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September 2011




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t is often said that true leaders campaign with poetry and govern with prose and newly appointed Custos Rotulorum of Clarendon, Hon William “Billy” Shagoury is such a person. As Chairman of the National Association of Parish Development Committees (NAPDEC), Billy Shagoury has displayed the kind of exemplary but selfless leadership which is so sadly lacking in contemporary Jamaican society, while continuing to adhere to the precepts of the governance model which we in the “Development Movement” have all endorsed, which requires the enhanced and coordinated involvement of civil society.


Undaunted by systemic challenges, Mr. Shagoury has spent a lifetime seeking to effect the kind of social and economic transformation that is required for the sustainable development of Clarendon and by extension the island of Jamaica. An unabashed advocate and philanthropist, Billy Shagoury has neutralized political brinkmanship in Clarendon by effecting a strategic alliance of sorts with the political directorate, which further commends him for the job as Custos Rotulorum of Clarendon.

Custos Rotulorum


Order of Precedence


The “Shagoury doctrine”, implores us all to strengthen our resolve to effect those changes within Jamaica, which will not only facilitate community transformation and regeneration but also broaden and deepen the impact of the community on economic and social policy development, thereby facilitating true participatory governance. Therefore, it is only appropriate to dedicate this first issue of NAPDEC Times along with our heartiest congratulations to William Leon Shagoury, a man for all seasons.

Eurica Douglas

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Table of Contents


SPECIAL FEATURE The Installation Ceremony


FEATURE STORY Meet the Custos



The National Association of Parish Development Committees (NAPDEC) was formed in March 2007, as the umbrella organization for all Parish Development Committees (PDCs) and was incorporated under the Companies Act as a Limited Company in October 2009. NAPDEC’s overarching goal is to represent and promote the interests of all 13 PDCs and the Portmore Citizens Advisory Council (PCAC) by providing on-going focused advocacy and policy direction, and ensuring full protection of the rights of PDCs as an important local governance structure.

General Manager Vol. 1. No. 1





The Guard of Honour furnished by the Jamaica Constabulary Force and the Island Special Constabulary Force

Greetings from the Prime Minister, Senator the Honourable Marlene Malahoo-Forte, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade

Mrs. Maxine Dennis–McPherson, Clerk of the Courts, reads the Grand Commission appointing the Honourable William Shagoury, OD, JP as Custos Rotulorum for the Parish of Clarendon.

His Excellency The Governor-General invites the Honourable William Shagoury, OD, JP to take and subscribe the Oath of Allegiance and the Oath of Office for the due execution of the Office of Custos Rotulorum for the Parish of Clarendon.

His Excellency the Governor General presents the Custos with the Grand Commission and the Magistrates’ Roll for the Parish of Clarendon.

The Orator reads the Proclamation for the conferment of a National Honour on the Honourable William Shagoury, OD, JP.

His Excellency The Governor-General confers the Insignia of the Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander to the Honourable William Shagoury.

The Custos invites all Justices of the Peace of the Parish of Clarendon to take the Oath/Solemn Declaration and Affirmation of Allegiance and the Oath/Solemn Declaration for the due execution of the Office of Justices of the Peace for the Parish of Clarendon.

Arrivals 1:37 pm

The Honourable William Shagoury, OD, JP, Custos of Clarendon and Mrs. Shagoury

1:39 pm

His Worship the Mayor Cllr. Milton Brown, Mayor of May Pen and Mrs. Brown

1:41 pm

Assistant Commissioner of Police Derrick Cochrane

1:46 pm

The Honourable Mr. Justice Panton, OJ, CD. President of the Court of Appeal.

1:48 pm

The Honourable Mrs. Justice McCalla, OJ, Chief Justice

1:50 pm

The Honourable Delroy Chuck, MP, Minister of Justice

1:52 pm

Mr. Noel Arscott, MP, Representing the Most Honourable Portia Simpson Miller, ON, MP, Leader of the Opposition.

