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Table of Contents - Letters of Reference or Legal Documentation of 80 hours -A written overview of the retailer, the target market and product assortment - Written self-assessment report, based on Essential Skills -Post Mortem Journal

January 31, 2011


I have had the pleasure for the past year to work alongside and manage Krystin Nejmeldeen at Dynamite Clothing. I have found her to be a hard working, motivated and compassionate individual. She is a leader and a role model to all the other team members and is a valuable member of our team. She constantly motivates others to do their best and is always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. She not only achieves and surpasses her own goals but always ensures that the store targets and objectives are met. Krystin is always positive and caring in her interactions with co-workers as well as our customers. Krystin is an excellent listener and very responsive to constructive criticism, she uses this feedback as a challenge and works hard to achieve desired results. She never leaves a task incomplete and ensures it is done to the best of her ability. Working in a retail store and in a team dynamic you must be present with skills such as effective communication, professionalism, conflict management, strong interpersonal skills as well as the ability to work under tremendous time and operational constraints. Krystin exemplifies and continuously builds and masters these skills during each shift. Krystin’s passion for her job is shown through her love of fashion, which is displayed in her own personal brand and in her interactions with customers. She inspires others with her natural flair for fashion; she is always dressed on trend and shows customers new and creative ways to wear our merchandise. She is always the first person to participate and communicate new product knowledge including fashion trends, store promotions and styling tips. Krystin actively participates in all aspects of the job which include visual merchandising, stock reception, store layouts and inventory audits. She is always striving to learn new skills and has recently taken on learning the operational side of the business including cash procedures. After over 35 years in the fashion business, Groupe Dynamite has launched some of the most successful fashion brands in Canada. These include Dynamite and Garage clothing. Working in a company that is driven by innovation and change, one must have a passion and a lifelong interest in fashion. The company fosters a respectful and collaborative working environment which nurtures talent and provides passionate minds with opportunities to connect, create, and enhance the fashion brands’ product, image and context. I believe Krystin’s experience within a company that fosters these values would be extremely beneficial to any program or career within the fashion industry that she wishes to pursue. She would be an asset to any company and a knowledgeable student. I have tremendous respect and appreciation for Krystin as a co-worker and employee, I wish her all the best in her future endeavours.

-Updated Resume Manpreet Dhaliwal (778) 878 3235

I made approximately $6, 000 last year, divide that number by my wage which is $10.70 and you get around 560 hours worked.


Groupe Dynamite is a Montreal based clothing company with two brands at the heart of their success, Garage and Dynamite. Groupe Dynamite operates more than 280 stores in Canada and worldwide, and employs more than 5,000 people. With more than 100 stores across Canada, Dynamite is well known for their trendy, feminine and affordable fashions that combine exclusive sexy styles with the best fits and fashion forward styles. These pieces create looks that easily go from office to a chic night on the town or an adventure-filled weekend. Dynamite offers a a unique and fascinating in store experience. Everything is linked to Dynamite’s muse Rachel. This allows the customer to identify with the brand at all levels. Through clothing designs, music, visuals, store design, promotions and the employees. The sales organization plays an instrumental role in maintaining our position in today’s competitive retail industry, this is essential to the company’s continued success. We are sincere and trustworthy. Big on teamwork, we play a huge part in each other’s success. This is shown throughout in our back room and our attitudes amongst each other. Dynamite is proud to have a sales team that displays amazing selling skills and is very customer service driven, and mostly, a team of passionate individuals dedicated to excellence, who embody our brand with pride. In the culture I am surrounded by, Dynamite enforces their employees to strive to meet every customers needs and expectations, they take pride in their customer service by offering surveys and contests to provide the customers with a say in what they want.

The Mission: “To treat and dress every customer and make her feel like a celebrity. To provide our

employees with a respectful environment that encourages innovation while developing competencies to benefit both the individual and the organization.”

THE TARGET MARKET Dynamite’s muse: Rachel Dynamite’s target market is a 28 year old, who has an active lifestyle and a sense of purpose. She holds a bachelor degree and earns 40, 000 a year. She lives by herself, rents a modern condo in Laval and Dynamite is Rachel’s store. Every customer touch point needs to embody her personality and suit her lifestyle. The goal is to provide Rachel with a memorable Dynamite shopping experience. Dynamite’s target market is working women with a drive for passion in their careers and who want to let loose and have fun. This is why Dynamite’s clothing works so well for these career women because it is versatile and long lasting. These working women have successful lives and embody an active lifestyle, they are in their late twenties and they are very fashionable and they have some kind of post-secondary education.

Dynamite’s target market is between 18 to 35 year olds. She has a good job, and a career. She has many friends but also many other things in her life, she goes to happy hour on Thursdays and brunch on Sundays. She goes to the gym on Saturday afternoons. She’s in shape and likes fashion. She likes to feel sexy. She is not just a character; she is at the soul of Dynamite’s clientele, in meetings there will be conversations based around what ‘Rachel would like, and if Rachel would wear that.’ This helps Dynamite keep connected with their customer base. By creating this persona (Rachel) Dynamite’s marketing and sales departments appreciate this because it makes it easier for them to connect on a deeper level to their customers and offer that right kind of customer service. By knowing who your customer is, you can sell to them on a more personal level and become a successful salesperson because you will distinguish the skills of developing personal relationships with your customers. By doing this, a person can become very skilled and knowledgeable in the retail industry and therefore they will have gained that competitive advantage.

