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Roding Valley High School

December 2017

Message from the Head of School I am so proud to be Head of School; we have fantastic students and dedicated staff. The school has made significant progress this term. We have embedded our new PAL (positive action for learning) system to good effect. This new system has had a tangible, positive effect on behaviour in the school and in lessons. Our new teaching and learning framework ‘ACED’ has brought more challenge to lessons and focused teachers on a common approach to ‘teach to the top’. We will continue to work with our teaching staff to bring consistent, high quality teaching across all subject areas. I am proud of our exam results but will constantly strive to improve practice to further improve outcomes for every child. Our high ability students achieved results to rival any school, with above national attainment grade 8/9 in English and Maths. Our 2017 triple science results were also above national levels. As well as this, our progress rates are above national with a positive Progress 8 score. Our Sixth Form continues to grow and improve. The majority of our students are achieving their first choice places at universities of their choice. Our first cohort saw our Head Girl achieve a place at Cambridge University, with many other students off to Russell Group universities. The EF6 consortium is working effectively, allowing our students to follow a wide breadth of curriculum, which is more than that offered in many schools. Being part of EF6 has provided opportunities for students to interact with students from Debden Park High School and created many enrichment opportunities. Our Sixth Form Open Evening was very positive and I look forward to welcoming many of our Year 11 students into our Sixth Form next year. The deadline for applications is the 18th January 2018.

If you have visited the site recently you will have seen that our new build is progressing well and the fabulous new 3G pitch is being used every day. We have also secured planning permission for a further 3G pitch to be built on the playing fields. It has been an exciting and very busy term; the Challenge and Enrichment coordinators have greatly extended the opportunities for students and we have increased our participation in STEM events. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Our students are our greatest asset, and this week I have been particularly proud of two student led events. Firstly, ‘Peter Pan’, our Christmas pantomime was led and directed by Alice Redknap and Grace Cain, two students from Year 12, who were also well supported by other Year 12 students. They have worked tirelessly with a cast from all year groups, to put on an amazing extravaganza of theatre. Secondly, the students have produced the second copy of the school magazine ‘Exposed’. This is a student led publication and is encouraging students to get involved to improve their writing skills. I am proud of the school’s achievements this term and significant progress has been made. However, we will continue to evaluate, adapt and make improvements to benefit every child and become a truly outstanding school. I am always open to feedback and thank you for your continued support of the school. Sharon Jenner Head of School

M e r ry C h r i s t m a s a n d a H a p p y N e w Y e a r t o a l l . Alderton Hill, Loughton, Essex IG10 3JA t: 020 8508 1173 e:


Teaching and Learning at RVHS


Teaching and Learning framework Our vision for Teaching and Learning states:

Our expectations ARE high. All lessons will encourage ASPIRATION, instil RESPECT and help all pupils ENDEAVOUR to realise their full potential, through developing a life-long love of learning. Following on from this, we have introduced, trained staff and embedded the new Teaching and Learning framework entitled ‘ACED.’ Our new framework focusses on four key elements:

Assessment Creativity Engagement Differentiation We believe that focussing on these four key components whilst also ensuring students are set homework regularly and books/ folders are kept to a high standard will facilitate good progress for all of our students.


Roding Valley HigH ScHool



- Professional studies programme - Excellent Classroom Teacher programme - Lead Practitioner on the Harris Academy Programme


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- M  iddle leaders training programme (For current and aspiring HoDs or HoFs)



urage high. All lessons will enco our expectations ARE ils PECT and help all pup RES l insti N, TIO IRA ASP through se their full potential, ENDEAVOUR to reali love of learning. developing a life-long 020 8508 1173 e: office@r n, Essex ig10 3JA t:

Alderton Hill, loughto


We have developed and implemented a bespoke coaching approach for our Continuous Professional Development (CPD) this year and realise that high quality provision for staff CPD, is not only key to innovative and effective teaching and learning, but a way to ensure that our staff feel valued. We want every teacher at every stage of their career to aspire to be the very best that they can be. The CPD programme at Roding Valley High School includes the following coaching pathways; - NQT training programme



Continual Professional Development

Roding Valley High School Newsletter December 2017

In addition to the pathways described above, we provide a wide range of other CPD opportunities which include Twilights, INSET days, external courses and Faculty/ Department led training sessions. Mr Kahil Ali Assistant Head Teacher: Teaching and Learning

Teaching and Learning at RVHS

Year 13 English Trip: Jane Eyre at the National Theatre On the 19th October, we attended a performance of Jane Eyre by the National Theatre as part of our A Level English Literature course. Prior to the performance we attended a talk entitled “Jane Eyre - Modern Woman” where the speakers spoke of Charlotte Bronte’s life and how it is reflected in the text. She also addressed the feminist elements within the novel, and why the writer felt the need to write under the pseudonym Currer Bell. Undoubtedly, the talk was interesting and definitely helped us with our contextual knowledge. “It was very informative and supported my previous learning”, Jessica Galloway 13U. After this we attended the performance itself. The production itself was fresh and innovative. Despite the play lacking some of the fan-favourite parts of the book, the nature of the performance and the way in which it brought such a cult novel to life, made up for this. This was due to the play presenting the way in which the imagination works by keeping a simple setting whilst the protagonist’s life was shown through different stages:

