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Well here we are almost getting ready for summer holidays, where does the year go. I have had a good time visiting many AGM’s around the county and as you must be fed up hearing me say how amazed and proud I am with all that you offer our young people. But that is a simple fact I am. There have been some great events the most recent being Activation a truly brilliant day of Derbyshire Scouts doing what we should be doing using Derbyshire to it’s fullest ; Climbing in it, Caving in it, Sailing in it, Mountain Biking in it, Pioneering, Shooting, Archery etc all led by Derbyshire Scouters. The site has been booked again for next year 7th & 8th June Nick and Debbie having recovered by then. Make sure the date widely known especially to those who claim never to hear what’s going on. There were circa a hundred calls in the week immediately prior asking for places which of course was far to late to be considered. All of them saying they had only just heard! How can this be? The youth Council continues to flourish its latest accolade being from Wayne Bulpitt in his blog. The three representatives who went to the speakers reception having a very exciting and memorable time. Growth. Great to see so many stories of growth stating to happen it really does look as though we could, could hit 10,000 Scouts in Derbyshire for 2014. I have my fingers crossed. As I

have now said many times in different forums if each section increased by only 1 we would easily be there. (the trick is of course not to loose anyone either) As I hope you know we had a very successful conference back in April where virtually the whole county was represented. We are still dealing with all the information but that along with the presentations will be being sent out in July to all participants and DC’s. There are some things in there that can only be addressed in district. I know there are lots of groups going camping both in the UK and abroad. Had a text yesterday from Dean Smith our regional commissioner saying he had just bumped into the107th Trent Explorer Scouts in New York how amazing. So wishing you all a brilliant summer Scouting or not Tom

Wow! Where has that year gone?! I can’t believe how much has happened since December 2011 when Angela (Kettlewell) and I were appointed as the organisers for Peak 2015. More than that I can’t believe what’s happened since last year’s AGM. We have appointed 12 managers who, in turn, have appointed a number of team leaders and the core team now stands at 55. As I write this report we have launched the second round of recruitment of 2013 where we have another 24 roles advertised. We have also uploaded a ‘registration of interest form’ for people to fill in to let us know what roles they may be interested in. Over the last month Angela and I have been working closely with the Finance Manager and her Deputy to finalise the budget for the camp. We have, so far, presented this to the County Commissioners, treasurers and to the Scout Finance Committee and Guide Finance committee and final approval from both associations executive committees has been gained. This means we can now announce the camp fees which are shown opposite!

For more information and updates please visit our website –

Following approval from both Associations’ County Executives, the Peak Organisers are pleased to announce that their budget has been Scout and Guide Participants






14 & 15 year olds (camping on 14-17 sub-camp - full participant) 14-17 year olds (camping on 14-17 sub-camp - working/ participating 50/50) 16 & 17 year olds (camping on 14-17 sub-camp - working full time) International Campers (includes £5 admin fee - does not include food) International Leaders (includes £5 admin fee - does not include food) Children (2-9years)






approved and are now in a position to announce the camp fees for Peak 2015.

Two years and counting!!!!!



K.Scout is the Newsletter of the Derbyshire County Scout Council. All contributions and photos gratefully received and should be sent to for inclusion. Deadline for next issue: 20th September 2013!

The County has held the first activation day with 220 young people from Scouts and Explorer Scouts across the County attending doing a mixture of activities ranging from Sailing, Caving, Canoeing, Archery, Shooting, Mountain Biking, Climbing, Geo Cacheing, Bush Craft, crate stacking and pioneering. Most of the activities were run by our own County Scout Active Support Units, we also had, Drumhill Archery Team, Phil Levers County Adviser Shooting, Ian Coop (Bush Craft) Heage Scouts and Cotswold Outdoor helping out. The Activation event enabled everyone to do 3 or 4 activities, the day was a complete success, with many young people asking will this be a regular event, well the answer is yes, planning has already begun for next year.�

A GROUP of Derby Scouts and Explorers are packing their rucksacks ready to embark on a journey to meet Scouts thousands of miles away in Derby, America. Six Scouts and nine Explorers from the 107th Derby – Aston, Weston and Shardlow – Scouts and Trent Explorers travelled to Connecticut on Sunday, June 30. The youngsters' leaders have formed an alliance with BSA Troop 3 Derby, in Connecticut, and it is hoped that this summer's visit will be the first of an exchange programme between the two Derbys.

