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Krystal Cochran in missions

May & June 2010 edition

my name is laura

Hi, my name is Laura, I am almost 17 years old and go to a Christian school about 5 hours away from Townsville. I am very blessed to have grown up in a Christian home, and therefore being exposed to the “love of God”. However, the journey of allowing God to be my perDiscipling youth at Impact Summer sonal Lord and saviour, and surrendering my life to him was very different than just simply being told Jesus loves me. By the time I was eleven I had finally accepted that God was real, and heaven and hell were real, but that if I gave my heart to God I would be heaven with Him. I wish I could say the story ended there, but I can’t. Once God was real, I think I had to find a reason why it couldn’t be true for me. I struggled to believe that it was for me and my brain searched for anything to fear. That’s when I discovered the unforgiveable sin. To cut a long story short I will use one word; despair. I finally started to get into youth group, but this dark monster of fear creped out of the closet of my heart and struck

me where it hurt. Fear stole my future and told me the lie; that I was destined to hell and there was nothing I could do. I made mistakes, and I hated myself for them. The reality is that from the outside looking in I was fine, in fact I was fantastic; perfectionist, straight A driven student, even in a position of leadership in my youth group. The reality is, God and I were the only ones that knew how much I hated myself, how self conscious I was, how much I was addicted to slicing my wrists until they bled, how much I enjoyed the pain because I could feel it, because I could feel something. Only God and I knew that it was a desperate scream to say “I’m not okay!” “I need someone to help!” “I need someone to notice”. At this point in time, even though it may be hard to see, I was Christian, I had given God my heart, and he took every little piece that I would hand over and he put it back together, and he placed in gently

“I was destined to hell and there was nothing I could do.” back into my fragile body, whilst speaking words of love over me. But I did not have freedom, I hadn’t reached a point of understanding what freedom in Christ really was. God got me through, like

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By mail or in person to Sally Cochran 1876 Shalom Dr. West Bend, WI 53090 USA By Tax-Deduction (check/cash) 1.Make check out to YWAM (Do not write my name anywhere on the check) 2.Send check in post to Accounting Department PO Box 3000 Garden Valley, TX 75771-3000 (It must include a note saying it goes to Krystal Cochran) 3.You’ll receive a tax-deductible receipt


The ship arrives in Townsville (the city i live in) at the end of June so pray that the city adopts this new “beacon of hope” and that it helps unify the churches.

I am running a Mission Adventures program the beginning of July so pray for the students and teachers that will come and experience missions for the first time! Pray that God will be glorified in my upcoming Mission Adventures program and that i’ll have engergy and passion for it!

he always does, but then, which is what I love the most, is that God used that situation to teach me so much. At the completion of year 9 I went to my first Impact Summer, youth camp, at YWAM. It changed my life. That is when God taught me the difference between giving God my heart, and giving him my life, everything, all that I have, all that I am, all that I want, all that I ever will be. Ever since that moment when I cried on the floor of that auditorium, I have been living the dream. That is the difference. Needless to say, it has been an amazing journey. My teen years have been filled with Impact Summer youth camp so many different challenges, but God’s faithfulness has always shined through. I am confident in saying that I am completely and utterly in love with my saviour. My current relationship with God is a result of his love, and also Christ working through others to speak into my life. May you have no reservations besides Him. Your Sister in Christ, Laura

contact Email Website Facebook Krystal Cochran Network: Australia By mail Reef to Outback PO Box 6221 Townsville, QLD 4810 Australia

what makes us different There is one thing I know for certain, everyone wants to be in a place they feel safe in, a place where they are accepted and cared for. For the past 4 years I have been a part of our community youth program, Youth Street. You can ask any of the youth that come on Saturday and they would say that they look forward to coming all week. Everytime I hear this I ask myself, what makes this place different? What is so special about Youth Street?

Let’s take one of the youth that I have known for nearly the whole 4 years that I have been here. Josh is a great young chap unsure about where life is going to take him. He first came to Youth Street when he was 12 and not long after was diagnosed with luekemia. He nearly lost his life. When he was in remission he was able to return to Youth Street and that’s when I met him. I talked to him a lot in those days about God and the value of life. He said that he knew the Youth Street guys were praying for him and that’s what helped him get through it. That even though he was scared he knew that there were people believing that he would live. Not long after having these conversations the world got the better of Josh and he hardened his heart

towards God. He said that he didn’t need God cause he was just fine without him. But he continued to come to Youth Street. And I continued to encourage him, build him up, and be open about my relationship with God. I always wondered why he continued to come back here to Youth Street if he refused to have anything to do with God. Maybe he didn’t realize that the thing he loved the most about Youth Street (the friendships and encouragment) was actually God living within us. Maybe that is what makes Youth Street different! Just recently, nearly 4 years after I first met Josh, we were sitting at Youth Street waiting for his parents to pick him up. He’s in his last year of school this year and has grown up so much in his physical appearance! As we were sitting and waiting I could tell that he was deep in thought. He then came out to ask me, “Krystal, you have known me for a while now and what kind of person do you think I am?” He went on to explain that he wanted to know what I thought he could improve on in his character. What a moment to speak the truth of God into a person’s life! I was able to build him up and encourage him with what I felt God put on my heart to say to him. He is thinking a lot about

an inspiration to us all

After a family trip to PNG where Jack witnessed the poverty and injustice of the people of Papua New Guinea live with first hand, he was forever changed! He returned home to Ballina, Australia determined to do anything and everything he could to make a difference in those people’s lives. After enlisting the particpation of his school, they began collecting supplies to assist people in PNG.

Myself and students of an Adelaide school after taking a tour on board the Pacific Link.


When Jack heard of the Ywam Medical Ship going over to provide much needed medical assistance in the nation of PNG, he was more than eager to join his efforts with ours. Now one boy’s dream of making a difference is going to go far beyond what he may

his future and I believe he is also thinking a lot about eternity. So the next time God puts someone in your life to love (or encourage) make the most of every opportunity because you never know what conversation you will end up in because of it!

Picture: My favourite Youth Street day 2 years ago when we did “Ghetto Paintball”

have ever imagined.

Along with frequent visits to the ship during it’s stay in port, Jack also spoke at the Civic Reception, in honour of the ship, hosted by the Mayor and City of Ballina. When the ship left, Jack was able to sail on the Pacific Link from Ballina to Southport (Australia) with his father. Not wanting to miss a moment, he sat up with the Captain in the Wheelhouse the entire duration of the night sail. Jack’s story is truly an inspiration to us all. If this is the result of an eleven year old boy’s determination to help, imagine how much more we can accomplish if we continue to join together to make a difference!

find everything when you give up everything.

– David Crowder (musician)

May & June 2010 Edition  
May & June 2010 Edition  

This is an update that I hope encourages and challenges all readers!