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May 2013

Earth Month

Trees into Cartons Fourth graders excitedly dug into buckets of dirt, disregarding trowels to grab handfuls of nutrients for their Blue Spruce saplings. Their eagerness to get their hands dirty was fueled by the Earth Month awareness program, presented by Portlandbased Forestry Company, Graphic Packaging. Before each student had the opportunity to plant their own sapling into a biodegradable carton, they watched a short video on the sustainability and renewability of trees. Students were inspired by the vast uses of paper products in our society today and also gained a better understanding of the forestry and papermaking process.


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Trees Into Cartons at Southgate Salmon Summit


Donuts for Dads at Ridge View Volunteer Tea Party at Edison Rise Above Hate at Southgate Cottonwood Kindergarteners Plant New Trees

10 New National Board Certified Teachers 10 Kennewick HS Special Olympics 10 Masters of Math at Vista 11 Kennewick HS Goodwill Fashion Show 11 International DECA Award 12 Kennewick HS FFA Plant Sale 14 Eastgate Family BBQ 14 Washington Play Day 15 Vista PTO Luau 15 Honor Roll Field Day at Park 16 Edison First Graders: Adventures at

the McNary Wildlife Refuge

into the Learning Possibilities of the McNary Wildlife Refuge

for Competition

18 The Happiest Show On Earth 18 Ridge View’s Creepy Crawly Musical 18 When History Comes to Life 19 Desert Hills ASB Soars to New Heights 20 Science Teachers Take a Glimpse 22 Solar Powered Home Embarks

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23 Crossing Guard Picnic 24 Gear Up For Boat Races 25 Turning Math Into Fun & Games 26 Teacher Appreciation at Edison 26 Super Hero Day at Horse Heaven Hills 26 Teacher Apprciation Around Town 27 ATP End of Year Celebration 27 Cottonwood Thanks Volunteer 28 KSD Honors Retirees 30 Upcoming Events 30 Good Health Is Good Business

Salmon Summit

Salmon Summit

As fourth grade students eagerly barreled off school busses at the Columbia Park boat launch, the topic on everyone’s lips was “Where are the fish?� Since January, students have raised salmon, from eggs to juvenile salmon, while learning about the life cycle, anatomy, and habitats of their scaly friends. Now, as the end of the school year draws near, students had the opportunity to release their salmon into the Columbia River. With cups of fish in hand, schools of students swarmed the boat launch; some lovingly added their fish to the river with heartfelt goodbyes, while others powerfully flung their fish into open water. Volunteers from the Benton County Conservation District handed out the donated salmon and encouraged students to name their fish before releasing them into the river. Once the fish were released, students enjoyed a field day and other exciting hands-on science projects courtesy of the Benton County Conservation District.

Parent & Volunteer Appreciation

Donuts for dads Students and dads were all smiles and excitement as they waited in lines that wrapped all the way around the school, to share delicious Krispy Kreme donuts together. Some dads even brought their own fathers, making this a multi-generational affair. Each spring, the Ridge View PTO invites dads to come share in the heartwarming experience of Donuts for Dads on the school playground. Many PTO volunteers were surprised and pleased about the large turnout of dads to this fun and delicious event.

Volunteer Tea Party Volunteers were honored at Edison with a tea party of staff made treats, student entertainment, and student-made heartfelt cards.

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Rise Above Hate

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A DJ stands in a dark room before a crowd of students. As the lights slowly rise, he spins a track. A young man steps out from behind a curtain at the front of the stage and begins to rap. “I can’t stand all o Imma rise above it! I can’t stand all the hate so Imma rise above it!” As the rap continues, den in the audience join him and soon students and teachers are rapping and clapping him. With the “Rise Above It” rap verse memorized, the actors set the stage to showcase ents in their lives where they had to rise above hate. Scenes of teasing, self-doubt, and ere acted out in front of students. When the actor(s) rose above the hate in each scene, nd teachers were asked to chant “I can’t stand all the hate so Imma rise above it!”

h personal skits, actors brought students on stage to interact with them and practice ve hate in various real life situations. The actors taught students that although hate may an ugly word, it can be present in many forms, such as bullying, harassment, or ignorance on. With this understanding in mind, actors showed students various positive methods with the hate in their lives.

Tree Planting

Cottonwood Kindergarteners plant New trees

“Now the tree looks happy!” exclaimed one kindergarten student after helping to plant a tree at the school’s Arbor Day celebration. Kindergarten teachers spent the prior week teaching their students about trees and their learning culminated on Arbor Day, as they watched KSD groundskeepers plant two “Little Leaf Linden” trees. The trees donated by the Earth Angel Garden Club to replace two that the school had lost in a windstorm. Once the trees where in the ground, kindergarteners got to give the trees a splash of water that will help them grow— just as the students will grow throughout their years at Cottonwood elementary.

