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Aspiration Respect Endeavour

Aspiration Respect Endeavour A Warm Welcome On behalf of the staff, students and governors, I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Roding Valley High School. Roding Valley High School is an extremely popular and academically successful 11-18 school in Loughton, Essex that has an excellent reputation within the community. We ARE Roding Valley High School, Aspiration, Respect and Endeavour are the key attributes that we work hard to instil in our students. We expect everyone in our school to aspire to be the very best that they can be, regardless of ability. We ask everyone to respect each other, to be kind to others, to be tolerant and embrace diversity. Students are expected to work hard to achieve challenging goals and we insist on the highest standards of behaviour and conduct. Here at Roding Valley we have one aim – to ensure that every student achieves their potential. At Roding Valley High School a student can expect high levels of support, encouragement and high quality teaching. Our innovative approach to teaching and learning, data and assessment ensures that more students than ever are achieving high levels of academic success. Our core purpose is to inspire confident learners to thrive in order to prepare them for the world beyond the school and help them become responsible individuals who will be valued members of society.

As well as academic success we are also proud of the wide range of extra-curricular clubs and activities offered to our students. Our sports teams complete at local, regional and national levels. There are also a wide range of trips and visits that allow our students to gain skills and experiences beyond the classroom. We are part of the Epping Forest District 6th Form, a consortium with Debden Park High School, Epping St John’s School and King Harold Academy. This is now in its third successful year and is oversubscribed for 2018. The consortium model allows us to offer a broad curriculum and provides students with many opportunities to progress into work and university. From the current Year 13 cohort, 97% have received an offer from a university and 14% have applied to Oxbridge. We also work in close liaison with The Boswells School in Chelmsford. Paul Banks is our Executive Headteacher and oversees both schools.

Whilst our approach to teaching is innovative, it is underpinned by an insistence on the traditional values of excellent behaviour, courtesy to others, wearing school uniform with pride and self-respect and discipline. It is my belief that students will only achieve their full potential if these values are exhibited by everyone in the school community. Our aim is to provide all of our students with an outstanding education that will prepare them for a successful future. As Head of School of Roding Valley High School, I am extremely proud of what our students achieve. It is a real pleasure to lead such a great and welcoming school and one that I am confident allows success for every student, regardless of ability.

S Jenner Head OF SCHOOL

Roding Valley High School


Our Values At Roding Valley High School our aim is ‘to provide an outstanding education for all our students’. To achieve this every member of our school community adheres to those ‘beliefs’ that we hold to as a school: High quality teaching and learning: We believe

Aspiration: We believe that all students should be

outstanding teaching and learning should take place in

given the opportunity to follow a career pathway that

every lesson.

is relevant to them after Roding Valley High School. We expect all our students to aspire for excellent

Exemplary Behaviour: We have the highest expectations of our students and we reward hard work

academic achievement, regardless of ability.

and effort. Our students take pride in being part of our

Personalised Curriculum: We believe in the


importance of helping our students achieve their future

High Achievement: We believe students, regardless of their ability, should make excellent progress.

ambitions through a curriculum pathway that suits their individual beliefs.

Our rigorous and detailed tracking systems allow

Developing Character: We believe in the importance

us to ensure that all students are meeting our high

of helping our students develop into independent,


confident citizens. We offer a range of school trips, sporting clubs and teams, extra curricular clubs and enrichment activities to help support and complement the learning that goes on in the classroom.


Roding Valley High School

“...our aim is to provide an outstanding education for all our students.�


“Behaviour is outstanding. Students are polite and committed to their work. They feel safe and valued and their exemplary conduct contributes well to rapidly improving outcomes.� oFSTed 2013


Aspire for Excellence ‘We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act but a habit’ Aristotle One of the key aspects of our school is the belief

recognition for all students when they have worked

that our students should aspire for excellence in

hard and have contributed to the school community.

everything they do. Regardless of ability, we expect

This is vitally important to us as we believe that,

our students to be the very best they can be and

put simply, students who enjoy coming to school

as a school community we do everything to ensure

will achieve their full potential and this achievement

we support and encourage this. Our focus on the

will lead to success. We believe that our high

individual child ensures that our students are happy,

expectations regarding student behaviour and our

enjoy school and are proud to be part of our school

encouragement of our students plays a significant

community. Our student rewards system ensures

role in their success at school.

Roding Valley High School


Achievement We are incredibly proud of our levels of academic

We are extremely proud of our approach to

attainment and students of all abilities make very

teaching and learning at Roding Valley High School.

good progress. The vast majority of our students

Our approach uses the latest technologies to support

move on to study at Sixth Form Schools and Colleges

our teachers’ delivery of outstanding learning.

after Year 11 and we are proud of the way in which

Our curriculum is designed to ensure that all students,

we prepare our students for life beyond our school.

regardless of academic ability, are able to make

We take time to ensure that our students are fully

exceptional progress.

prepared for their examinations and this has resulted in our high levels of attainment.

“Achievement is good...students make good progress over time and achieve well.” oFSTed 2013


Roding Valley HigH ScHool

“In a significant number of lessons, learning is outstanding.� oFSTed 2013


The transition from Year 6 We understand that children get one opportunity at

with primary schools and parents throughout

secondary school and our comprehensive transition

Year 6. Whilst we are a large school our transition

programme ensures that our new Year 7 students

programme is built upon the principle of ‘making a

have the best possible start to secondary education.

big school small’ and our dedicated pastoral team

We invest heavily in the transition programme

ensure a successful start to life at secondary school.

because we understand how important it is to get it

This is important to us as we believe that a good start

right for every child. Our Year 7 students start Year 7

to Year 7 is the foundation on which future success is

without any concerns due to our strong collaboration

built upon.

“I am delighted with the school. My son really enjoys it and has settled in well.” Year 7 parent


Roding Valley HigH ScHool

Learning beyond the classroom At Roding Valley High School we believe in the importance of expanding our students’ horizons through a wide and extensive range of enrichment activities and extra-curricular clubs. Our sports clubs are extensive and our teams compete in local, County and National competitions in a diverse range of sporting activities. Our Performing Arts clubs perform in a variety of productions and concerts every year as well as undertaking examinations through the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA). Our Challenge and Enrichment Programme ensures

also linked up with the charity ‘Beyond Ourselves’ and

that our most able students are stretched in a variety

some of our Year 11 students have the opportunity to

of ways that supports learning in the classroom.

travel to Zambia to work in an educational project.

Our varied Trips and Visits Programme ensures that all our students have the opportunity to experience learning outside of the classroom, whether this be locally or abroad. All students have the opportunity to travel to France in Year 7 and those students studying languages at GCSE have the opportunity to spend an extended period of time in France or Spain. We have

“It’s really changed my outlook on life and has undoubtedly shaped me as a person.” Year 11 student (on their visit to Zambia)

Roding Valley HigH ScHool


Roding Valley High School

Alderton Hill Loughton Essex IG10 3JA t: 020 8508 1173 e: Head of School: S Jenner

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