“The use of stage was broad for every single scene that took place without a change of setting... I found this to be a really interesting element of the performance” Sena Demiryaban 13U. The production also skilfully combined the right amount of humour whilst still staying true to Bronte’s novel. Therefore, if you take AS Level English literature or plan to in the future and have the opportunity to attend this trip, we would definitely recommend that you take it. By Sarah Wade 13T and Jessica Galloway 13U

UKMT Maths Challenge Update We have had a fantastic start to the year in both the Individual Senior Maths Challenge and Senior Team Maths Challenge. Our Year 11, 12 and 13 students performed extremely well in both competitions, with better results than last year. Thomas Compton, Igor Dasuzhau, Chloe Humphries and Lauren Humphries were awarded the Silver Certificate in the Senior Maths Challenge. A further 10 students were awarded Bronze Certificates. Thomas was also awarded the Best in School and Best in Year 11. Igor and Chloe were awarded the Best in Year 12 and Year 13 certificates respectively. The haul of certificates achieved increased this year with the numbers of both the Silver and Bronze certificates going up. This is a fantastic achievement from all the students who took part. We also fielded a team of four Year 12 students; Tommy Coppin, Igor Dasuzhau, Abbie Juniper and Kevin Turner, to participate in the Senior Team Maths

Challenge at Queen Mary University. They performed fantastically well coming 25th out of 37 schools. Their achievement is even more impressive a as most competing teams included Year 13 students. With these two competitions behind us, we are now looking forward to enjoying further success with our Year 7 to 10 students in the Intermediate, Junior and then the Team Maths Challenge. Mr Rahman Mathematics Key Stage 4 Coordinator


Teaching and Learning at RVHS

World War 1 Literature Lecture Day Imperial College London November 2017 Some of the A-Level English class recently attended a lecture on World War I as part of our A-Level course: World War I and its aftermath. The day at Imperial College, London, consisted of a series of lectures on some context surrounding the First World War and tips for the exam. The World War I Lecture Day was both informative and interesting. Its eclectic mix of lectures in short slots meant that the learning never became monotonous and the information each provided both supported and taught new research. A highlight of the day was undoubtedly Pat Barker’s interview. As the author of one of our course’s core texts, her take on her novel ‘Regeneration’ was invaluable and she made some very useful points that can be included in answering the exam. She gave her point of view on the characters

she created and gave a different and personal interpretation. Another lecture, presented by Taff Gillingham, who has worked on some of the most famous British war dramas and documentaries, was notable for its attempt to dispel the myths popularly believed surrounding the First World War. The lecturer put forward the argument that World War I has become a piece of history that has been exaggerated and manipulated now that there are no veterans to conflict false news stories. One surprising fact was that 89% of soldiers actually returned from the War, this was shocking as many believe the number to be lower. Not to mention, he revealed that often the image that is presented in epic War films, such as Saving Private Ryan, are often not accurate portrayals of the reality of fighting in the War. It was both interesting and very useful in providing a slightly different perspective on the First

World War and it served to broaden the view that had, up until now, been created by the War Poets. All in all, the students attending enjoyed an enlightening and useful day. It will extremely useful as we prepare for our exams next year.

Roding Valley Maths Challenge Here are some questions that are taken from past UKMT Maths Challenge Papers. Are you up for the challenge of answering them? 1.  Horatio the hamster likes to eat parts of clock faces. In which of these clock faces has the largest sum of numbers been eaten?




2. Sydney flew to Melbourne, Australia. The flying time to Melbourne, which is 11 hours ahead of Britain, was 21 hours. Sydney’s flights left London at 11.30am on Tuesday. What time was it in Melbourne when Sydney’s flight arrived?

a. b. c. d. e.

Intermediate Maths Challenge 2006


9.30pm on Tuesday 8.30am on Wednesday 7.30pm on Wednesday 6.30am on Thursday 7.30pm on Thursday

Roding Valley High School Newsletter December 2017



Junior Maths Challenge 2006

3. Given that January 1st, 2006 fell on a Sunday, which day of the week will occur most frequently in 2007?

a. b. c. d. e.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Senior Maths Challenge 2006

Teaching and Learning at RVHS

GCSE Geography Urban Fieldwork Trip to Stratford On Tuesday 11th July and Wednesday 12th July, our Year 10 Geographers visited Stratford as part of their GCSE Geography studies. They have studied the area previously and spent a day investigating the contrasting quality of life within the town.

contrasting quality of the environment for ourselves.

We started off in the Carpenters Estate, questioning how the area had been affected as a result of the Olympic Regeneration. Students completed a range of different data collection methods before coming to the unanimous decision that this area was yet to be regenerated as a result of the recent change in Stratford.

Miss Stockings Head of Geography

All in all, fun days were had by all where the students demonstrated maturity and enjoyment of their studies. Back in the classroom, the analysis and evaluation of our investigation continues!

