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TACH: about… All the dancers from TACH company are recent graduates of RCPD Mariemma. A group of young professionals works enthusiastically to embody the idea we are all passionate about: to keep on working together and start an independent project to develop our potential and characteristics further, because our group-personality is what makes us so special as a crew. We are talking about a young and inspired group, taught and formed by well-known professionals with a wide experience in scenic and teaching practice. Our trainings in Graham, Release techniques as well as Contact Improvisation with Christine Tanguay, Oscar Lozano, Jose Reches and Pedro Berdayes were always accompanied by Antonio Chamizo’s ballet classes and Iyeingar Yoga technique. In 2011 troop participated in David Zambrano’s classes gaining Fly Low technique experience. During last 2 years our troop was presenting the Contemporary Dance Department of RCPD with the following pieces: “I Don’t Know” – new production directed by Jose Reches. Premiere took place in Teatre Madrid in March 2010. Together with Conser&Lab Project, under the guidance of Jose Reches and in collaboration with DT Espacio Escenico a premiere of the “I Don’t Think About Dolls and Love Letters” piece took a place in May 2010. In 2011, Pedro Berdayes, the choreographer (National Dance Award winner, “10&10” and “Kytatioh” troops founder) presented his production – the “Shine on” directed specifically for TACH troop. In such a manner he dips in his distinct, idealized, minimalistic, honest, specific scenic searching. The new “Shine-On” was premiered on Teatre Madrid in March 2011 and also in RESAD. Together with Conser&Lab Project Pedro Berdayes continued his cooperation with DT Espacio Escenico by performing “Hueso de Elefante” and “Zone” in their theatre. In October 2010 both Jose Reches and Pedro Berdayes worked on “Chello&Chairs” jam-improvisation for the 1st ExpoDanza event opening. After the graduation our group worked under the name of Kytatioh performing the improvisation piece “Dandelion” in association with La Tabacalera In general, TACH is a very well-formed, creative and confident group consisting of 6 girls and 3 boys whose common course is complemented by personal experiences and achievements each of us gained before becoming a part of the group.

Juan Cabrera Born in 1983 in Fuerteventura (Canary Island). He was formed in classical ballet technique under the guidance Carmen Roche. He was practicing with teachers and professionals like Christine Tanguay, Chevy Muraday, Joaquín López Hidalgo, Sara Mogarra y Mónica Runde in contemporary dance techniques. During his formation in Graham and Release he has done several workshops with such professional choreographers like Ohad Naharín, Iñaki Azpillaga, Ana Catalina Román and Eduardo Castro as an air dance trainer. In 2007 Juan became a student of RCPD. He worked for Larumbe Danza in opera «La Favorita»(«The Favorite») in Santander; «Tejido Conjuntivo»(«Connective Tissue») for Virginia López Gallo; Karlik Danza, «Camille» for José Reches. Since 2008 he forms part of Pilates Wellness and Energy crew, graduated by Pilates Method Aliance.

Jorge Calderón Born in 1989 in Madrid (Spain). He started with classical ballet taking classes of Gemma Bautista, Rebeca Ortega, José A. Quiroga, Violeta Gastón and Vanessa Valdueza. In 2006 he became a student of RCPD. He also took classes with Marni Thomas (Martha Graham Company), Ohad Naharín and different workshops with Iñaki Azpillaga and Hofesh Shechter. He performed for Gloria García in her piece «La Mitad de Dos» (Half Of Two) in Caprichos Coreograficos Festival II.

Laura Cuxart Born in 1985 in Barcelona (Spain), where she started her professional training with Elena Romino, student of Patricia Stokoe in precursore of the sensory perception. Lately she cotinued her formation in contemporary dance, classic ballet and contact improvisation with teachers like Anee Mittelholzen, Anne Morin, Cecilia, Colacrai, Bebeto Cidra, Damián Muñoz, Joe Alegado, Anton Lachky, Lali Ayguadé, Olga Cobos, Eulaia Blasi, Tatiana Yergovetz, Ángeles Lacalle, Bárbara Kasprowicz, Matilde Van de Meerendonk, Sebastián García Ferro, Kristie Simson and Nancy Stark-Smith. She also participated in such pieces and productions as «Vislumbrando» (Glimpsing) for Marató de l’espectacle 2006. In 2007 Laura became a student of RCPD, and participated in «Heroica3» with Lisarco Danza, directed specifically for Teatros del Canal 2010 by Rafael Soriano. Together with DCUBE Danza she had got the 3rd place on Young Creators festivalof Alcalá de Henares with the piece «Palabras Guardadas» («Stored Words»).

