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Furniture Design Task ď‚– Design of a home office/living room and two specific furnitures

Clients profile ď‚– female, 27 years old and works as a independent illustrator She is a social person who likes contemporary art, especially Alberto Giacometti. She is meeting her customers mostly out of home and uses her home office only to do her work.

Sketches office desk Front view

Side view

Materials office desk



1 & 8:



Wood (birch) painted

Table pocket

light grey felt

Top view

Orthographic drawings office desk

Front view

Side view

Top view

Rendering office desk

Front view

Side view

Rendering office desk compilation

Front view

Sketches & materials armchair Side view

Felt, light grey Seat squab, back and side

Top view Metal, black Frame

Side view

Orthographic drawings armchair

Front view

Top view

Top view

Rendering armchair

Front view

Side view

Rendering armchair compilation

Plan office/living room

Material board

3. Walls, Plaster Pantone pristine

1. Floor, Concrete waxed Pantone grey violet




2. Wall in front of office desk Cork bark

5. Bench 3. Chandelier

Poltrona Frau


Furniture board 4. Stool

Moooi 6. Coat loop

1. Sofa

Tom Raffield

Saba Italia 4 1 5




7. Office chair Baxter 7 9


2. Coffee table Occa Maison

9. Shelf Baxter

8. Pendant lamp 3 x It's About RoMi

Presentation furniture  
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