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December 2012

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Down to Earth Dad

Holiday Survival Guide



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Make Homemade Cranberry Sauce

Trend Alert! Holiday Jewelry sdnor


from me to YOU! Ahhh, the holidays! A time for us all to sit back, relax and enjoy the company of our 

All UltraStar Locations Saturday & Sunday, 10:30am A different movie each month!

$2.50 admis


family and friends.  Our homes are filled with the sights and sounds of the season: fires in  the fireplace, the wonderful aroma of your aunt's famous pumpkin pies filling the kitchen,  the time spent around the table catching up with your cousin from the Midwest who only  gets back to town every now and again, and of course the looming visit from Santa that  keeps the kiddos in check (well, itʼs supposed to at least!). I donʼt know about you, but during the holidays I can quickly transform from a calm  cucumber into an outright worry wart! What am I going to get everyone for Christmas?   Will they even like it? Where can I find it? Is there a better deal somewhere else? Should I host a holiday party? What weekend works best?.. you get the picture! This year I hope  to put some of that stress aside and enjoy the joyful spirit of the holidays and hope that all  of you can too!


Here at North County Kids magazine, we want to help you enjoy this season as much as possible. From the kid-friendly Homemade Cranberry Sauce Recipe Page, to the hilarious  Down to Earth Dad Survival Guide, weʼve mixed humor into this issue to keep that smile on your face from fading! Enjoy the helpful Events Calendar, the fun Trend Alert pages which spotlights  some great holiday outfit and accessory ideas, and a helpful Mom to Mom Book Review!


olid ppy H



Kate Schlicher

Happy Holidays from my family to yours!

Mission Marketplace/Oceanside Poway Creekside Mission Valley - Hazard Center River Village/Fallbrook

It’s all about

FACEBOOK! Be sure to “like” our page and stay tuned for some awesome upcoming giveaways. Our page is full of fun craft and recipe ideas, as well as what local events you just can’t miss! Facebook is a wonderful way to stay connected and we promise to do our best to keep you up to date with all things North County, while entertaining you at the same time!

For more information, visit WWW. U LTRA S TAR MOVIES.COM


December 2012


Present this coupon at the box office for 1 FREE admission to any Kidtoons film. CODE: M12-10-7. Expires 12/30/12

This month I recommend . . .

that you and your family take some time to volunteer, give, and/or partner with Toys for Joy. On Saturday, December 8, gather the fam and come to Abraham Lincoln High School (4777 Imperial Ave., San Diego) from 9am-2pm and witness one of the best acts of community  giving of the season.  You can donate a toy at the event, give a cash donation, or sign up to  volunteer! Use this opportunity to teach your children the joy of giving and let them know about all of the children, right in San Diego, that wouldnʼt normally be receiving toys this year. Last year Toys for Joy was able to provide 8,000 toys; 12,000 bags of groceries; and 130,000 articles of clothing and shoes to brighten the lives of many San Diego kids… be a part of this incredible event this year! Happy Holidays to you  and your family! sdnor 3


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North County Kid of the Month


Down to Earth Dad -

       Antonio Monteiro

       Holiday Survival Guide

Photo by Stefanie Poteet • • Graphic Design by Krista Connolly • • Advertising Inquiries: • • {760} 452-0789

North County Kid of the Month: Antonio Monteiro, 11 years old 4

December 2012

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North County Kid of the Month!



Antonio Monteiro

Pinterest -  Holiday Inspiration Celeb Mom Tracker -  Holiday Edition

Hometown: Encinitas Age: 11 Grade: 6 School: Flora Vista Hobbies: Vídeo Games! Favorite Food: Tacos Favorite thing about living in North County: The beaches

At 10 years old, Antonio already understood what he could do to make a difference in the lives of others and on an international level.  In one short  year, with the help of his supportive parents, Antonio created Word Rocks!  Every day Antonio finds rocks, brings them home, and writes inspirational  and uplifting words on them.  From there he scatters them around San Diego, purely to put smiles on the faces of strangers!  We met up with Antonio  and learned more about this amazing, and selfless project. When did the idea of Word Rocks begin? October 2011 What is the goal of Word Rocks? What do you hope the reaction is of the people who stumble upon your rocks? That sad  people become happy. I hope that the rock can make a difference in their day. What made you want to spread the rocks all over San Diego, and not just keep them at home? I believe that sharing - no matter what - is important. How often do you go to the beach to find rocks? Which beach is your best “rock spot”? Other than the beach, any other places you find rocks? Once a week we go to Cardiff by the Sea to pick up rocks. It's my favorite spot to do that. How did this idea catch on so well? How did you get volunteers to start helping around the world? I believe that there are a lot of people  who want to make other people happy too. All the volunteers made contact with us to be part of Word Rocks. Some because they got to know the  project and fell in love with it and some because they found a rock and wanted to pay it forward. What Cities, States, Countries currently have Word Rocks volunteers? Paris (France), Toronto  (Canada), London (England), Geneve (Switzerland), Italy, a lot of cities in Brazil, Lisbon (Portugal),  Uruguay, South Africa, and South Korea. In the USA there are volunteers in San Diego, Orange  County, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Orlando and New York. What kind of media exposure have you received? We saw your story on NBC San Diego! We have  been in newspapers, magazines, websites, and on TV. Specifically in the US: NBC San Diego, Radio CBS Local  KyXy 96.5 Carmel Valley News, in Portugal: Publico Newspaper and in Brazil: PUC University Website, Julia Petit Website, Tribuna Newspaper, Bons Fluidos Magazine, Fica a Dica, and the Imaginarium Store website. We heard you were invited to speak in Brazil? How did that opportunity come up? One of the organizers of TED (Sao Paulo) heard  about us and invited Word Rocks for a speech there. As we couldn't go, one of my mom's friends (who is also a volunteer) did the speech and did it great!  I was born in Brazil and lived there until I was 6 years old, so it was cool to know my project had reached my hometown.  What do your friends think about your project? Do any of them help you find rocks and/or paint them? My friends like it a lot. They are always asking about it and  sometimes they ask for rocks to scatter around. My friend in South Korea and two friends in Canada paint word rocks too. What are some of your favorite words to use on the rocks? Be happy and joy. Anything else you would like to add? Anything you want to share with North County?  When we learn to share, the world becomes a better place to live. You can learn more  about Word Rocks here:, and start spreading the love in your town!