Lunchtime saw us crossing over into the Olympic Park before we repeated the same data collection in this newly created public space. We explored the East Village housing (the old athletes village) and witnessed the

GeoBus Session On the last two days of the first half term, all of our Year 8s were given the opportunity to take part in a session with the GeoBus team from University College London. The Year 8s were given a simple challenge: build the strongest building possible and ensure that it was strong enough to withstand our man-made earthquake. This tied in directly with their study of earthquakes and volcanoes - which they’ve been studying this half term. Our Year 8s displayed teamwork, creativity and exceptional problem-solving skills to produce their designs. They then had great fun watching them be tested on the ‘earthquake stimulator’. Many of them failed to remain standing however some groups produced fantastically stable designs that did survive! Miss Stockings Head of Geography


Extra Curricular Excellence

Powerhouse Art Project Earlier this year, I was contacted by the trains’ manager on the Central Line, with a proposal for an art project in the ‘Powerhouse’ garden near Loughton station. This is a garden created by the staff of the underground as a community space and is a thoughtful bit of landscaping on Roding Road. But right in the middle of the space, is a big box containing electrical gear - a real eyesore in a little oasis of calm. Over a number of afternoons I have taken three artists to the garden and they have turned two sides of the box into a stone plinth based upon the plinths in Trafalgar Square. On top of the box we have displayed large ceramic pieces created by our students.

This is just the start of this project and we have a number of ideas ‘on track’ to start later in the year.

Many thanks to Patsy Stow, Clara Rodriguez (Year 10) and Zak Smith (Year 8) for all of the work they’ve put into the project so far. Well done! Mr D Tisdale

Japanese Day Cuisine The Food & Nutrition department was fortunate enough to host another Japanese Day for Roding Valley’s Year 7 classes on Wednesday 28th June 2017. Yoshie Terada and her team, Professor Kyosuke Yamamoto and Naoyuki Tamura, from JICEF (Japan International Cultural Exchange Foundation) once again came to visit us and, together with Mrs Goosen and Mrs Abbott, led demonstrations with the classes of how to make different sushi - all with different vegetarian options.

The morning started with our Japanese visitors being treated to a selection of homemade scones with jam and cream, and continued throughout the day with sushi lessons for a number of different classes. A great day was had by all, some even tried the very hot and spicy wasabi paste, and all pupils enjoyed this multi-cultural experience. Food and Nutrition Department

Year 7 Science Rewards Trip to the Science Museum In July, a group of Year 7 students visited the Science Museum as part of a Science reward. The activities ranged from exploring waves, making various streamlined shapes, using water photography, experiencing how pulleys worked, and how the future can be engineered!! The students enjoyed themselves and it was a pleasure to spend the day with them! Mrs Patel Science Teacher


My experience at the science museum was very interesting as I learnt many new things. I now know which shape travels fastest - the triangle, due to its thin structure, and how the power of the magnetic pull from a magnet can keep a metal stuck, unable to move, above the ground. A magnet can also pull a metal along a tube even with a wall in between. This trip was very useful and I know much more about science. William Cratchley 7U

Roding Valley High School Newsletter December 2017

Extra Curricular Excellence

National Students’ Art Exhibition On Friday, 14 July, we visited the National Art Students Exhibition at the Mall Gallery in London. This is an exhibition run by the Royal Society of British Artists and showcases the work of students from schools all around the country.

Above: Year 12 and 13 artists at the Mall Gallery

Lucy Lucas with her work ‘Throwing Away Their Lives’

For the first time in our history, Roding Valley art department submitted 4 pieces of work for consideration from Hazel Adams (year 11), Lucy Lucas, Estella Chambers (year 12) and Nehal Butt (year 13). I was absolutely delighted that Lucy and Estella had their work chosen for the exhibition, with the other 2 pieces being recognised as ‘highly commended’. We were able to view the work of our own students, but also the work from other schools. The work on display really was of the highest quality and provided the students with a huge amount of motivation and inspiration. It also went to prove that the work that we produce at Roding Valley is at the very same level as the best work produced in any school Estella Chambers around the country. It really proves that with hard work, focus and with her work ‘Open Door’ dedication, Roding Valley students can achieve anything they put their minds to. There should be no limits to your dreams and you should aspire to be the very best in anything that you do. It also shows how powerful art can be. We should be able to stand in front of a piece of work and feel inspired, amazed, challenged or moved. This is definitely a competition we will be entering in the future as it’s made me realise that we can challenge on a national stage. If we can match the success of this year, we’ll be doing very well! Thank you to all of the students who accompanied me to the exhibition and made it such an enjoyable afternoon. Mr Tisdale Head of Art


Extra Curricular Excellence

Trip to Queen Mary University On the 12th July, we visited Queen Mary University in Mile End with our amazing teachers Mrs Patel and Ms Collister. We experienced many scientific experiments such as, making potions, lotions, ointments and creams. At the University we experienced practical lessons with the lecturers in professional science labs. Firstly, we made a hand cream and an ointment. Next we went on to making slime. After that we had lunch in Nandos. Then we started the murder mystery which carried on until it was time to head back to school, so we got back on the train to get back to school. Bobbi Tucker The first session we did was making ointments and hand creams. We used an emulsifier and melted it in a warm bath. Once this was melted we added water and stirred it until it formed a lotion. We then added rose scented drops and continued to stir. Once the cream was made we transferred them into a container and labelled them and we got to take these home. Amy Wright

