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TALK From My Lips to Yours!

Are you ready for the hottest sex acts ever captured on film? Think you can handle images of sweet, young chicks getting their tight, little asses stuffed with cock and their assholes gaped opened? Think you’re got what it takes to see hot babes sucking dicks and getting their mouths’ filled with hot cum? Well, if you answered “yes” to any of the above, then turn the page and get ready for a helluva good time. Enjoy. —Mary Carey

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Issue 165 • August 2010 SEX EDITOR:


Ron Jeremy EDITOR:

Jeremy McSandal





Arnold Held

DEPARTMENTS Sealed With A Nasty Kiss!



You need sex advice—and Mary’s got all the answers. Read ‘em and get the low down on the down and dirty! Dildo + Movie = Anal!



E. Honig



After starring in well over 1200 movies between them, who better than Ron and Mary to review the hottest porn flicks to come down the pike? For Horny Bastards!


Marty Puntus

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Absolutely the fucking funniest! “Steady As She Blows!!!”



Ron Jeremy is arguably the most recognizable pornstar in XXX history, and in XXX Reality Check, he takes you behind the scenes of his crazy life!



The sun was not the only thing getting Nicole Ray hot...



A covergirl who say’s she’s ready to go wild...

90 FEATURES Flame On!



Those dark, smoldering eyes tell a tale of wanton lust… Double Down!



Alexa was ready to try something new. Something nasty! Nude Pictures!



The hottest amateurs to ever spread find their way into our WANTED section!

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Summer Solo!



It was time to cool down with a dildo up her pussy. Slumber Sex!



Ahhhh, the smell of sweet, fresh pussy! Ranch Hand!



That’s what Kiara wanted. The dick of a Ranch Hand up her pussy. A First Time For Everything!



This wasn’t the first time Justine had had sex… 5

6 9 11


on schedule. Besides that, Jon, that’s the deal, but like I said—focus on the pussy, not the penis! Heehee! Less Mary is More! Hey Mary! Good love here for you from sunny SoCal! We all love you and your hot movies out here, but you apparently have been making less XXX stuff than ever! What’s going on? We want Mary! We want Mary! We want Mary! Pete G., Reseda, California MARY: Hey Pete! Great to hear from a “neighbor” here in the Los Angeles-area! Well, you are right, over the past few years I have made very, very few porn videos where I have sex. Like, less than a half-dozen, I think. Why? Lots of reasons—including: I have been so busy doing other things, like working here at SWANK, expanding my feature dance career and focusing on my website and other marketing promotions. Don’t get me wrong, Pete, I just love making hardcore, and I do miss it, but I have to prioritize my time these days, and for now, doing anothPorn Studs For Real? Hi Mary! Hope this letter finds you and SWANK well. I really dig your magazine and plan on being a subscriber for as long as you are running things! I am writing with a question: My friends and I who watch a lot of pornos always argues about the guys in the movies—the studs with the big dicks who never seem to have erection problems and always blow massive loads. Is this done with trick photography, drugs, or are these dudes for real? Anything you can tell us would be very appreciated! Jon C., Anthony, New Mexico MARY: First of all Jon, stop worrying about the men in XXX fuck flicks and concentrate on the chicks! Okay, just kidding! I know your question is legitimate, so let me try to tackle it. You should know that there are very few men who can do well in porn movies. While you don’t necessarily need a big cock, it helps. You do need to be able to get it up, on, and off on-cue, day-after-day; it in front of a large crew of cameramen, directors, lighting workers, techies etc., starring at you. So, it’s easier said than done. You might look at a hot babe in some porno you are watching and say, “Yeah! I could bang her silly!” Sure you could— back home in the privacy of your own bedroom—but on a porn video set? I doubt it! The guys who do this day-in-and -day-out are not “normal!” They are sexual stuntmen who have perfected their carnal craft over time! There is no trick photography to make cocks bigger, harder, or more potent. What you see is what you basically get. Now, do most studs in porn use things like Viagra these days? Whether they admit it or not, most do! It’s not that they can’t “perform” without it, but in the days before, such medicines were available and porn shoots used to be delayed for hours—sometimes even canceled—when a male talent was having a “bad day”—a.k.a “unable to get an erection.” So, it just makes things go smoother and keeps everything 16