The Down to Earth Dad's Guide to Holiday Survival

Sometimes Laughter IS the Best Medicine

ug gle s. Pa ren tin g de fin ite ly ha s its str gh at these So why not take a break & lau . hilarious photos we found on

Are you secretly dreading the holidays because your family drives you bonkers? I feel your pain. You see, I am an only child who married into a large family, so for one week every December I'm forced to navigate my way around a gaggle of in-laws who I believe have conspired to push me to the brink of insanity. Here is a small sampling of the relatives I must endure and my feeble attempts to fend them off. The My Town Is Better Than Your Town Brother-In-Law: They don't call San Diego America's Finest City by accident, but that never stops this guy from constantly pontificating about the greatness of his pretentious East Coast city. One year he even had the audacity to suggest that the pasty looking people in his city were better looking than the people in San Diego. Apparently, the toxic tap water in New England makes you blind. I can put up with his banter about the superiority of his football and baseball teams, but when he starts to attack the superficial good looks of my fellow citizens that's where I draw the line. So to prove a point I took him on a field trip to my kids' elementary school for afternoon pick up; it's like a retired supermodel convention there - the dads are buff and the moms are hot. We even arrived early so the all the beauty could marinate a bit. I could see it in his eyes - he knew he was defeated. Score one for the gorgeous people of North County. The I Can't Eat Anything Sister-In-Law: One year she's a pescatarian. The next year she's a vegetarian. Then vegan. Then back to vegetarian. Then back to vegan. I don't even think she knows what she can eat on daily basis. In an act of unconditional love, the entire family attempts to accommodate her fluctuating palate, which means for the big family dinner the main dish isn't meatloaf, instead it's a soy concoction called "neatloaf." I've learned to go with the flow on this one. On the way to grandma's house I make the wife hit the drive-thru of the nearest Taco Bell, and before we go in for the feast I wolf down a couple of gorditas in the driveway. The Salesman Nephew: He is a 10-year-old, pint-sized carnival barker. He has one clear mission during the holiday season: sell me stuff for his school fundraisers. Nuts, magazines, cookies, the kid peddles it all. And when he isn't hawking tangible goods he just wants me to make cash donations. Honestly, I don't care how many laps he runs at the jog-a-thon, and I definitely don't want to give him a buck for every lap. But I am willing to make things interesting, and at the same time teach the little guy a tough life lesson about the ills of gambling. At first I low-ball him and agree to buy one jar of nuts, knowing he won't be satisfied with this. Then I tell him I'll buy 50 jars of nuts if he beats me in a game of Connect Four. But, if I win, then I don't have to buy any nuts. He can never resist the chance for the big score and he takes the wager. What he fails to realize is that I'm the Bobby Fischer of Connect Four. Problem solved. Frivolous nut purchase avoided. The Thespian Niece: She is a cute little kid, but all she wants to do is put on shows. I'm obligated to watch these plays and sometimes I'm conscripted to be in the performance. Now, I feel bad for the kid because she is forced to live in a house where her parents don't let her watch any television. So to rectify this I encourage her to "learn her craft" by watching TV in another room of our house, which allows me the chance to concentrate on the football game without interruptions. When this idea runs out of steam and I am cast in a drama, I suggest we stage our own production of Downton Abbey. I am Lord Grantham and she is Anna the housemaid. The plot of our episode revolves around her fetching me ale out of the cellar. Now, the most important thing I try to do during the holidays is to keep things in perspective. Despite the fact that my in-laws mildly annoy me at times, I know that they are good people and they love and care about me, just as I love and care about them. And I have to confess, I am glad that I'm a cog in the machinery of this slightly dysfunctional family because I've seen the movie Scrooged and I know that in my alternative life I'm alone and miserable during the holidays. So my advice to you during this festive season is this: keep things in perspective, try to focus on your family’s positive attributes and do your best to ignore the negatives. If this doesn't work then just hum Monty Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life and drink massive amounts of spiked eggnog.


The Down to Earth Dad is a lawyer by day and youth soccer coach by night. He lives in Carlsbad with his wife and two kids.

December 2012

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noah ritchart


of the



NAME: Noah Ritchart AGE: 11 HOMETOWN: Vista STANCE: Regular SPONSORS: Tragedy Skateboards STARTED SKATING: I was on a skateboard before I could walk. STARTED COMPETING: 8 years old FAVORED DISCIPLINE: Ramps


career highlights: 1st @ Willie Santos mini ramp contest 1st @ YMCA contest series 9-11 yr old division

Aura Skateboarding Training Facility On Black Friday (November 23rd), Aura Skateboarding Training Facility hosted a super fun Mini Ramp Contest in conjunction with Bridge to Skate (a volunteer-based 501(c)(3) public charity that uses skateboarding and play to aid in the creation of life skills, fostering of peace promotion of health and education of cultural differences internationally). Not only did the skateboarders have a blast competing on the world class Jim Bell built mini ramp at Aura but BTS was able to collect a variety of new and used skateboard equipment that they will distribute to less fortunate inner city youth. Results of the contest: Beginner division - Marcos Luke -1st, Jimmy Thomas - 2nd and Damonte Tillman - 3rd; Advanced division - Hunter Mannering - 1st, Shonn Oquendo - 2nd and Todor Harizanov - 3rd; Girls Division - Jade Awae - 1st, Briana Winter - 2nd, and Alexis Guerrero - 3rd. Intermediate division Jonathon Dougherty - 1st, Jose Contreras - 2nd, and Chris Munchkin - 3rd. In addition, Aura hosted a Black Friday Sale with discounts of up to 50% on selected items, 20% off of select skateboards, $20 off of select sweatshirts and great deals on Stance Socks. The sale has been extended until Christmas Eve but we recommend that you get over to the Aura Pro Shop soon. The Aura Pro Shop is located immediately to the right of the check-in/rental/concession area of Aura Skateboard Training Facility (1074 La Mirada Court, Vista CA 92081). For more information, go to, call 760-542-0232 or go to