The second lesson we participated in was the slime activity. First we mixed 40 ml of PVA with 10ml borax together to form slime. We then added our choice of colouring to the slime and mixed again with a lolly stick. After we had made 3 different coloured slimes, we took part in an acid test. This made our slime into a runny consistency before adding another acid to restore it to the original slime. Olympia Barnett We participated in a murder mystery session and used chromatography to work out who had blackmailed the victim before killing him. First we took the inks and plotted them along a line 1cm above the bottom of the filter paper. We also drew a line at the top 0.5cm from the top. After that, we put them in water and watched them separate into different colours. By doing this we could figure out the murderer’s pen and match it to the suspects. This was a very interesting and fun activity.

After lunch we went into the laboratory to start the second part of the day. We were involved in a murder mystery case where we had to perform chromatography, flame testing and qualitative testing. For the flame testing we had to put 2 wires into different substances and then burn them in a blue flame causing a different colour to burn for each chemical substance. The qualitative test involved acid and the same substances. After that, we came to the conclusion that suspect E committed the crime. The correct answer was suspect B, but Amy and Olivia won 3rd place, getting a prize of Celebrations chocolates! Kaitlin Agius We all really enjoyed this trip and look forward to going on many more trips in the future with Mrs Patel and Ms Collister. Thank you Mrs Patel and Ms Collister!

Olivia Offer

Queen Mary University - Plastic Fantastic Twenty Year 10 students travelled to Queen Mary’s University in Mile End, to explore plastic in the form of Fantastic Plastic and to listen to a fascinating lecture, hence learning more about the depth of plastic. In a lecture theatre, we were taught about the ingredients of plastic, and were shown many different forms that plastic could be found in, consequently opening our minds up to more information about the material. The professor proved the point of polymers being a long chain, as she cut through the liquid with scissors, as well as showing us many other experiments. They also taught us about the future uses of plastics, such as contact lenses that allowed you to identify exactly what you are looking at through augmented reality. For example, when looking at someone, their names and information would show up! We were informed that fridges could recognise the food you have through tags made from a plastic, and create recipes for what you have bought, and also informing you of what food you forgot when


shopping, against the list you told it to remember. Washing machines would even recognise what type of clothing was in it, so it would choose the correct wash cycle for the types of clothing inside. Overall it was an amazing experience to understand how interesting plastic is and helped us get an idea of future jobs that we could have and also enlightened students about future university courses. Mrs S Patel Science Teacher/STEM Coordinator Having arrived at the university, we were led into the lecture theatre where we were spoken to about plastics. We learned a lot, but one of the most interesting things that I learned was that plastics can be a liquid and since they are bonded in long chains they can be cut. Overall the Queen Mary’s trip was a good experience and gave one an idea as to how interesting plastics really are!!

The lecture was absolutely fantastic and phenomenally conducted. It was very intriguing and I thoroughly enjoyed it, especially when she said to confront the teachers about proving information and disproving some of the misconceptions of science; it really broadened my knowledge!

Saskia Cushings and Ella Margetts 10U

Leighton Brooks

Roding Valley High School Newsletter December 2017

Thank you for this trip today, it was amazing and well worth it!

Extra Curricular Excellence

Discover GP at Royal College of General Practitioners – Euston Square On Tuesday 5th December, 13 Year 10 students visited the Royal College of General Practitioners, located in Euston Square. We took part in a variety of activities to enrich our knowledge and understanding about GPs. These activities varied from roleplays, to making drawings about the perfect general practitioner. My personal favourite activity was the roleplay, in which we had to persuade people to pursue a career in medicine and specifically to become a general practitioner; however we only had 2 minutes to do so. My group performed a scene where someone was shadowing the GP to get a more in-depth understanding about their everyday life and what being a GP actually consists of for example: paperwork, referrals and home visits. My group won the roleplay competition! Additionally, we learnt about research that can be completed and how you can shadow GP’s for work experience! Consequently, we learnt that GPs are responsible for teaching society and less experienced colleagues and that they are sources of advice, tutorship and advice. One of the things that I learnt, which I felt was most important, was this saying: ‘Education is happening through consultation.’ Overall, I believe I have profited greatly from this fantastic experience. By Isobel Bonning 10S We went on a trip to know more about becoming General Practitioner (GP). It was less boring than what it sounds like, I promise. We were involved in a range of activities; my favourite one was making up an advert for more people to become a GP. We learnt that a GP doesn’t always stay in a room and isn’t always a boring job, you get to know people’s stories, to perform some simple surgery, to work in teams, do home visits, to cure and to be a counsellor and someone that your patients really trust. They explained to us why they love being a GP and related some of their stories to us. It was an amazing experience and now I’m thinking about medicine as an option as well. By Clara Rodriguez

