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Spring 2009 | Vol. 8, No. 3


Spring Clean Your Makeup Routine Tips and Tricks to extend your cosmetic’s shelf-life

Cotton Couture

NC State’s College of Textiles first fashion show

The First Lady

Michelle Obama: modern-day Jackie O masters work, home while still looking fabulous

School Daze

Rachel Weeks is the next hot thing in collegiate fashion

Two-Faced Five pieces you can wear now and in to spring

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Editor’s Letter

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Everyone is still waiting in anticipation for President Obama’s answer to our country’s economic downturn—Will it get better? Could it get any worse? It’s probably safe to say that shopping may have dropped in the rankings on your priority list. Don’t fret. This issue of Kaleidoscope includes a couple of our staff members’ favorite online shopping sites that are perfect for a girl on a budget, see page 3. (Speaking of the President, he’s not the only one getting down to business in the White House. Check out our story on First Lady Michelle Obama to learn more about her platform, page 22.) Worrying about expenses only adds to the stress of midterms that are stacked oh so strategically over the last few days before spring break. Your life may feel like a hectic mess, but it’s nothing a little spring cleaning won’t fix (don’t be fooled, cleaning is more relaxing and refreshing than you might think!). See our tips for an organized room, and life, on page 6. Looking for something to do when you just can’t pay attention to lecture for another second? Stop by Kaleidoscope’s Web site,, for articles, blogs from our stylists and writers and pictures from our events, including Le Tour de Fashion, which took place Nov. 20, 2008 at La Residence.

Marisa Staton Editor-in-Chief

Instant Gratification Online Shopping

By Alice Miller


ou just finished watching the latest episode of Gossip Girl and you can’t get your mind off those patent leather booties Serena was rocking on the NYC sidewalks. You realize that those shoes would look great with the outfit you’re planning to wear on your date Friday night, and you have to have them in your closet A.S.A.P! The solution to your style di-

lemma? Online shopping. With an unlimited amount of sites to pick from, those booties will be on your feet in a fashion flash. Online shopping breaks all the boundaries by eliminating store hours, pesky salespeople and parking lot traffic. Any piece in any size, style or color can be shipped right to you. “I order when I see something I really like and want it before it is sold out in stores,” said sopho-

Online Deals With spring almost in full bloom, log on and feed your shopping habit with some of these online sites, selected by Kaleidoscope staff members.

more Heather Spillios, who orders clothing online at least once a month. Richard Seltzer, the author of Shop Online the Lazy Way, thinks more people will shop online once they realize that it is a “lazy” way to get the pieces you want, often for less than the usual retail price. “The objective is to find and buy what you want with the greatest of ease,” Seltzer says.

Blogs Breaking news from the fashion world hits the Internet as soon as it happens, helping fashionistas everywhere stay in the know. Check out fashion some of these blogs regularly to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and what wasn’t so hot.


1. The Cut

recommended by Elizabeth Graper Stylist ShopBop is a one stop location for all the top designers, where clothing is split up by trends, brands and designers looks. They also have all the links to the designer’s lookbooks and an index of where to find the pieces in your favorite magazine.

Check out Seltzer’s book $12 on

recommended by Justina Chen, writer This blog, by, offers a little bit of everything. They post about models falling on runways, store closings, makeup trends from top designers and more in such a witty and funny way that it will keep you coming back for more.



This site lets you shop at any of your favorite stores, but when you go through Ebates, they give you extra coupons and special offers. So you get the goods without having to empty your wallet.

When you look into your closet and nothing seems to match, look at this site for an infinite source of inspiration. Different men and women from all over the world are featured displaying different trends and style risks that you have to try. An added bonus: the search bar, allows you to search photos by color, pattern or material.

recommended by Ariel Butters, writer

recommended by Matthew Koester, photographer


Kaleidoscope has a blog too! Instead of waiting until the summer issue, satisfy your k-scope cravings at! We’ll give you the inside scoop on campus fashion, local sales, columns and more!

recommended by Sarah Riazati, layout

Although celebrities have teams of stylists at their beck and call, there are always a few that never seem to get it right. The girls of Go Fug Yourself are there to call them out on what’ s hot and what’s not, allowing us normal people to learn from the mistakes of the famous and also get a few good laughs.

