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“you use a glass mirror to see your face; you use works of art to see your soul� -george bernard shaw

id420: interior design thesis i:

in this senior-level course, students use critical thinking skills through research, writing, discussion, and problem-solving. emphasis is on identification of a design problem that could be better met through more responsible design. students chose a research topic with instructor approval.

id421: interior design thesis ii:

in this senior-level studio course, students develop a viable and visual solution for the project typically researched in id420. solutions incorporate environmentally sound, cost effective and responsible design methods to influence an audience using creative delivery methods.

produced in google sketchup enhanced in adobe photoshop

the luxury side of the game is explored in this new age one-of-a-kind tennis facility, where the health and fitness of the community takes center stage. this economically and environmentally planned design comes with a fully functional space plan. some features include 6 indoor and 9 outdoor courts, spacious locker rooms with showers and changing rooms, a snack lounge and viewing lounge both with optimal viewing areas of centre court, a proshop for all tennis gear needs, a daycare center, a racket repair and stringing center, and a 1,000 square foot training and fitness center. employee spaces are also included, with optimal offices and a break room with enhanced daylight views and a full kitchen and built-in for relaxing down time. a true star of the project is centre court; a professional court that resides at the center of the academy with all of the features needed for tournament play. located directly above the court is a mezzanine glass balcony viewing area for perfect viewing opportunities with seating and acoustically planned so as not to disturb the players down below.

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all scales represent original scale full set of documents available upon request

all scales represent original scale

the design supports the united nation’s millennium goal #7: ensure environmental sustainability. the goal strives to integrate the principles of sustainable development into country policies and programs and reverse the loss of environmental resources. not only was the design of smashpoint inspired by this goal, the overall concept was geared to helping make this goal a reality. many leed concepts were implemented into the academy, including bicycle storage and changing rooms, rainwater cisterns, water sense fixtures, operable windows, daylight sensors, heat mirror glass and flooring and upholsteries with recycled content. a recycling center is also on site, promoting leed and eco-friendly habits.

five guiding principles: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

health & fitness sustainability wellness community union sportsmanship

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id325: commercial environments:

in this advanced course, the design of an upscale, global, corporate interior reflects the comprehensive synthesis of problem identification, research, programming, preliminary design, design development and construction documents. problem solving centers on the creative and technical aspects involved in the universal design of commercial environments including space planning and with code compliance, way-finding techniques, and specifying corporate furnishings, finishes and materials.

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“the edgier side of the open air� is explored in this new age office where nature goes abstract. the space was designed for xseed, a full service social media company based in schaumburg, illinois. the client needs included a visually stimulating work environment, which my design inclines to provide to the fullest degree. with my office design, it is hoped that the employees of xseed have a new take on the work day. the goal was to bring the outdoors in as much as possible with cutting edge sophistication. through the use of attentive space planning, environmentally considerate textiles and interactive elements, this office space comes together as a true gem for a productive work environment. the design combines elements of the ever evolving modern culture with a lively twist of zen. with the use of natural woods partnering up with sleek metals, the perfect, harmonious work environment is created. the space provides enough tranquil entities to make long, strenuous work days fresh and enjoyable.


















a true star of the show in this office is the break and lounge area. this space includes “window seat pods” that introduce a unique element to the work environment without making sophistication blink. the conference room is also noteworthy with a conference table featuring one-of-a-kind built-in swing chairs. the newly designed plan of the business suite has a full-fledged open layout that’s generous in workspace without an inch of wasted square footage. each cubicle includes a full window view to be in touch with the outdoors and promote productivity. the space is incorporated with special wayfinding elements such as “green walls”, flooring changes and color palette changes. managers and select workspace areas are also secluded for private productivity. the deep tones of natural wood come to pair up with subtle grays and greens to create unique zen mod fusion. with every twist and turn there is something to catch the eye; whether it’s a floorto-ceiling mural, abstract sculpture, led accents, tactile textures or bold color palettes. most windows inside and out are provided with mini gardens.

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all scales represent original scale full set of documents available upon request

the design incorporates green elements throughout the space. leed textiles are applied to almost all finishes and materials. recycling bins are allocated all over the suite to promote environment-conscious habits in the workplace. the use of natural daylight is heavily executed.

id414 interior detailing + systems:

this senior level studio is a study of the materials and fabrication techniques used in the design and construction of interiors and how these details are communicated threedimensionally and in construction documents. content includes interior construction detailing of ceilings, walls, flooring and millwork. project solutions will consider the integration of building technology such as mechanical, electrical, plumbing and other relevant systems.

