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Victoria Secret

Furniture Design 01. Tangram Design

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02. Kat Von D’s make up designed Booth

7- 8 Color designs

9 - 11 Design for the corporation“COMA“ In Caguas, Puerto Rico

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First developments

Victoria Secret is a company that began with a sensual lingerie clothing line for women. Then manufacture other products, such as pajamas, bathing suits, handbags, perfumes, and more. The Victoria Secret’s theme color is pink for it’s name, Victoria Secret Pink. The meaning of Victoria Secret is to represent the woman with elegance, sensuality, passionable and modern. Victoria Secret’s products became popular in high demand, therefore, production increased it’s distribution successfully through the United States. The most common states are New York, Florida, Ohio, Atlanta, Boston, Houston, Philadelphia, Washington, Chicago, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. An additional Victoria Secret has been included in Puerto Rico. It has been spread through the island the demand for this product. It has sustained popularity in the puertorican modern woman today. The significant purpose of this project is to design a proposal plan site with sexy, youthful and modern structural elements to represent its name brand. The inspiration for this project was based on the silhouette of a woman's body. Therefore, the interior and exterior has been designed with the structure shape of a silhouette with curves of a woman’s body. The conclusion of this proposal inspirational design is to demonstrate the transparent and intimate modern style within women expectation.



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Sketch up Floor plan

Sections and Elevations


Krystal Lynn Interior Design

Krystal Lynn Gonzalez Interior Designer Cel. (787) 392-6238 email:

Krystal Lynn Gonzalez Portfolio  
Krystal Lynn Gonzalez Portfolio  

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