umpteen people around you to guide, including your parents, relatives, friends, neighbours, you get pushed into a dilemma. You tend t...

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