Jessica Morgan and Heather Cocks

contents your life

Spring 2009 | Vol. 8, No. 3

Dorm Storm


It’s that time of year -- spring cleaning. How to maximize space in a small room. Tips and tricks for students on the run. 6


What’s In Her Closet

You won’t find a more unique closet. Two student artists sell AND wear their own designs. 8

Fashion Magazine

beauty Spring Clean “Your Makeup Routine” Why you should replace your costmetics and when you should do it. Plus, how to extend the life of your makeup. 7

fashion Online Shopping

The convenience of online shopping. Need that in this size, color, and style? The Internet has it. It’ll be at your door in no time. 3

Cotton Couture

Students at North Carolina State University College of Textiles put on their first ever Cotton Couture fashion show and we’ve got the inside scoop. 22



Break-out the resort wear because no one can tell you what’s in season. Five fan-favorites to help you escape from your winter wardrobe now and still wear well in to spring. 10

features The First Lady


Michelle Obama has her own agenda. She has hit the ground running, supporting both her husband and her own platform. 20

School House

Rachel Weeks is the next hot thing on campus. Why wear over-sized clothes just to show your school spirit? Weeks designs trendy college fashion for both girls and guys. 24

in every issue Letter From the Editor 2 All Access

Kaleidoscope’s fall fashion show was a huge success. If you missed out, take a look at what went on. If you were lucky enough to be there, relive the night with us. 26

On the Cover Photo by Matthew Koester Styling Directors: Maria Ward, Lizzie Graper Contributing Stylists: Michelle Bellamy, Samantha Brody, Elizabeth Croom, Kelsey Isenberg, Erin McClary, Christina Serrano, Katie Wood


Dorm Storm April showers are on the horizon and so is spring cleaning for your dorm room By Hannah Taylor

Dorm rooms are tiny. This is the disappointing realization that hits every first year college student. Living in a compact environment can feel claustrophobic, especially when the tight chambers are shared with a roommate, but the situation doesn’t have to be crippling or even overcrowded. Read the tips below to learn how to clean up, scale down and create a sanctuary of personal space.

Command organization Command Strips are the dorm god’s gift to college students. They are inexpensive plastic hooks with an adhesive backing that can be easily removed without damaging the wall. They hold up all year long, keeping wall art and paper lanterns securely hung. These are some common uses for the hooks, but try to think of other imaginative ways to put them to use. Put one on the back of your closet door to hang your bathrobe and free up closet space; stick one by the door and hang your keys there to avoid a frantic search in the morning; or hang a few in a row to hold your necklaces. Be creative! Dishes done easy Dirty dishes tend to pile up, growing steadily until they tower precariously like a Jenga set waiting to topple at the next touch. This health hazard can be contained by investing in a small washtub. The next time you eat a bowl of cereal but don’t have time to wash the dish, rinse it out and put it in the washtub. Your dishes will be consolidated for transportation ease the next time you need to make a trip to the kitchen sink. Plan for next year As the semester is wrapping up and you’re planning on packing for summer, take a minute to create a spreadsheet of everything in your room. It will only take ten minutes to list out all the things you need for college (toiletries, clothing, food items, school supplies and décor). Next fall when you’re getting ready to pack again for school, you can simply open the Word document and you’ll have a checklist for packing. Voila! 6