1:54 pm

Senator the Honourable Marlene MalahooForte, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade representing The Honourable Bruce Golding, MP, Prime Minister

1:59 pm

Their Excellencies, the Most Honourable Sir Patrick Allen, ON, GCMG, CD, GovernorGeneral and the Most Honourable Lady Allen

2:00 pm

Royal Salute His Excellency the Governor-General is invited  to inspect the Guard of Honour  Royal Salute Their Excellencies greet the Official Party. Guard of Honour marches off Their Excellencies and the Official Party proceed to the platform

National Anthem

Opening Prayer – Venerable Winston M. Thomas Rector, St. Gabriel’s Anglican Church

Address: The Honourable Bruce Golding, MP Prime Minister

Response by the Honourable William Shagoury CD, JP Custos Rotulorum for the Parish of Clarendon

Solo by Miss Lisa-Lee Barnett Miss Clarendon Police Youth Club

Presentation of gifts

Closing Prayer – Pastor Kevin Danvers May Pen Seventh Day Adventist Church

The Installation 

Item – Content United Brethren Chorale

September 7, 2011

Vol. 1. No. 1




MEET THE CUSTOS The holistic development of a society depends to a large extent on its people who are committed, dedicated and willing not only to show concern for the welfare of others but, to do something to change their circumstances for the better. William Leon Shagoury is one such person. Born in the parish of St. Andrew to Simon and Violet Shagoury, his early childhood education began at the St. Thomas Moore and Morris Knibb Preparatory Schools. He subsequently attended Campion College from where he graduated in 1964. On graduating from Campion College, he pursued tertiary level training at the College of Arts, Science & Technology (CAST), now the University of Technology, where he majored in Business Administration and Cost Accounting. Being philanthropic by nature, he was instrumental in making the lives of the disabled children of the New Horizons School of Hope, May Pen, more comfortable. In partnership with the Kiwanis Club of May Pen, additional classrooms, a lunch room and a workshop valuing in excess of $1.7m, were constructed. Mr Shagoury has provided support to the health sector through the organizations in which he serves by sourcing generators and assisting with general maintenance as well as the upkeep of the May Pen and Chapleton Hospitals. He contributed to the erection of the Lion’s Club Health Centre and the building of a generator house at Foga Road, Denbigh. In addition, he solicited the generator. His contribution to the education sector is tremendous; he has supported a number of students with full and partial scholarships as well as provided the framework for on-the-job training.

Mr Shagoury’s altruism motivated him to donate asphalt to assist in paving the roadway from the Mineral Heights round-a-bout to Lionel Town. He contributes extensively to the Fire Department and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA). His contribution to Food for the Poor and numerous other charitable causes is well known. His volunteerism is highly commendable. He has given immeasurable service as: 

Justice of the Peace since 1981

Member of the Clarendon Police Civic Committee currently serving as Chairman / Member and threetime distinguished President of the Kiwanis Club of May Pen since 1973

Past Board Member of the Milk River Spa

Chairman, Clarendon Parish Development Committee Benevolent Society and Clarendon Crime Prevention Committee

Member, Local Government Reform Planning & Development Committee

Chairman, Herb McKinley Sports Complex

Past Chairman, Chandlers Pen Primary & Junior High

Chairman of the Property Tax Appeals Committee



Mr Shagoury is a friend to the Police and believes in supporting any effort that will enhance community safety. In fact, his first gift to the police was the donation of a television to the Matilda’s Corner Police Station. Later, he was instrumental in building a canteen and dining area as well as an extension to the Criminal Investigation Bureau’s Vol. 1. No. 1

facility at the May Pen Police Station. Of note, is the fact that Mr Shagoury advocated for the May Pen Police Station, which was in a deplorable condition, to be relocated from Main Street to its present site at Brooks Avenue. He has also led crime prevention programmes in Canaan Heights and Effortville, two of the most volatile and vulnerable communities in the May Pen Area.