How has living in North County affected your skating career? North County has a lot of skate parks that we go to. Oceanside especially seems to support skateboarders. There are also a lot of skate companies in North county which help support skaters. Who are some local pros and companies that have helped you in your achievements? Aura gives me good place to skate. Tragedy Skateboards sponsers me and provides boards for me. Shane Hidalgo used to help me a lot when I would skate with him before he passed away in a car accident. Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years? I'll be doing back flips and hopefully be pro/am. Whatʼs your favorite after-school snack? Candy! Do you get nervous before every competition? If so, what do you do to relax and calm your nerves? Yes. I always get the worst butterflies ever in my stomach. I try to take deep breaths and it helps a little, but not much.

Photos by Mike Scholl of Scholl Photography (760) 703-4421

What advice do you have for other kids thinking about learning how to skateboard? Keep trying and have fun!


December 2012



Trend Alert

Holiday Fashion

Trend Alert

Holiday Accessories

presented by

Let us take the guesswork out of your holiday wardrobe. Whether you need ideas for a fancy night out, casual holiday event, or a cozy casual day at the park, Mog + Rue has you covered!

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Now that you have your winter wardrobe planned out, how will you accessorize?

Whether you opt for a plain black cocktail dress or a T-shirt and jeans, Nomad jewelry is just the sparkle you need! (They also make great holiday gifts!) The 2012 and 2013 collections are available at Noni Salon Boutique in Encinitas @ 704 North Coast Highway 101, Encinitas. Jupiter $296 Rio $60

Oz $112

Voyage $64 Tide - $72 (Silver), $98 (Gold Fill) Foam - $70 (Silver), $80 (Gold Fill) Lani - $50 (Silver), $60 (Gold Fill)

Oz - $112

Momi - $148 (Silver), $164 (Gold Fill) Gift Card WIN a $50 ue! “Like” to Mog + R k page oo their Faceb ent m m o c & nty Kids “North Cou st” nte Holiday Co


1x1 Tank - $40 Tanzania Horn Pendant - $88 MOTHER Denim,Looker skinny, Night Spice, $204 Alba Boot - $59


Purple Haze - $138 SKOVA, Michaela Earrings - $108 SKOVA Phoenix Clutch - $250 Alexa Michelle Galaxy Ring - $98

Voodoo $250


1x1 Tank - $40 Grandpa Cardi - $124 Shimmer Skirt - $118 Natalie Circular Scarf - $38 SKOVA Paleo Drop Earrings - $68

Mog + Rue has been a bastion of contemporary fashion in Encinitas for over six years. Owned & operated by a widely published fashion writer, Mog + Rue brings both laidback California chic and fashion forward trends to North County.


937 South Coast Highway 101, C102, Encinitas, CA 92024 760.635.2664,, December 2012

Izzy - $74

Clar - $39 (Silver), $48 (Gold Fill) Pacifica - $90 (Silver) $110 (Gold Vermeil)

Southern California jewelry designer Tawnya Proctor has had a lifelong passion for creating beautiful things. Growing up in Leucadia, Tawnya had a deep connection with the sea. Influenced by her great-grandmother and namesake, Tawnya began to explore the possibilities of creating jewelry. After graduating high school, Tawnya followed a lifelong dream and traveled to Tahiti. Her exploration of the South Pacific islands inspired her to pack up and move to O’ahu’s North Shore. There she discovered a passion for the beauty and luster of pearls, and for shell hunting and free-diving. These things inspired her to create jewelry that would complement women’s natural beauty. NONILove introduced its first collection in 2011. Tawnya's La Mar 2012 line has met with great responses from local newspapers, blogs, and stylists. Her designs have been seen in This Weeks O’ahu, Yoga Rocks SD, BlackSella and Rancho Santa Fe News. Each shell is collected or hand-picked by the designer to ensure the beauty and quality of her jewelry. The NONILove collections can be found in boutiques throughout California, Hawaii and in online shops.



what’s happening SEASONAL EVENTS: Through December 2 Jingle Bell Saddlebred  Horse Show Del Mar Fairgrounds Horse park (2 miles east of the Fairgrounds,  intersection of Via de la Valle and El Camino Real.) 14550 El Camino Real, Del Mar 8am - 5pm, FREE (858) 794 - 1171

Through December 23 Purdy Tree Farms Christmas Tree Farm  Del Mar Fairgrounds Main Parking Lot 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar 9am - 9pm

Through December 24 Pinery Christmas Trees Christmas Tree Lot: Nobles, Douglas Fir & Grand Fir Del Mar Fairgrounds 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar East Parking Lot (858) 481 - 4254

Through December 29

Dr. Seussʼ How the Grinch Stole Christmas! The Old Globe Theater Conrad Prebys Theater Center 1363 Old Globe Way, San Diego Show Times Vary; 11am matinee  open to ALL ages. Children under 3 will not be admitted except  during the 11am performances * No Shows on Christmas, Dec. 25 (619) 234 - 5623

Through December 31 Valitar Elaborate performance including  over 20 entertainers and 40 horses  of all breeds.


December 2012


Del Mar Fairgrounds Main Parking Lot (big red tent) 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar $9;  Holiday Snow Days at  LegoLand Fun town is transformed into a  winter wonderland Lego - themed  snow play area, live music, carolers, And nightly fireworks included in  park admission. Tickets: $62 - $72  (760) 918 - LEGO

Fri. - Sun., 10am - 7:30pm & 8 - 10pm $12 - $14 includes rental ice skates

2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar Sat. 10am - 5pm, Sun. 10am - 4pm $9, (858) 755 - 1161


San Diego Balletʼs Nutcracker Birch Theater 2891 University Ave., North Park Sat. 7:30pm, Sun. 2:30pm (619) 294 - 7311 

December 1

Surfrider Foundation  Beach Cleanup Oceanside Pier 9 - 11am Everyone is encouraged to bring  their own reusable bag and gloves.