Spring 2009

Prep the night before It’s 9 a.m. and you’re late to class. You rush around frantically looking for your winter coat. You finally find it under a pile of laundry, only to discover on the power walk to class that it’s 72 degrees outside. It only takes five minutes to prepare for the day the night before and your nervous system will thank you. Before you tuck in each night, check the weather, think about what to wear, look over your planner and throw your books in your bag. Come 8 a.m., you’ll be more relaxed and may even have time to eat breakfast before facing the day. Create a filing system Do you have a pile on your desk full of things that you plan to put somewhere someday? Have your bank statements, your internship applications, and takeout menus been gathering dust since last winter break? It’s time to clear out the clutter and file it away. All you need is a stack of manila folders. Label each one for “finances,” “applications,” “menus” or any other category of keepsakes. Alphabetize the folders and keep them in your desk drawer to access quickly later on. As for everything else, it can gather dust in the wastebasket. Decorate for spring Add a pop of color to your dorm with a few flower accents and welcome the spring from the inside out. Visit a thrift shop such as the PTA or Club Nova in Carrboro and buy a small vase for a few dollars. The next time you’re walking by the Planetarium pick a rose, or be more environmentally friendly with a fake arrangement. If you’re feeling creative, stop by Michael’s craft store for a few fake flowers and satin cord. Every six inches or so, tie a flower on to the cording and hang a few strands from your window. Your roommate and passersby will appreciate the touch as well.


By C

ker Wal


Spring Clean “Your Makeup Routine”

s spring rolls around and you begin to clean out your closet, remember spring cleaning is also a good idea for your makeup.

The biggest threat to your cosmetics is bacteria. The constant touching between your skin and your makeup can cause bacteria to grow. A change in color or odor is the first sign of germs. Be sure not to mix any water or gels in attempt to fix your products—this only makes the bacteria grow faster. Here are some general guidelines on how long your products should last:

Mascara—2 to 3 months. If your mascara starts to clump more than usual, it’s a sign of bacteria. Side effects of keeping old mascara include itchy eyes or infections. Odor is another common sign of bacteria—a quick sniff is the best test.

Eye Shadow—1 year. Make sure that you are cleaning your brushes about once a week or buying new applicators to avoid the growth of bacteria.

Powder and Blush—12 to 18 months. Purchase a brush cleaner like the one from Bobbi Brown ($16.50). Try to wash your brushes about once a week. If you don’t have time to get the brush cleaner you can use water for a quick clean. Let your brushes air dry on a paper towel for about a day and they will feel like new again!

Lip Gloss and Lipstick—12 to 18 months

Eye and Lip Liners—up to 3 years But there are a few tips that can help extend the life of your cosmetics. *No sharing! *Keep your makeup away from extreme temperatures and humidity. *Always wash your hands before and after to apply your makeup to keep bacteria away. *Avoid touching your makeup directly. Use brushes and other applicators. *Write an expiration date on the back of the product to make sure you remember when to throw it out. 2009 Spring


What’s in H Sure, it would be nice if you could present each of your friends with custom-designed, handmade gifts for every special occasion, but let’s face it -- some of us just aren’t that crafty. Luckily, creative people have come together on Etsy, a website that sells handmade crafts. From $0.20 jewelry to $15,000 ball gowns, Etsy truly has the perfect find for everyone. UNC students Sarah McClure and Lisa Amundson are two of the artists featured on This issue, Kaleidoscope got inside their closets and discover their personal styles.

By Ariel Lynn Butters

Sarah McClure


unior Sarah McClure may have taught herself to knit, but she picked up the skill with a vengeance. “I just bought an instruction book and started from there,” she says. “I’ve always taught myself crafts.” As a double major in history and anthropology, Sarah doesn’t expect to make a career of her artistry, but it does act as a terrific money-making hobby. Her Etsy shop features knit and crocheted scarves, “quilted” pendants made of polymer clays, hand-designed notebooks, and vegan bath products created by her sister, a UNC alum. “I like to use materials that I can find easily,” Sarah explains, “because I like to make things that seem useless better.” Sarah’s habit of taking something old and worn and making it functional is also apparent in her closet. The majority of her personal style consists of thrift shop finds and duds that she has embellished with embroidery or trim. Of course, even in dressing herself, she is still an artist. “My imagination is sometimes stronger than I have time to deal with. I have piles of cheap T-shirts, vintage clothes that don’t quite fit right, and strange materials from hardware stores, magazines, nature and recyclables.” To find a mishmash of bright colors, recycled materials, and creative ideas, check out Sarah’s store at www.


