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Site plan.

Before images of the site including (left to right) entry from the street, front elevation and rear elevation showing the unorganized landscape dominated by invasive species. The elevated home appears top heavy and disconnected from the ground plane.

Clearly choreographed entry sequence including guest parking within the motorcourt and elevated entry plaza, defined by floating steps of shell-top concrete.

View across the reflecting pool towards the glass cube orients visitors towards the main entry. LED lighting accentuates the floating steps in the guest motorcourt, while dwarf Buddha belly bamboo screens the labyrinth to the north of the pool.

A 12’ x 12’ low-iron glass cube – part architecture, part sculpture - sits at the western terminus of the reflecting pool. Opposite the cube is a 20’ clear span Parsons bench providing a place for contemplation.

The new gallery – a “found space” under the house - is enclosed by frameless glass walls and surrounded by a moat. The view to the Gulf of Mexico is framed by the columns supporting the upper deck.

The view from the Gulf of the gallery space and adjacent guest spa highlights the harmony of materials: shell-top concrete, wood, glass and water.

The moat parallels the glass walls of the gallery and surrounds the columns of the existing house, immersing the space in water.

The new massage room and dry sauna is a “found space� enclosed by glass walls providing a direct connection to the labyrinth garden.

The labyrinth garden is surrounded by a wall of dwarf Buddha belly bamboo for privacy. Custom Parsons benches are located on each side of the space and four giant fishtail palms provide texture and movement.

The expanded elevated deck accommodates the client’s entertaining needs and a low-iron glass railing allows an unobstructed view of the Gulf. At the north end of the deck, beyond the spiral staircase is the owner’s private spa.

The project’s Aquadisia logo was water-etched into each tread of the new spiral stair that ascends to the crow’s nest. The wood cap of the cast-glass handrail matches the new deck material.

Accessed from master bedroom, the owner’s private spa sits at the north end of the elevated deck. Views of the sunset and clustered coconut palms are unobstructed by the low-iron glass railing.

The owner’s private drive passes through a grove of royal palms and looks onto the Gulf through a massing of coconut palms.

A view of the rear elevation of the home from the Gulf of Mexico across the private beach shows the overall composition of the project.


Years of overgrowth of invasive species had denigrated this Gulf Coast estate property, but at the heart of it was a lovely contemporary bea...

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