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PORTFOLIO Architecture & Interior Design



Ksenia Knyazkina nationality: Russian 27/07/1992

OBJECTIVES Focus my career on the sustainable architecture, work in an environment that pushes the current limits of my abilities.

CONTACT INFORMATION adress Narodni obrany 826/31 160 00 Praha 6 Bubunec Czech Republic

email: skype: knyazkinak phone: +420 774 613 351 +7903 000 95 86



MOSCOW COLLEGE OF ARCHITECTURE // 2007 - 2011 Architectural Technician degree Summa cum laude

INTERNSHIP “ Studio MASA” Moscow // 2011 /5 months -Architectural assistant -Project manager assistant

CZECH TECHNICAL UNIVERSITY // 2012 - 2015 Faculty of Architecture ADDITIONAL EDUCATION ART STUDIO // 2005 - 2007 MOSCOW STATE UNIVERSITY // 2010 ArchiCAD and AutoCAD courses

GRAPHIC DESIGNER “ PPT” patent agency Moscow // 2012 2 months INTERIOR DESIGNER Design-project of interiors for family in Moscow // 2013



DESIGN COMPETITION of sculpture for the city Dzerginsk Moscow region // 2010

ArchiCAD (Graphisoft certificate) AutoCAD (Autodesk certificate) Revit (basic knowledge)

DESIGN COMPETITION from magazine “Best interiors” “Flat for young family” , Moscow // 2011 Rhino Ceros + Grasshopper FINE ART EXHIBITION 3dMax + Vray Gallery “Izmailovo” , Moscow // 2011 SketchUp Artlantis studio WORKSHOP “Parametric design” Czech Technical University // 2013 Photoshop WORKSHOP “Architecture for blind people” for museum night in Prague models of famous buildings for handicap people Prague // 2013 ARCHITECTURAL EXHIBITION “Island of Art” National Library of Technology in Prague Project of BALLET SCHOOL // 2014

Indesign Illustrator English Russian Czech

fluent native speaker fluent

Model crafting Drawing

INDUSTRIAL GARDENS Townhouse is located in a quite part of London. On the ground floor there is a vegeterian restaurant and juice bar. Above it, on the first floor, is situated a livingroom with a kitchen, divided for 2 zones by atrium. Master bedroom with a view to the park and room for 2 children

are on the second floor. On the roof there is an open garden and a greenhouse, with a vertical greening. It is an airy, modern apartment full of light, wich connect quite nature and a dynamic life in the modern city.

Ground floor with the restaurant and juice bar

1 floor

2 floor


Open-air RESTAURANT summer restaurant



Roof with greenhouse



HOUSE WITH A VIEW House in a calm suburb in Oslo. For people who lived whole their life in a city, a house like this will be a heaven, away from noisy and cluttered city. This house designed on contrasts. Soft lines of the large roughstones walls appiled to tradition, while clean lines and sharp angels of white polished concrete and

huge glass surfaces iare the symbols of modern dynamic world. The key word of this project is family. Therefore a center of the house, around which all life will be held on, is a large stone fireplace. With a natural materials and a mountain views it will create a feeling of somewhat primitive.

1 floor. There are kitchen, dining room and livingroom with a fireplace and an entrance to the terrasse. Rooms are not divided, so the whole space are very airy ad perfectly lit up.

2 floor. Master bedroom with a roof window, and children room are situated here. In the hall the is a place for relaxing or reading with a beautifull view to the village. 3. floor. Study with a library, piano and small observatory will be a perfect place to spend evenings with the family.

LAKE HOUSE Project is situated on the Lago Maggiore, beautiful lake in Ticino, Switzerland. House is enclosed enought to ensure safety and opened enought to make whole lake a part of the interior. Building is standing above the water on the pillars, so only way into house is through the bridge.

1-floor vacation house is divide by open entrance area to the day and night time zones. This project is design for artists, writers, architects, creative people, who will be inspired by clean simple shapes of house and calm quite views of nature. Therefore it is a house for a single man or a couple, there is a possi-

Bridge is only connection between the Lake house and the world.

Day-time zone. Open space which is divide only by transparent greenhouse. There are kitchen, 2 sitting zones, library and small study. Night-time zone. Bedroom is oriented to the east, so the earliest sun rays will lit room up.

Day-time zone.

Cross section

Night-time zone.



Called House of Astronomy, the building will be used to give workshops and presentations about astronomy to school pupils, teachers and the public, and consists 2 parts – Planetarium and Education Center. The Whirlpool galaxy was used as the primary design key. Building geometry is derived from the

galaxy core and their two arms. The Planetarium in the center of the galaxy is the multifunctional room for lectures and astronomical displays with an all dome projection system which seats approximately 150 people. Ramps were designed to embrace the core and leads to the all levels of the building.

1 floor

-1 floor

On the 1 floor there are services for visitors such as museum, cafeteria, souvenir shop and relax area. Adminstration which has it’s own entrance is also situated on the first floor. On the lower floor there is a library, which works independent from whole center. Second and third floors are used for education center. There are conference rooms, computer classes, observatories, seminar rooms and teachers’ rooms. Also on the third floor there is an open summer observatory.

2 floor

3 floor

BALLET SCHOOL Ballet school is a part of a bigger project ‘Island of Art‘ of renovation island Stvanice in Prague. It is a school for 20 talanted balerinas with an accomodation for their teacher, czech prima balerina Adela Pollertova. Simple shape outside hides very complicated constuction inside the building. Main space, 25 m2 big, is abso-

lutely empty. All equipment such as curtains, piano, mirrors, ballet bars, storages and even auditorium are lifted. Because of itl main space can be transformed from dance room, to rehearsal space, then to the auditorium or even to the concert hall. Curtain system also used to divide big space to smaller rooms.

Folding wooden facade moves like a balerina and can open or hide all what happen in the ischool, to the people outside.


ARCHITECTURAL EXHIBITION “Island of Art” National Library of Technology in Prague

FLAT IN MOSCOW Design project apartment for young couple in Moscow. The most important idea of this project is a tranformation from living space to the cinema. For couple whos biggets amusement is cinematograph and who have met each other in the cinema, it was an obviouse requirenment.

For this transformation were used special screen, hidden on the celling projector and huge sliding doors, which opens a screen to the viewer, but at the same time hides the study area.

The cinema is in the very heart of apartment and other rooms like kitchen, bedroom and woredrobe just surround it.


Salsburg. Austria. Museum “Expo Art Bridge“ is designed to join 2 symbols of this beautiful city: Salzach River and Arts. It is not only bridge on the river, but a very special gallery - Gallery of Austrian Artists and Nature, where city panoramas, framed

by Corbusier windows, are side by side with Klimt’s and Schiele’s masterpieces. The mountaines to Salsburg’s south contrasts with the rolling plains to the north. That is why this buildig with it’s wide and low shapes is so suitable in that environment.

On the 2 floor is permament exhibition of classic austrian art. Also there is a balcony with a greate sity view

On the 1 floor there are cafe for visitors and the entrance area, where is a temporary sculpture which discribe what exhibition is going now on the

On the 4 floor there is lecture room ans scene for special events

All 3 floor devoted to temporary exhibition. That is why all walls there is movable.

Ksenia Knyazkina  


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