Teachers & Special Olympics

National Board Certified Teachers Five Kennewick School District educators completed the challenging process to become National Board Certified teachers this year. The group was honored at a recent school board meeting. Congratulations! Pictured Left to Right: Sabiha Khan, Debbie Savino, Natalie Fehrenbacher, and Connie Fow. Not pictured: Michele Earley.

Kennewick Special Olympics Kennewick High’s Special Olympics athletes received a big send-off from students, cheerleaders, and the drum line before the Special Olympics competition held at Richland High May 14.


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DECA Project Goodwill Project Goodwill Success! Congratulations to Kennewick High DECA and FCLLA! For the third year in a row, Kennewick High DECA won in the Best Donation Box category and Best Overall. Kennewick FCCLA picked up the Judges Choice award for creativity.

asters of Math at Vista

eam of fifth grade students from Vista Elementary rned the second place team award in Division 1 ath is Cool Masters� (state level) Tournament held Moses Lake. The students are Nikhil Devanathan, nu Lim, Antonio Armenta, and Rosa Martinez from Mrs. Devine’s 5th grade KOG class. Nikhil vanathan also received a second place trophy in e individual category. The team is coached by Subha rayanan and Ram Devanathan. Congratulations to e students, the coaches, and KOG program teachers, s. Devine and Mrs. Henager.

International Deca Award Congratulations to Kamiakin seniors, McKenna King and Megan Filippello. They recently returned from the International DECA competition in Anaheim, CA with a Top Ten Award in the school-based enterprise category.

FFA Plant Sale

Kennewick FFA Plant Sale

Floral perfume hovered in the humid air and luscious greenery flowed from every crevice of the room. With one step the Kennewick FFA had transformed the greenhouse into a floral paradise. Throughout the year, the Kennewick FFA agriculture program teaches students all aspects of raising crops. In the spring, they take what they have learned and apply it to growing crops in a commercial greenhouse. The fruits of their labor were beautiful to see as many perspective buyers perused the greenhouse taking in the variety of plants for sale.

Fun, Food and Events

Play Day At Washington

Antsy students waited in anticipation as Mr. Butler, gym teacher, announced Play Day. This long-standing tradition started when Mr. Butler first joined Washington Elementary, over 18 years ago. “It’s something students have come to really enjoy,” he explained. A variety of stations were set up around the playground and in the gym for students to explore. This fun-filled event brought ear-to-ear smiles to student’s faces and laughter reverberated throughout the school.

Family BBQ at Eastgate The courtyard was abuzz with activity as students and parents enjoyed hamburger hot lunches. Every year Eastgate elementary invites parents to join their students for a yummy end of the year luncheon. “It’s pretty much a tradition, explained Principal Niki Arnold-Smith, “we love seeing parents, grandparents and younger siblings join our students for lunch!” This year Eastgate had around 450 guests join them for lunch.

Vista LuaU Vista was a vision of floral shirts and grass skirts during their PTO Luau where students, teachers and families were invited to join in an all-around fun evening of bounce houses, games and barbeque.

Honor Roll Field Day at park Good grades can be hard work and making the honor roll can be even harder. In recognition for their diligence to education during the third quarter, honor roll students from all grades enjoyed a field day full of inflatables, laser tag, kickball, basketball and balloons. Smiles filled the playground as Principal Kevin Pierce mentioned, “It’s important to recognize our students who work hard. We want all of our students to succeed here at Park.”

Edison At McNary

Edison First Graders Explore the McNary Wildlife Refuge As Edison first graders excitedly clamored off the school bus they squealed, “Look! Look! Look at the footprints!” Many students bent down to touch the variety of animal tracks stamped into the path around the McNary Wildlife Refuge in Burbank, WA. Refuge volunteers split students into exploratory groups, which rotated throughout the day. Students were excited to find out they would be learning about animal tracks, vertebrates, mud critters, refuge vegetation, as well as birds, nests, and feathers. In the animal tracks group, Jenny, a US Fish and Wildlife educator, animatedly used sock puppets to represent animal tracks along the pavement surrounding the center. Students were delighted to discover the differences between dog and cat tracks and animal tracks native to the area. In the vertebrate lessons, students learned about vertebrates and explored the refuge Educational Center, where they looked at bird skeletons and eggs, snake skins, and taxidermy animals. At the mud critters station, a frog-hatted Shannon implored students to dig into buckets of mud and search for bugs to view through a variety of microscopes. Next to the mud critters station, was the refuge vegetation station. There, students made leaf rubbings, viewed plants through microscopes, and explored native plants. During the final hands-on learning activity of the day, Erin passed around feathers, nests, barn owl wings, and eggs for students to touch as they learned about birds, nests, and feathers. With the understanding of basic bird anatomy in mind, Erin led students to the “Bird Blind,” where they used binoculars to view native birds nesting on the water. Students also had the opportunity to hike along the “Birding Spur,” where they looked and listened for animals hiding among the foliage.

