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K.Scout is the Newsletter of the Derbyshire County Scout Council. All contributions and photos gratefully received and should be sent to for inclusion. Deadline for next issue: 20th Feb 2012!

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Well where did that go“ we often say, usually when we have lost something,well I feel a bit like that about 2011. Where did it go? It was such a busy, exciting, growing, (put your own words in here)------------ year for everyone involved in Derbyshire Scouting. On our Facebook page there is the request to “tell us about your favourite 2011 Scouting experience” Well I have thought long and hard about that and came to the conclusion that for me it was just too difficult to answer. Obviously welcoming the Chief Scout to Derbyshire was a highlight, but so was watching Joy welcome a thousand Beaver Scouts to Bonanza, or how about appointing new DC‟s Phil at Derwent & Dove and Debra at Belper, then again the Really Big weekend Young Persons Day was a real high for lots of reasons, or should it be going with Chris to present Queen Scout awards,16 this year! Kinder walk, Cub Scouts at Carsington, Ready Steady Cook, Four inns, County ball, Spring bank camp, Adey Greaves and Peak 2015, Alton Towers week end, Rolls-Royce at the county camp site, the AGM, surely the excellent Jamboree contingent etc etc. That‟s just a tiny bit. Multiply that by all that is happening week in week out and you will see why I cannot possibly choose. Not that I am a clairvoyant but I know already I will not be able to choose next year either!! We start 2012 with the great news that the Duchess of Cambridge will be actively volunteering her services with the Scout association. HRH The Duchess of Cambridge will volunteer with us. I know growth is on all our minds so please use this news in a very positive way especially when looking at Adult recruitment. As most of you will know Lucy Robinson has stood down at Christmas as CSNC. I would just like to record my own and the County‟s thanks for all she has done for the Network over the last few years. I am sure the increase in Queen Scout awards in Derbyshire this year is in no small part due to her support and creativity. I look forward to announcing her replacement shortly. Elsewhere in K. you will see a booking form for a regional GSL day, there are four dates to choose

from within the region so I hope you all can make one. The day is based on information gathered during the excellent GSL day last year when several GSL‟s from the region including Derbyshire, got together to look at how better they could be supported, what problems they face, share successes. I really hope Derbyshire GSL‟s will do their best to attend to either take on board new thinking and ideas, or to share their own positive experience in the role so that others may benefit. It is first come first served with limited places available. So please, please do not put it behind the clock. I would hate Derbyshire GSL‟s to miss out. I am looking forward to the feedback from the young persons day held recently at Trent College, Long Eaton. I have not had chance to say thanks to all the leaders who, despite some reservations, encouraged their young people (YP) Beaver scouts through to Explorers to go and have their say. The overwhelming comment from our YP was that whatever age they were they appreciated being asked their views. Please pass on Helen‟s thanks to the parents who dropped their Children off some from quite a good way away. It is something we will be doing again in 2013 for sure. Please let Dan Weaver:- Media manager & myself know if you have registered for your Scout Community Week pack yet? I understand some 500 groups nationally already have, and will be making a difference to their communities next May. I would like to publicise your efforts as widely as possible. I am also looking forward to seeing this years census results as talking with District commissioners it looks as though we will be seeing quite a lot of growth in the county. Thanks in advance to those busy compiling. Is this the right place to share an ambition of mine? That would be for Derbyshire to have 10,000 members when I hand over to the next County Commissioner. I am certain it can be done. Somercotes having increased from 9 in September to 76 by the end of the year. How brilliant is that! South Derbyshire are making an early start with a team looking at having the DMDU out for a couple of days in January, well done to them. It only remains for me to say thank you for everything in 2011 and please keep it up for 2012.

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Prove your impact A new series of digests are now available to help you prove the impact of Scouting to a range of audiences and stakeholders in your local area.

The Olympic Games and Scouting Scouting‟s official involvement in the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympics Games is Our Sporting Adventure, a programme of activities running from January to September 2012. You can register your team now prior to the competition kicking off in January.

