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Solar powered home

Solar Powered home embarks for competition Four Tri-Tech Construction Trade students traveled to WSU Pullman last week to participate in the “Imagine Tomorrow” contest. The event is a design and engineering competition that focuses on redesign, reform, and refueling our world. The students are competed in the “Change in Behavior” category with an entry titled “America’s Resource Consumption Diet”. The students worked for many months on the project based on the premise that the increasing size of the American home is one of the main contributors to Americans’ carbon footprint per household being higher than anywhere in the world. They built a totally solar powered “off the grid” 120 square foot home with the help of many businesses and partners who donated materials. Hundreds of teams from across the state participated. Most were “science and engineering” types. Tri-Tech’s participation helps shatter preconceptions about career and technical education. Construction Trades teacher, Tony Milewski, couldn’t be prouder of his students. “Eric Johnson is our tech wizard, Evelynn Castillo is our design and ‘let’s get this thing done’ leader, Rusty West does electrical, and Beth Hiemstra is the rock that gets everything done on the research side.” The future looks bright for these students. Eric Johnson recently won a Rotary Scholarship and internship with Silk Road Environmental. Rusty West also won a Rotary scholarship and hopes to go to Perry Tech. Beth is enrolled at CWU and will study Construction Management and won a drafting award at Southridge. Evelynn has been accepted to WSU and will study Architecture and was a Rotary Wave Scholarship recipient.

KSD Connect May 2013  
KSD Connect May 2013  

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