PRODUCT ASSORTMENT Dynamite focuses primarily on clothing for the working woman. These pieces include, blouses made of chiffon or satin, CNS high waisted skirts, blazers, CNS dress pants, button cotton shirts, dresses and basics like camisoles, satin strapped tank tops and leggings. Anything that a working woman’s eyes will be drawn towards and is versatile for them to wear at the office and out for drinks at night or dancing. These pieces coincide with Dynamites target market as they look great on the average career woman in her mid-twenties. Sizes vary by style from XS, S, M, L and sometimes XXS and XL. They also vary in traditional sizing from 0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, and 13. Dynamite offers three collections every season alluding stories in their clothing such as H&M and Forever 21 do. Our wash instructions vary based on the fiber content of our garments. But for most items, we recommend not putting anything in the dryer and some of our more delicate pieces such as our chiffon blouses which should be hand washed or run through our delicate cycles. Many of our pieces must be steamed before they go out onto the floor as well, because with many of our pieces, we adhere to certain amount of items per size, for example, 1 XS, 2 S, 2 M, 1 L.


There is a great focus on our staple items I previously mentioned, so they are on promotions a lot. We will usually do ‘Buy 1, get 1 half off ’ with our chiffon blouses as they are our staple item and a big seller. We are a franchise, so our backroom is filled with tons of stock and replenish reports have to be done daily. It is part of the many things to do daily; we take pride in branding our store and make sure we are as full with items as we need to be. Dynamite creates over 5,000 styles a year. Located everywhere in Canada, with more than 250 stores, 12 stores in the US and have just started to expand internationally with new stores opening soon. All of the designs are done in Montreal. Dynamite’s labels consist of saying that all of their products are made in Montreal, this is to add credibility to their brand. The city is known for the creativity of their people. It’s a multicultural city with lots of diversity; it is a key aspect of Dynamite. Rachel’s work friendly sexy basics are office, happy hour, and weekend compatible. Dynamite carries clothing for the working woman who chooses transitional pieces to go from day to night. Dynamite also provides clothing, purses, jewelry, and fragrances. The types of products that Dynamite carries are shirts, sweaters, dresses, rompers, skirts, pants, jeans, jewelry, purses, nail polish, and fragrances. Me wearing Dynamite for my blog posts


Creative Thinking and Problem Solving Skills: Getting ideas to help managers and the store by researching online for helpful tips and tricks in retail and by taking what I learn in the classroom and applying it at work. I am always trying to think outside of the box when I am at work and try to make it apparent that I always want to constantly be learning. Managers want me to challenge myself more to be innovative, so I have thought of various ways to be more creative by applying my fashion knowledge to my workplace such as trend knowledge. It helps me by going onto popular blogs and fashion magazine websites because when I am conversing with customers, they like to hear about the top trends and how they can incorporate them into their every day career attire. I am always asking myself, “what can be better? Why do it this way? What else are others doing?” by going into other retail stores and researching while being a customer for them. I like to see how other competing stores make their sales targets and how they interact with their customers, it gives me fresh ideas for myself. Need to figure out ways to be more creative, so I have lately tried to test the customers out by offering my own advice and being very personable, if they can sense that I truly care than they will want to come back and work with me, and even hopefully tell my managers I helped them out. Figure out problems without manager’s help, taking the initiative upon myself to help the customers out, examples include, answering questions about stock, clothing, and care instructions. Figure out ways on implementing solutions to enhance the stores statistics, examples include, thinking of fun contests to enhance the employees enthusiasm. Figure out ways to be more efficient with time, dividing up the right tasks, and using the “drop and go” method, examples include, making sure I am focusing on the customers needs first. Managers want me to become more of a leader because I have more experience than some of my fellow employees, want me to “share my cookies” examples include, sharing my knowledge from school and also from the industry when I attend events such as fashion week. Asked me to write my blog in the back room to share it with my employees, become more of a leader figure as I show that I know the top trends and research fashion away from the workplace. Always figuring out different ways to get a customer to buy, don’t give up on customer and make sure they are happy. Creatively thinking of different outfits to show customers. Taking the iniative to really understand customers, trying to relate to them. Implementing Instagram contests with our store, very fun way to get the employees involved and to test out ways to wear our Dynamite clothing.