Holiday Tree Lighting  California Center for the Arts Through January 1 340 North Escondido Blvd.   Holiday Lights Escondido Drive through an intricate light show  (760) 839 - 4138, 4pm - 8pm with hundreds of holiday scenes  Del Mar Fairgrounds, Race Track Downtown Encinitas 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd., Del Mar Holiday Parade, “Stoked  Sun.-Thurs.: 5:30 - 10pm for the Holidays” (Closed Dec. 3 &10) Starts at the corner of Hwy 101 and  Fri. and Sat.: 5:30 - 10:30pm D St., Encinitas and travels down  Price varies per car, $15 - $50 (bus) Hwy 101 to J Street (858) 793 - 5555 5:30pm - 8pm  Floats, marching bands,

Through January 5

Sea Worldʼs Christmas Celebration Shamuʼs Christmas Amazing killer whale behaviors set  to holiday music, live performers, etc.  Clyde & Seamore save Christmas. Hilarious holiday show  including sea lions and an otter.  Open all day: Winter Wonderland  with snowmen, snowballs, & family  fun. SeaWorld, 500 Sea World Dr. (619) 226 - 3901

Through January 6

Fantasy on Ice Horton Plaza Outdoor Skating Rink 225 Broadway Cir., Mon. - Thurs., 10am - 10pm

childrenʼs groups etc. (760) 943 - 1950

“Holiday Spirits” (through December 9) World premier of this play written  by Jim Caputo Scripps Ranch Theater 10455 Pomerado Rd., San Diego $27 General Admission $24 Students, seniors, active military (858) 578 - 7728

December 1 & 2

The Great Train Expo Model railroad show Del Mar Fairgrounds OʼBrien Hall

December 2

Annual Tree Lighting  Event Fletcher Cove Park, Solana Beach 5pm - 8pm (858) 720 - 2453 Singing in the Park with  San Diego Childrenʼs Choir Preparatory Choir sings with  organist Dr. Carol Williams Balboa Park Spreckles Organ Pavilion  2pm,

December 4

Tuesday Movie Encinitas Library 540 Cornish Dr., Encinitas (760) 753 - 7376 4pm - 6pm, Every Tuesday

December 6

6th Annual Holiday  Celebration & Toys for Tots Drive Festive holiday activities: carriage  rides, face - painting, food, Santa & Mrs. Claus. West Inn & Suites, 4970 Avenida  Encinas, Carlsbad 5pm - 8pm

December 6

(also December 13) Santa Visits The Lumberyard Courtyard  Hwy 101 and H Street, Encinitas 5:30pm - 7:30pm Free digital photos of your Santa visit 

December 7 & 8

Balboa Park: December  Nights FREE community festival Food, entertainment, music Dec. 7: 5pm - 10pm, Dec. 8: 12pm - 10pm Several museums offer FREE admission 5pm - 9pm both days Carols By Candlelight Family Christmas Concert  California Center for the Arts 340 N. Escondido Blvd., Escondido  8pm both nights Tickets $27 - $60 Proceeds benefit Rady Childrenʼs Hospital

December 7

(also December 14) Holiday Hayride Del Mar Fairgrounds 2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd, Del Mar 5:30pm - 9:30pm both days $10, reservations recommended (858) 792 - 4252 

December 8

Christmas on Maple Cookie decorating, pictures with Santa, carolers, vendors etc. 100 block of N. Maple St., Escondido 11am - 5pm Encouraged to bring 1 canned food  to donate to the Salvation Army  Food Drive. 

Christmas in the Park  Old Poway Park  14134 Midland Rd., Poway 8:30pm, FREE Kids Krafts Cardiff - by - the - Sea Library 2081 Newcastle Ave. Cardiff - by - the - Sea (760) 635 - 1000 10:30am - 11:30am, Every Saturday 22nd Annual Paul Ecke,  Jr. Poinsettia Ball Gary E. Biszantz Family Gymnasium 200 Saxony Road, Encinitas 6pm - 10pm, Black Tie optional  Live entertainment, gourmet dining,  displays of poinsettia grown at the  Paul Ecke Poinsettia Ranch, Silent auction and speakers. *All proceeds benefit the Financial  Assistance Programs & the Magdalena Ecke Family YMCA (760) 942 - 9622 21st Annual Christmas on Ice Extravaganza San Diego Ice Arena “A Very Merry Christmas on Ice” 12pm, 3:30pm, 7pm shows San Diego Ice Arena 11048 Ice Skate Pl., Mira Mesa (858) 530 - 1825 x302

December 8 & 9

A Christmas Carol, the Musical Broadway Theater Arts Academy Center Theater 340 North Escondido Blvd.,  Escondido Sat. 2pm & 7pm, Sun. 1pm & 6pm Tickets: $15 - $17 Tickets go on sale December 1 (800) 988 - 4253

December 8-23, 26-30 Garden of Lights San Diego Botanic Gardens, 5pm-9pm Enjoy 100,000 lights, live music, 

Real snow! (Bring your own sled),  Roast marshmallows, meet Santa,  enjoy coffee, hot cocoa, a Mexican dinner Members: $6 or 1 Guest Admission  Ticket., Non- members: Adults $12 Seniors, Military & Students $8 All Children 3-12 $4 Children 2 & under FREE Parking is FREE, 

December 9-22

SD Civic Youth Ballet  presents The Nutcracker Casa del Prado Theater 1600 Village Place, Balboa Park $10 - $15 (619) 233 - 3060

December 13

(Through December 23) 20th Annual Traditions of Christmas Musical  spectacular for the whole family! Lincoln Performing Arts Center 4777 Imperial Ave., San Diego Tickets: $18 - $50 (619) 588 - 0206  

December 15

Breakfast with Santa  Safari Park 15500 San Pasqual Valley Rd.,  Escondido 9am - 11am Adults $19.95 Kids (ages 3 - 11) $12.95 (760) 747 - 8702  Jungle Bells at the SD Zoo 2920 Zoo Dr., San Diego Live shows, more than 50,000  lights, animal encounters, & the  new Chocolate Holiday Tree. Activities start late  afternoon/evening Open until 8pm (5pm on Dec. 24) Through January 6 (619) 231 - 1515

December 15 & 16

The Nutcracker West Coast Ballet Theater in association with  San Elijo Dance  & Music Academy & 4S Dance Academy Sat. 1pm & 7pm, Sun. 1pm & 5pm Concert Hall 340 North Escondido Blvd., Escondido (800) 988 - 4253

Santa Visit Encinitas Library 540 Cornish Dr., Encinitas (760) 753 - 7376 2pm - 4pm Bring your camera for pictures with Santa!

