GMP ph Conductivity Buffer Standards Ver.10

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cGMP Manufactured pH Buffers & Conductivity Standards Monitoring both the upstream and downstream processes is essential in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. Puritan’s cGMP manufactured pH buffers and conductivity standards enable reliable and accurate monitoring, prompt process management, and regulatory compliance of your critical biopharmaceutical manufacturing processes. Our proven, documented product quality and consistency—as well as our auditable traceability—will help minimize your process variability. With over 25 years of customer-centric manufacturing expertise, Puritan Products offers conductivity standards and pH buffers which are manufactured to the highest standard.

cGMP Manufactured pH Buffer Standards pH Standard pH 0.50 pH 1.68 pH 2.00 pH 2.50 pH 3.00 pH 4.00 pH 6.00 pH 6.86

Product Number 974292GMP 974092GMP 975392GMP 975192GMP 973992GMP 974592GMP 974492GMP 974692GMP

pH Standard pH 7.00 pH 8.00 pH 10.00 pH 12.47 pH 13.00

Product Number 973592GMP 974392GMP 973692GMP 973792GMP 974192GMP 974992GMP 974792GMP 974892GMP

All pH Buffers are supplied in cases of 6 x 500 ml.

Puritan Products offers you a product line of pH buffer standards and conductivity standards that are reliable and consistent. All products and measurement equipment are traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). We utilize mathematical uncertainty principles and error budgets to provide you with an accurate analytical standard. In fact, to ensure our analysis yields a scientifically defensible value, we researched all possible sources of analytical error with regard to each standard we manufacture. You can be confident that pH buffer standards and conductivity standards manufactured by Puritan Products are accurately measured*. Quality. Consistency. Confidence.

cGMP Manufactured Conductivity Standards Conductivity 10 µS/cm 20 µS/cm 75 µS/cm 100 µS/cm 200 µS/cm 250 µS/cm 500 µS/cm 1000 µS/cm 2000 µS/cm 10,000 µS/cm

Product Number 900192GMP 900692GMP 900792GMP 900292GMP 902092GMP 900892GMP 901992GMP 900392GMP 900992GMP 900492GMP

Conductivity 12,856 µS/cm 20,000 µS/cm 30,000 µS/cm 40,000 µS/cm 50,000 µS/cm 58,650 µS/cm 70,000 µS/cm 100,000 µS/cm 175,000 µS/cm 200,000 µS/cm

Product Number 901092GMP 901192GMP 901292GMP 901392GMP 901492GMP 901692GMP 901792GMP 901892GMP 900592GMP 902292GMP

All Conduc vity Standards are supplied in cases of 6 x 500 ml.

610-866-4225 *Results are reported as described in Guide to Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement, ISO, Geneva, 1993.