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From Adult Literacy Skills to Augmented Reality The Erasmus+ KA1 project aims to enhance the learning mobility of staff in adult education to implement Augmented Reality as a new ICT-tool with considerable potential for the provision of training and learning services.

KA1 Training in London

Invitation to participate in the JoyAR Final Conference

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Joanna Pinewood Education, London in December 2014

Erasmus+ KA1 Staff Training Date: 6 - 12 December 2014

Project number: 2014-1-AT01-KA104-000647

London, UK Duration: 1.6.2014 – 31.5.2015

Language: English This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any

Multiplier Conference in Vienna From Fantasy 18 June 2015 to Reality Augmented Adult Literacy and Numeracy in the Real World From Creating Joyful Learning Workshop Experience into Active Citizenship

LLP Grundtvig Partnership

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Š May 2015 by Skills International GmbH, Austria






Newsletter Erasmus+ KA1 Staff Training by JPE in London Two staff members from Skills International GmbH, Austria had the chance to participate in the training ‘Augmented Adult Literacy and Numeracy in the Real World’ for one week in December 2014 provided by JPE in London.

The exchange of know-how continued intensively after the staff training. JPE and Skills International GmbH tried out free tools, followed the latest developments about 3Dprinters and created markers with QR codes.

We first visited museums in London to identify the state-of-the-art of AR applications and take some samples for further piloting.

A Moodle course was installed to have an online Learning Management System in place that enables to upload educational resources and information about AR.

Augmented Reality (AR) as a way to engage and empower learners was in the centre of the interactive KA1 training paired with open innovation and co-creation of content. Science Museum in London including the QR code (example).

The partners followed the rapid innovation in Augmented Reality educational applications for computer and mobile phones and trialed different software to create content. Learners translated e.g. training material texts with smart phone apps from English to Turkish in the Skills International GmbH Erasmus+ KA1 workshop for ECQA Certified EU Project Managers in Vienna in May 2015. The results were used in trainings and have raised interest in Adult Literacy workshops.

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Impressum: Skills International GmbH - Austria Mag. Andrea Fenz (Co-ordinator) Oberfahrenbach 59, 8452 Großklein, AT Contact fenz@skills-int.com, www.skills-int.com Phone: +436645359598

Joanna Pinewood Education Ltd.- UK Krzysztof Bahrynowski (Partner) 83 Thurleigh Road, SW12 8TY, London, UK www.joannapinewoodeducation.com Centre phone: +442076400300

For more information contact: Joanna Pinewood UK GmbH, Austria © Education May 2015 byLtd., SkillsLondon, International www.skills-int.com Krzysztof Bahrynowski, krzys@joannapinewoodeducation.com

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Erasmus plus ka1 news letter augmented reality skills jpe  

Augmented Reality Newsletter No.1 written by Andrea Fenz Francesca Fenz Krzysztof Bahrynowski

Erasmus plus ka1 news letter augmented reality skills jpe  

Augmented Reality Newsletter No.1 written by Andrea Fenz Francesca Fenz Krzysztof Bahrynowski