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Little Steps for the Beginning of the Journey to wholeness By Lynda Lambert

Little Step #1 – Get a STOP SIGN You get to make a choice right now.  Here’s what I am offering to get you going.  Make a CHOICE  -  STOP   fears, insecurities, and challenges you

Seven years ago I suddenly lost almost all of my eyesight. It happened

have embraced.  Decide to put a STOP sign up in your mind every time you

quickly, due to a stroke-like condition that has no warning signs and no

begin to speak about negative things that have kept you bound up for way

treatment. As a visual artist and author, my entire life came to an immediate stop. Eventually, I entered a rehabilitation program where I learned to live my life again, through training in personal adjustment for blindness. Since those slow, beginning steps towards rehabilitation, I have thought

too long.  Everyone experiences negative feelings, fears, guilt, hatred, and self-pity. Decide to quit talking about those things and instead, talk about the good things you experience every day. Have you noticed that the THINGS that come to us in the NIGHT are never positive – always negative and fearful?  When you wake up with those

about how we can discover, recover, and revise our life after we encounter

frightening thoughts, STOP them in their tracks. Put up that STOP sign.

challenges that put us on the sidelines.

In my own journey of dealing with a new way of life that was sometimes

I found six effective, life-changing little steps that anyone can begin to take.

frightening, I learned to quit dwelling on what I could not do, and

Each one can lead us out of fear and feelings of low self-esteem. They will

concentrate on the things I could do, to figure out new ways of doing things

work for anyone at any stage of life. They are free..   You won’t even need to

that were now challenges.

clip coupons to begin to turn your life around and find a “new you.” When I lost my sight, I thought I had also lost my identity along with my selfesteem. But with work time, and lots of rehabilitation training, I regained it.


And, while you are at it, forgive anyone who has hurt you in the past. Just release that hurt and let go of it. It is not worth holding onto.  Put up your STOP sign right now.  We can always,, choose how to react. At any moment we can regain power by taking the higher path by making better choices.

Little Step # 2- No more excuses

Little Step #5 – Get your Mantra Right!

Take responsibility for your life and eliminate the excuses that have

Give yourself an “attitude adjustment” by using your personal mantra

kept you from experiencing a satisfying life. Think about what you

every day.  Think about what you are going to say, then see if you need to

personally can do to take action. Ask yourself what you can do, and then

turn it around to be more assertive and positive. Your attitude may need a

listen for the response.  Don’t worry; it won’t be something beyond your

tune-up.   If you start to think of yourself as a “bossy person,” change that

capabilities. It will be just a little step that will come to your mind. Go

to “I am a person who has very strong leadership abilities.” Your strength

ahead. See where it takes you. I can promise you, it will be perfect for you

and assertive leadership abilities may o be criticized by another out of

and your passions in life.

negativity, fear and insecurity. .  Accept that and continue on to be the

Little Step #3 - Change your words Change your vocabulary by choosing words that will make you feel like a winner. The next time you feel words like “I can’t” coming out of your mouth, switch it to “I will figure out how to do that!”

leader you are.

I have adopted a personal mantra for my everyday life. My mantra is “I have everything I need and I have it right now.”  This changed my focus from thinking about things as not attainable, to thinking instead of

Little Step #4 – Look for an “Exit” sign

already having what I need. I think of what I already have, changing my

When you feel like you are trapped in a corner with no exit in sight, begin

focus.  It gives me abundance instead of lack. It reminds me to be grateful

to scan the horizon for the exit sign. It’s there. Don’t panic, you will find it,

for what I have and to honor that gratitude in my daily life.

but you have to begin looking for it first. Eliminate feeble phrases, such as “I think,” “I feel,” “in my opinion,” “honestly,” and “but” from your speech. Instead, use positive, strong statements such as “I know” or “I am certain.”  Watch what a difference this will make in your conversations with other people. You will lift them up with your confidence and you will eliminate hesitation and waffling in your own consciousness as you speak.

