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Polish Presidency in Council of the European Union

01. 07.- 31. 12.2011

Dynamics, positive energy and solidarity with the values, which are symbolized by our logo. Shows Poland as a modern and young country, which initiates positive changes in Europe.

Jerzy Janiszewski is the author of the presidencial logo - he also designed world wide known logo of "Solidarność", which was a historical symbol of a Polish way to freedom and democratic changes in this part of the world.

Presidency in numbers

Priorities European integration as a source of growing wealth

184 days

Internal market

Budget of EU 2014-2020

Trade negotiations


The initiation of the negotiations

European Patent

Budget bound to strategy Europe 2020

The end of the negotiations with Ukraine, India Canada, Singapour and Malaysia

over 30000 delegates - participants of the meetings in Poland 80 binding oficers from about 3000 candidates

Cuts in payments for roaming

The role of policy and integrity and Common Agricultural Policy to capital Access of small and medium enterprises investments intelectual capital in infrastracture and human capital

1200 trained experts

430 mld of Zloty - the whole presidential bugdet for years 2010-2012 Over 10 mld Zloty of savings, thanks to the support of business partners

The launch of negotitiations and Moldavia and Gorgia the improvement in negotiations Rundy Doha

Presidential cities

Enlargement of European Union

Neighbor Policy

Signing the Accession Treaty

Development of East Partnership

with Kroatia

(summit of East Partnership in Warsaw)

The continuation of negotiations

Supporting the countries North Africa

Development of negotiations with Island



The most important meetings of the presidency are held in five major cities in Poland They are: Sopot - July Wrocław September Kraków October Poznań November Warszawa December In many other places across the country, other expert meetings are going to be held as well as events under the patronate of presidency

Main events in Poland

Safe Europe Security

Common Policy



Foreign and Security


Carrying out recommandation for improvenement of common energetic policy of EU


New strategy for the relation between EU and Arab world

Support for the european aspirations of West Balkans

Analasys of the State external policy energetic EU

• Over 300 expert meetings and 200 events under patronate of presidency About 1500 meetings in Brussels and Luxemburg

Europe using openness

accession of Turkey

50 ministerial meetings in 5 cities in Poland

Improving the capability EU to the planning of and conduct the operation of management over crisis improvement of capability of operations in EU Development of co-operation NATO-EU

Discussion about the future of Common Agricultural Policy effective use of tools of finance in EU Supporting the orientation of on the market

1/07 8/07 2-3/09 17-18/09 29-30/09 8-11/09 3-4/10 5-7/10 14-15/11 28-29/11 1-2/12

Official inauguration of presidency (Warsaw) Common meeting of the Cabinet of Republic of Poland with European Commission (Warsaw) Informal meeting of ministers for foreign affairs EU-27 (Sopot) European Women's Congress (Warsaw) Summit of East Partnership (Warsaw) European Culture Congress (Wrocław) Forum for Internal Market (Kraków) European Tourism Forum (Kraków) V European Equality Summit (Poznań) Forum of Civil Society of the East Partnership (Poznań) Conference of the higher levels for members of South Neighbourhood of EU (Warsaw)


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