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Happy Birthday!


And The Winners Are


Health & Safety Inspections


Fire Safety Prevention


Halloween Safety





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What’s Going On?? Are you still looking for new ways to get involved at WSCU? Here are some great things coming up in our complex for you to get involved in along with some other ways to connect on campus:

Like us on Facebook! This is a great way to find out about what’s going on in Escalante!

Escalante T-Shirt Design Contest. Submit a t-shirt design to represent our building and have your design worn by all of our residents!

INSIDE THIS ISSUE: Update from your AD

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Halloween Decorating. Get to know your floor mates by working together

to decorate your floor and by competing to see who can have the best door decorations!

Find A Study Buddy. All of your RAs have a big piece of paper posted where you can find study groups and study buddies—use it to connect with other people and help improve your academics at the same time! Calendar Bulletin Boards. All of your RAs also have a bulletin board on their floor with events for the month. Pick an event and go to it with some friends. You never know what might spark your interest!

Resident Student Association. Talk to your AD or RA about getting involved in RSA. This is a great opportunity to have your voice heard by the Director of Residence Life.

Go To A Floor Program. RAs are required to put on two programs a month just for you!! So go to them! You’ll get to know other people on your floor and in your building and you might get some free food too!

If you have a program you’d like to see put on in our building, get in touch with your RA or stop by my office and I’ll help you out!

And The Winners Are... Congratulations to the winners of our Open Door Contest:

Tomichi Hall Winner: Channey Hansen & Taylor Bautista

Dolores Hall Winner: Upcoming Events


Robin Butler & Payton Glasoe Colorado Hall Winner: Jason Smith & Nick Shley


Enjoy your free homemade dessert! We encourage everyone to keep leaving their doors open and getting to know their neighbors!

Health & Safety Inspections… What’s the Point? A lot of students think Health & Safety Inspections are just an opportunity for University staff to bust them on violations. This is certainly not the case! Those of us who work in Residence Life work toward the goal of a healthy and safe community for our residents. The purpose of residential housing on a college campus is to provide a safe and health living environment in which students can reside. Health and Safety Inspections are an opportunity for staff to educate residents on safe and healthy practices of living. Whether that means fire safety, cleanliness, or physical safety, our staff is here to ensure that your environment is safe to live in. What do we look for during these inspections? Fire hazards (objects hanging from ceilings, candles, extension cords, hot plate appliances, alarm devices intact etc.); Safety hazards (broken furniture, missing window screens, tripping hazards, doorway not blocked etc.); Health concerns (cleanliness, leaks, pet policy violations, etc.). How does the staff perform the inspections? Our staff will notify you in advance of the date and time of Health & Safety Inspections. These will take place once per month. Staff will enter the room and look around, following a checklist, to make sure everything looks according to standards. Staff will not touch anything in your room or open any drawers or cabinets. They only observe and record what they observe. If any violations are present, staff will instruct you on how to correct them and will return for a follow-up to make sure the violation has been corrected.

National Fire Safety Month - Fire Safety Tips False fire alarms are a regular occurrence on most college campuses, which means that many students don’t take these alarms seriously. It’s burnt popcorn, or a flat iron left on too long, or someone smoking in their room… But there have been serious fires on college campuses across the country, some of which have resulted in deaths. The National Fire Protection Association reports, “In 2005-2009, U.S. fire departments responded to an estimated average of 3,840 structure fires in dormitories, fraternities, sororities, and barracks. These fires caused an annual average of 3 civilian deaths, 38 civilian fire injuries, and $20.9 million in direct property damage” ( Here are some things you can do to prevent fires and false alarms in your residence hall:       

Follow campus residential policies. Policies about coffee pots, extension cords, and candles are in place for a reason! Don’t smoke in your room! Don’t cover your smoke detector. If there were a real fire and your smoke detector was covered, you would be putting yourself in danger. Keep an eye on your microwave while you’re cooking—don’t walk away! Unplug lamps, flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons, and other electrical appliances that heat up. Know where your nearest exits are. Follow protocol when the alarm rings—leave the building and do not re-enter until you are given the OK from your RA, AD, a security officer, or a Fire Department official.

You can make a difference when it comes to fire safety!

Halloween Safety Halloween as a child is fun. Kids trick or treated in groups door to door in familiar neighborhoods. They attended supervised parties. Halloween at college is different. It’s when some students dress up in racy costumes, that others may think of as an open invitation to take advantage. Kids gather in basements that might not meet fire safety codes. Alcohol consumption is an issue.

1. Leave your lights on even if you don’t plan on being in your room. 2. If you are hosting a party, keep an eye on who you let enter. 3. Don’t walk alone on campus or off campus 4. Be cautious when approaching strangers in costume. And don’t let someone in a police costume fool you.

5. NO FAKE WEAPONS. 6. Your provocative Halloween costume may be cute but it can put you in a dangerous situation. 7. Limit your alcohol consumption. 8. If attending a basement party, make sure you familiarize yourself with the fire exits.


Upcoming Events October 12-14 :: Family Weekend October 13 :: Last Gunnison Farmers Market @ Virginia Avenue & Main Street October 13 :: 8am :: Family Weekend Pancake Breakfast @ Webster Hall (Downtown) October 13 :: 11:30am :: Family Weekend BBQ on the University Center Lawn October 13 :: 7pm :: Family Weekend Comedian @ Taylor Hall October 14 :: Crested Butte Farmers Market @ Elk Avenue and Second Street October 19-21 :: Mid-Fall Break October 22-26 :: Health & Safety Inspections October 26 :: 7pm :: Pumpkin Carving @ Tomichi 2nd Lounge October 26-27 :: Haunted House in Crystal Hall October 27 :: Climbing Event All Day @ Escalante Fitness Center October 28 :: 7-9pm :: Glow in the Dark Zumba @ University Center Ballroom October 28 :: 7:30pm :: Halloween Movie @ Tomichi 2nd Lounge October 31 :: 7pm :: Spice Up Your Fall @ Tomichi 2nd Lounge October 31 :: 7:30pm :: Scary Movie Marathon @ Dolores 2nd Lounge October 31 :: Haunted House in Crystal Hall

If you are interested in seeing a certain program or event in Escalante, talk to your RA!

Visit FREEcycle in the Ute Basement to donate items you don’t want or pick up ones you do for free! Hours: Monday-Friday 3-5pm; Tuesday 8-10am

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