Breakfast with Santa Harbor House Restaurant 831 West Harbor Dr., San Diego 9am - 10:30am $25/person 

Gingerbread Boy Puppet Show Cardiff - by - the - Sea Library 2081 Newcastle Ave. Cardiff - by - the - Sea (760) 635 - 1000 10:30am - 11:30am Annual puppet show with special  treats & the Gingerbread Man

December 16

Fisher Price Little People Live! Live holiday musical show San Diego Zooʼs Hunte Ampitheater 2920 Zoo Drive San Diego 11am & 2pm 



December 20

Santa Visits Encinitas Pacific Station Plaza 687 S. Coast Hwy, near Solace & the Moonlight Lounge 5:30pm - 7:30pm Visit Santa and receive a FREE digital photo 

December 21 & 22

San Diego Holiday Pet Festival The Childrenʼs Park 1st Avenue & W. Island Ave, San Diego 50+ exhibitors, holiday shopping,  Santa,  Pet Runway, Music, Family - Friendly  10am - 4pm  (619) 865 - 5904

December 22

Free Kidʼs Night Out Games, arts, crafts, movies & more.

Community Park 13094 Civic Center Dr., Poway 4:30pm - 9pm Children grades 1 - 5 *Registration required  (858) 668 - 4671

December 25 Merry Christmas!

(Note: All libraries will be closed)

December 26-28

Winter Break Camps at The New Childrenʼs Museum *Second session is January 2 - 4 Designed for ages 4 - 8 Combines hands-on art-making activities, creative games, playtime in the park 9am - 4pm 200 West Island Ave., Downtown (619) 233 - 8792

December 28

New Yearʼs Bash The New Childrenʼs Museum 200 West Island Ave. San Diego, 92101 10am-4pm Free with general admission Music and dance performances,  hands-on art workshops, live graffiti art

December 31

Happy New Years Eve! Kidsʼ New Yearʼs Eve At LegoLand 1 Legoland Dr., Carlsbad 2pm  Live entertainment, music, and a huge LEGO brick that will be dropping 22-feet! (760) 918-5346

san diego

Advertise with North County Kids! (760) 452-0789

Say Cheese!

! Big Smile

Paisley, 5, having a fun day out with her mom & new balloon doggie!

Peek-A-Boo Cooper!

Mom Erin & 2-year-old son Cooper enjoying a fun day at the Fall Festival in Encinitas.

Brother & sister Max & Hanah smiling big while enjoying a beautiful fall day in North County!

e! Snack Tim

Sister Love!

! d e t t o p S

Special Package Price: 3 services for $50

Open 7 Days, 122 East Grand Avenue, Escondido, CA

Plan Your Daughterʼs Next Birthday Party at Bellissima!

Your daughter’s Spa Party Includes: * Manicure * Feather Hair Extensions (Color Bug or Braid) * Skincare/Makeup Introduction

*Includes party bag*

A La Cart Prices $20 ea. *12 years & under

Groups of 6 or more receive 15% off

Bellisima Day Spa

*May upgrade to include shampoo & style dry or styling with flat iron or curling iron*

Dad Dan is enjoying some tasty goodies with sons Hudson, 6, and Wyatt, 2.

Sisters Peyton, 11, and Perris, 8, patiently waiting in line for a high-flying ride.

C h e f Av e r y

Quack Quack!

Little boy Luciano, 2, checks out fun, colorful windmills but settles on this duck as his favorite.


December 2012

Avery, while taking a break from the Thanksgiving Cooking Camp at The Center for a Healthy Lifestyle, poses in the fun Chef cut-out.



Kids & Their Pets

Sponsored by

Sweet little Justin, 10 months, playing a fun game of peek-a-boo with his kitty, Baxter. Ezequiel, 10, has his hands full with his little buddy, Guinea Pig Lione.


December 2012

Shiloh, 2, loves her patient pup Bruiser, one of the family's sweet Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Talon, 5, and sister Sasha, 9, give some love to their sweet 5-year-old German Shepherd, Tammie. sdnor


A is for APP

Presented by

HOLIDAY HELP EDITION! With the holidays just around the corner,

we want to prepare you with the best most time-saving, money-saving, and fun apps as possible. From managing your shopping list, to staying fit and healthy, we’ve found the best Holiday season helpers!

FastMall: Cost: FREE This app details a mallʼs layout, including restrooms, elevators, escalators, restaurants and specific stores. Just choose your local mall, and  itʼll download all the details (great for when you donʼt have terrific service once youʼre inside).   Bonus: You can record reminders, such as where  you parked the car (G16)!

The Christmas List: Cost: $0.99 The Christmas List was created to help you  navigate the daunting task of Christmas shopping!   Itʼs simple to use by organizing who you need to buy gifts for, what they want, and where to buy  them (The Christmas List has a built-in list of  stores that you can customize at any time)! You can rate all gifts according to need aka maybe,  definitely wants, or must have. The app will  display all the gifts youʼve entered, just the  purchased ones or the ones you need to purchase.  It can sort your gift list by person or the stores they are found in. It also keeps track of how much money youʼve spent and what you still  need to do!

My Fitness Pal: Cost: FREE - An app that gives you the calorie count of all those holiday foods -- and what youʼll have to do to work ʼem off.