Dronfield awards night— Correction! Mrs Alison Wilkinson ASL/BSL of 3rd Holmesfield was omitted. Here is the full list: The County Commissioner was pleased to be able to present BAR TO THE AWARD FOR MERIT Roger Hastings Guite, District Treasurer Mrs Jennifer Irene Humpage, District Secretary AWARD FOR MERIT Mrs Susan Dowling, ASL / BSL 4th Dronfield Mrs Alison Wilkinson ASL/BSL 3rd Holmesfield Paul Spencer Hudson, EXSL Dronfield Donald Anthony King, AGSL 7th Dronfield together with a 40 year certificate to Alan Carr District commissioner and a 50 year certificate to Anne Athey

New brand centre resources Display boards, 2012 calendars, minibus branding, car stickers and lots more are now available now on the Print Centre.

Social media reminder Remember to connect with Scouting through social media on The Scout Association‟s Facebook page and Twitter feed, as well as on the Explorer Scout and Scout

Please note that while The Scout Association is permitted to use the „Inspired by London 2012‟ mark for Our Sporting Adventure, there are strict controls set by LOCOG, the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games, on the use of this and words such as „Olympics‟, „Games‟ and „2012‟. You should therefore avoid using these in the names of local events and initiatives. Please refer to this guidance document for full details.

Beaver Scout residential experiences The Scout Association is running weekend courses next year to help Beaver Scout Leaders learn how to plan and run residential experiences in a hands-on and fun environment. They‟re designed to give you the confidence to run a residential for your Colony. Email to book your place or find more information online.

Language and speech resources A new resource and factsheet (FS250060 – Speech, Language and Communication Needs) on handling language and speech needs are now available at

Activity updates There have been recent updates to the rules and g u i d a n c e s u r r o u n d i n g both snowsports and paddlesports.

a true and false quiz, a Kim‟s game all based on Fairtrade goods and personal reflections. At the end of the meeting all agreed that we would try and buy Fairtrade items more often and in this way enable workers producing our food to gain a fairer wage and a better standard of living.

October I visited 1st Chatsworth Scout Group at their exciting JOTI (Jamboree on the Internet) camp at Tansley Wood. In the couple of hours I was with them they made contact over the internet with Scouts and Guides in countries as far away as the Philippines, India and Australia as well as in many European countries. The Beavers and Cubs also took me geocaching and this made me think how we could use this as an International activity. Perhaps you have already logged a „Trackable‟ and seen how it has travelled across the World? If you also took part in JOTI or JOTA please let me know with a list of all the countries you were in contact with and we‟ll see how much of the World Derbyshire Scouting made contact with. I was at 2nd Brampton Scouts, Chesterfield for a Fairtrade night which included tasting Fairtrade and ordinary chocolate and bananas (no-one spotted the difference), a Chocolate Bar Trading Game to illustrate some of the inequalities between countries,

I also joined 1st Calow Scout Group, Chesterfield, to hear about their tremendous trip to Canada this year. It was great to see the opportunities that their Scouts and Canotila Explorers have had and a big thank you must go to all in the Leadership team. As well as seeing the sights they renewed their friendship with the 25th Nepean Canadian Scouts through a mixture of home-hosting and joint camping. A fantastic time was had by all and they are already starting to think about their next trip. If you went abroad this year why not send us an article so everyone can see what a great time you had. If you are interested in making contact with overseas Scout Groups then there are two types of links available: International Friends: This is a link between individual members in different countries. International Group Links: Many Scout Groups in the United Kingdom like to match up with a Group abroad to exchange letters, photos and other material. If you are interested in more details of the International Links Scheme follow this link: Many of us will have been on Parade in November at Armistice Services but have you ever used this as a time to reflect with your Section on the role that Scouting has across

the world when we think about peace and conflict? Did you know November also includes the International day for Tolerance as well as World Toilet Day and World Television Day and December includes International Mountain Day? For more programme ideas look at: h t t p : / / p r o j ec tb r i t a i n . c o m / specialdays.htm. Let us know what fantastic ideas you‟ve tried out and if you want me to come and join you just drop me a line at and if I‟m free I‟d love to come and join you. November 21, 2011 was the 39th annual World Hello Day. Anyone can participate in World Hello Day simply by greeting ten people. This demonstrates the importance of personal communication for preserving peace. World Hello Day was begun in response to the conflict between Egypt and Israel in the autumn of 1973. Since then, World Hello Day has been observed by people in 180 countries. People around the world use the occasion of World Hello Day as an opportunity to express their concern for world peace. Beginning with a simple greeting on World Hello Day, their activities send a message to leaders, encouraging them to use communication rather than force to settle conflicts. As a global event World Hello Day joins local participation in a global expression of peace. The World Hello Day web site address is Do you find Global Programme planning challenging or do you have a load of really good ideas? West Sussex Scouts are compiling a database of resources leaders can use to deliver the global/international programme, including