Oral Skills:

Figuring out ways to show customers why they should buy, examples include, putting together outfits for them, using my fashion knowledge with trends to help convince them. Pushing outside of my comfort zone, growth, when I feel nervous to talk to customers, I push and make myself because I know it’s good for me to experience more confidence in my oral skills and I love to help the customers out. This totally builds my confidence because when I first started at Dynamite, I was very nervous to go up to the customers and strike up random conversations, but now I like doing that. Knowing how to relate to customers is also really good for my oral skills because I can figure out ways to connect with them which therefore gives me an opportunity to make good sales. This is also beneficial because it will help me in the future with developing good people reading skills. Showing customers what looks good on them with my fashion knowledge and trend knowledge, helps me to become a better speaker in terms of fashion related conversations which will help in the future for me. This will especially help me at networking events and when I am blogging, if I can say something out loud and it sounds good, than I can write it. Sell based on their personalities, this is helpful because it helps me determine character in people and will help in the future if I want to become a stylist. This was helpful in our styling project as well, because I had to determine what looked good based on someones personality through knowing them before hand. Making sure customers feel wanted and special when they leave the store, examples include, inviting them to come back when they leave the store and offering a warm welcome when they walk into the store. Being the store cashier it is my duty to greet the customers at the front and tell them to come back, especially when I am on cash. I am the first and last impression for the store. Developing these people skills is good for being a cashier because I usually strike up conversations with them while I am ringing their items through because it makes their experience more delightful. I try and make everything seem very natural, and not have my speeches sound like they are rehearsed because it makes me appear more genuine to my customers and it gives them the chance to become a loyal customer. An example of my oral skills being positive includes, one day when my manager and district manager came up to me when I was with a customer. They said I did everything right to sell to her, how I used the right words and showed her which clothing pieces would work for what she wanted. It felt amazing to have my managers acknowledge me and tell me I impressed them.

Interpersonal Skills:

Knowing how to answer customers questions develops my interpersonal skills because it makes me more knowledgable and it makes a good impression on the customers. Figuring out how to provide solutions to the customers concerns, developing this is great because I need to know how to be a problem solver in many future endeavors I experience and my managers will appreciate that as well. Making myself as much of an asset as I can, examples include, being very knowledgeable about my product I am selling and knowledgeable with care instructions, especially because I am the store cashier, so I have the last word with the customers and it should be my responsibility to know my product knowledge. Finding out everything I can to help customers, examples include, when I am starting my shift, I have to make sure I know everything that is going on in the store so that I don’t have to ask my managers what’s going on with promotions, sale items, etc when I am with customers. I like to come into my work extra early so that I have time to walk around the store and look at all the new products and if possible, try it on so that I have a clear indication on what they feel like and how they fit. Making an effort to find out questions customers may have before they ask me them, examples include, care instructions for new products, new collections, when we will be getting our new stock in, etc. Showing a leader-like quality if I can answer all of my customers questions, shows my managers that I know what I am talking about and it shows I have good listening skills, this also creates growth opportunities for future endeavors as I will know about different realms in retail. Go into work with as much knowledge as I can, examples include, on my off time I will research our pieces and new collections and figure out ways to sell them differently to different customers with various style personalities. Acquire knowledge in every aspect of my job including cash, fitting rooms, on the floor, etc. Improves preparation skills if I know how to answer and satisfy the customers. Makes me appear of more of an asset if I am knowledge in all fields of the store I work in, and for future employers they will be impressed.

Teamwork and Leadership Skills:

Personal Management Skills:

Help my fellow employees out, answer their questions, help them with the latest promotions, assist them on cash, etc.

Researching trends helps me to make sales and appear more credible to my customers, this isn’t like it is something I am not used to doing, so it is kind of making me more efficient because I want to research trends anyway.

Work together to achieve high sales for our store, examples include, motivating my fellow employees with the latest contests we hold, helping them out if they want to work with certain customers, and assisting them on all on their questions. A huge part of my teamwork skills has been sharing my sales, so I will help out a customer at the front when I am on cash and than pass them along to my coworker so they can go into the change room. An example of team work includes, my manager told me to tell the rest of my employees about our educational assistance program because I have used it before, and in turn one of my fellow employees called me and asked me questions about it, so I helped her out and let her know about it and my manager was impressed about that. Another example of team work and leadership includes, on boxing day, when our entire team had to pull together and work very hard to achieve our goals and help every single customer that walked through that door. This helped me to feel more confident about helping my peers and it gave me strength to be more assertive. I even remember many of my teammates asked me how hard Boxing Day was, and it felt quite good to tell them based on my prior experiences, it made me feel excited and gave me a feeling of being in charge. I know we have to work together to achieve a great outcome. We work off of each other, for example, when I am on cash, and I have a customer I am helping out, I use our head set to communicate with my peer who is in the fitting room that I will be assisting that customer so I can help her and gain sales. Another great factor of team work is telling my peers and managers when I leave my zone of the store so that they can cover me, this happens alot because customers usually want me to walk them around the store and show them certain pieces of clothing that they ask about. My managers have talked to me before about “sharing my cookies” as I have worked at Dynamite longer than some of my peers, so I can share my knowledge and experiences, and another example includes, when my managers ask me to inform my peers about the top trends because they know I am in a fashion program at school and they know about my blogging. I have shared the stores rules, routines and extra benefits with my peers when they haven’t been informed before and they really appreciated it. Another example of leadership includes when I was at my staff meeting, my manger announced that I’m a fashion student and If anyone had any questions about fashion to come to me and it made me feel like a leader figure to my coworkers and in turn made me feel good about my growth opportunity.