That whole “calories donʼt count” myth we tell ourselves during the holidays is all well and good -- until you start your new year with 10 new pounds.  Keeping a diary (an accurate one) during the holidays will help you to stop yourself from grabbing that extra cookie. Or pie slice. Or cake slice. See where weʼre going here?

Hello Vino: Cost: FREE - This wine app is like your personal sommelier, giving wine recommendations based on particular foods, tastes, regions

and - you guessed it - holidays. And weʼre not talking a generic “Cabernet Sauvignon” recommendation: this app breaks down specific wine brands and vintages based on things like reviews and price. Now you can host your next dinner party with confidence and pride in your wine choice!

Santa Tracker: Cost: $0.99 - Open the app and you are presented with a globe showing Santa's current location (the North Pole, until he splits) 

and your own location. Across the bottom are five buttons. Track is the home page where you land upon opening the app. Extras lets you make some in-app purchases of jokes, recipes, crafts, and texts from Santa directly to your child (!). Parents will need to configure this, as there are many children from all over the world wanting to text the big guy, so be sure to go into the Settings app to ensure your messages are received and replied to accurately. Ho Ho Ho!

Naughty or Nice Scan: Cost: $0.99 - This time of year is full of questions, but one that is on everyoneʼs mind is: have I been "Naughty" or  "Nice"? In case you're suspicious about whether or not your office cubemate or your loving husband really deserves an extravagant gift, this iPhone app will  help clear the air. Have your kids been doing their homework and listening to the teacher when you are not around to supervise? Just get the suspect in question to place all five fingers on your phone, and let the truth be known! 18

December 2012



What Are YOU Reading?

Enjoy our mom-to-mom book review page written by the organizer of North County based Hip Chicks Book Club, & see what books were real page turners and which one are better left on the shelf!

Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

I’ve heard so much about this book, that when my book club decided to read it, I was pretty excited. Gone Girl is the story of Nick and Amy Dunne, a seemingly happy couple that moves from Amy’s native N.Y.C. to Nick’s hometown of North Carthay, Missouri after they both lose their jobs in journalism. But when Amy goes missing on their 5th anniversary, Nick, of course, is the main suspect. Being a fan of murder mysteries/true crime stories, I enjoyed the psychology of what could possibly have been “the perfect crime”. The length at which the characters go to prove both guilt and innocence is fascinating, and keeps the story flowing well. However, although the characters are developed well, it was hard to find any character that was actually likeable. I recommend this one if you’re a fan of the mystery/suspense genre, and enjoy a good plot twist! I give Gone Girl a B-

If you enjoyed Gone Girl, Megan recommends A Reliable Wife by Robert Goolrick

The Next Best Thing by Jennifer Weiner Unlike most “chick-lit”, The Next Best Thing has much more depth to it. This is the story of Ruth Saunders, who, as a child, was in a terrible car accident that killed her parents and left horrible scarring on her face and body. After being raised by her grandma, she decides to move to Hollywood to become a TV writer, and eventually sells her autobiographical TV show pilot to a major network. This is not the typical “fluffy”, brainless romance this genre usually gives us, but the story of a real woman going after (and almost compromising) her dreams, learning from her mistakes, and finding love along the way. I liked that the characters are both physically and emotionally flawed, which makes them, and the story, much more relatable, but I also wished she would have stood up for herself more. I give The Next Best Thing a B+

Do you have an opinion about one of these books that you’d like to share? Or what about any great books that you want to recommend to our readers? Email us: Read along with the Hip Chicks Book Club and start reading their current book, A Game of Thrones and see what they have to say about it in our February issue! Happy Reading!


December 2012

If you enjoyed The Next Best Thing, Megan recommends Good in Bed, Jennifer Weiner’s first book.

Megan Rath is a wife and mom of a 7 year old daughter and an almost 3 year old son. She is the organizer of the Hip Chicks Book Club. . ., a large group of diverse women of all ages that meets in North County every month. A native of North County all her life, she currently lives in Vista.

WIN a Lae Lae Collection Book Set!

Each book includes a coloring & activity page, as well as a CD of bonus pages

Developed with a multicultural and multigenerational advisory committee of men and women and child specialists from across the U.S., the Lae Lae books are an innovative, interactive and gently teaching collection for ages 2 – 6. Each 40 page book contains a story, coloring and activity pages and a CD of stickers and pages to be printed on the computer. Each also includes separate parent notes and suggestions of “teachable moments” from the book. The books are $10.99 each or the first five can be purchased in a gift box for $50.00.

For more e information se ook “The Lae Lae B Collection” at . Keep checking our Facebook page, for details on how to enter!



Miss Marcia’s Preschool Class { SAN DIEGUITO PARK FIELD TRIP }

H E RO of the Month!

Marcia Stanley

San Dieguito Union High School Districtʼs Adult School: Parent Participation Preschool Teacher Marcia Stanley is a true teacher in all sense of the word. Teaching has  been part of her life since high school when she started a swim school out of her parentʼs house during summers. Today, Marcia is a Parent  Participation Preschool teacher through the San Dieguito Union High School Districtʼs Adult School and even teaches a spelling class at the Learning Tree in Sorrento Valley in the afternoons. Although Marcia has very little spare time, she made time to talk to us about her teaching career and admirable teaching techniques.  

How long have you been teaching?  Iʼve been teaching in a classroom on and off since I graduated from college in the 70ʼs. When I was in high school  my parents said I had to get a job, and since I was on the swim team at my high school in Santa Monica and did a lot of babysitting, I made a flyer and gave it  to the moms I babysat for and started swim lessons! During the summer, from 9am-6pm, every half hour, I gave private lessons. It wasnʼt until I graduated  college that I started teaching in a classroom. I still teach swim lessons in the summer to about 95 families! No matter what Iʼm teaching I always remember,  “if the child is happy, the parent is happy!”

Tim Parachute


Class Pals

you fin d?

What did

Were you always involved in preschool, or did you work with other ages too?  After college I taught a variety of ages, even a “Sit and Be Fit” class for seniors, 

but preschool is where I landed.

