Tony Yellow by Karen David

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Tony Yellow “At 4:41 a.m., on an otherwise normal Tuesday morning, Tony Yellow was driving back home from his night shift at the Silver Saddle Motel in Santa Fe when, for no reason at all, the radio stopped, his truck’s engine silenced, and the wheels rolled slowly to a halt. Suddenly, a bright blue light surrounded him and just as abruptly as the brightness came, it disappeared. Once Tony’s eyes had adjusted, he saw, right in front of his truck hovering four metres above the ground, what he can only describe as an abstract shape against the dawn sky. Tony remembers a feeling of paralysis; his eyes fixed for what seemed like an eternity on the huge silver object as it hovered, seemingly staring back at him. Then the bright blue light returned, Tony squinted and blinked once, and the strange object was gone. The truck’s engine spontaneously spluttered into life and the radio continued playing John Denver’s “Rocky Mountain High” where it had left off. Tony checked the truck’s dusty dashboard clock - positive that at least fifteen minutes had past - just as the clock changed to 4:42 a.m.” — Excerpt from Tony Yellow: The Unbeliever Text by Karen David, 2013 ____________________________


23rd-25th January 2014, ArtLacuna, 48 Falcon Road, SW11 4LR

As part of the For One Night Only series of short exhibitions showcasing emerging artists, ArtLacuna presents a solo show of new works and a text by Karen David.