Music & Musicals

The Happiest Show on Earth! The Southridge music department shared their love for songs from popular animated films in their latest musical production “The Happiest Show On Earth: A Disney Revue”. The show was performed by 145 students. Pieces featured soloists, small groups, and large group ensembles. Kaelee Scaggs, music teacher, explained that the revue, “Encouraged students to take ownership of their performances, which helped them foster a greater commitment to ... their individual musicianship.”

Ridge View’s Creepy Crawly Musical

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When Histor Comes to Lif

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DHMS ASB Ropes Course

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An elderly middle-class merchant woman stood in front of a large group Ridge View gymnasium. She ained her role as an apothecary val ages, informing students al cures and middle-class lifestyle. ned about the medieval time d now with a visit from the Merry rs history was brought to life. asked questions about nobility, ife of the various classes to garner nding of the time period.

Desert Hills ASB Soars to New Heights Walking across a 40 foot-high cross beam can be daunting, but for the Desert Hills ASB officers it was just part of their fun filled day of leadership training. Old and new leadership were led by Mrs. Murphy, Leadership teacher, and Mrs. Wilson, Assistant Principal, as they learned about communication, team building, problem solving and tenacity. This physically and mentally challenging day helped students understand each other’s strengths and weaknesses which helped them overcome obstacles to help and support one another.


Science Teachers take a glimpse into the learning possibilities Of the McNary Wildlife Refuge

Field trips aren’t just for students! With dust on their tennis shoes and binoculars around their necks, sixth grade science teachers headed out on a guided exploratory hike of the McNary Wildlife Refuge. Thinking beyond desks and textbooks, teachers sought to use this local resource to enhance their real-world science curriculum. The science lovers ooh-ed and aahh-ed as they explored the “Shrub Steppe,” full of rich native plants, and viewed local wildlife in one of the viewing boxes on the water. It was obvious that these teachers thoroughly enjoyed themselves as they spent a day in the fresh air and discussed curriculum ideas as they hiked.

Solar powered home

Solar Powered home embarks for competition Four Tri-Tech Construction Trade students traveled to WSU Pullman last week to participate in the “Imagine Tomorrow” contest. The event is a design and engineering competition that focuses on redesign, reform, and refueling our world. The students are competed in the “Change in Behavior” category with an entry titled “America’s Resource Consumption Diet”. The students worked for many months on the project based on the premise that the increasing size of the American home is one of the main contributors to Americans’ carbon footprint per household being higher than anywhere in the world. They built a totally solar powered “off the grid” 120 square foot home with the help of many businesses and partners who donated materials. Hundreds of teams from across the state participated. Most were “science and engineering” types. Tri-Tech’s participation helps shatter preconceptions about career and technical education. Construction Trades teacher, Tony Milewski, couldn’t be prouder of his students. “Eric Johnson is our tech wizard, Evelynn Castillo is our design and ‘let’s get this thing done’ leader, Rusty West does electrical, and Beth Hiemstra is the rock that gets everything done on the research side.” The future looks bright for these students. Eric Johnson recently won a Rotary Scholarship and internship with Silk Road Environmental. Rusty West also won a Rotary scholarship and hopes to go to Perry Tech. Beth is enrolled at CWU and will study Construction Management and won a drafting award at Southridge. Evelynn has been accepted to WSU and will study Architecture and was a Rotary Wave Scholarship recipient.

Crossing Guard Picnic

Crossing Guard Picnic

The buzzing noise of a helicopter was heard from above as students rushed to the middle of Columbia Park to watch it land, spraying freshly cut grass in every direction. Along with the Med Star helicopter, inquisitive students explored a fire truck, a squad car, a motorcycle and a diverescue vehicle at the Crossing Guard picnic sponsored by the Kennewick Police Department. These students who had diligently served as crossing guards throughout the year enjoyed hot dogs, chips and soda to recognize their hard work. After lunch, the fun and games began as the D.A.R.E trailer blared music for a dance-off between enthusiastic students and brave teachers.