What makes you love teaching preschool-aged kids?  Iʼm sticking with preschool because they get my jokes! Also, everything we do in the classroom is a teaching moment. When I sing a song and I add a childʼs name in there, their eyes light up, and they smile. The program you are involved in is very unique in that it brings adults into the classroom twice a month to help teach the 3 and 4 year olds.   What is a typical adult/child ratio in the classroom?  The ratio in most  preschools is about 12:1.  Our class is typically about 15 kids and 4 teachers,  making the ratio is 3:1.  Each parent has 2- 4 children while doing an activity and I give them the freedom to adjust according to the group.  With small groups like  that, we specialize the teaching to that specific group so that every child is  constantly engaged in some sort of activity. 

What are the advantages for parents & children with this sort of program?  

One main “positive” is that moms make friends with other moms with similar  values of wanting to be in their childrenʼs lives. I donʼt choose the people that come here, they chose us.  Parents see how well-rounded, mature, and kind the  children are, and learn valuable strategies and techniques that help them be a better  Marcia & part of her Preschool class enjoyed their monthly field trip, this month to the San Dieguito parent. Our focus is on friendship, and being kind, and noticing if someone else is in  Park in Solana Beach, where they went on a nature scavenger hunt, then came back together to create trouble or needs help.  A great affirmation we recite is “I am kind, I am smart, I am  leaf headbands, leaf kites, & leaf coloring books! important, I am patient.” If you ask the kids at our school, they will tell you “we are  a friendship school. We take turns, we share, we donʼt throw sand, we donʼt hit, and we walk behind the teacher!” You wonʼt see as much fighting as other schools, because we keep every child engaged and busy.  This creates children that have a very mature perspective and are able to play well with others.

Any “negatives” or challenges?  There arenʼt exactly any “negatives” but something I have to work on is weaning off some of the mothers from their children!

I love parent participation, but sometimes I need to show parents that their children can go through the day without holding hands the whole time and not letting go.   Iʼll have the mom come volunteer in the classroom, then the next day they are working across the room, and the next day they might work in a completely different room.  After about a month of weaning, typically I encourage moms to just drop off their children and all is well!

How have you seen the evolution of teaching and teaching methods throughout your years?  Any “motto” that you have held onto throughout  the years?  Thatʼs something I have to say hasnʼt changed much, my teaching methods. My first teaching job was at St. Paul in Los Angeles. I had a principal who 

af Pretty Laen d b Hea d ts Leaf Craf

r Scavenge Let thent ! Hu  Beg in

was an Irish nun and her motto to new teachers was “how can we do it better for the child?” Thatʼs definitely something I still stick too. For example, if a child isnʼt understanding counting, Iʼll find out what one of their interests are, letʼs say dinosaurs, and Iʼll dump a pile of dinosaurs in front of them and start counting with them. Itʼs all about using a childʼs interests to help teach.

Learn more about The Parent Participation Preschool: The first semester (18 weeks) runs from Sept. - Jan. The second semester runs from Feb. - Jun. Children  attend a Tues./Thurs. class or a Wed./Fri. class from 8:30 am. to 1:30 pm. Children bring their own lunch. Mondays are reserved for a once-a-month field trip. Children may  also attend four days per week. New applicants should register at the Adult School office on the San Dieguito Academy campus. Call (760) 753-7073, ext. 5103, to  check availability, fees and requirements. Or visit and


December 2012



‘Tis the Season to Save!

H e c n Vi

n a m ey

Presented by Career Highlights:

Surfer of the Month 7188 Avenida Encinas Carlsbad, CA 92011 (760) 602-0400 STORE HOURS:

Monday – Saturday: 8am -7pm Sunday: 9am -6pm

Ace Hardware Gift Cards = The Perfect Gift for Dad!

Get ALL of Your Holiday Decorations at ACE, The Helpful Place!

1. 1st SSS Avalanche Jetty 2012 2. 3rd WSA Pismo Pier 2011 3. 4th Overall SSS 2011

Grade: 11 School: La Jolla Country Day School Age: 16 Hometown: San Diego Stance: Goofy Sponsors: Windigo, Seaworthy Started Surfing (year): 2004 Starting Competing (year): 2008 Hobbies: Skating, Snowboarding, Producing Electro Beats Favorite Surf Spot: Blacks Long board or short board: Shortboard How has living in North County, even San Diego in general, affected your surfing career? Well I moved here from Kentucky, so it's definitely affected it. I'd probably be rollerblading or on swim team, I was really into that when I lived there. But generally in San Diego theres fun waves everyday and sometimes it's firing so it's been really good. Who are some local pros and companies that have helped you in your achievements? How? Dan Mori from Fulcrum Surf has been coaching me since middle school and he's really improved my surfing from heat strategies to maneuvers. I've gotten some sick boards from Windigo and that's also been really helpful. Any advice to other surfers out there looking to improve their skills? I think the best way to improve is to just go surf more. What’s your favorite part about surfing? Why? Barrels because there's nothing like it and they're so addicting. Something about being covered up by the wave and then surfing out of it just feels great. Have you ever had any shark run-ins? Other sea creatures? Haha ya it was like the scariest thing ever! A great white came up to me at tables one day with just me and my friend and I freaked out and paddled in. It was 7 foot so not that big for a great white I guess. Where do you see yourself professionally in 5 years? I have no clue. Probably in college but I'm going to keep competing and surfing and see where that takes me. Who is your favorite pro-surfer? Dane Reynolds Where is your go-to surf gear shop? Seaworthy in Carlsbad or Surfride. What’s the biggest wave you’ve ever surfed (feet)? 12 foot Swamis.


December 2012



Presented by

Your City Christmas time is here!