books/websites/DVDs/Games etc. If you have any ideas please send them to me at and I will pass them on. They hope to have something available for February/March 2012. Roverway 2012 will be in Finland next year and is for members of The Scout Association born between 20th July 1990 and 20th July 1996 inclusive. Registration, at roverway, is open until December 1 2011 for both participants and International Service Team members. Don‟t forget that you can still use ideas from your “Join-InJamboree” booklet but also check out your next lot of programme support materials based on the Olympic Games, “Our Sporting Adventure”, which was sent out with this month‟s issue of Scouting magazine and contains lots of Global Programme ideas as well as Fitness ones. Finally the Summer holidays were a great time for travelling. If you have taken up either of my International Challenges then please send me y o u r p h o t o s a t a c c Remember it was to see where our County Badge or your Group Mascot could get to this year. Simon ACC(International)

Beaver Scout News Happy New Year! What an exciting year we have ahead of us – full of celebrations with the Queen‟s Jubilee (have you got the badge yet?) and the Olympics as well as a few District centenaries. I do hope you had time to relax and re-charge the batteries over Christmas! 2011 finished in a flourish of activity parties, carol services and special presentations. Furry Fred’s County Challenge: A reminder that this finished in December 2011. A few more colonies have sent Furry Fred details of the six challenges they have completed and I have been able to send them a certificate. We will continue to issue certificates up to 31st March 2012, so do let Fred and I know what you did. You should (sadly) be removing your Furry Fred badges from uniforms (as well as our national 25 th Birthday badge). Furry Fred’s Mega Challenge. Tom (CC) and I have had a wonderful autumn visiting the colonies who managed to complete all 20 challenges. We have been impressed with the variety of activities the leaders have offered to their Beaver Scouts – many of them unique, innovative and stunningly

creative. We have chuckled over the comments of Beaver Scouts (often enhanced by creative spelling!) and thoroughly enjoyed meeting you all. Congratulations to: 3 r d Sandiacre (Cloudside), 132nd Derby (Chaddesden), 63rd Derby (Darley Abbey), Chatsworth‟s two colonies, 3rd Buxton and rd 73 Derby (Mohawks). A very big WELL DONE to you all. We will be visiting 18th Chesterfield in the New Year and hope a few more will tell Fred (via Joy – ACC) about their Mega Challenge activities so Tom and I can book in a visit to you. We will continue to visit up to Easter 2012. County Beaver Scouts donation to The Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. Due to the success of Bonanza 5, we have been able to donate £450 from the County Beaver Scouts to the Ellen MacArthur Cancer Trust. We handed over the cheque to Geoff Thornton (a Trustee) at a presentation evening at 3rd Buxton Beaver Scouts on 15th December. We were delighted to hear that this allows one child recovering from cancer to have and amazing week of treats cruising with the Trust.

25TH ANIVERSARY A new Challenge for 2012. The East Midlands Region Beaver Scout Team have issued a challenge to all colonies in Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Nottinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Lincolinshire........... “ Between 1st May and 30th September, attend a Celebration Sleepover.” You can celebrate whatever you like. It can be indoor (or outdoor – if you have the right permit and facilities). It can be just your colony or join up with one or more, possibly at a District Sleepover or Group Camp. It can be just a night away or linked to a day packed with activities.

On the 26th November 2011, Dr onf iel d B ea vers c ele brate d their 25th Anniversary by holding a party attended by 73 Beaver Scouts along with Leaders and helpers and our ACC Beavers Joy Templer. It was 1986 style party with the then fashionable games such as pass the parcel, musical chairs, passing balloons along with lots of music and dancing. No electronic games in sight! However the food was much more modern; hotdogs which went down a treat.

It would be wonderful if every Beaver Scout in Derbyshire was given the chance of one night away during this time period so get planning!

Many of the girls and boys came in fancy dress with some fantastic outfits being created including vampires, pirates and princesses. Another highlight was when they sang happy birthday to themselves and they blew out the candles on the cake.