Remote Controlled Boat Races

Gear up for boat races

Cheering students and mechanical whirring sounds reverberated through Park Middle school courtyard as teams of students maneuvered their engi crafts around the waterway track. Principal Kevin Pierce acted as announc day’s festivities, keeping tallies of the winners and losers from each race. Some boats zoomed speedily water, while other toppled over at the slightest roar of their engines.

Prior to the day of the race, teams of three to four students from all grade levels labored diligently for a three weeks, after school in the technology lab, to build their racing boats. Each team was given identic kits, which included a block of Styrofoam and a RC motor with a hand held controller; how each team b customized their boats was up to them. Dulce Garcia, a seventh grader, mentioned that the hardest par of building the boat for her team was the propeller, because, “you have to make sure it touched the wa

Principal Kevin Pierce also explained that, “students design some exciting boats. We’re fortunate that W GEAR UP donated the RC motors and controllers. It makes for a pretty cheap and fun experience for our students. Donations made by WSU GEAR UP gave students an opportunity to try an engineering and mechanical project which hopefully sparked an interest in a future career. “This project was fun. It definitely got me interested in engineering. I’d love to do it again next year,” remarked Dulce.

Pacific Science Center

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Turning Math Into Fun & games!

When is math exciting? When the Pacific Science Center puts on an entertaining and comedic math assembly! The Pacific Science Center not only made Sunset View students laugh, but also showed them relatable, real-life situations in which they could use math. Whether it was using a permutation to figure out how many outfit combinations were in their closets or using a scale model to figure out the best way to fill their lunch boxes, math was the answer. After a brief hour-long assembly, presenters rotated throughout classrooms, sharing their passion for all things math. Classrooms also visited the gym, where interesting, hands-on math activities were set up for students and teachers to try throughout the day.

SuperHero Day Students and teachers dressed up as superheros for one of the many fun and comraderous themed spirit days at Horse Heaven Hills middle school.

Teacher Appreciation Around Town

Staff Appreciation Edison celebrated their amazing staff all week long with delicous food, great coworkers and fun events.

Staff Fun and Appreciation

ATP End of Year Celebration The room was filled with energy and laughter as nearly seventy people gathered for the ATP year-end celebration. ATP stands for Action Team for Partnership. Seven schools have these teams of parents and staff working hand in hand to support student success. There was a little friendly competition as people voted for their favorite display from the row set up by each school to highlight their activities. Everyone was treated to a feast from Texas Roadhouse Barbecue, thanks to BRIDGES Sponsor, Steve Smith from State Farm Insurance. Dora the Explorer even made an appearance to add to the fun.

Cottonwood Thanks Volunteers Cottonwood Elementary honored their volunteers with a delectable cupcake party where teachers, staff and PTO joined in wishing them all a heartfelt thank you for their dedication throughout the school year.

KSD Honors Retirees

Kennewick School District Honors Retirees Tables filled quickly as retirees, their families and their friends came to celebrate their numerous year of dedication to education at the Kennewick School District retirement party. Fifty-two men and women retired from the Kennewick School District this year; some to hit the road and travel, while others to spend more time with their families and relax. Although not all of the retirees could make it to the celebration, those that did viewed a presentation of well wishes and heartfelt thanks from students and staff members. After laughs, tears and some cake, Kennewick School District Superintendent, Dave Bond, and Kennewick Educators Association President, Teri Staudinger, took the podium. There they gave short speeches about each retiree’s career in education, sharing humorous moments and things they would miss once retired. Before wishing each retiree a happy and fulfilling retirement, Dave and Teri presented the retirees with a clock, to commemorate all their time spent with the District. The celebration concluded with a riveting 21 balloon salute that reverberated throughout the room.

Upcoming Events 30 30 31

Canyon View Nursery Rhyme Night


Horse Heaven Hills Band Concert at Southridge HS


Phoenix High School Graduation at the Administration Building 6:00pm

31 1

Legacy High School Graduation at the Amistad Gym

High School Graduations at the Toyota Center Kennewick: 9:00am Kamiakin: 1:00pm Southridge: 5:00pm

4-5 6 7

High School Finals

16 19


Last Day of School

All Day

Delta High School Graduation at the Three Rivers Convention Center


Father’s Day

All Day

School Board Meeting 5:30pm

Check out this wellness event sponsored by the Tri-City Chamber of Commerce: Good Health is Good Business.

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