Spring 2009

Above, clockwise: Red glittering heart pendant, $2.50; Lima Monster Plush Creature, $8; Dancing owl pendant, $0.75

Her Closet?

Lisa Amundson


isa Amundson started her crafting with a specific purpose. “I had this orange peacoat,” explains Lisa, a graduate student in speech and hearing sciences, “and it just really needed something.” So to jazz it up, she cut some felt scraps into the shape of a flower, stuck a button in the middle, and an online business blossomed. “I’m not good at much,” says Lisa, “but what I am good at is seeing things that fit and putting them together.” Her inexpensive felt flowers seem to have made quite a splash onto the Chapel Hill fashion front. In addition to having constant custom orders from classmates and friends, Lisa recently sold a large batch of her pins to Light Years on Franklin Street. The felt flower pins, which come in a variety of designs and colors, can fit into anyone’s wardrobe. Lisa’s personal style mostly consists of simple, functional outfits spiced up with bold, chunky accessories. But in addition to helping Lisa find the perfect accents for her clothes, her talents have found a larger purpose in the community. She has been able to use her flowers in therapy with disabled, nonverbal children. “The kids make flowers and other felt pictures to take home to their moms,” Lisa says. “It’s a sense of accomplishment for them.” To see Lisa’s felt flower flair, be sure to visit www. “You can get thrifty things for the people in your life who deserve presents from Etsy,” she says, “and no one else will ever have the same thing!”

From top to bottom: Flower number 3 Cordelia, $3; Flower number 5 Caroline, $3; Flower number 4 Eugenia, $3

Two-Faced Break-out the resort wear because no one can tell you what’s in season. Five fan-favorites to help you escape from your winter wardrobe now and still wear well in to spring.

Copy: Maria Ward, Lizzie Graper Styling Directors: Maria Ward, Lizzie Graper Contributing Stylists: Michelle Bellamy, Samantha Brody, Elizabeth Croom, Kelsey Isenberg, Erin McClary, Christina Serrano, Katie Wood Photographer: Matthew Koester Model: Caroline Early


Pair it with liquid leggings or skinny jeans and amp up the hot-factor, even if it’s cold out


Strip off the extras and pair with striking pumps; anything patterned, textured, or neon will be sure to electrify


Stiletto Sandals Now

Wearing open-toed shoes in winter is no longer a fashion faux paux. Get down with your bad self and rock them now with fun tights

Later Forget the tights, our feet are going commando in these stilettos


Show off those gorgeous gams no matter what the season. When worn with tights and ankle-booties you can wear the mini and still get a maximum effect

Mini Skirt Later

Duck the heat wave and throw on a mini skirt with a loose fitting top. Pair it with some eccentric flats and you’ll be sure to stop traffic

Floral Sundress Now

Who said spring is for florals? Break out of the norm and make ‘em blush now. Top it off with structured accessories like a leather coat and chunky boots for a Park Avenue meets street-chic kind of vibe


A sundress is a girl’s best friend, so dress her up with metallic jewelry and wedges


White pants pop in winter. Pair them with a dark blazer and oxford pumps for a not-so-basic approach to the forever classic item


White Pants

Take a risk and wear your white jeans. You can’t be fierce without a flirty top, wedges, and your favorite oversized tote


Spring 2009

Michelle Obama

The First Lady By Mary Ann Barone

As President Obama enters the White House and gets to work on his agenda for our country, his wife is working on an agenda of her own. Whether it includes raising awareness for her own platform or supporting the decisions of her husband, Michelle Obama has hit the ground running in her role as first lady. One point in her platform that is especially close to her heart is reaching out to military families and veterans. Through her travels with her husband, she has talked extensively to family members who have left to fight for their country and those who are left behind to wait for loved ones’ safe return. Michelle has vowed that she will take these stories to Washington so these families’ voices can be heard by those making the policies that affect them. “If Barack is elected president, I would be honored to be first lady,” she has written in U.S. News and World Report. “I would work daily on the issues closest to my heart: helping working women and families, particularly military families.”

