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The Making Of Surreal Characters

By Krystal Davranoglu

Introduction While beginning to illustrate my surreal characters I wanted to make sure I was pushing myself to be as unique and eccentric as possible. This allowed me to exaggerate forms without having any constraints and measures. This was probably one of the most fun illustrations I’ve done in a while. My philosophy here is that “our imagination is limitless!” We have the power to lock our imaginative worlds in a box or let them free. I prefer to be weird and out of this world if that’s what it takes to set my imagination free. You will start to understand as you observe my thinking process of how I’ve interpreted things differently. I believe it is a beautiful thing, if I as an illustrator can spark your imagination in a whimsical way. Blue may be blue to me, but purple to you. This is why I had so much fun with this process! See what you want to see and think about it, question it, laugh over it. Set your imagination free with me.



One of the major key components was to form the main surreal character. More time was involved with this one. I wanted to make sure she had an inviting and caring disposition.

-Weaponry & Clothing-

As kind as she appears, she must also have a weapon that will protect her. So I’ve decided on a rose that shoots thorns.


Her clothes have a futuristic style influenced by nature and has a unique texture that will flow around her body.

-Getting to know her better-


She is evolving into a spiritual person, who is in love with her environment. She helps others in need and is loved back. She is part snail and has big ears to hear things from a distance. Her pony tails loop through her ear holes accessorising as earrings. Her name shall be Emily.

-Exploring Details-


The line quality is delicate, soft and rounded signifiying the good in her. Her ears also lets her know if there is good or bad news. She then lets the other creatures know. She will be there too if somehing bad is going on.

-Color Time-

As much as I thought to stick to a natural color pallet I wanted Emily to pop! My color pallete is inspired by Nudibranch underwater sea snails, immitating the bright contrasting colors.



She is developed in Photoshop.



Emily lives in space. This day is especially special because the falling fuz balls is their day of spring. She is blessed and thankful for her surroundings.

-Emily’s Sidekick-

The sidekick is inspired by spider and wings. Emily is part snail which mean she needs a faster source of transportation during an emergency. This is where spinster comes into play. Emily just needs to climb onto him and away they go!


-Getting ready for color-

Spinster’s colors are a bit more muted compared to Emily’s.





Spinster also lives in space. He has a flat back so Emily can climb onto him. He glides gracfully through space. His fuzzy hair keeps him warm as well as adding character.

The End

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