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Between stand-up comedy, acting and voiceover work, Kerry Godliman knows how to keep herself busy. Having begun her acting career in the late 1990s, she took TV roles in shows like Spoons, Rush Hour and Home Time. Alongside, she worked on the stand-up comedy circuit, preparing her first show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2008 called “This is not what I was expecting”. She has risen to be a recognisable face in both acting and stand-up, as she speaks about in an interview with Celebrity Angels. She played a big role in Ricky Gervais’ new show, “Derek”, and says that the different style of the show can create “depth”. “I think it’s really original. Comedy implies there should be a gag a minute, which means there isn’t always an enormous amount of depth. I think if you can create depth within comedy, that’s a real achievement, especially in a 23 minute, sitcom slot format.” It’s not the first time she’s worked in a Gervais show, having played a part in the Extras Christmas special in 2007 called “The Extra Special Series Finale”. Gervais, like Godliman, is also an actor and a stand-up comedian. She says that working with Ricky is “lovely”: “He’s very inspiring because he’s someone that’s got a great work ethic, he knows what works for him and he’s fearless. I think that’s admirable. I think a creative person has to be fearless.” Her stand-up comedy work has seen her appear on TV shows like Michael McIntyre’s comedy roadshow and Live At The Apollo last year. In 2011, she supported Micky Flanagan on his “Out Out Tour”. She says that her acting and comedy are not that strongly linked: “I suppose there are some basic skills that are transferable, because both are performing in some capacity. But they are different – stand-up comedy is a one-woman thing”. In 2013, she played a big role in the BBC drama Our Girl, as the mother of Molly Dawes (played by Lacey Turner). Molly, who is lacking opportunity in life, opts to join the army. Kerry says that the neutral stance of the program is what she loved most about it: “It’s about the impact of the decision on that family, as well as how one girl’s self-worth goes on a journey. I think it puts the question out there – does someone really need someone to go to those extremes to feel like they’ve got something to contribute to society?” Kerry Godliman Interview

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