Apply trend knowledge when I am trying to make sales, helps my customers make the purchase decision, my manager says this will help with my ownership skills if I use my fashion knowledge to my advantage, she also wants me to share this knowledge with my fellow coworkers. Use my textiles knowledge to my advantage when I am selling, helps customers decide if the product they want is worth it, if they know how to care for it. An example includes, when my manager over heard me telling the customer at the till how to care for their item, she was impressed and said how I didn’t do that last year when I started, this expresses my growth throughout the year and my growing confidence as I wasnt that comfortable with sharing that type of knowledge before. Helps my confidence grow and gives me personal fulfillment and helps me to analyze myself and how I work and how to improve upon my work. Helps justify customers buying decisions if I know what I’m talking about. Demonstrate positive attitudes and behaviours: feels good about myself and feel confident by applying my knowledge about fashion. Helps me to be honest with my customers by knowing fashion tips and styles, trends. Show interest with my product, therefore helps me to make sales. Shows initiative with the products by taking pride in knowing how to care for them. Be responsible: set goals and priorities balancing work and personal life, this helps to distinguish the priorities to focus on at work. Plan and manage time, managers like my approach of the “drop and go” methods. Be adaptable: work independently to achieve what is needed at work and to maintain good statistics. Carry out multiple tasks or projects, example included when I was to do stock for my whole shift, there were many boxes to unpack and my manager made sure I knew that I was to do everything by the time I was off, I did it and was told I did a great job, that made me feel really good. Be innovative and resourceful: identify, suggest alternative ways to achieve goals and get the job done. Learn continuously: willing to learn continuously and grow. Assess personal strengths, areas for development. Set own learning goals, examples include, making customers feel really happy, creating outfits they love based on their wants and various personalities, makes me feel good that I helped the customers out. Identify and access learning sources and opportunities. Plan for, achieve learning goals.

Entrepreneurial Skills: Makes me more independent if I know how to justify my information and makes me come across as a leadership figure if I am creative. Try to make my own personal characteristics stand out, example, friendly, outgoing, approachable, knowledgeable, honest. I have to take creativity into consideration with being more of an entrepreneur figure because that is one of the most important traits an entrepreneur can possess. I feel I exert this when I am with my customers and figure out ways they can pair certain items, and when I share my knowledge about the fashion industry which consists of trends, styles and cuts. Being very knowledgable about the store I work in, what policies we have and the type of mannerisms we carry. Leadership skills come out when I need to take initiative upon my peers. This happens when I share with them the store policies and other extra benefits we get, if the managers don’t get a chance to share everything, it is more beneficial for them if I can share them. Goal setting, example, when I start my shift I make sure I know my personal sales target, another example includes, when my district manager was in, she was testing me about my personal targets and the stores target among other statistics, made me feel good that I knew how to answer those questions, it made me feel prepared.

Writing Skills: These skills help me to self-assess myself because I am analyzing through words and trying to convey emotions through my words. Helpful to know how to convey attitudes, knowledge and skills through words. Helpful in the future if I know how to write my feelings and experiences, for example covering events and fashion shows. Helpful in terms of my blogging, because I will become better able to gather my thoughts and my writing will become enhanced. Its also a benefit when I want to reflect back upon my experiences in retail, I will be able to refer back to this. Need to know what I learnt in retail for future reasons and employers. Need to know how to write because it will be benefical if ever my managers want me to help them with writing. My writing is exerted at work when I have to complete emails to the managers, when I write what needs to be done in the store and branding that needs to happen. I also have to know how to write a new hang tag if it is missing. Helps me to grow because I will become more accustomed to ‘covering’ events and experiences in my future endeavors. Always an asset if someone can write. Definitely feel as if my writing skills have developed since working at Dyanmite because I blog about Dyanmite, so when I tag them in a tweet about their company, I try and make my blog come across as eloquent and ledgable as possible. This also makes my confidence grow because if I can express myself through words, than I will be a better public speaker as well.

Blogging about Dynamite

Reading Skills: Important to recognize and define fashion terms because it makes me more of an asset for my job. Important to understand product knowledge to make sales, come across as someone customers would have faith in. I need to know what style numbers and SKUs are because it helps me do better at my job, I will become more of a leader figure as I will be able to do more. It helps the managers out as well. SKUs are helpful to recognize when I am trying to figure out where certain pieces of clothing go in the store. Have to know how and what numbers to enter into the POS if something isn’t scanning right. Another huge part of exerting my reading at work, is reading the receipts. I have to make sure I read them correctly, and especially when I process refunds because if I miss something on the receipt than that would cause the customer to get upset, such as if I adjust the prices wrong and or if I miss certain promotions happening around the store. This is crucial to the increase of my reading skills at work, and it doesn’t look very good if I miss something on the receipt. Hang tags are opportunities to “brand” your garment, important for employees to recognize that because it sets the branding image of the store. Important to include the logo and brand info on hang tags to portray the right branding, have to know why certain things are why they are in the store. Important to know what certain fabrics and textiles are to help the customers for their garments, it is also helpful when I read the product knowledge tips at work. This helps my overall confidence build and my overall knowledge of the industry expand. Important to understand how to explain certain pieces of clothing to the customer, example, chiffon blouses are delicate so they should be washed in the delicate cycle or hand washed.