On Tuesday we had a true insight into the lives of a General Practitioner and the different career paths surrounding medicine. From the morning to afternoon, the day was filled with speeches from GPs and junior doctors. They explained their aspirations and what inspired them to become what they are. I particularly enjoyed observing an example GP appointment, as it helped us understand how an encounter should occur and what sort of questions are asked. The respect and non-judgemental attitude was reassuring and comforting to watch, as the issues discussed were kept confidential. The various activities helped us to understand more about medical jobs and how to achieve the necessary requirements to become them. Overall, the day was fascinating and inclusive. It ultimately assisted with decisions on A-level options and Colleges or Universities options Billy Roberts 30 Euston Square; the Royal College of General Practitioners was the point where our journey of discovery about medicine and learning in more depth about life as a GP, began. Going in with an open mind, the day started with greetings accompanied with food and drinks. Once assembled in our groups accompanied, by a medical student, the day ahead was packed with interactive activities. Every minute was enjoyable and fascinating. We started by getting to know our medical student on our tables and how/where we would see ourselves in the future in a career in medicine. This was followed by activities where we discovered more about what a doctor’s job entails and what the life as a GP involved. The key question of ‘what makes a good GP?’ was when a poster was created by our teams and presented to the other students. We were tasked to persuade people in our group to become GPs as our doctors had just doubled in terms of numbers; a challenging task that involved us watching students perform role plays and TV commercials, posters, leaflets and even songs. To end the day, we were

lucky enough to listen to medical students and GPs share their incredible stories about the lives they have saved, why to become a GP, understanding the skills the role involves, the different career paths that can be taken and why the many years of studying and working are worth paying the £9,000 a year tuition fees. From this trip, it has opened my eyes to considering a career in medicine as a GP. The perception of a GP sitting in a chair just seeing ill patients all day, is not the reality of the job. I now know how exciting and what their packed days involve, as well as the many possible career pathways open to you in medicine, from working as a GP, in a hospital as well as working in the military or for a football club, for example. A really great and informative day out. By Ella Margetts

Feedback from GPs: “The GPs had great feedback about working with your students and it is an indication of the bright future they have.” “We appreciate all the feedback you and your students have given us and we will look at this and see how we can make days like this better.” “We wish all the students all the best and we would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year.’’


Extra Curricular Excellence Lee Valley White Water Centre

School Sports Day It’s been 19 years since Roding Valley High School held a Athletics only track and field sports day and on the 7th July 2017 it made its comeback. Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 competed in field events and middle and long distance track events in the morning sessions and then the whole school was off timetable period 5 to participate either by performing or by supporting their fellow students in all sprint track events. As it was the first track and field sports day in 19 years, school sports day records were created for each event in each year group. Some of these sports day records could stand for many years to come and should be something students are proud to have achieved.

It was a highly competitive and enjoyable day, for which we were blessed with incredible warm weather and clear blue skies. The students participating thoroughly appreciated competing in front of their peers during period 5 with a fantastic atmosphere generated by the watching spectators, teachers and Mr Jones on the mic. As a side note without the help of all staff and sixth form student helpers the day wouldn’t of been able to run as well as it did, so a massive thank you goes out to all involved from the PE Department for their help on the day. Mr C. Allen

RVHS Sports Awards Evening Roding Valley High School held its prestigious Sports Awards Evening in October 2017. Ex-premiership footballer John Moncur joined the PE department on stage as our special guest to present the awards. An audience of over 300 people gathered in the school hall to celebrate our sporting successes of the past year; literally standing room only. Over 270 students received an award during the course of the ceremony. To thank the school for his sons education donated a trophy to the school. The John Moncur Award; to recognise determination and dedication in Sport and Physical Education, will be awarded annually. This year’s winner of this Trophy was Kevin Ciobanu. The evening started off with a bang as the KS3 students performed a dance choreographed by Mrs. Sargent. Hundreds of students were recognised for their contribution to extra-curricular activities through the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum awards. It was great to see students receive these accolades with pride. Four teams were nominated for ‘Team of the Year’ - the eventual winners were the County Cup winning Year 11 football


team. It was great to welcome them back to receive the trophy. One female and one male from each year group were awarded ‘Outstanding Contribution to PE’. Year Girl Boy 7 Freya Atherton Deniz Kucukarslan 8 Mia Ali Edward Johnstone 9 Ella Margetts Alfie Binet 10 Kauana Alves Harry Gipson 11 Louise Gilbert Timmy Moncur As the speeches closed the GCSE dancers treated the audience to another performance, again choreographed by Mrs. Sargent. It was a fabulous evening enjoyed by students, parents and staff alike. Students proudly received their awards and it was great to commend over 270 students for their involvement in sport.