In addition to supporting her own agenda, Obama also supports her husband and the weighty decisions he makes. In February, the first lady visited the Department of Education to promote the president’s stimulus bill, which would help education through renovating schools, helping children in poverty and those with disabilities,

“I would work daily on the issues closest to my heart: helping working women and families, particularly military families.” and preventing teacher layoffs. Her visit marked the first time a first lady had addressed employees who worked there. Michelle Obama’s demeanor and sophisticated style have drawn comparisons to another famous first lady, Jackie O. Both of these women have taken advantage of their high profile roles and used them for the better.

Much like Jackie O. and millions of women nationwide, Michelle must juggle work and home. While speaking at the Democratic National Convention, she defined her roles as sister, mother, daughter and wife. She takes each of these jobs seriously and works to make sure the bonds between her loved ones are strong. As a mother, the First Lady strives to keep the lives’ of her daughters as normal as possible, hosting sleepovers for their friends and letting them choose a dog for the White House. Rumor has it the Obama girls will even have to make their own beds. In short, Michelle Obama is a multifaceted woman. She acts as mother, wife, activist, supporter, leader and inspiration. The First Lady is often seen at her husband’s side, supporting his agenda as well as her own. She has shown that though she is the wife of the president, she is also an independent woman with her own aspirations and goals. Every woman can learn from her example of what it takes to make a change in the world, and it is a change that we can all believe in.

2009 Spring


Shelley Wei Junior, B.S. in Fashion and Textile Management – Fashion development and product management

Models strut their stuff and show-off Shelley and Grace’s designs on the runway

Favorite Designers 1. Alexander Wang 2 .Alexander McQueen 3. Yohji Yamamoto Personal Style 1. Comfortable 2. Whimsical/spontaneous 3. Versatile Sources of Inspiration 1. Other designers 2. Magazines 3. Thrift stores 4. Music Magazines: W, Elle Style Icons: Olsen twins Favorite Models: 1. Devin Aoki 2. Chanel Iman 3. Coco Rocha What constitutes great style? 1. Not trendy/mainstream 2. Original/different 3. Figure-flattering Hobbies 1. Ballroom dancing 2. Sewing 3. Sketching

Shelley’s sketchbook: The best designs on the runway always start on paper


The Girl you design for: Early-mid twenties, already made the transition from girl- to woman-hood Someone who wants some thing different Playful Sense of humor that translates into her fashion choices -

Shelley and Angela Chen in a dress made by the designer 22 Spring 2009

Shelley adjusts a new back strap on a pattern, modeled by Jenna Tie


hile you would be hard-pressed to find someone who would call North Carolina a fashion mecca, no one can dispute its role as the largest textile employer in the United States. This January, right down the street in Raleigh, students at North Carolina State University College of Textiles put on its first Cotton Couture Fashion Show. The fashion show is the result of a grant awarded to the school by Cotton Inc., an organization based in Cary that promotes the sale and use of cotton. “I wanted students to learn about natural fibers, which are always better than man-made fibers to work with, and I wanted them to have an opportunity to show their work,” said Dr. Cynthia Istook, who spearheaded the project. Shelley Wei, a former UNC student who transferred to NCSU after her freshman year to study fashion design acted as the marketing cochair for the show. Kaleidoscope was lucky enough to get the inside scoop on Shelley and her design partner during the creation of their “Victorian Cocktail” collection.