The Mayor of Derby, Lisa Higginbottom, and the Lord Lieutenant, William Tucker, met Scouts and Explorers to give them a paperweight to take to Derby in Connecticut. Stuart Cooke, front left, and the Mayor, front right, are pictured with the paperweight Media Manager Recently we heard the news that Dan Weaver, our County Media Manager, had been successful in applying for a new job - a role that he had set his heart on for a

number of years. This is great news for Dan but it will mean that he will not have as much time available for Scouting and he has indicated that he would like to pass on the role of County Media Manager to someone who has more time to commit to the role. Over the last few years Dan has improved our media coverage and presence immensely. We now have good access in to the local papers and radio stations across the County and have the Johnson Press organisation running regular articles in their local papers. Thanks to Dan along with Nick and Adam and Martin, K.Scout is seen by 2000 people across Derbyshire and over 500 people have signed up for the weekly K.Plus. and our website is regularly viewed. We also have a number of Districts who have appointed their own team member to look at promoting Scouting at a local level. As you will all be too aware, media tools and channels such as Facebook and Twitter are becoming more important and every changing. With this in mind we have decided to split the Media role with one person looking after the press, radio and newsletters with another who's task it will be to look at all the "electronic" means of communications including apps for smart phones and i pads. We are therefore inviting applications from people who would like to be considered for the one of these roles. We are currently rewriting the job descriptions and theses will be available to download from the County web site shortly. If you are interested in finding out more or who like to apply please contact either Dan at or Stephen at Dan has done a fantastic job as media manager and we thank him for all his hard work and wish him well with his chosen career.

News &


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ur news!

Safeguarding Reminder Can I remind everyone about the need to refresh yourself with the contents of the Yellow card. Following it’s guiadance is important for you as much as our young peoples. safeguarding/Yellow%20Card%202012% 20version%205.pdf

The Scouting Memorial Project is a national campaign designed to raise awareness of "Remembrance". It aims to raise funds to build and maintain a Scouting memorial to remember those who have given service to Scouting and their communities, especially those members of Scouting who have suffered through conflict. The Scouting Memorial will be sited at the National Memorial Arboretum located in the centre of England in Staffordshire and will lie within Lichfield Scouting District. The National Memorial Arboretum is the UK's year -round centre of remembrance. The Arboretum commemorates and celebrates those who have given their lives in the service of their country, all who have served and suffered as a result of conflict, and others who, for specific or appropriate reasons, are commemorated. The Scouting Memorial will join memorials already set up at the Arboretum by other youth organisations including Trefoil Guild, Boys Brigade, Church Lads and Church Girls Brigade Full Details at and Tom has allowed this to be worn as an occasional badge!

3rd Codnor Scout Group were on the trail from Crich to Codnor 11 miles with 21 participants. Joining forces with 1st Erewash Troop the scouts caught the bus to Crich Sherwood Foresters memorial and walked across damp fields. Picnicking in a meadow before the heavy rain fell, we sheltered in the Pentrich village church and learnt about the historic Pentrich Revolution. Crossing the Amber river we arrived at Codnor, where we camped over-night and enjoyed a campfire.

Communications SASU The communications active support unit has recently been set up within Derbyshire . The group can provide radios and pa equipment (sound systems) for a variety of events or activities for the scouting community. Radios are a great way to improve communications at events where several teams or people need to communicate making the event a lot easier to run. PA systems can be used for varying size events for announcements or music. If you think out team can help your group or event then bookings or enquires can be made through Jacquie Riley:

On Sunday 15th May, 21 teams from Derby’s three districts entered to take part in a patrol competition, testing their Scouting skills. During the day they were required to show their knowledge of fire lighting, axe and saw, tent pitching, first aid, orienteering and pioneering. The Competition took place at Drum Hill and whilst not enjoying the unbridled sunshine of recent events-managed to avoid the worst of the rain Our congratulations go to the following:The 107th Derby “B” Team and 173rd Derby were the joint winners. In joint third place the 107th “A” Team and the 175th “A” Derby Team. The trophies were presented by Tom Stoddart County Commissioner. Whilst this is a competition, the organisers are happy to help those who do not yet have the knowledge to win so they may go away a little better equipped than when they arrived. This is the last event at which the present trophy will be presented as it is in need of expensive repair and will go on to take its retirement on display in the Derby Scout Shop. The organising committee would like to thank all those who helped to make it a successful and enjoyable day and congratulate all those who took part.

Kscout summer 2013  

The Summer 2013 edition of K Scout

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