MEET THE CUSTOS For his outstanding voluntary service, he has received numerous awards from various entities. These include:-

Leading the fight against crime and antisocial behaviour

The Kiwanis Club of May Pen Distinguished President's Award

Lions Club Plaque of Appreciation for Outstanding Service

May Pen Police Youth Club's Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Club

The Campion College Hall of Fame Award

The Police Civic Committee's Plaque for Dedicated & Outstanding Service to the Clarendon Police

and, 

Past Board Member, Southern Regional Health Authority

Past Board Member, Natural Resources Conservation Authority (NRCA)

Lifetime Director, Campion College Alumni Association

Chairman, Norman Manley International Airport Limited

Board Member, Airport Authority of Jamaica

Chairman, Rural Agriculture Development Authority Parish Board since 2007

Vice Chairman, Jamaica Fire Brigade

Vice Chairman , Norman Manley International Airport Enterprise Team

Chairman, National Association of Parish Development Committees (NAPDEC).

He was conferred with the Order of Distinction in the rank of Officer (OD) by the Government of Jamaica in 2006 and promoted to the rank of Commander in 2011. Mr Shagoury is married to Jill, an Australian, and the union has produced two daughters: Shannon and Stephanie. He continues to give unstintingly of his resources to the growth and development of his country Jamaica and his fellowmen.

In his professional/business capacity, he is the Managing Director of Shagoury's Vibrated Blocks & Crushed Stones Ltd., Shagoury's Hardware & Supplies, Bill's Gas & Supplies, Bill's Gas & Appliances, Sha-Gore's Aggregates Ltd., Coastal Gases and Middlesex Construction & Equipment Co. Ltd.

Vol. 1. No. 1

The most prestigious, Regional Unsung Hero Runnerup Award....2004.


The affable Custos in close consultation with NAPDEC General Manager Eurica Douglas



CUSTODES ROTULORUM The Office of the Custos evolved from Jamaica's colonial past and can be traced back to the fourteenth century England when in 1391 King Richard II issued the Grand Commission appointing Custodes and Justices of the Peace to assist in maintaining law and order in the counties. The office subsequently merged into that of the Lord Lieutenancy of each county. Appointments to this position were made by Royal Commission under the Reserve Forces Act, 1980. Each Lord Lieutenant was also appointed by the Lord Chancellor as the Custos Rotulorum or Keeper of the Rolls. In Jamaica, the first mention of the office appears in the Legislative Council Minutes of the 28th day of July, 1668 in an Ordinance dealing with the Orderly Proceedings of the Courts within the island. There, the holder of this office was described as the first citizen of the parish appointed by the Governor as his representative to assist in the maintenance of good order and discipline in the parish and upholding the rule of law. The first Custos mentioned by name was Henry Morgan as the Custos of Port Royal during the Governorship of the Earl of Carlisle in 1680. Then and thereafter the duties and powers at various times included: 

Custos Rotulorum or Keeper of the Roll of the Justices of the Peace who preside at Petty Sessions Court and being the Chief Magistrate for the parish.

To receive the Sovereign, any representative of the royal family, His Excellency The Governor as representing the sovereign when within the precincts of the parish.

To recommend to the Governor from time to time ‘gentlemen' for commission as Justices as the parish required.

As a prerequisite, the holder *the Custos+ must be a Justice of the Peace and have dealt with such minor criminal charges as are within his jurisdiction.

An ex-officio member of the Parochial Board and in this capacity could exercise very beneficial influence. He was required to attend the meetings of the Board as often as possible.

Vol. 1. No. 1

Required from time to time to visit the hospitals, poorhouses and other institutions including every prison in the parish and to discover any abuse therein and report the same to the Governor. This was aimed at ensuring that the affairs of these institutions were conducted properly.

Except in the parish of Kingston, to appoint one or more polling places at all elections and one or more persons to keep the poll at the elections of the Vestrymen (now Parish Councillors) and the Church Wardens (that is the Church of England or Anglican denomination).

Be the chairman of the Board of Highways and Bridges in the parish.

Ministry Paper Numbered 2, Appendix I, approved by Parliament on the 5th day of July, 1959 and gazetted on the 5th day of February, 1963 outlined the following new procedures regarding the appointment and functions of the Custos: 

There shall be a Custos Rotulorum for every parish in Jamaica. The Custos shall be appointed by the Governor-General acting on the advice of the Prime Minister. He shall be a resident of the parish to which he is appointed save in the case of the Corporate Area.