A State Affair

The Fitting

Most designers, including Shelley and her partner Grace Jones, chose their models from among their friends who come in all different shapes and sizes. Contrary to popular belief of fittings with 360º mirrors, well-dressed tailors, and complimentary champagne, the first fitting took place in Shelley’s bathroom. The inside of the rose-patterned sleeveless dress could almost pass as the outside: all seams were finished, all the stitching was neat, and it was trimmed with white twill ruffles – all 100% cotton. At the next fitting, equipped with only a Sharpie, scissors, and Scotch tape, Shelley snipped at an unfinished grey pattern while it was on the model, cutting a strap here, adding a strap there, and generally mumbling to herself. For Shelley, deciding on a design is the hardest part of the process. “I’m indecisive, I’m always changing my mind. Sometimes I draw things but then I don’t know how to make it, or I don’t have enough fabric, or I don’t even know which fabric to use!”

The United Nations has declared 2009 the

Models showcase Shelley’s designs in front of a panel of judges

The International Year of Natural Fiber

Grace Jones Junior, B.S. in Fashion and Textile Management – Fashion development and product management Favorite Designers 1. Chloé 2. Phillip Lim 3. Marc Jacobs Personal Style 1. Simple 2. Elegant 3. Vintage Sources of Inspiration 1. Magazines 2. Fabrics 3. TV Shows (Gossip Girl!) Magazines: Bazaar, Domino Style Icons: her sister, Kate Moss A little drama is always interesting, especially on the backs of dresses

All four dresses with designer Grace Jones

nCouture The Walkthrough

If you have ever watched America’s Next Top Model where beautiful girls wear expensive clothes and fly around the world I can safely assure you that this student-run show was the opposite. Most of the models were your everyday college students, more comfortable walking to class in Uggs than stomping down a runway in stilettos. Luckily, Nick Haglan, provider of music and apparent catwalk-guru, was there to save the day. “Don’t smile,” “Pick up your feet,” “Don’t look down,” “Keep the attention on the clothes for goodness sake!” After three hours of techno trance (the soundtrack to the show), models, designers, professors, the occasional on-looker, and the cleaning lady were all ready for the runway.

The Show

The ready-to-wear show featured about 35 designers, whose collections ranged from one piece to full lines of four or more garments. And though Shelley and Grace submitted their collection under the intermediate level, the preliminary judging deemed them worthy to compete under the advanced level, and their collection was one of the last to be shown. As the show progressed, remarks such as, “I’d totally wear that,” or, “That’s so cute!” became more and more common. Grace’s and Shelley’s pieces were very different despite their common theme. However, the use of the same fabrics held the collection together. All four presented a level of construction and detail that wasn’t easily perceived from a distance, or even from the

Favorite Models 1. Natalia Vodianova 2. Ali Stephens 3. Kate Moss What constitutes great style? 1. True personality 2. Timelessness 3. Unique Hobbies 1. Fashion design 2. Interior design 3. Scrap-booking

Justina Chen

front – for many of the pieces, the real drama was in the back. In the end, all their hard work, their sore and pricked fingers, paid off – they won second place in the Collections category, and took home a hefty $400 check.

For Grace, the experience was more rewarding than the money: “There is so much that goes into it that I never really thought about before. You not only have to design and sew the dresses but you also have to choose make-up, hair, shoes and accessories, go to rehearsals, make sure the dresses are ironed and ready for the show all the while making sure your models know what’s going on.”