Visual Literacy Skills: Stock assortments: important to know the amount of tops to put out onto the floor, for example, if I know there is supposed to be two extra smalls’ and three smalls on the floor then I will already know that I don’t have to go in the back room and replenish the stock, therefore this saves me time and energy causing my efficiency to increase. This makes things go faster and my efficiency goes up if I can visualize if I need to replenish anything instead of actually moving items around, and going back and forth in the back room to grab items. Will be respected and seen as more of an asset if I can quickly determine what needs to be done using my visualizing skills. Growth opportunities if I can multitask and do my tasks faster and correctly. Example, when I was doing stock one day, I didn’t know if I would get everything done by the time I was off, so I made sure I knew what items and the quantity associated with them that were to go out so I would be able to get everything on the floor, then it has the opportunity to get sold, which brings our stores sales higher. One day, when I was doing stock at the till and had bathing suits hanging that were brand new and the customer who I was about to ring through saw it and bought it right then and there, adding more to the overall bill. My visualizing skills are also exerted at work when I help with the layouts for the store, it is very cool to see what goes into play when it comes to layouts. And I love when I get the opportunity to make my own decisions if I need to fill items that we don’t have yet.

Mathematical Skills: Have to do quick math in my head to help the customers make a fast decision, especially when they ask me how much the bill will come to. Also helps to visualize the amounts when we have promotions running because the customers can get discounts, or sometimes will be prompted to buy more if they get an incentive in return. We have a yearly promotion where if the customer spends $50 they get a stamp on our loyalty card and if they acquire three stamps, they get a free bag, I have to do quick math to help the customer understand how much more she has to spend to get these stamps.’ Makes me appear more of a leader if I can do these calculations, growth opportunities can occur and this impresses my managers. Very valuable to have these skills because it saves the customer time and it brings my own efficiency rate up. Mathematical skills come into play when I have to round due to the loss of the pennies, and in general when I have to give change back. Customers appreciate it if I can help them. Also brings the store sales up if the customers have to buy more to acquire discounts, etc.

Intercultural Skills:

Have to have these skills in a multicultural community such as BC.

Makes me more of a good sales person if I know how to communicate and act with various people. Knowledge: know how to work with people of various languages and cultures. To portray that you understand and they need your help, and can still offer them help regardless of what language they speak. Shows you care. And in turn my confidence has grown if I can communicate with many people, it is beneficial for the future if I can communicate easier with many people, and it will enhance my own people skills. Instead of using words to communicate, gestures are easier, this is important to realize because it will help if I have to travel for work endeavors, and in general because I will know how to get what I want to say across somewhat. Have many Asian customers and have gotten many sales because I knew how to communicate with them using gestures and walking them around to show them clothes. The customers appreciate that you make the effort with them, makes you more of an asset, they always say thank you to me so that makes me feel good because I ended up helping them if they were in doubt. Garnering patience and understanding is key to maintaining positive relationships with every single customer that walks into our store, if I cannot understand them, than I make sure to be patient when they have to repeat themselves and try my best to listen to their needs. Also asking yes and no questions are very helpful because they don’t always require a long thought out explanation for the customer and vise versa. Shows empathy for the customers if I understand the feelings and needs of other people. Won’t lose sales because I don’t speak their language, create customer loyalty and they will want to return and spread the word.

Technological Skills:

Citizenship and Global Perspective Skills:

Important to know how to work computerized cash registers because that is what is used at my work place and many others.

Respect, awareness, knowledge and skills have to be taken into consideration to interact effectively in culturally or linguistically diverse contexts.

Gives me knowledge for future (growth opportunities, makes me more of an asset to my team.) Leader-like quality if I don’t need my managers help.

Multimedia (social media) is changing, everything is based on global trends in the market. Having the knowledge of dealing with multi-cultural groups and people, for example, when I have customers that shop at my store who don’t speak very good English, I have to be patient and figure out other ways to communicate with them (gestures).

During new promotions, I get nervous at times if I don’t know how to ring things through, but when I figure it out on my own, I get so excited because it empowers me not to go to my managers right away. Everything is digital in the 21st century, so it is dire that you know how to work computerized cash registers, not to mention it saves time and therefore saves the employers lots of money, and overall efficiency increases. Good to know how to check things on the computer such as prices, and as most of our layout books, guidelines are on the computer, for example, when I check SKUs and style numbers, I have to use the computer. Communication: schedule is online, have to know how to work the online database to check my schedule and to communicate back and forth with my managers and colleagues. The technology skills is beneficial for pulling replenishing reports, and to see where the stores sales are sitting at for the day.

Knowing how to communicate without using words, examples, gestures, smile, open ness (spreading out arms to point them to clothes, etc.) Make sure the customers know they are treated as equals and have the same treatment as everyone else. Peer evaluation and feedback comes into play with these skills because my managers oversee how I work with other cultures. Dynamite participates in local charitities, always helping out the childrens charities with contests and the ability for our customers to donate. Dynamite gives satin bags away as part of a customers purchase to keep them from using too many of our plastic bags. Dynamite is environmentally friendly, we recycle in the back room and have awareness campaigns around. Keeping up with the popular blogs are also very helpful in terms of exerting and maintaining this skill at work, especially if I can follow trends from all over the world, this helps me relate to customers and in turn form a bond with them.