Roding Valley High School Newsletter December 2017

Extra Curricular Excellence

MiLife Workshop All Year groups attended a Mental Health session run by the MiLife team. This was organised originally by the Epping Forest Youth Council and run last year. This session was an introduction to the issues for Year 7 students and a refresher for students in Years 8 to 11. Sixth Formers were also added to the project this year. Mental Health issues are faced by an increasing number of the population and it is vital that stereotypes and the stigma attached are sensitively broken down and help is given to those in need. MiLife does this exceptionally well and the students found it valuable and informative. Mrs Marilyn Cain Head of R.P.E and SMSC Healthy Schools Co-ordinator

Year 7 Trip to the Lambourne End Centre Our year 7’s students visited the Lambourne End centre in October 2017. They had fun learning all about their surroundings and experienced a sense of achievement by completing new and exciting challenges. The experience brought the outdoors and our environment to life for our students!

Food and Nutrition Department

Catering & Hospitality Do It’s been another busy half term for the Food & Nutrition Department. Alongside the average week of demos, groupwork activities and practical lessons, the department has also managed…

MacMillan Coffee Morning

The penultimate day of the summer term, the Catering & Hospitality students organised, hosted and catered for (with a little assistance from Paula Goosen & Ann Abbott!) an end of term barbecue, inviting a member of their family or a teacher to celebrate the barbecue season and the end of their first half term on their new GCSE course. The weather was on our side, the variety of food was colourful, aromatic – and delicious! A great way to end the term for the Catering & Hospitality students. Food and Nutrition Team

In October we held our annual MacMillan Coffee Morning – a great social occasion for all students, staff and governors to come together with a delicious selection of cakes baked in the department and kindly donated by students and teachers – and raising £136 in the process!


Extra Curricular Excellence Food and Nutrition Department continued

Annual Future Chef Cooking Competition The Food & Nutrition Department held their annual Future Chef Cooking Competition on Monday 16 October. All of our entrants were keen and ready to cook up a storm and we had many fantastic dishes. All of the students worked hard to produce a dish worthy of a win and a chance to represent the school in the next round of the competition which is held in January 2018. A very well done to, Jessica Okaka, Hannah Ward, Abby Ward, Tommy Yeomans, Mehdi Pascoe and Amelia Martin. Our winner was Abby Ward and Amelia Martin was a close second, both girls go through to the next round. A big thank you also to our judge Mrs Sargent.

Cooking Competition On Wednesday 29th November the Food & Nutrition Department held their second cooking competition of the year. We had a great turn out once again and the judges had a tough call to make as they were served some delicious dishes including butternut squash curry, Thai fishcakes and Moroccan lamb skewers amongst others!

The winner was Lola Collings (7Q) with runner up Amber Giddy (10V). Thank you to all those who took part; Harrison Scott (7Q), Poppy Arnott (7W) and Joshua Conway (7V), you should all be extremely proud of yourselves!

Thank you also to our judges Mr Stewart and Miss Sargent. Thank you to parents/carers for your continued support.

Enriching the curriculum

Year 11 Trip to Cambridge University On 22nd November, a group of our year 11 students enjoyed a trip to Cambridge University where they learnt about ‘Life at Cambridge’ as well as hints and tips to prepare them for their University applications. Students benefitted from one on one Q and A sessions with a Cambridge graduate who also led us on a quaint tour, highlighting what the city has to offer. Students left the talk feeling enthused in their studies and are now setting their sights high; eager to engage in the ‘super curricular’ activities they were advised to undertake. We are looking forward to the next ‘higher education’ day at Oxford University in January. Katie Bingham Teacher of English Challenge and Enrichment Coordinator


Roding Valley High School Newsletter December 2017

Enriching the curriculum

Debate Competition Winners On Friday 17th November, Florence New (Year 10) and Eva Randall (Year 11) won the Epping Forest Youth Parliamentary Debate, hosted by Eleanor Laing MP at Epping St John’s School. The motion put forward for debate was, ”This House believes that the Government’s 0.7 per cent ring-fenced budget for overseas aid should be reduced and the money saved should be spent in the UK”. Roding Valley was arguing against the motion.

the local area on both sides of the motion. Florence and Eva put forward eloquent, intelligent and compelling arguments. This, alongside a bucketload of confidence and charisma won the competition for Roding Valley in a lively, engaging debate.

Congratulations to Florence and Eva!

The standard of competition was high, with our students competing against five other schools from

As the winners of this prestigious event, Roding Valley will be the hosts of next year’s competition.

Katie Bingham Teacher of English Challenge and Enrichment Coordinator

Bar ‘Mock Trial’ at Snaresbrook Crown Court On Saturday 11th November, a team of 15 students took part in a law competition called ‘Bar Mock Trial’ at Snaresbrook Crown Court. The Bar Mock Trial is an effective way of helping young people understand how the legal systems work, as well as allowing them to get a taste of how the courtroom works. It gives students the chance to decide whether or not they enjoyed the day and then whether they want to pursue a career in law. Many different schools attended and competed, all to an extremely high standard. We took part in a number of different trials regarding two specific cases. Each school had barristers, jury members a court artist, witnesses, a victim, a defendant, judge and members of the general public supporting. We worked very well as a school, students’ roles ran smoothly and everything was well executed throughout

the day. After each case the judge gave us helpful pointers on how to improve, which we all took into consideration to be ready and prepared for the next trial. The highlight of the day was when the Roding Valley barristers, Madison Holden Ettridge, Grace Cownden, Maisha and Mashrur Khondakur delivered their opening and

closing speeches and cross examined witnesses from other school teams. As a whole it was a very enjoyable day and has only increased my already apparent interest in Law and pursuing it as a career. By Madison Holden Ettridge