Grace Jones and her sister Katherine Jones, in a dress by the designer 2009 Spring


School I

n the morning rush to get to class, would you pull on a fitted tee with a picture of Ramses dressed in a hot pink UNC sweater? Rachel Weeks would! The T-shirt design is a part of her new fashion forward, “ethical” collegiate apparel line that will be premiering in UNC Student Stores this May. Rachel is only 24 years old and is already the president of her own company, School House, LLC. During her senior year at Duke University, Rachel realized that shopping in the bookstores could be a daunting experience for the fashionable female. So, she seized the opportunity to create collegiate wear designed with young women in mind. “It’s still T-shirts and hoodies, just amped up,” Rachel says. The lifestyle brand includes fitted tees and hoodies, yoga pants, knit skirts and even underwear all sporting some stamp of school pride. School

House’s creative director, Colleen McCann, incorporates UNC staples like the university seal, the Tar Heel and Ramses into all the designs with a bit of added fashion flair. Other schools that are also considering School House designs include NCState, Appalachian State, East Carolina University, Texas A&M, Emory, and Yale. School House is scheduled to hit UNC-Chapel Hill Student Stores on May 1st. “UNC students are loyal, very fashionable, trendy, brand conscious and they usually pay more for products outside of student stores. Why not spend fashion dollars in the bookstore?” Julian’s on Franklin street will be carrying some of the more upscale pieces like cocktail dresses made from vintage T-shirts and blazers not sold in the bookstore. Custom fit sessions are also in the works where UNC students and alumni will be able to customize their School House gear.

Daze By Jessica Cruel

But School House is about more than the clothes. “I wanted to do something involving fashion and feminism,” Rachel says. Her ultimate goal is to combine quality designs with fair labor practices. Garment factory workers in Sri Lanka, who are often women, make $2 a day even though the reported cost of living is about $6 a day. In an effort to pay workers a living wage, School House designs a quality product, takes less profit from the retail, and gives more back to the factories. And by increasing the product price by only one dollar, School House triples the salary for its workers. “It’s only a starting point,” Rachel says. “It’s three times more than what they would have so they can buy books for their children or save up to install a fridge. I’m trying to affect change in this industry.” In

the future, she hopes to provide services such as daycare, skill training and education opportunities to her factory workers. Rachel is also looking to collaborate with students by creating a School House street team. “We want students to feel a part of this brand.” The street team is a part of an internship program that will help keep the collection close to home and university specific. Street team members would be involved in the entire School House process: giving design feedback, hosting events, and helping manage retail accounts. “Collegiate gear is not just about supporting the team,” Rachel says. “The name is also about the institution – the academics, the history, the community. It’s more than just sports.”

All Access

By Marisa Staton

Kaleidoscope’s biggest event, the annual fashion show, titled Le Tour de Fashion this year, happened this past Nov. 20, 2008. The show featured looks inspired by the fashions of France, Japan, Germany, Russia and Italy.

Models Briana Cottrell, left, and LaShunda Faison practice posing at the Zeta Tau Alpha house after getting ready for the show.

Model Stephanie Cooper reps the cool style of Germany in a leather mini skirt and embellished tee. The outfit was put together by Styling Director Maria Ward.

The open legs and bright colors combine traditional Japanese clothing with the outrageous styles of the younger generation. This outfit, worn by model Stephanie Mitchell, was put together by stylist Christina Serrano.

Model Dana Bongiovanni sports Italian style in an outfit put together by Michelle Bellamy.


Spring 2009

Photos by Matthew Koester Model Parker Morse brightens up the runway with the colorful fashions of Spain, put together by stylist Samantha Brody. Model Kayla Wall strikes a pose in a stunning and sophisticated look from Spain put together by stylist Samantha Brody.

Model Jeff Baker struts his stuff down the catwalk in fashion from Russia, complete with an authentic “Ushanka”. This outfit was put together by Styling Director Channing Dalton.

Marketing Director Lucy Zhang, right, puts the finishing touches on model Dana Bongiovanni’s makeup at the Zeta Tau Alpha house before the show at La Rez.

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Kaleidoscope Spring 2009  

This issue of Kaleidoscope was released in spring 2009 at UNC-CH.

Kaleidoscope Spring 2009  

This issue of Kaleidoscope was released in spring 2009 at UNC-CH.