POST MORTEM JOURNAL Understand Target Markets in Fashion

February 11th 2013

March 20th 2013

I find that utilizing my knowledge about trends in fashion helps me generate many sales. I had a great experience with this as I had a customer who really wanted a going out outfit that suited her needs and style personality. I was using fashion terms such as cut of clothing, types of lines, and trend terms. My district manager was in the store that day and overhead me telling the customer the trends and how to style the clothing. She pulled me aside while my customer was in the change room; and said how she was very impressed with the approach I took with my customer. She said how the terms I used were very helpful for my customer and she could tell I was really trying to build the personal relationship with her. She said it was exactly how Dynamite employees should act. This all made me feel very empowered and happy because it shows me my work and desire to help customers is well received. It is especially good that my district manager was the one to notice it. She also said it in the presence of my store manager which definitely was a positive thing because my manager will be able to sense I am a valuable asset to the team. This goes to show that my studying of this industry is very beneficial considering I can help my customers in a more educated manner. This also builds a trust factor with the customers because they can tell I know what I’m talking about, and will hopefully make them want to return to the store. This helped my confidence grow immensely because I was pushed outside of my comfort zone with taking risks by using my own knowledge of the fashion industry to generate sales. I am not automatically sure that I will be appreciated if I start educating my customers with the usage of terms because they might think I am an amateur who doesn’t know what she’s talking about. It is definitely a risk worth taking though.

This was an amazing day for me. My store manager came up to me and said she would really like me to post my blog URL in the back room because she thought it would inspire my coworkers as I blog about trends and the Dynamite brand. I was so excited for her to come to me with that kind of request because it shows me that my blog, which is my personal style diary, is appreciated. This makes me feel really good because it confirms to me that what I am doing is well worthwhile. This is also a connection I made; my blog must fit in with the overall Dynamite brand and target market if I am asked to include it on our back room. This was very exciting and made me feel good about inspiring others because that is what my blog is all about. It also helps my coworkers because they get ideas of what kinds of styles to wear and the trends that are in and some insight on terminology and current happenings in the city which is what is covered on my blog. This helps my coworkers to stay current and gives them excitement about the company they work for. My manager also said it would be a good idea for me to do this because it makes me come across as more of a leader figure and that sometimes the coworkers would want to be inspired from me, their peer, instead of being told what to do by the managers. It helps to communicate to them what is trending and how Dynamite is perceived online. This also helps to build my own repertoire within the company and gives me growth opportunities in the future. I have thought about interning for Dynamite in their head office, so I know my blog can act as an online portfolio, and increase my overall chances of that opportunity coming true.

Understand Importance of Customer in Fashion:

Understand Retail Concepts, such as SKUs, for Apparel:

April 3rd 2013

April 10th 2013 I was on call today, and was very sick so I didn’t think I would end up getting called in. I did, and I was a little standoff ish because I didn’t want to be coughing all over the customers and spreading my illness around. I was told I was to do stock in the back, which I was fine with and really appreciated my managers giving me that opportunity to be in the back room so that I wouldn’t have to be on the floor sick. My manager started out with telling me how I was to finish all of the boxes within the duration of my shift. I was a little worried as there were about seven boxes and I was only working for four hours that day. I took time to figure out which pieces of clothing were to go onto the floor, starting with new stock and making sure I knew the count of replenishing the items, such as, 1 XS, 2 S, etc. This helped save myself some time, and gave me organizational skills by figuring out which items were to go out onto the floor and which items were to stay in our back room. I ended up staying on schedule with the boxes of stock and it really helped with my time management skills. I figured out the amount of boxes I had, the amount of hours I worked and how I could manage to get everything done. At the end of the day, my manager even said I did a great job and was very fast. Despite all of this being out of it from illness, it was a good experience and I felt very proud of myself. I was challenged and exceeded the expectations of that challenge.

One day, I had this great opportunity for a customer service experience in helping build a new updated wardrobe for someone. A lady came into the store and I immediately greeted her and told her about our latest promotions. I asked her if she was looking for anything particular and asked her what she was shopping for that day. She instantly warmed up to me, I introduced myself and asked for her name. I did this so that I could build that personal relationship with her. She told me that she was in the midst of updating and changing her work wardrobe. Within our conversation, she shared with me that she is a nanny. She said she was looking for a fun way to incorporate spring styles into her career. She told me she was sick and tired of her latest clothing and that everything she owned was bland and boring. I took all of this into consideration and instantly ran our store and its collections through my mind. It is a great time for her to be updating her wardrobe as we have all of our new spring collections in which in turn are the farthest things from boring. I gave her an opportunity to share with me what kind of styles, colors, and cuts she was going for, and I started her out with a few options. During all of this, I was the cashier for that day, so I wasn’t to leave the front zone of the store unless it was covered by someone else. I got my zone covered and got my customer into the change room where I had to communicate with my coworker who was in the fitting rooms that day, that I was working with this lady and would be following up with her while I was on cash. This was a great experience for learning how to build and maintain a personal relationship with a customer all while multitasking and being the store cashier. This was definitely practicing my communication skills with customers and the sales team members, using our headsets was adamant in making this sale and making sure we were on task with our zone coverage to avoid any theft problems. Practicing time management, and organizational skills were key during this day with helping this customer out because I was to make sure I didn’t have any customers waiting to be helped out at cash and I had to make sure I was using the ‘drop and go’ method and making sure the customers came first. Discussing customer relations with sales team members and employers were also apparent during this day as I had to make sure they were aware of who I was working with and that I was the one who was going to help her out and walk her around the store while they were covering my zone.

