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Introdu Written by Krystal Cochran

uction Dear Reader

What if a generation of young people grabbed hold of the their true potential? Their potential to make a difference in the big world that we live in. Most young people are not satisfied with the state of the world and they hunger to know their place to make change. All they need is to be given the opportunity to do so. So here is a book full of ideas to help you help your young people to make the change that they’ve been longing for! I hope you enjoy reading, being creative, and making these ideas your own! -Krystal Cochran

Tell If you knew that you were going to leave forever, you’d make your last words count. Jesus did. -YWAM Adopt-a-people program

Show a movie

Host an event where you can show a video with a message. Then at the end of the time you can give a chance for people to respond to the message that was shown. Resources: Nooma Videos, Louie Giglio, Jesus Film, End of the Spear, Human Trafficking, Soul Surfer

Join a campaign

Find a campaign or a cause that you think is good. Maybe there is a sign up or membership you’re able to get so that you can stay updated on all that is happening with this campaign.

Make a memorial

Why not make something that would be a constant reminder to people about a certain cause that you believe in? People are generally more likely to be active in something if they are reminded about it. Ideas: Park bench Mural Statue Framed Picture Plaque

Report crime

Be active by reporting and encouraging other to report the crime and injustices happening in your own local community.

Speak up about injustices

There are various ways you can “speak up” about injustices happening in the world. You could write a letter in the mail to your local politician expressing your thoughts for change, you could sign a petition on the internet that stands up for something positive, or you could verbally share with family and friends about some of the issues happening in our world. Some injustices you can speak for: • Child Prostitution • Aids • Domestic Violence • Abortion • Easting Disorders • Incest • Pornography • Trafficking • Honor Killings • Lack of education

Give Never doubt that a small, group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has. - Margarent Mead

Support a missionary or project

Find a missionary or project that you believe is making a difference and support them financially, in prayer, or buy sending letters. Doing this will connect you into their ministry and make you feel like you’re a part! If you’re having trouble finding a missionary try asking a church or people that attend a church to see if they know of any.

Host an awareness/fundraiser event

Organize an event that would inform and challenge people to do something positive. It could be geared towards helping a certain cause or project. Use the talents and ideas of the people around you to pull off a successful event and get others involved. Ideas for an event: • Bush dance • Band • Disco • Movie night • Sport • Dance or fancy ball • Food • Collection drive

Collection drive

Contact a project or person and find out what their needs are. A good place to start is locally by calling your city council. Run a collection drive to help see their needs met.

Raise money to give towards a mission

To give is better than to receive! So raising money to give towards a project or person that you believe in will not only affect you but will also speak volumes to the your community. Ideas for fundraisers: • Car wash • Sausage sizzle • Garage sale • Odd jobs • Local markets • Busking • Bake sale • Host an event

Go “God isn’t looking for people of great faith, but for individuals ready to follow Him” - Hudson Taylor

Treasure hunt evangelism

Experience the fun of God going on a search for “treasure”. This exercise shows people that they can hear God’s voice and that evangelism doesn’t have to be that scary after all! How it works: Ask God to highlight something or someone that you’re supposed to go and talk to about Jesus. It could be a colour, an object, or even the name of a person! Each team will be sent off on a “Treasure Hunt” to find the clue that was given to them so they can share God’s love with somebody. A report back at the end of the time is always exciting!

Scavenger hunt evangelism

Have fun while sharing God with those around you. Get your group going on a scavenger hunt by completing one task after the other. Ideas that may help you: 1. Find a really unique object and decide in your mind why it is unique to you, then pray and ask God to lead you to one person you have never seen before to give it to, and when you give it to them explain why you were attracted to them to give it to. Then ask for their name and one thing you can pray for. 2. Tell 10 people that Jesus loves them. Write down their response. 3. Begin writing a story. Start the story with a couple sentences to get it going, then go around and ask people you don’t know to write a couple

sentences then more and more. It should be at least a page long. 4. Do a random act of kindness (ie. helping an old person carry their groceries, picking up rubbish). Remember you shouldn’t get any money for this. Just bless them. 5. Ask a bunch of people if they’re Christian until you find one, and tell them something encouraging, and give them a scripture of your choice.