What ever Some girlie-

happened friends have

to your XXX cum and

gal-pals, gone…

Mary? er sex flick is on the backburner. Don’t fret though, eventually I will be back before the carnal camera, and when I am, I promise to suck and fuck better than ever! Love ya! XXX Website W oes Mary, I am a big fan of porn movies—and SWANK as well! I spend many hours online each day, checking the stuff out— know what I mean? I like it all. In fact, I love it all. I am jerking off left, right and center—like that action? But, lately, it’s

become a problem. I got fired from my job because I was always coming in late since I was up all night watching the X. My parents are threatening to toss me to the curb if I don’t start paying rent, and my girlfriend told me to fuck off because of it a long time ago. So, the porn on the web is starting to cause me a lot of problems, but I can’t stop myself—I just can’t! Any suggestions, Mary? Kevin W., Ft. Meyers, Florida MARY: Yeah, Kevin, get a hold of yourself, dude—and I don’t mean your cock! Did you ever hear of the saying, “Everything, in moderation?” That includes Internet porn, dude! There is no question there is more XXX pictures and films available online now than ever before in hardcore history, and guess what? Tons of it is free! But, just because you can walk into a buffet restaurant and eat all you want, does not mean you should eat until you burst—get it? Getting off to hot pix and girls in cyberspace is cool, but you have to keep it all in perspective, and not let it affect your job, relationships and your family—duh! You really need to limit yourself somewhat, Kevin—either the number of hours you spend online, or the number of websites you frequent. Enjoying porn is fun— it is not a “life,” however. And, very seriously Kevin, if you find you can’t cool your online cravings at least a little, then you need to seek out professional help from a qualified doctor who specializes in such addiction disorders. Sorry to sound like a bummer, but that’s the truth. Good luck, Kevin! Knows What He Likes I like cunt, I want cunt, I eat cunt. Cunt, cunt, cunt. Thank you. Bubba B., Troy, New York MARY: I think I get your drift, Bubba. Girls Like SWANK Too! Here’s a surprise for you, Mary—a letter from not just one girl—but two! We are both 22-year-old women who are best friends and work together in a local gym as personal trainers. And guess what? We read SWANK! Why? It all started when we found a copy that one of the male clients had left in their locker room about a year ago. So, we picked it up, and mostly for kicks—read through it all and studied the pictures. Prior to this, neither of us had much of an interest in porno mags or movies. But, you know, reading SWANK, and really getting an insight into male sexuality—their interests, turn-ons and fantasies—was quite a revelation to us. So, we bought a subscription and now after reading a dozen more issues, both of us feel we are more in touch with our sexual relations with men, and more comfortable being sexy little sluts—when we want to be. So, I don’t know if SWANK is meant to be educational, but to these two horny girls, it’s been just that. Thanks so much, Mary! Jane R., Lois W., Racine, Wisconsin MARY: Hey Jane! Hey Lois! Thanks for one of the best letters I have gotten in all the years I have been with SWANK! Kisses, kisses—and more kisses! You know, one of the goals I have had here at SWANK, was to expand our readership to include more women and couples that were open-minded and cool about their sexualities enough to enjoy the words and pictures we put into SWANK each month. Of course, the main audience for SWANK is—and always will be—horny guys,

Apparently I have to priori-

you have tize my time

been makthese days, and

ing less for now, doing

XXX stuff another sex

than ever! flick is on the

What’s backburner…

going on? but there are lots of women and couples out there that can get off and even be “educated” by SWANK as well. You two ladies have made my day—and vindicated my belief that SWANK is for everyone—everyone who is hot, that is! Love you girls! Love you so much! Please write again! Where Are Mary ’s Gal-Pals? I used to read a lot about you, Mary, and various girlfriends that you used to run around with—other big name porn stars as well. But, what ever happened to your various XXX gal-pals, Mary? Are they retired from porn? PS: I love what you have done with SWANK! Keep up the good work! Jefferson G., Beatty, Nevada MARY: I’ve had a lot of very fun fellow porn girlfriends over the years that I would run around with, get in “trouble” with and have stuff written about us by major mainstream tabloid outlets. What usually happens is: I would run around with one chick for a while, and then something would happen with—and sigh—I have to move on to the next one! Remember the blonde hottie, Tawny Roberts? She used to be a Vivid and VCA contract girl. Well, Tawny had a baby and is sort of out of XXX for a while, I think. There was another Blondie, Hannah Harper—that hot British chick who was with Sin City for a while. Hannah finally got tired of the business and retired to do other things. Although, I hear she may be back in porn now. And let’s now forget about the super-sexy, Jessica Jaymes—not a blonde, but a real babe and a close friend of mine. I still hang with Jessica sometimes, but she is a real go-getter and has a lot on her plate 24/7, so she doesn’t have time to play much these days. There are more Mary Carey girlie-friends that have cum and gone, and will cum and go—but that’s the update for now, Jefferson—and thanks for your loving SWANK! I promise you, SWANK loves you back! 17