April 14th 2013

March 13th 2013

Layout Day <3

Good CSAT :)

I was very excited (honored actually) to be a part of the group that got to change our layout for the new Spring/Summer season. This was a definite development in visual merchandising skills and building styling skills. This went very good. I was in charge of tables and had so much fun with it, the amount of colors we got to incorporate, the way I had to follow the layout sheets, check out how everything was styled, adding some accessories here and there. It was such a great experience and I feel very happy I got to be part of it because it is something I love as I am studying fashion. I love putting outfits together and styling my customers, so it is like styling the store, which is really cool. When I finished the tables, I moved onto some of the racks. It was pretty cool because I was even allowed to make my own decisions, when it came to replacing items that we didn’t have in stock. I was allowed to choose which certain pieces would go with our ‘story’ of our collections, it was really cool as I was given a leadership like role and it meant my manager entrusted me with this kind of power. This was major development as my creative skills started to come out. I was also in the presence of our head merchandiser from head office which was intimidating and exciting all at once. I was trying to be very fast (yet do everything right of course) and efficient, trying to really show her that I am a hard worker and a fast learner. She is such an inspiration because she worked her way up in the company and shows hard work and determination can truly get you somewhere. I have seen and met her before but she has always been around my visual merchandiser and usually has only popped by for short visits as she is very busy with all of the traveling she does. So, it was really nice of her to stick around this time and spend more one on one time with us. She is an amazing merchandiser and I can tell why she holds the position she does. I liked seeing the way her mind worked, it was interesting because I was taking into account every little thing she does and the way she styles and puts things together. She is very good at her job and I was very pleased to have her around. This day was also exciting for me in many ways, as my manager even told the head merchandiser that I am a fashion blogger, so that in and of itself is very exhilarating. I love doing layouts, so I hope I can continue this and I know it will be very beneficial for me in the future and I can add it to my resume.

Today, I had a really good comment on our customer service satisfaction survey. The customer said I made their experience very good. They said I was warm, approachable and always had a smile on my face. I offered help when they needed it, and walked them around the store looking for items to help pair for them into outfits. They said how even though I was the cashier, I made it my business to pick out items for them and walk them to the change room. This was a great feeling for me because I am happy to hear I made someone’s day good and experience great with my service. This makes our stores stats increase, gets me noticed amongst my manager and overall builds my confidence and skill level.

JOURNAL CONCLUSION Dynamite was and still is an amazing experience. I was given so many new skills to develop, made so many great connections for why it is important to do certain things. I was given the chance and encouraged to share my knowledge about the fashion industry with my coworkers and customers. Before I started working here, I was a lot more shy and nervous to sell to customers. I am really thankful for being employed here because this job really made me break out of my shell and use my own judgment and knowledge to better the lives of other people. I now know what consists of building and maintaining personal relationships with customers, I know this is a very valuable skill to learn as it will be important for many future endeavors to come. I learned how to deal with stress, improve upon time management, multitasking, perfect the art of ‘drop and go’ and better my organizational skills. I developed the skill of talking to strangers and striking up random conversations with them. I learnt how to ask open ended questions and I know that that is something very worthwhile and important in the retail industry. This always made me nervous before, but now I am fine with it. I even like it; it makes my job more fun and interesting when I meet new people with fun lifestyles. I know this is beneficial for the future as I will have to and already have been striking up conversations with strangers at networking events such as blogger conferences, fashion week and others.

I know which fabrics are to be dry cleaned or hand washed only, I know that almost every item should be steamed in our store and that many of our clothes should not be put into the dryer. I am better at making outfits now and styling customers with different body shapes. I am more skilled with using the POS system now, as I was always nervous to be a cashier before. I even remember telling my parents how I wouldn’t apply for certain jobs because I knew I would have to be a cashier, but now I am one of the only cashiers and totally fine with it. Now, I have built my confidence and can work efficiently and be able to multi task better than before. At Dynamite, I learnt how to size up my customers and help them and style them based on their clothing personalities. I know this is important because this industry is all about people and the importance of reading them. I also know that from being in sales, I can read people and tell when they don’t need any help, this is beneficial because it will help for future meetings, and events if I need to make pitches with people that I am unsure of. I know to always listen to my instincts and that my intuition will never fail me. I learnt how to solve people’s needs, which made me feel really good because I knew I was making someone’s day a little bit better. I know how to upsell now without coming across as if I just want the sale. Overall, this company has built my confidence and given me the courage to pursue conversing and networking. This has definitely led me to step outside of my comfort zone and I am forever grateful for that.


