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Thought Personalized                 Industry  Leadership                One‐on‐One            Feedback   Mentoring Sessions • Assess tech  A t h transfer  initiatives • Develop  programs to  accelerate new  and  established   technology  businesses

• Companies are  assigned one  of Larta’s  technical and  industry  experts to help  create market‐ entry  strategies

• Larta provides  moderated  discussions  between  participants &  industry/  investment  experts

Strategy Development

Interactive Webinar Series

• Companies C i develop a  Commerciali‐ zation Strategy  and Roadmap

• Larta brings  L t bi expert  speakers from  around the  world to  discuss and  present  relevant topics

Our Commercialization Methodology


Strategy Development Thought Leadership Interactive Webinar Series Industry Feedback Sessions •Companies develop a Commerciali‐ zationStrate...