produced in autocad

produced in autocad by krystal reuter and amaira rivera all scales represent original scale

this sophisticated desk was produced by group effort with amaira rivera. a photograph was provided to us, and we were to create the desk starting from the frame and working our way out. we had started off with ideation sketches to address how the desk would be made with basic dimensions. from there on we constructed the framing, paneling and glass top to produce a successfully detailed desk.

id306: residential environments:

this studio course explores various types of residential dwellings as they relate to different inhabitants. project work applies the programming and design development phases of the residential design process to include information gathering, needs analysis, concept and spatial development and ff&e selections based on research and suitability.

hand rendered with marker enhanced in adobe photoshop

hand rendered with marker enhanced in adobe photoshop

client needs: -formal living room -formal dining room -great room -entertainment area -home office -quiet library space -laundry room with storage -walk-in pantry -2-3 full bathrooms -children’s art area -children’s friends area -optimal storage -grandmother’s suite -outdoor porch area

all scales represent actual scale

hand rendered with marker enhanced in adobe photoshop

part of this course required building a three-dimensional physical model. the first floor of the house was scaled to a quarter of an inch. the walls were constructed out of museum board and windows were constructed out of vellum.

this project was designed for the anderson’s; a multi-generational family that was looking for a home that could fit their many needs. each family member had their own specific accommodations, which the design was inclined to provide solutions to each one to the fullest degree. the overall style that was chosen for the new design was modern, so delivering a design that was sleep and clean-lined yet practical was an involved process.

since the general overall concept of a modern design is very minimalistic, the floor plan is almost completely open with few walls. upon entering the front door, to the right is an open entertainment area with a pool table and in front is a spacious family room, making it easy to entertain. continuing through to the back left corner of the house is a galley style kitchen complete with a breakfast nook and a walk-in pantry with an adjacent open dining area. located just off the formal dining room is a formal living area/sun room that is right off of the deck for optimal outdoor views. tucked away on the backside of the house is a more private nook, with a suite for the grandmother to accommodate her as she gets older. the second floor contains an entertainment area for the eldest son and a useful art and storage area for the youngest daughter. the overall color palette of the new house design is very neutral and minimalistic, containing cool grays. pops of color make an appearance in the rich wood flooring and abstract wall accessories. sustainability was definitely considered in the new home for the anderson’s, incorporating unique curtain wall windows for almost the entire backside of the house, taking a huge advantage of daylighting. being able to completely open up the house to the outside is a huge player for the modern theme of the home. materials with recycled content such as flooring and countertops containing recycled glass were also incorporated into the new design.

produced in google sketchup enhanced in adobe photoshop

original site photo

for the final project of this course, i was required to create an original interior space based off of research conducted on a specific monument of my choice. this bedroom was inspired by the qarawiyyin mosque located in fez, morocco. i was very inspired by the mosque’s statement verde green and white facade, its horseshoe arches, its intricate and decorative tiling and its many fountain-clad courtyards.

id402: history of design iii: this studio presents an in-depth study of the architecture and furniture developments of several major nonwestern cultures. religious, philosophical, and social beliefs and customs are emphasized while construction methods, building materials, motifs, fabrics, and decorative arts are explored. students work within teams to present their research on middle eastern, asian, african, mesoamerican and north american cultures. projects include the development of furniture and accessory designs created through the fusion of world styles.

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id401: interior design internship:

internship is a monitored program for senior-level students to work part-time within the interior design industry. field experience is an opportunity for students to apply and advance their knowledge, skills and professionalism under the supervision of a qualified mentor.

assisted with: -purchase orders -stock inquiry -price inquiry -pricing calculations

-autocad drafting -finish plans -lighting plans -custom elevations

laura o’connor design, llc is one of america’s leading home interior design firms that understands the builder’s need to appeal to their prospective homebuyer’s lifestyle within a specified marketing budget. since 1985, model home merchandiser laura o’connor and her staff of model home interior designers have worked solely with builder clients by providing space planning, interior and exterior selections, interior merchandising, model moves and upgrades, sales offices and more.

-sketchup models - custom piece building - shot enhancing in photoshop

-client presentations -powerpoint

-model installs -furniture assembly -custom wall details -model staging

-materials selections -paint -wallpaper

slide presentation prepared by laura o’connor design

etchup gle sk shop o o g n ed i photo produc adobe n i d e enhanc

id373: specialty design:

this senior level studio covers the physical and psychological factors that impact hospitality environments. students are expected to graphically demonstrate original and viable solutions. research on human factors, codes and lighting are combined with product mix and multisensory aspects of design to influence perceived value to the customer.

