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Lunatic mostly about movies Independent is what people see in me Not a fan of South East football Hate to do things that need to be alone.

My Not So Ordinary Friend

Jessica Loyalty, funny, femininity and smart, Friend of mine and everyone in the class, Lover of food, music and art Who learned from books, movies and acts. Famous for being given the talent in singing, painting and math. Who used to dream of being a doctor, a lawyer or a professor, But now it all has changed into a dancer, a singer or an artist. Fear of insects, failing and loneliness, Who would never go into any jungles, participate in any hunger-strikes or living alone. Who needs her family, her friends and her iPhone more than anything. Who feels confidents, delight and proud of herself and everyone around her. Who wishes that she could break any boundaries appear anywhere for the world. Resident of London, UK Harrison.


A April just went through an interesting day, B Bang her head over a bunch of trays C Cooked her lunch and it became like hay, E Everything was awful and she had nothing to say. F Finally something started to got better, G Got a letter from a secret lover H Hope that he was a person that truly love her. I In English class, got detention from her teacher J Just because April talked too much about that letter. K Keep trying to cool herself down L Like nothing has happened, like it was an illusion after been bitten by a cow, M Many times she tried to copy in her mind those thoughts,

N Not many times she succeed even after doing it a lot. O One thing that was straight in her mind P Pity or not, it'd be just the same type of guy, Q Quite charming, that's what she thought through the notes R Ready to face him, at any time. S Suddenly, the special moment appeared right before she could finished eating her lime, T The look on April's face just told everything that she wanted to say U Unpredictably, that guy was none other than her best of friend, V Very shock but same time, very happy W William was the perfect guy to every girl's dream, X eXcitement was written all over anyone's face Y "You're the luckiest girl in the whole world" Helen said, Z Zelda cheered for the two, and now they begin their new relationship!

What’s Love?

Love Undefined, shapeless Caring, sharing, supporting Beautiful, extraordinary, Adore.

DIAMANTE POEM The Importance Of Knowledge

Knowledge Important, significant Thinking, studying, living The beginning of everything Cooking, playing, calculating Useful, powerful Information.

HAIKU POEM On The Winter Day

The lonely brown tree Has put off its yellow coat Ready for winter.

FREE POEM Everything Has It Own Value

There used to be Nalla, the beautiful book That always has the others admire look With one tiny drop of ink The beauty that she's always been proud of are now extinct. Those sweet words of compliments from everyone Are now all turn into those bitter words and slight That luxury "pride coat" that she has always put on Are now just a piece cheap "ashamed fabric". Living a life of loneliness and tears "You're ugly" is the only thing she hears Then at last, she met Coggie, the old pen at the corner And she's got a chance to hear the story of Coggie's life.

Turns out, Coggie had have the same fate as Nalla, He used to hate himself and stayed alone But then one day, he said to himself that it's enough And he choose to show that special side of him to anyone Be proud of it because that's doesn't happen to just everyone He faced everyone with confidence and pride And now that look of his, it the thing that everyone want to try. Nalla is now, knowing what to do Even if you're wearing a cheap "ashamed fabric" or two Everything in this world has it own value People can always turn that piece into an amazing, outstanding "pride coat" So who need to be shameful about what they are!

Tragedy Love

The naïve Juliette, Fell in love at the first sight with Romeo They promised to be with each other until forever No matter how things would go!

The two know they’re supposed to be enemies, But all they’ve wanted is to be free! Free from the severe prejudices, Free from their families’ relationship that everyone knows it’s now so bright. All those dates of keeping it as a secret All those dates of being together at night All those beautiful time that they’ve shared with each other Were the time, they’d remembered the most in their life. Secretly married together And of course, their parents didn’t know So they forced Juliette to marry to another person But you know, Juliette will never do.

And they got a potion from Friar Lawrence Drink that potion and you’ll be a dead person in 2 days at 10. So Juliette decided to drink it The “wedding-funeral” is now full with tears of men. A message supposed to be sent to Romeo About the “2 days long death” of Juliette But unfortunately, something must have gone wrong And all Romeo knew was Juliette is now dead.

Spent 2 days long to go back to Juliette, Romeo is now laying next to her Desperately thinking of death Tears keep falling with the hands are holding a knife. Suddenly, he stabs it right into his own heart And looking at the clock, it’s 9:59. Right at the moment Romeo spent his last breath The breath of Juliette started again. One two eyes opened And the other two have just closed.

Waking up seeing a horrible sight Juliette just wishes that it’s not in real life. Facing the heart-broken truth of reality Keeping the promise of being together even up in the sky or under the sea Holding the knife from Romeo’s hand With the same thought, she stabs it into the heart that’s belong to only one men.

The beautiful love story Became a tragedy because of the hatred between two families Even though, things are really sad But in the end, the couples are still together hand in hand.


Did you ever see the storks fly? Wide-winged, fancy-free, endlessspace, open-mined.

Did you ever hear the birds sing? Bright-atmosphere, delight-sounded, life-loving.

Linh Nguyen's Poetry  
Linh Nguyen's Poetry  

This is an assignment for my English B class poetry.