Bible distribution

You can order bibles and hand them out to people in your community. If you wanted, you could even write a message in the bible so they know where to start. One good place to start reading is in the book of John and then the book of Romans! Resources:,,

Writing your testimony

Have your group write out their testimony in a presentable way and go out to share it/give it to someone to read. Suggested format for a testimony: 1. Before Christ – What your life was like before you accepted Christ? 2. Your conversion – How did you come to ask Christ into your life? 3. After Christ – How has your life changed?

Using tracts

Tracts are an awesome way to get a conversation started and share the gospel with someone. They are also great to put in random places for people to find! A tract is just a written (or drawn) message to help lead a person closer to Christ. Sometimes it’s easier to read and see it than to hear it! Resources:, wayofthemaster. com

Create your own tract

Have your group create their own tract by using their own testimony! Then go out and share it/give it to someone to read. This is a much more personal way to share the gospel with someone! To get ideas you can search online for gospel tracts. Possible tract themes: • How you became a Christian • An occasion in your life where God particularly helped you • Focused on the gospel instead of your own personal story of how you became a Christian • A theme or something that is important to you (i.e. family, job, sport, hobby) and linking it in with the gospel

Prayer walk evangelism

One great way to get in with people is by offering prayer for them! Send your team out praying in your community. They can walk around and pray for people as God leads them.

Sports and recreation

Find out where the local youth hang out and go hang out with them. It’s a great way to build relationship with youth and meet them on their level so you can share Christ. Once you build relationship with them it is easier to invite them to a youth group where they can receive further discipleship.

Open-air performance

If it is appropriate, you could have team share in public the gospel message or maybe have a time of worship. Before doing this it may be good to check and see if there are any city regulations to you doing this. Here’s what your open-air could include: • Welcome and introduction of team • Icebreaker (something to catch their attention) • Worship songs • Creative presentation (i.e. drama) • Testimony • Message from a group leader or staff person • Call or response to the message being given

Use your talents

You would be surprised what talents are amongst a group of people. Have a brainstorming session on how you could use your talents and skills to help people and use them!

Send a letter to a missionary

Many missionaries undergo many difficulties as they are in an unfamiliar place spreading God’s word. They also have a lot of cool stories from their experiences that we can all learn from! So find a missionary and start writing back and forth to each other. If you’re having trouble finding a missionary to write to try asking a church or people that attend a church to see if they know of any.

Volunteer at a local charity

Contact a local organization or club that is doing something positive for the community and ask if they need help. A good place to start is by calling your city council.

Say thank you

Think of someone in your life that has made an impact on you. Reflect on those thoughts and the moments they were in your life and write them a letter to gratitude. Not only will this bless that person but will also encourage the writer to do the same for someone else.

Do Random Acts Of Kindness Set out one day to do something out of the ordinary for someone that you don’t know. Random Acts of Kindness will look different every time you do it depending on who you meet and what act you do.

What you can do: • Give an encouraging card • Give away baked cookies • Mowa someone’s lawn • Push a trolley for an elderly person • Buy a checkout person a candy bar • Hold the door open for a stranger

Pray for the world

Pick a country, people group, or issue happening in the world that you could pray for. This could be a challenge to do daily or set aside 1 hour to pray. Many people refer to this type of prayer as “Intercessory Prayer� which means praying for someone other than yourself. You can get news articles, pictures, statistics, and other resources to help make this time more interactive and creative.

Send a letter to a person in prison for their faith

People going to prison for their faith in Jesus is still happening today in various parts of the world. Writing a letter to the imprisoned person will encourage them and their family. Also, it will challenge the person writing the letter in their faith as persecution become a bit more real to them. Visit to gain advice and details on how to get in contact.

Organize an outreach for your group

Getting your group together to experience an outreach first-hand can be life changing for both you and your young people. Going on an outreach doesn’t mean you have to go to a thirdworld country and live in a hut it could just mean finding out what the needs are in your own community and doing something to serve those needs. But if you would like to go overseas or outside of your community for an outreach to get ideas and guidance on how to do this it may be best to contact people that have experience in this area. Places to start looking: • Youth With A Mission - or • World Vision - • Youth Alive - • Operation Mobilization - • ACC Missions -

Do an exchange

Link up with a youth group or school and do an exchange. That means they come visit you and you go visit them. Try to experience their way of life and compare it to how different it is to yours.

Take a field trip

You don’t have to go very far to get away from your normal environment and culture. Depending on where you live it may only be a few hours drive to get to a different part of town/area that is less fortunate than where most of your group lives. Take a day field trip to one of those places and as much as you can experience their way of life. This will give your group a different broaden your group’s ideas on how different people live.

