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A Photo Booth Is A Fun Addition To Any Bash Think about adding a photo booth to the fun next time you decide to host a party. These booths have gained a lot of popularity recently at lots of different types of parties. To make your next experience amazing, follow these simple suggestions. Where You Should Put the Booth Lighting is an obvious concern whenever photography is involved, but there are numerous other things to worry about with regards to placement of the booth. So that your guests are encouraged to put it to use, you want the booth to be positioned so it is easy to get to. However, you will also want to make sure that the booth does not disrupt the natural flow of the party. Locate the booth near a power outlet and think about where the power cords will run. Your Guests Will Like the Chance to Become a Celebrity Even if it is only for a few minutes, everyone enjoys the opportunity to become the center of attention. Parties seem to be one of the best places to stimulate this type of quest. Whether at a holiday party, a bridal shower, or maybe the office party, the opportunity to let loose while enjoying some positive attention is a little bit easier with a photo op. By being the first person to enjoy the booth and encouraging others to follow suit, you're able to set your guests at ease. Theme is Important This will be that much easier if your party already has a theme. Costume ideas related to the theme, like hats, scarves, wands, etc., should be stocked in the photo booth. To help your guests get in the mood of the party, these props are frequently beneficial. The use of these props can still help your guests to feel comfortable in front of the camera even if there is not a party theme. Empty frames, power tools and period costumes are other prop ideas. Be the Director You can stand with guests and promote some silliness by calling out a few photo ideas to help each of your guests get into the spirit of the booth. Coming up with the funniest face, leaning in for a kiss or fitting as many faces into the screen as you can are a few suggestions you can try. Plan Some Photo Op Games Help your guests have a lot more fun when they slip into the booth by incorporating simple games. Drawing a suggestion slip from a hat is a wonderful way to encourage your guests to pull a comical face for the photographer. Blindfold guests just before they pick out their props and release the blindfold once they enter the booth. So your guests can achieve their best zombie or movie star look before their pictures are taken, set up a makeover table nearby the booth. So that your guests can easily turn their photos into a memorable keepsake, you can also set up a scrapbooking table. Make Party Favors Personalized Memory Lane Photo Booth, LLC

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A Photo Booth Is A Fun Addition To Any Bash

The unique and personal party favor that they get to take home is one of the top reasons that your guests will appreciate the use of a photo booth at your celebration. Good times were had at that party and the photos are a visible memory. You will be able to relive the fun and enjoyment of that party easily with your own personal photo album if your photographer provides you a set of photos also. For your next event, a portable photo booth in Phoenix is a fun addition. For additional info on Memory Lane Photo Booth, have a look at their web site at

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A Photo Booth Is A Fun Addition To Any Bash