all scales represent original scale. full set of documents available upon request

produced in google sketchup enhanced in adobe photoshop have you ever wanted to explore the world of concealment; to basque in the mystery of hiding behind a mask and becoming someone or something else? skryt is a fine dining restaurant that takes the concept of concealing the human body to a whole new level. inspired by the moods boutique hotel in the czech republic, cutting edge design with european flair was executed throughout the entire space. the distinct czech culture strongly partakes in forming the project’s identity; from the wonderfully weird carnival themes to the project’s title itself. “skryt” derives from a czech verb, meaning “to conceal”.

when dining at skryt, one must pay close attention in order to catch the detail of the hidden. in front of the hostess desk is a floor-to-ceiling metal pin sculpture with a figure trying to push its way out. as the lights dim and move about, the pegs on the walls form shadows of figures. in the walls are those that use their arms to hold up the sconces and the all-seeing eye that watches from the wall. aside from its eccentric features, each floor of skryt also implements an economically-planned layout. the first floor features the main dining room, with three different types of seating and two private dining booths, both with ada function. it also features two well hidden service desks and a commercial kitchen with excellently-placed in and out doors and employee areas. the mezzanine floor upstairs features a full-service bar, ada restrooms and custom pieces such as built-in booths, a circular sunken lounge and a modular wave lounge. produced in google sketchup enhanced in adobe photoshop

produced in google sketchup enhanced in adobe photoshop

id383:advanced specialty design:

hotel style, classification and themes are examined for making appropriate design decisions as course content centers on the interrelationships between the elements of three-dimensional space planning, material/ furnishing selections, contract specification and detailing within hospitality environments. presentations are developed to reflect current industry standards for client presentations and sale

original site photo the project is located at 5625 northwest highway in crystal lake, illinois between liberty avenue and federal drive. it is centrally located in a bustling retail corridor that spans 2.5 miles.

produced in google sketchup enhanced in adobe photoshop

the purpose of the reuse of the former walmart and grocery campus in the crystal court strip mall is to bring the city of crystal lake together, revitalize the community, boost the economy, and to spark the city’s immense tourism that had attracted so many people to come vacation there years ago. the reuse plan will include the scope of the area, market, and possible reuse options. getting such a plan together would require the community, funding, sponsors and a solid design team to meet in the middle to get the ball rolling. since the buildings have been vacated for nearly five years, it is a solid understanding that talk and ideas about making such use of these spaces have been tossed around. it is believed that community support would not be lacking.

all scales represent original scale. full set of documents available upon request

the adaptive reuse design concept for the stores is a timeshare resort and mixed-use facility. it is understood that there are smaller hotels and motels nearby, but the city is currently lacking some sort of luxury resort hotel that could really attract guests. the option of guests being able to stay in a hotel and also having the options to be able to rent a unit or own a timeshare could be very successful. the core and main hub of the building is going to feature an all glass atrium displaying a spectacular view of the three oaks park and vulcan lakes, a lobby, check-in desk, bellhop, and a beach gear rental shop. here guests will be able to check in and obtain brochures and tourist information to learn about crystal lake and what there is to do around the area. they can also have their luggage sent directly to their rooms, and to be able to rent beach and sport gear exclusively available for guests of the resort. since the facility is directly behind the recreation area, there will be a bridge and bike path built to provide easier access to the park. the resort will also include an indoor and outdoor pool and a small, private beach area for those who want a quieter experience. the mixed-use spaces for the building will include a breakfast cafe, a formal restaurant with a outdoor porch for an outside dining experience, a fire pit space for campfires, a luxury spa, several retail stores and open studio spaces, where local instructors can teach wellness classes for guests and residents such as yoga, dance, cooking, pottery etc.

produced in google sketchup enhanced in adobe photoshop

pr en od ha uc nc ed ed i n in g o ad og ob le e s ph ke ot tc os hu ho p p

sample budget full budget available upon request

produced in google sketchup. enhanced in adobe photoshop

the new facility will feature standard hotel rooms available for a quick stay, and also have studios, one-bedroom, twobedroom and three-bedroom villas available for timeshare ownership and a longer stay. Each guestroom of the resort features its own private sunning porch equipped with lounging furniture and spectacular views of the lakes. Each individual vacation villa will feature a cozy modern-inspired living area with hints of nautical charm. The space has a generous amount of seating, ideal for winding down with the family after a fun-filled day of vacation. Lively patterns, cheerful decor and a view of the lake complete this functional hub of the guestroom. The guestroom villas also come with a fully-functional kitchen with top grade appliances and diningware. Adjacent to the kitchen is a cozy banquette for casual family dining.

thank you... this journey would not have been possible without the love and support of those close to me. thank you especially to my mom and dad for always providing the unconditional love and encouragement i needed in order to accomplish my dreams. i would not be where i am today without the both of you. i am so grateful to have been surrounded by such amazing friends, inspirational classmates and my loving boyfriend throughout this time.

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