Ekaterina Daragan-Sushchova Born in 1986 in Moscow (Russia). Professional fencer. During 7 years participated in several national and international competitions. At the age of 18 years she began her practice in tango and classical ballet. In 2005 she Moved to Madrid, where she started taking clases in Carmen Senra Studios with Joaquín López Hidalgo, Ángela Rodríguez, Nuria Jiménez, Rebecca Falcón, Aitana Cordero, Chevy Muradai - contemporary dance techniques, jazz and improvisation professional representors; as well as with Vanessa Valdueza and Mar Mel in classical ballet. She became a student of RCPD in 2007. In 2010 she participated in PARTS Summer School investigation works with Matej Kejzar, Laura Arís, Clinton Stringer (ROSAS Repertory) and Elizabeth Farr in classical ballet.

Beatriz Francos Díez Born in 1988 in Santander (Spain). She was formed in classical ballet by Ruth Maroto and Alicia Bosh. After she graduated from ACADE, she moved to Madrid where she decided to carry on practicing contemporary dance. In 2006 she became a student of RCPD. At the same time she produced and took a part in some personal pieces, like «Dusk Two» with Cristian López, «Letting Go» with DCUBE Danza, «Conversaciones con Almudena» (Conversations with Almudena) by Inés Narváez, «Don’t You Really Know?» by Alberto Almazán, «Palabras Guardadas» («Stored Words») with Cía Segundo a Segundo. Beatriz also participated in video creations by Nohelia Velo.

Ana García Diego Born in 1986 in Salamanca (Spain) where she started her dance education in classical and contemporary dance techniques. In 2005 she graduated from a Professional Music Conservatoire of Salamanca, specialized in guitar. In following 2006 she moved to Madrid to complete her education in ballet, dramatic art and voice classes with professionals like Víctor Ullate, Jody Goodman, Brian Thomas, Conne Philp, Mariano Llorente, Laila Ripoll, Gemma Bautista and Kristin Llorello. Ana became a student of RCPD in 2006. She gained professional experience taking a part in «El Circulo Tiza Caucasiano» (The Circle of Tiza Caucasiano) directed by Mariano Llorente», «My Boo» with Alberto Almazán and «Milonga & Me» with Miriam Varela.

Luis Alberto Largo Castro Born in 1989 Cali (Colombia). He started his career in classical technique in Colombia Institute of Classical Ballet under the mentoring of Soraida Miranda, Julieta Loaiza y Adriana Miranda. In 2007 he took a part in «La Fille Mal Gardee» directed by Ana Bermúdez, «El Muro» («The Wall») by Jazmín Londoño and «4x25» by Michael Schnizler. Later on Luis moved to Madrid to become a student of RCPD in 2008.

Inés Narváez Arrózpide Born in 1982 in Madrid (Spain). Professional actress, she graduated from «La Cuarta Pared» (4th Wall Studio) and «Espacio Escénico DT» (Escenic Space DT dance-theatre). Later on she graduated from Carmen Senra Studio, where she participated in several workshops and technique classes of Nuria Jiménez, Christine Tanguay (Graham T.), Chevy Muradai, Ángela Rodríguez, Joaquín López Hidalgo. Also she took a part in organizing a workshop with Marni Thomas (Martha Graham Company). In 2006 Inés became a student of RCPD. Collaborated as a co-director with XSIACASO Cía in pieces like «Prefiero perderme en el bosque» (I prefer to get lost in the forest) and «A la de cuatro te abrazo» («The four-hug»), «Palabras Guardadas» («Stored Words») and «Letting Go» with DCUBE Danza. Three of those pieces were premiered on Young Creators Festival of Alcalá de Henares. Her personal piece «Conversaciones con Almudena» (Conversations with Almudena) for Teatro de Madrid became a finalist of UniDanza Contest. Later on she became a part of «La Mínima Expresión» (The minimal expression) with Cía La Mínima.

Miriam Varela Quintero Born in 1985 in Málaga (Spain). Professor of Physical Education. She began with Rythmic Gimnastic and Classical Ballet classes in Profestional Dance Conservatoire of Málaga. After she moved to Barcelona she started to take classes in contemporary dance, jazz and funky with teachers like Bebeto Cidra, Rose Muñoz, Gustavo Lesgart, Cecilia Colacrai, Damián Muñoz, Virginia García, Tatiana Yergovetz, Anne Morín and Mario G. Sáez. Being a studend of RCPD since 2008 Miriam she performed in «Conversaciones con Almudena» (Conversations with Almudena) directed by Inés Narváez, «Letting Go» with DCUBE Danza and «Milonga & Me» with Ana García. She also participated in video creations by Nohelia Velo. tel:+34 622538175 Ekaterina D-S (es, eng, ru) tel: +34 659125461 Ana (es. eng)