A Custos shall hold office during the GovernorGeneral's pleasure and shall in any event vacate his office on transferring his residence from the parish (or the Corporate Area in the case of Kingston and St. Andrew) or on attaining the age of seventy-five years, unless specially requested to continue in office, provided that the age limit shall not apply to Custodes who were appointed prior to 1958.

The Custos of the parish is the representative of the Governor-General within the parish. It is his duty, in the absence of the Governor-General, to receive the Sovereign, any member of the royal family, the Prime Minister on an official visit, or any important personage commended by the Governor-General who arrives within the precincts of the parish. It is his duty to receive the Governor-General when he pays official visits to the parish.





The Custos is the Chief Magistrate of the parish, and it is his duty to prepare a roster of the Justices of the Peace within the parish so that there are sufficient JPs at each meeting of the Petty Sessions Court and in the various districts to carry out the work. The Custos is Chairman of the committee in each parish which is responsible for making recommendations to the Minister of Home Affairs in regard to suitable persons for appointment as Justices of the Peace. The Custos on behalf of the Governor-General, will interest himself in the work of all voluntary organisations in the parish, and will ensure that their activities receive suitable recognition on public occasions.

Chairman of the Community Consultative Committee for the parish

Co-Chairman, along with the Mayor, of the Labour Day Committee

Chairman of the Prime Minister's Values and Attitudes Committee for the parish

Chairman of the Parish Disaster Preparedness Committee

President of the Lay Magistrates Association

PRIVILEGES OF THE OFFICE The Custos is entitled to the following: 

The Custos will meet the Judge of the Circuit Court at the Court House at the opening session.

To be referred to as "Honourable" both during his tenure of office and after retirement.

In addition of the above, Custodes in recent times have served as:

To affix a pair of official "C R" (Custos Rotulorum) plates to his motor vehicle.

To be conferred with a National Honour of no less a rank than that of Order of Distinction (Commander Class) upon his appointment or soon thereafter.

Chairman of the Governor-General's Achievement Awards Committee

Chairman of the Parish Advisory Committee on Local Government Reform

Adapted from Kings House

Crossing the political divide, Custos Shagoury (centre) is seen as a unifying force in Clarendon. From left Anthony Smatt- Senior JP, Dean Peart, MP, Transport & Works Minister Mike Henry and Dr. Edward Wright VP, CPDC Vol. 1. No. 1




ORDER OF PRECEDENCE Dr. The Hon Gilbert Allen C.D.; Manchester

Dr. the Hon. David Stair, C.D., JP; Hanover

Appointed: February 9, 1994

Appointed: September 15, 2008

The Hon. Alaric A “Bobby” Pottinger C.D.; St Mary

The Hon. Ewen Corrodus, C.D., JP; St James

Appointed: February 14, 1994

Appointed: August 1, 2009

The Hon. Radcliffe O Walters C.D., JP; St Ann

The Hon. Steadman Fuller, C.D.; Kingston

Appointed: March 22, 1999

Appointed: January 1, 2010

The Hon. Roy E Thompson C.D., JP; Portland

The Hon. Paul Muschett, C.D.; Trelawny

Appointed: August 28, 2000

Appointed: February 15, 2010

The Hon. Dossel O Sinclair C.D.; Westmoreland

The Hon. Marigold Harding, C.D., JP; St Andrew

Appointed: July 1, 2001

Appointed: August 9, 2010

Rev. the Hon. Sophia Azan C.D., JP; St Catherine

The Hon. Wilfred Nembhard, C.D., JP; St Elizabeth

Appointed: May 1, 2003

Appointed: September 1, 2010

The Hon. Marcia M Bennett C.D.; St Thomas

The Hon. William Shagoury, C.D., JP; Clarendon

Appointed: July 1, 2004

Appointed: August 1, 2011

Vol. 1. No. 1



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