Epping Forest Youth Conference On 3 November, the Roding Valley Key Stage 4 Debate Club attended the Epping Forest Youth Conference in Epping. It was a fantastic day during which we were treated to presentations about youth issues affecting our area, and participated in a debate hosted by Epping Youth

Councillors. Eight of our Year 10 students spent several weeks researching and preparing for the debate, which addressed the question of School Liaison Officers and whether they should be introduced into our local schools to support students and staff. They were also given the opportunity to speak with District Councillors, representatives from the Essex Police, and

Members of Parliament over lunch and refreshments. The students all felt that it was a fun, worthwhile learning opportunity and were definitely inspired to become more involved in our local democracy! Sarah Druce Teacher of English


Enriching the curriculum

Groundworks Project - Welcome to the Green Economy For two Friday afternoons in the summer term, 30 Year 8 students were rewarded for fantastic effort, attainment or progress in Geography and Science with the chance to take part in a project titled ‘Welcome to the Green Economy’. London based charity Groundworks London visited Roding Valley High School and taught the students all about sustainability and the green economy. Students learnt about the importance of becoming increasingly green and employment opportunities within the Green Economy before designing a sustainable city. They learnt about just how many jobs were going to be available through the green economy in the future and were impressed by the pay for some of these jobs! Perhaps

their favourite part of the project was the opportunity to build their own (mini) working wind turbine to generate green electricity! Each of the 5 groups put an amazing amount of thought and creativity into their turbine- using a voltmeter to measure the power of each of their designs before tweaking it to ensure maximum energy generation.

Following a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, the winning prototype was rewarded and they managed an impressive amount of power from their machine! Miss Stockings and Miss Wybrant

GEE Session On Friday 29th September, 30 of our Year 9 Geographers set off to High Beech to investigate ‘green’ entrepreneurialism- as part of an EU wide initiative. They carried out a set of activities which taught them how they could use the world around them, and how to enter business in an environmentally friendly way. The result of this harboured ideas such as the decomposing ruler and Cola sachets you add water to, as opposed to buying and transporting tin cans! The students were thoroughly engaged as they caught producers and consumers in Epping Forest to make a physical life cycle imaging the processes that occur in this environment. This introduced the

concept of cyclical production – our waste decomposing into the same reusable material the item was previously made of! From this students used a range of equipment to investigate the forest. This included using Pythagoras to calculate the height of trees, and probes to measure the moisture levels of tree bark. They then took these findings to come up with their own concept for a ‘green’ invention.

YES Partnership


Miss Stockings


Together, delivering better employment opportunities for our young people. On Thursday 9th November the YES Partnership held their ‘Investors in Young People Business Awards’ at Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel. Roding Valley High School nominated 3 local employers in recognition of their continued support for the students at Roding Valley as well as three students. One student was nominated for his outstanding achievement in the work place and the other two students for their contribution and commitment to school life.

The trip has ended, however students now continue onto another exciting opportunity! The organisers are having Roding Valley and another school go head to head in a Dragons Den competition, with real entrepreneurs, to discuss the concepts they have created.

Employers: IFDS, Galliard Homes, Hill


All three companies continually support the staff and students of Roding Valley; they regularly attend the Careers Fair, Business Breakfast and Mock Interview Day. They offer valuable advice and guidance to our students to prepare them for the world of work.


Roding Valley High School Newsletter December 2017

Matthew Tinker – Contribution and

Matthew is a truly outstanding and inspirational student who consistently gives up his time for his school and students. He certainly goes above and beyond and is so very generous with his time for younger students. He is most definitely deserved of this award and we wish him every success in his future career.

Enriching the curriculum

Roding Valley High School Business Breakfast June 2017 Year 12 students at Roding Valley enjoyed networking with employers at the business breakfast on 28th June. A whole range of employers came along to support the event including The Holly Hospital, Marriott Hotels, Galliard Homes, IFDS, Roche, Foskett Marr Gadsby & Head, Lazer Group, Haslers, Capgemini, Hill Partnership and Crate Loughton.

‘I learnt how to follow my career path and the best way to do it”

Students were given the opportunity to rotate around tables and network with the employers and talk about potential future career pathways.

“I received information on the different pathways you can take into accounting and I also had the opportunity to pass my CV on to employers”

was for our Year 12 Sixth Form students to engage and network with local business people to enhance their confidence and communication skills.

During the event some students were offered work experience placements, offered advice about future careers and given opportunities with local employers.

At Roding Valley we offer a variety of activities at key transition times in order to prepare our students for the world of work and the business breakfast gave them the opportunity to develop the skills and qualities required of them for success in their future careers”

Following the event the students said. “It opened up my mind to consider more career paths that I would not have thought about before” “It allowed me to gain confidence and learn about new jobs”

Mrs Mason, Careers Development Manager organised the event. “At Roding Valley we are not just about qualifications we firmly believe in preparing our students for the world of work. The aim of the Business Breakfast

All students commented how much they enjoyed the event and would like to thank all of the employers involved.

