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GREEK LIFE YARD SHOW REGISTRATION FORM CONTACT INFORMATION NAME ORGANIZATION # OF PERSONS PERFORMING E-MAIL CELL PHONE YARD SHOW – TUESDAY, April 17, 2012 LSC MALL AREA (8PM – 10PM) INFORMATION: 1. No registering organization(s) will be allowed to perform without the approval of Multicultural Greek Council Expansion Committee. 2. All organizations must report on time. Check-in will be at 7:30pm in the LSC Mall Area 3. Each organization will have a total of 8 minutes of performance time maximum; this includes both the introduction and exit steps. During this time, a group is allowed to sing, stomp, chant, march, stroll or dance. 4. Each organization must have all music cued. A person should be assigned to instruct the sound person as to when the music is needed during the show. 5. Members of your organization or local council other than those specified to perform may not be on stage any time during the show. 6. Please come to check-in dressed and ready to perform. 7. The order of performance will be predetermined and strictly adhered to. 8. Props must be approved by MGC Expansion Committee for use prior to the event date. YARD SHOW RULES 1. Any type of vulgarity, profanity, solicitation, swearing or cursing, disrespectful actions, or degrading acts will not be tolerated. Power and sound will be cut and the performers removed from the performance area. 2. No sexually explicit content is allowed within any portion of the performance. 3. Degrading of other organizations will NOT be allowed. 4. No inappropriate costumes will be allowed. DEADLINE Registration Deadline is 5:00pm. Thursday, April 12, 2012. Please return the completed registration form to the Multicultural Greek Council mail box in the LSC Student Activities mail room, email to or drop off to Jerrell Sherman. If you have any questions contact MGC Expansion Committee chair, Krystina, at (832) 403-8844. The participating organization assumes all risk in its performance of all activities authorized by this agreement and is responsible for all actions whatsoever committed by your group that may cause harm or injury to persons property and the University.

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SHSU Greek Life Yard Show