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Differences and similarities Advantages of Droid Market Advantages of iTunes Variety of apps and songs Amount if iTunes and Droid Market users

What people want more from itunes What people want more from Droid Market

What is right for you?

Differences and similarities iTunes 1. runs on an ios operating system 2. Uses the iPhone, iPod, and iPad for hosts 3. Apps tend to cost more than droid 4. Designed and marketed by Apple 5. uses Safari for browser

1. Almost identical range of apps 2. function almost identically 3. were meant to provide the new Smartphone’s features to the mobile users of both platforms.

1. App store is managed by Google 2. Android has its own browser 3. Apps tent to be cheaper 4. Lower quality apps 5. Less user friendly


Droid Market

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iTunes also has a range of content that can be useful to employees for improved performance. Installing iTunes gives them access to the broad range of business podcasts, as well as business classes through the iTunes U education app and business books and audiobooks through the iTunes bookstore.

Who's got more apps The iTunes store offers a huge amount of apps and they have always had more than the Android Market but this gap has been closing in recent years

3,000,000 2,500,000 2,000,000

Droid Market




500,000 0 Droid Market


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Amount of Users 300,000,000 250,000,000 200,000,000



Droid Market

100,000,000 50,000,000 0 Itunes

Droid Market

As you see, statistic shows that there are more Droid Market users than iTunes users. But Although there are more Droid Market users, that doesn't mean that Droid Market is better.

1. Wireless Syncing There’s an ongoing debate about the positives and negatives of syncing your iOS Device sans wires, but let’s face it: For most purposes--except maybe syncing large HD movies or starting from scratch following a restore--wireless syncing via iTunes is pathetically overdue by this point. It comes as no surprise that it is indeed technically possible--one enterprising developer even tried to submit his WIFI Syncing App to the App Store but was soundly rejected and had to turn to the jailbreak community and Cydia to get it in the hands of users instead. If a third-party developer can make it work pretty seamlessly, what the heck is Apple waiting for? 2. Better Library Management By default, files added to your iTunes Library are copied to a consolidated spot in the Music folder of your Home folder--and that’s just fine for the average non-savvy computer user who probably doesn’t have much media to begin with. But now that we’ve gone beyond strictly music winding up in our iTunes Library, something simply must be done to help us manage it all--and preferably, an option to store at least the bigger files in a separate location. 3. A Home for Home Movies While we’re talking about movies, raise your hand if you’re ready for iTunes to also take on your home movie collection--you know, all the cool 720p HD video you’re shooting with your new iPhone 4, for instance. Sure, you can import that stuff into iPhoto along with your pictures, but that app is hardly efficient for movies--in fact, once they’re imported, you can’t even play them without a trip to QuickTime Player! The desktop iMovie is great if you want to edit, but it’s another unwieldy and sluggish Apple creation that’s overkill for simple media management.

The Android Market is the easiest market to use. Accessing and using this market is so easy and so simple, but there are some things that would make this market better. 1.Adding a separate category for themes and skins 2.Adding more sorting options to go along with the current “By Popularity” and “By Date” options 3.Adding a desktop/web version of the Android Market The creators and developers have heard this and are currently trying to improve and implament these options into the Android Market

You will have to do some investigation on your own to really answer this. If you do not have a smartphone at all right now, it may be a good idea to play with your friends devices and see which one feels right to you. It is also a good idea to take a look at their favorite apps and have them see which ones are available that you know you want if they don’t have them installed already. If you are familiar with apps you want already it may worth checking prices on both app stores. Have fun making your decision and we look forward to your feedback on which app store you prefer to use and why you like it best.



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Android Market vs iTunes  

This book is to help people know more about Android Market and iTunes and decide which they like best.

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