The holiday season is about giving back and remembering those in need. As the Rock Church prepares for its annual Toys for Joy event, community members are eager to bring hope and joy to underprivileged children and families in San Diego by donating time and clothing. Last year, about 130,000 articles of clothing were donated to over 9,000 families in need through the Rock Thrift Store, a major donor and partner of Toys For Joy since 2010. Within the first two hours of the event, children’s clothing ran out, leaving hundreds of families without clothes. “This year, Rock Thrift Store desperately wants to provide 200,000 articles of clothing to bless even more needy families in San Diego, ” said Chuck Franklin, Retail Services Director of the Rock Church. The Rock Church has already received generous donations from sponsors like the San Diego Chargers, who have contributed 400 jerseys to Toys for Joy with the hopes of making a child’s Christmas a merry and memorable one. Toys for Joy would not be possible without its platinum sponsors: San Diego Half Marathon, Rockpile, San Diego Padres and Rock Thrift Store. This Christmas, clean out your closet and give clothing to someone in need! Donors can drop off donations at the Launch Pad (located on Roosevelt & Cushing Rd.) from 7am to 7pm on Sundays or at the Rock Thrift Store (located on 3191 Sports Arena Blvd. San Diego) from 9am to 6pm. For more information on how to get involved with this year’s Toys for Joy event, please visit . . .

Be the joy & give a toy!

ABOUT THE ROCK - The Rock is San Diego’s largest church. It was started in 2000 by Pastor Miles McPherson, a former 26

December 2012

NFL player. Over 12,500 people attend the Rock's five Sunday services online and in person at their multiple campuses. For more information go to Twitter (@therocksandiego) & Facebook (The Rock San Diego) sdnor


Homemade Cranberry Sauce:

*While cooking, Amanda and her class decided to make some creative labels for their Cranberry Sauce!

Presented by The Center for a Healthy Lifestyle

Also, before the canning process began, it was time to taste the Cranberry Sauce with some homemade cornbread the class had made the day before!


(Serves 12)

• 4 fresh squeezed oranges • 4 cups fresh cranberries (dried) • 2 apples, peeled, cored, diced • 1 cup natural cane sugar • dash of cinnamon (or 1 cinnamon stick)

DIRECTIONS: 1. In a medium saucepan, combine: orange juice cranberries, apples, sugar and cinnamon. 2. Stir well, and then place over medium-high heat until boiling, let cook 5 minutes at low boil then reduce heat and simmer until white foam disappears. 3. Remove from heat, let cool, and refrigerate until ready to serve.

CANNING DIRECTIONS: 1. Fill large pot with water, and place in jars. They must be able to be covered by at least 1 inch of water. 2. Bring to near boil. Let sit 5 minutes. 3. Remove with tongs and fill with Cranberry Sauce. 4. Secure lids by twisting tightly and then reversing back ¼ of a turn. 5. Place back into near boiling water and let sit for 5-10 minutes. 6. Remove from pot with tongs and place on countertop to cool. 7. When jars have popped, they are sealed! We had SO much fun with Amanda and her Thanksgiving Cooking Camp class at the Center for a Healthy Lifestyle in Solana Beach!

Cooking Fun! A community gem – the Boys & Girls Clubs’ Center for a Healthy Lifestyle is dedicated to inspiring children & adults to live healthier lives through cooking and gardening. The sunny yellow cottage offers a professional kitchen, space for classes or entertaining, and is surrounded by an interactive organic garden with beautiful patios and places to ponder. •


December 2012

Most Kids Cooking Classes, Camps, Field Trips & Parties are taught & led by Amanda from The Good Food Factory! sdnor


Happy Holidays!

Celeb MOM Tracker

See what your favorite celeb mommies have to say about their own holiday traditions!

‘Tis the season for family, friends, & spending time with those you love. has some great holiday-themed ideas and we picked a few of our favorites to share with you!

“We love sitting up in the middle of the night wrapping the presents and doing the stockings. That's the best thing about being a mum and dad.You get to share those nights together.”

Angelina Jolie

“I'm definitely a Christmas person. There's nothing religious tied to it for us, just traditional. I have a very large family - I'm one of eight children - so Christmas is another opportunity to spend time together. We love it. And now that there are children and new family members, it just gets better every year.”

Sarah Jessica Parker

“She will not believe in Santa Claus! No matter what I say to her she just doesn’t buy it. She’s four! I refuse to give it up, but there’s nothing I can say that makes her believe in Santa Claus. I don’t know why I have a child like that. I believed in Santa Claus and I was really upset when somebody told me the truth. But I’m hopeful that in a year or so she’ll believe in it especially because it’s always a great tool for blackmail.”

Salma Hayek

(on daughter, Valentina, 4)

"I like being Santa, finding the unexpected gifts, staying up late to wrap them, sneaking down in the morning, the coffee cakes, the hot chocolate… I love the whole thing. My dad loves Christmas, too, and infused that spirit in me."


Check out more of our holiday crafts, recipes, cartoons & decorating ideas on our Pinterest page, . December 2012 North County Kids is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or endorsed by Pinterest, Inc. Pinterest is a registered trademark of Cold Brew Labs, Inc.  DBA Pinterest Corporation. 

Katie Holmes

"I will be with family. We (she and husband Jay-Z) are both so busy throughout the year that Christmas is just a time to relax with family and count the many blessings in your life. Christmas Day is a no-TV zone. We just like to sit and talk together as a family."


"I have to force them to go to bed. Then they sneak around and I have to tell them that if they don't go to sleep, Santa can't come. But it's all fun, and the best part is seeing their faces on Christmas morning. I usually make something like an apple cake for the morning, then I'll cook a nice turkey or a ham. Stuff like that."

Reese Witherspoon



Healthy kids. Happy parents. :) Finding just the right doctor... just for your child. That’s why San Diego parents count on Children’s Physicians Medical Group (CPMG). CPMG makes sure every child has access to the best medical care. ! ! !

"! #$%&!'((!)'$*+!%,!*-.!/%01*2 "!! #%$!'((!*2).+!%,!31+0$'1/. "! 4-.!%1(2!&.53/'(!1.*6%$7!+)./3'(38319!31!/-3(5$.1:+!-.'(*-

Plus, even if you have a doctor for yourself with a different medical group, you can still choose one of our experts for your child. CPMG makes it just that easy.

Get the best pediatric care countywide. Reach out to CPMG today. Scan this to find a doctor today!

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