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About Me I was raised in Red Deer and went through the Red Deer Public School System. I was a French Immersion student throughout my entire education, and I loved and valued the program. This is why I am so passionate about being a French Immersion teacher

Languages I believe it was learning French from such a young age that gave me a thirst for learning languages. While I am only fluent in English and French, I have also studied Spanish and Japanese. I hope to study and become fluent in Mandarin, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, and Gaelic in the future.

Travel While studying Japanese I was given the opportunity to visit Japan on an exchange trip when I was 16 years old. Our group spent 3 days in Tokyo, sleeping in a youth hostel and seeing the sites, then 12 days in Asahikawa where I lived with a Japanese family learning of their culture. My family took me to A group of Canadian students and their lots of museums, Japanese host counterparts. Top row, right side: Me and there was even a parade while I was there that I got to take part Kim Shapka


in. This experience is what gave me my love of travel and desire to see the world. My next trip was to Mexico, which I visited with a couple friends. We stayed in the Mayan Riviera, where we visited places like Xel-ha, but the most interesting experience was the Mayan themed day trip we took. We swam in a cenote, visited a real Mayan village, and climbed the pyramid at Coba, (the scariest moment of my life). My biggest ambition is to visit every country in Climbing the pyramid at Coba. Top right: the world My best friend Kelsey. Bottom left: Me. before I die. So far I can cross Canada, the United States, Japan and Mexico off the list. I have a lot left to go.

My Family My decision to become a teacher has been greatly influenced by the women in my family. I come from a long line of teachers. My grandmother, my mother and my older sister were or are teachers. It has given me the confidence that I will be a great teacher, as it is in my blood. The men in my family tend to follow in each other's footsteps as well. My father and my older brother have both served our country in one way or another. My brother currently serves in the Canadian Military, as an aerospace engineer for the Canadian Air Force. My father was a member of the RCMP for thirty years. 1

Pastime Activities I am an avid reader. I think that reading opens and expands the imagination, and that the imagination is the greatest tool that our children can have. I enjoy mysteries, love stories, mythical adventure, and basically anything I can get my hands on. Another pastime of mine that encourages the imagination is theater. I love to participate in theatrical productions, and look forward to helping my students put on fantastic shows for you, the parent. I also enjoy a more adrenaline-pumping pastime. This summer I tried skydiving for the first time, and I instantly became a huge fan. It was the most incredible experience. I have every intention of becoming a certified skydiver, and possibly a skydiving instructor once I have enough jumps under my belt.

part in was “The Secret Garden”, in which I played Lady #1. I was a firm believer in the saying “there are no The cast of “The Secret Garden small roles just small actors”. Probably because I hadn’t had a big role. My first bigger role was as Glinda, the good witch of the South in “Christmas in the Land of Oz”, where I sang a song specifically written for my character called “You are the Gravy on the Mashed Potatoes of My Life”. I also spent my summers participating in Artstrek, a dramatic summer camp. I went three years in a row, and had the opportunity to study “Romeo and Juliet”, “Fiddler on the Roof” and “Under Milk Wood”.

My Great Loves My first love is imagination. This is manifested in my love of books, movies and music. I love anything that has the power to take us on an adventure in our own minds and I believe that the three of those things are able to do that. There isn’t a book I won’t read, a movie I won’t see, or a type of music I don’t like and won’t listen to. Skydiving at Eden North Parachute School August 2011. Top: Pierre, Skydiving Instructor Bottom: Me

My Theatrical “Career” Before I decided to be a teacher I had ambitions to run away to Hollywood or New York to become an actress. I discovered at the age of 12 that I loved theater and to be onstage. The first production I took part in was “Cinderella”. It was put on by my voice coach and I played a townsperson, a groomsman and a maiden at the ball. I had no lines, but I loved the whole process. The next production I took Kim Shapka


My second love is animals. I am passionate about helping our four-legged friends. I have been involved in rescuing and sheltering stray animals and giving them a chance for their future. I am also the loving owner of two cats. My two cats. Left: Bailey (black), Right: Cuervo (orange). 2

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