Pray for people in your community

Everyone appreciates prayer, especially when you’re going through a difficult time. Places to find people: • Ask a local church if they know of anyone • Nursing home • Hospital • Your neighbor

Start a bread run

You’ll find that most of your bakeries in town have to get rid of their goods that aren’t sold at the end of the day. Contact your local bakery to find out if you can have bread to give to people that are in need. Find out from your local church or council if there are any less fortunate families you could donate the bread to.

Pick up rubbish

Picking up rubbish in your area is an easy way you can impact your community. It helps people when they see someone else making a difference so they too can take initiative to make the community a better place. So grab some gloves and a few rubbish bags and start walking the streets!

Give them a platform

Many times when a young person is given the chance to lead and share their faith their faith suddenly comes alive! Give your group the chance to disciple and lead kids younger than them by running children’s bible school open to the kids in your community/church. What you could do at a children’s bible school • Skits – search or for ideas • Games • Sign songs • Prayer for the nations • Share testimonies/stories • Crafts • Videos/movies • Go on a local outreach

Train “Let my heart be broken with the things that break God’s heart”

- Bob Pierce, World Vision founder

Experience a different culture

Flying somewhere to experience a culture is not an option for everyone because of the cost and distance so why not replicate a culture so you and others can experience it? Get a group of people together after doing research on a culture/people group and celebrate the culture that God created. You could even incorporate a time of prayer for this country it’s struggles. What you could include: • Food • Decoration • Language • Clothing • Pictures • Smells • Statistics • Guest from that country

Do a study on people making a difference There are many people that have done great things and we now have the opportunity to learn and be challenged by the way they lived their lives. Get a group together and study one of these people! Some people you could study: • Paul/Saul in the new testament of The Bible • Count Zinzendorf & The Moravians • Chinese Christian Brother Yun • Invisible Children

Run a missions workshop

Sometimes people don’t do mission work because they don’t feel qualified enough. If a group was taught what mission work is along with being trained and prepared they may be more inclined to go into their communities, nations, and world to make a difference. What you could do at a missions training workshop • Study the biblical basis for missions (i.e. Genesis 12:3, Matthew 28:1, Acts 1:8, etc) • Get understanding of the state of the world ( • Worship, intercession prayer • Practice sharing your personal testimony • Brainstorm on how to get others involved in the cause of world missions

Learn practical ministry tools

Sometimes having something visual that you can present to people helps a message come alive to the presenter and to the audience. Take some time to learn a few dramas and/or puppet skits that deliver a good message. You can use these for open-air evangelism, church/youth group, or a missions trip. Visit or to get ideas on dramas and skits.

Have a discussion about an injustice

Pray and research a topic that you and a small group of people can discuss together. Brainstorm what you can do to help demolish this issue.

Hear someone’s story

One of the greatest ways you can be Christ to others is by listening to them. Organize a meeting with a local and listen to their story. People to think of: • Immigrant • Homeless person • Past missionary • Elderly person • Pastor

Put it into perspective

Think of a way that you can demonstrate how a less fortunate person lives and what they must go through. This demonstration should get the point across that not everyone is as blessed as we are and motivate us to want to make a greater change in the world. Example: In Bangladesh some women are confined to their homes, they are not allowed to be seen in public. So you could get everyone to record for 48 hours every time you leave home and what you did. Then get them to reflect on how different their life would be if they were confined to their home. Example: Prepare 3 “classes� of meals. A threecourse meal, an average meal, and then just a bowl of plain rice. Split your group into three without them

knowing what is going on. Have the “upper class” people sit at a nice table and serve them the nicest meal. Then have the “middle classes” serve themselves the average meal. And lastly, have the “low caste” sit on the ground to eat their rice. Example: Split into small groups and go somewhere that is hidden (maybe a closet or toilet) hand out ripped out pages of the bible and explain that they aren’t allowed to be loud or they will get caught. As a group spend time praying, singing, and reading the pages of the bible. You can even have “police” walking around that take people to jail for being a Christian.


Many people are visual so having something hanging up and reminding them about people and places outside of their own sphere can be helpful. This could be a world map, pictures, or profiles.

Hear it from a missionary

What better way to give your young people an example of making a difference in various parts of the world than to invite someone to come in who has experienced it firsthand! They can share their experiences and depending on your group size you could even have a question/answer time. This could be done in a casual or formal setting.


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Practical Ideas for Youth Leaders