Little Step # 6.- Stay focused on gratitude:

Create a Facebook Page

Here are some creative and fun ways that I found to be beneficial not only

Be positive every time you visit your page. Don’t get caught up in passing

for myself, but for others: Write a JOURNAL focusing on your revision of

along gossip or negative comments. Make strong statements that others

life. This is not a diary of “what I did today.”  This is a statement of what

will look forward to reading.  Never post negative words toward another

I am revising and envisioning for my life.  Write it out as though it has

person, but look for the best things you can say about everyone you are

come to pass. Write out the details that you envision.  As you write it out,

in contact with.  It is a gift to be able to communicate with others and in

you are setting your intention and sending it out to the Universe.  You

return, give your cyber friends the gift of good, positive, uplifting words at

are intentionally “casting your bread upon the waters” and it will return

every opportunity you have.

to you multiplied. You are planting seeds that will grow a harvest in your personal life.

Display your awards and honors Have you won some award ribbons or garnered some plaques of

Begin a Blog

recognition? Put them on your wall so you can see them every day and

Write positive essays and poems.  Share inspiring photographs and art

think about the recognition you received when you won them.  They are

works. You will quickly find that when writing about uplifting topics, you

physical markers of your life’s achievements. Be proud of them.  Toot

will keep yourself inspired as you reach out this way to other people who

your own horn and sing your own tune. Follow your muse and give thanks

will read your blog articles.

for the rewards you have garnered through hard work and dedication. Frame your diplomas and hang them on your wall.  Mine are nicely

One of the first things I did when I could once again use a computer,

framed and I look at them often as I sit in my office working.  Dust off

was to create a blog that would provide information on sight loss, as I

those trophies you won and display them with pride on a shelf in a special

experienced it through the lens of a visual artist and writer.  Write in your

place. My diplomas, award ribbons, trophies, and plaques help me realize

own voice; reach out to the world through your blog. You have something

I worked many years, spent a great deal of my hard earned money, and

good to share with others, all you have to do is find your audience.

dedicated  so much thought and energy  in the process of earning them.

Find the things you have hidden away in your drawers and closets, and

My creative artist friends are with me through beautiful sculptures, pottery,

bring them out so they can remind you of who you are, and the great

paintings, and prints that I have in my home. As the years go by these pieces

achievements you have already won. They deserve a special place in your

become more and more precious.. They are like old friends! I enjoy thinking

daily life. Other ways to celebrate your life every day can be by framing

about the many works of art I have made over the past forty years. I know that

special photos of yourself, your family, and your friends. I gathered

someone is looking at one of my pieces of art in their own home or office and my

photographs of family members, framed them, put the framed photos

art is precious to others.

into an attractive grouping, then my husband and I put them up in our

Take my Little Steps at the beginning of your journey to overcome negative

home.  Your home, office, or studio are great places to surround yourself

feelings. . No more “pity parties” for you!  Your little steps will lead you away

with images of your friends and family. Often, I say a silent prayer for a

from all of them.  You can make changes every day.!   Along the way you will

particular face that I have seen that morning as I come downstairs for the

develop your own special little steps I am offering just a few of my own for you to

day. Each person is a “treasure” and deserves special recognition.

consider today. Be sure to share your discoveries to wholeness with everyone around you. They

In my home I like to keep my artist friends with me.. I do this by buying their art

will see a difference in you and they will be curious. This is your opportunity to

works. I visit their exhibitions and buy pieces of their work. When I am sitting

share the joy of living beyond fear.  

down in a chair to relax for a while, I enjoy the art that surround me. Instead of buying meaningless commercial prints for your home, why not begin a small collection of original art? Visit your local art shows and meet the artists.. You can buy art directly from the artists who create it, and you can buy work that fits any budget you may have.

___________ This essay first appeared in her blog, Walking by Inner Vision, on February 17, 2014. It was revised for publication by Krista Bells Muse. Lynda McKinney Lambert Author of “Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage” published by Kota’ Press Visual Artist, Writer, Educator Lynda lives and works in the rural village of Wurtemburg, PA. Her River Road Studio was established there in 1976. She writes motivational and educational articles and poetry, for publications and she exhibits her art in galleries world-wide.   Lambert has earned graduate degrees in English and Fine Arts.  She is a retired professor of fine arts and humanities from Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA.

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