Year 9 ‘Perfect’ TIE Year 9 students had a visit from Ginificent to perform ‘Perfect’. This is part of Safer Essex Roads Partnership’s (SERP) road safety programme and delivered to highlight passenger responsibilities. ‘Perfect’ starts like a sitcom in its slick delivery. The play’s infectious characters and their idiosyncratic relationships will have the audience instantly smiling. Using naturalistic acting, narration, physical theatre, and popular music, the performance and its story

Grace Cain – Contribution and commitment

Grace makes a massive contribution to the school council and has facilitated the voice of other students across the school. Grace has been a key player in fundraising for our chosen charity Beyond Ourselves in Zambia and worked tirelessly raising funds that has enabled a group of student to travel to Zambia. Grace contributes to all school productions she is currently organising rehearsals and auditions for the school show. She is an excellent role model and is always prepared to go the extra mile and whilst still keeping up with school work and school life.

line will have you glued to your seat. We see the build-up to a crash involving Anne (13). Anne is a perfectly normal, pretty young girl, who after being thrown through a windscreen in a car accident, had over three hundred stitches to her face and head because she wasn’t wearing her seatbelt. Anne had to live with the constant reminder of how important a seatbelt really is. There are some hardhitting themes contained within this play, including the mention of Anne’s suicide.

Key messages:

‘Wear Seatbelts’ and ‘Don’t distract the driver’.

Sonny Ray – Nominated by Galliard Homes for his outstanding achievements in the work place Sonny showed real commitment and willingness to want to learn no matter what task he was set. I could see he had a common sense approach to his thought process that he applied to tasks which is a real benefit to this industry. He was punctual well-presented and polite and we would have no problem recommending him to a future employer.’

Certificates were presented by Eleanor Laing, Deputy Speaker House of Commons and Vicky Ford, Member of Parliament for Chelmsford.



Olivia Tinker achieved A*A*A and A in the Extended Project Qualification (Cambridge University to read History), Sophie Humphries (Durham University to read Economics), Hannah Smith ( Durham University to read Anthropology), Natasha McVey

Sixth Form Opportunities There are many opportunities for students to engage in within the Roding Valley Sixth Form, student volunteering, peer mentoring, lunchtime assistants, games lessons, in-house business opportunities, DofE, Curriculum Enrichment, LGBT support, work experience, School Magazine, debating club, Primary school trips, Whole school Team events. Along with numerous whole school trip, and many more… To build up Personal Statements to prepare for University / employment, students are encouraged to aim for at least 15 hours per academic year. If there is an event that the Sixth Form would like to do they are encouraged to set one up. The first half term however students are encouraged to work on student independence and study periods, and closing the gap from year 11 into 12, or from year 12 into year 13 following the summer examinations.

Student of the month winners Year 13 - Thisbe Barnet Thisbe, achieved four A’s in her Summer Examinations, and has come back this term with the same amount of hard work and resilience and has achieved 1’s in all her recent “Attitude for Learning” grades, along with managing to submit her UCAS Application to University early. Excellent work Thisbe.

Year 12 - Imogen Riordan Imogen epitomises what a great Sixth Form student should be. She is managing the transition from Year 11 into Year 12 by working in faculties during study periods to maximise on available staff expertise. She also is challenging herself with out of class learning, by coming into school early, along with volunteering for after school events.

It is both reassuring and rewarding to know that all of our students are now destined to continue their education either at wellrespected universities or entering the field of work. We would also like to thank students, parents, staff, governors and our Consortium Partners for maintaining a positive and proactive partnership in our first set of results.

Roding Valley Maths Challenge Solutions

We have had some individual outstanding performances from some excellent students. Of those going on to university:

(Nottingham University to read Veterinary).

1. A

Well done all!

This clearly shows that our sixth form provision is very good indeed. An outstanding 93% of our Year 13s had applied for university and the majority of the students achieved their first choice university.

The missing numbers are A: 5, 6, 7; B: 9; C: 12, 1; D: 8, 9; E: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. So the largest sum of numbers has been eaten on face A.

A great time was had by all and £550 raised to support important school projects.

Roding Valley Sixth Form celebrated its first A level results, with an incredible 98% pass rate. This is a great achievement for our first cohort through, with 33% of all grades achieved at A*-B grades.

2. C  The clock time in Melbourne when Sydney arrived was 32 hours (one complete day and 8 hours) ahead of the clock time in London when he left. So, he arrived at 7.30pm on Wednesday.

A big thanks to all the teachers, site staff, the 100+ students and parents that came to the Year 7 disco.

First set of Sixth Form results

3. A  As 2006 is not a leap year, January 1st, 2007 will fall one day later in the week than January 1st, 2006, that is on a Monday. So there will be 53 Mondays in 2007 and 52 of each of the other days of the week.

Year 7 Disco Fever

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Roding Valley High School Newsletter December 2017  
Roding Valley High School Newsletter December 2017