1483 Crystal Creek Drive Anmore, BC 604-306-9295 Krystin Tysire Nejmeldeen Career Objective To achieve an employment position full time. Availability During any requested time. Education Fashion Marketing Diploma Kwantlen Polytechnic University 2012-Present Work Experience May 2011 – present – Sales Associate, Cashier Groupe Dynamite Coquitlam, British Columbia Coquitlam Centre, BC. Dec. 08, 2009 – July 12, 2012 – Deli, Bakery and Cashier PriceSmart Foods Surrey, British Columbia Clayton PriceSmart Foods Surrey Awards and Certificates Food Safe Course (Dec. 08, 2009) PriceSmart Foods Perfect Attendance (Year 2009) Serving it Right (Nov. 10, 2010) World Host Japanese Service Expectations (Dec. 10, 2011) World Host Customers with Disabilities (Jan. 10, 2011) World Host Service across Cultures (Feb. 10, 2011) CPR/AED Level A Red Cross (Feb. 10, 2011) Groupe Dynamite Employee of the Week (Aug. 11, 2011) and (Feb. 12, 2012) Groupe Dynamite Achievement of Highest Stats of Week 2012 (Jan.14, 2012) Extracurricular Activities Feb. 05, 2000 - May 08, 2008 - Figure Skating I participated as a team-member for 2007-2008, fourth year as a synchronized skater and tenth year as a figure skater. I also participated in the BMO Nationals Skating Championships Chilliwack, BC March 2008. Feb. 11 - June 11, 2011 - Yearbook Participate as a member of my schools yearbook. Attribute layout work and bringing a positive attitude and strong work ethic to the class. April 11, 2012 - Present - Vancouver Fashion Week and Left Coast TV Promoter - Proud supporter of promoting VFW and Left Coast TV with their many events and shows. Cowriter for Left Coast TV, article featured in Coco and Rico magazine and featured in Vancouver Eco Fashion Week.

Hobbies and Interests Scrapbooks - Love to bring out my creativity with scrap booking. Writing - I have a high interest in writing articles, blog entries and essays. Graphic and Web Design – I have a knack for creating websites and graphics for Marketing, Business, Etc. Thorough in Marketing for Online Media. Vancouver Fashion Week – Love to attend the West Coast’s prestigious event promoting creative talent and amazing apparel. Fashion Shows - Love to volunteer at and attend fashion shows, attended Kwantlen’s 2011 “The Show,” and contributed to Vancouver Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2012 shows. Blogging - Love to write blog posts on my fashionable insights in Vancouver through my personal style blog. Skills and Abilities Adobe Photoshop, HTML, Microsoft Office, Paint Shop, Able to multitask, Committed, Good communicator, Market Savvy, Able to promote, Organized, Team player, Computer Savvy Volunteer Experiences Feb. 09 - June 09, 2009 - Adopt a Street, Picking up Garbage Surrey, British Columbia I collected garbage in neighborhood to beautify living area. Sept. 07 - May 08, 2009 - Langley Synchronized Skating Team, Fundraising Surrey, British Columbia I fundraised for my figure skating team throughout the year, for example, hot dog stands, sales, chocolate and car washes. Oct. 07 - Oct 07, 2007 - Clayton Heights Secondary, Volunteered in the 36-hour famine Surrey, British Columbia I participated in the 36-hour famine 2007 at Clayton Heights Secondary to raise money for World Hunger. April 11, 2011 - April 11, 2012 - Vancouver Fashion Week and LeftCoast TV, Press Release Vancouver, British Columbia I was featured in Vancouver Fashion Week’s press release on creating posters, business cards, promotion, and advertisement for LeftCoast TV, and assisting throughout. Upon being featured in Vancouver Fashion Week, I attended Vancouver Fashion Week 2011 and volunteered. Promotion poster displayed in Vancouver Fashion Week’s program and I was a part of Vancouver Fashion Week’s Media team. Nov. 11, 2011 – Nov. 11, 2012 - Vancouver Fashion Week, Volunteer Vancouver, British Columbia. I volunteered for Vancouver Fashion Weeks Spring/Summer 2012 season. I was backstage during the week and consulted with designers while assisting with fittings for their models. Additional Information I am a good people person, reliable, punctual and hard-working. I am willing to learn new things among bringing a positive attitude to the workplace. I construct a goal oriented mind set and a keen focus for work. I always take the initiative to getting everything done the way it’s supposed to. I have an eye for trend spotting and love to combine the elements of advertising, design and business administration.

References Laurie Belle - Business Teacher - Private Tutor and Television Host Surrey, British Columbia 604-779-5424 Joe Burbine - PriceSmart Foods Department Manager Surrey, British Columbia 604-574-1202 Peter How - Software Engineer and Developer Surrey, British Columbia 604-530-7937 778-908-2537 Mani Dhaliwal - Groupe Dynamite Store Manager Surrey, British Columbia 604-533-1542 Heather Delbridge â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Groupe Dynamite Store Manager Coquitlam, British Columbia 604-468-0632

Thank you for taking the time to read my report, I had an amazing experience at Dynamite and love that I got to share it. Thank you for all the support and I hope to stay in touch.

Retail Experience  

Retail experience report at Dynamite clothing.

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