A regional “Celebration Sleepover” badge will be available (by May) for you to purchase (costing no more than £1). Details should be available in the New Year.

All the children even went home with a traditional party bag, having had a tremendous amount of fun. A memorable day was had by all and the picture records the event.

I look forward to hearing (and reading in k.scout) about all your events and hopefully joining you for some of them! Joy Templer – ACC Beaver Scouts

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What a tremendous start to 2012 – We topped the 100 mark for Chief Scouts Gold Awards – to be presented at County Hall on Sunday 5th February. We closed applications at year end and already we have some names to go forward to our next presentation – to be held at Spring Bank Camp at Drum Hill (Sunday 3rd June) W e have 1000 Chilly Challenge badges – which is the estimated number we think we will need. Already (at the time of writing this) we have over 140 badges gained – the first ones by 1st Highfield from Chesterfield District who camped at the Gilwell Park Winter Camp. Last weekend saw Ripley & Heanor‟s District Camp at Drum Hill with 70+ Scouts camping – lowest recorded temperature was MINUS 8°!! The County Team are due to camp at Drum Hill – a number of folk from R&H hoping it may be even colder!! Dragon Awards – Bronze Awards presented to Ripley & Heanor, Gresley and 86th Derby. Not a bad start for the New Year – I feel sure we are in for another really good year for Derbyshire Scouting – Well done!

Rehearsals are going well for Flying High 2012, the Derby East Scout and Guide Gang Show with a cast of 144 of all ages at the Derby Theatre next March. Tickets are now on sale from the Derby Live box office, prices are £12 with £9 concessions for all performances. Show dates and times are Tuesday 20th to Saturday 24th March, evenings at 7.15pm with Saturday performances at 1.30pm and 6.00pm. Tickets are available from either the Derby Theatre or the Assembly Rooms box office, telephone number 01332 255800.

I hope you will bring a party from your Group to see this award winning gang show in it’s 44th year, three times winner of a Derby Amateur Theatre Eagle Award in 1996, 2002 and 2010. Jean Roulinson Producer



Mod 5 - Fundamentals






16th (Central)

6th Ilkeston

17th Staveley

Mod 7 - Valuing Diversity 14th Alfreton Mod 8 - Leadership

6th (Central)

Mod 9 - Working with Adults

21st (Central)

Mod 10 - First Response

26th Buxton

3rd Wingerworth 29th (Derby)

Mod 11 - Administration 15th Alfreton

16th Staveley

Mod 12 - Balanced Programme

15th Alfreton

16th Staveley

Mod 13 - Growing the Movement

15th Alfreton

16th Staveley

Mod 14 - Young People Today

14th Alfreton

17th Staveley

Mod 15 - Challenging Behaviour

14th Alfreton

17th Staveley

Mod 16 - Intro to Residential Experience Mod 17 - Activities Outdoors

12th (South) included on Mod 38 w/end

Mod 18 - Practical Skills Mod 19 - International

31st Chesterfield

Mod 38 - Skills for Residential Experience Safeguarding

24th Alfreton

23rd (Derby)

25-27th (TBA) 8th (Derby)

20th (North)





Mod 7 - Valuing Diversity 12th (Chesterfield)

21st (Matlock) 15th (South West)

Mod 10 - First Response

17th (North East)

Mod 11 - Administration

7th (Derby)

Mod 12 - Balanced Programme

7th (Derby)

Mod 13 - Growing the Movement

7th (Derby)

Mod 14 - Young People Today

6th (Derby)

Mod 15 - Challenging Behaviour

6th (Derby)

Mod 16 - Intro to Residential Experience

Mod 18 - Practical Skills

7th (Chesterfield) 3rd Ilkeston

24th Buxton included on Mod 38 w/end

Mod 19 - International Mod 38 - Skills for Residential Experience Safeguarding


6th (Derby)

Mod 9 - Working with Adults

Mod 17 - Activities Outdoors


25th (North East)

Mod 5 - Fundamentals

Mod 8 - Leadership


3rd Alfreton 14-16th (TBA) 11th (Central)

KScout Issue 12  

S K.Scout is the Newsletter of the Derbyshire County Scout Council. All contributions and photos gratefully received and should be sent to n...

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