18 21

22 25 29 31

32 35

More than two decades in the making, director Jim Malibu brings us the sequel to the 1988 paranormal/comedy porn classic, Debbie Duz Dishes. The story begins when Bree, Riley and Nicole move into the same haunted house that was occupied by Nina Hartley and Mike Horner in


STARRING: Bree Olson, Riley Evans, Faye Reagan, Sara Stone, Nicole Ray DIRECTED BY: Jim Malibu AVAILABLE FROM: Adam & Eve RUNNING TIME: 130 Minutes HEAT INDEXXX:

Sara Stone & Tommy Gunn


Riley Evans & Evan Stone

finger jammed and knuckle-deep in her tight, little bunger. The lesbian plumber character from DDD1 also makes her return, and this time the role is filled by Faye Reagan. The volcanic, freckled redhead shows up to fix the pipes and winds up releasing the build up of juice between Nicole Ray’s legs. Sara Stone and her queen-sized bazooms get dicked and doused in ball slime in a basement tryst that gets interrupted by what appears to be Bigfoot. Bree rounds out the depravity, and brings the Debbie franchise full circle in a May/December bounce with Horner. – Laine Hogelfeld


DDD1. Reprising the role of the sex toy salesman is Evan Stone, and the boinking begins when Stone offers Riley a free demonstration of his products. Riley’s pussy gets the golden treatment from a slew of buzzing devices. She then assumes the position on the couch and the cock is passed back and forth between her mouth and twat. Bree Olson takes the dirty fun one step further by getting doublestuffed by two horny professional movers. Both cocks spend some serious time in her throat and cunt, and Bree revels in having her pussy rocked while there’s a man

Nicole Ray & Faye Reagan

Bree Olson, Eric Swiss & Kris Slater

Dylan Ryder & Tommy Gunn


STARRING: Alexis Texas, Dylan Ryder, Jayden James, Kristina Rose, Sophie Dee DIRECTED BY: Jonathan Morgan AVAILABLE FROM: Wicked Pictures RUNNING TIME: 100 Minutes HEAT INDEXXX:

In possession of the most kickin’ glutes that the porn universe has ever known, Alexis Texas brings her immortal ass onto the set, and her buns are the centerpiece in this outrageous poon poach. Alexis knows what the fans came for, and she keeps her ass in motion all through her scene— including shaking her buttocks like a rattlesnake while sucking off her buddy to completion, and taking his full helping of cum on her badass, Southern belle face. Sophie Dee and her mountainous mammaries grab our attention in scene two. Sophie is far from a rookie and the sex scene she puts down in this flick has all the raunch that we’ve grown to expect from her. Jayden James has a face that cries out to be fucked, and a body that could make a dead man’s dick hard. Jayden rocks the fishnet body suit with a split

Sophie Dee & Kris Slater Jayden Jaymes & Seth Gamble



crotch that provides the rocket with a shortcut to her muffin. Clad in black and white striped socks and fingerless gloves, Kristine Rose fronts as wide-eyed and curious, but once the dick is hard and the condom is rolled on, Kristina takes full control of the scene and it doesn’t take long for the rod to be swallowed up in her happy place. Tall, leggy babe, Dylan Ryder, brings the dirty to the final scene, going above and beyond the call of duty to get her man to drain his stalk.–Saul Mokenburgh

Alexis Texas & Mr. Pete


STARRING: Ashlynn Brooke, Sadie West, Nika Noire, Gianna Michaels, Jenny Hendrix DIRECTED BY: Lee Roy Myers AVAILABLE FROM: New Sensations RUNNING TIME: 120 Minutes HEAT INDEXXX:

It’s no big news that Ashlynn Brooke takes a backseat to no one when she summons the lap lizard into her waxed kitty. But it took this second installment in New Sensations’s Office series for the perverted world to see that this chick has the acting aptitude to carry a hardcore comedy on her back and keep the viewer chuckling as the spuzz hits the tissues. Ashlynn also does all the right things in her only sex scene in the movie. She’s paired with Dane Cross, and the couple leaves the comedy on the floor with their clothes and put on a fuck show that is as serious as a heart attack. Gianna Michaels rips into the pants of Mr. Marcus with an open mouth for a jaw-dropping suck job. Gianna gets penile coded in a litany of positions, and their enthusiasm goes a bit far when the cumshot sails clean over Gianna’s head. Sadie West stretches out on her desk so James Deen can lick her tiny butthole—then do her the way the doggies

do. Nika Noire saddles up on the schlong of Randy Spears, who drops one of his better performances with his take on the “Creed” character. Mega-babe, Jenny Hendrix, takes the final ride in the collection, and she definitely brought her A-game to work the day this was shot. Her ass gets plenty of attention from the camera when they hit it in the cowgirl and doggie positions, and the cum shot is robust enough for Jenny to rub the juice all over her entire torso. – Girth Brooks

Jenny Hendrix & Dino Bravo

Ashlynn Brooke & Dane Cross

Gianna Michaels & Mr. Marcus



Nika Noire & Randy Spears

Sadie West & James Deen


46 47 49

52 53

“He’s Not The Most Famous XXX Director In The Biz—But He’s One of The Best!!!” Text By Ron Jeremy Photos By Marc Medoff/Adult Press Service If you add up all the porn movies, Internet hardcore scenes and other X-flicks shot every year, the numbers

Marco’s specialty has always been shooting brand new fresh girls! 58

must be in the tens of thousands. That’s a lot of fucking, and a lot of porn actors doing it. But, it’s also a lot of porn directors directing all that. And who are they? Most of them the general public has never heard of. That’s right—day-in and day-out tons and tons of fantastic porn is produced by incredibly talented porners, but many are completely underthe-radar. My pal, Marco, is one of those guys. Recently, he invited me to stop in at one of his shoots—in this multi-million dollar house in suburban Los Angeles. It was a threegirl/one guy set-up, and man, was it smokin’! So, let me give you some background before we get to that. Marco is from England, so he speaks funny, but I try not to hold that against him—hey, I’m from New York City, so out here in L.A., everyone still tells me I speak funny! Before he got into X, he was this bigwig president, CEO/computer programmer-consultant kind of dude for lots of different big companies in L.A. and elsewhere. Then, about thirteen years ago, he started to phase out of that boring shit, and spend more time with his photography hobby. If you ask him about it, too, he will tell you as well, “I also like looking at naked women.” Can you imagine that? Funny guy! So,

What those three gals did to each other was mind & load blowing!

MaxCash, Platinum X, Naughty America, Amateur & Teen Kingdom, Hustler, and on and on—they all use Marco when they want their scenes to scorch! Today, Marco devotes his full-time to adult-themed material, and his company, Eleven Entertainment (, shares an office space (and his 2500 ft fully equipped studio) with the legendary World Modeling Talent Agency in Sherman Oaks, which gives him great access to new chicks, obviously! So, who were just a few of the on-the-rise hotties that Marco “caught” on the way up the porn fame ladder? Oh, how about Ann Marie Rios, August, Bree Olson, Brianna Love, Jenaveve Jolie, Sunrise Adams. Also, lots of Vivid girls such as: Katie Morgan, Danni Woodward and loads of others. How many scenes has he shot, exactly? Marco is modest, but he has probably shot over 1000 projects to date. He produces, directs, photographs, does boxcovers and sells content. Needless to say, he does it all. But, hey, don’t let me do all the talking! Marco, tell us a bit about what you are all about! “Thanks Ron. Well, my main business is custom shooting for individual clients—tailored to each particular situation, with our emphasis on creating the hottest erotic images of girls in the 18-23-year-old bracket—we do it all: Ethnic, interracial, MILF—but young, fresh girls are what we do best. We are sticklers for turning out only top products, on schedule, and on budget—I simply won’t settle for anything less. We provide a soup-to-nuts porn production company including editing, encoding—you name it, we complete it for you.” To “Nuts” you say? No pun intended! Haha! Seriously though, Marco tells it like it is. He is like one of the most professional porn producers I have ever met—ever. This guy doesn’t fuck around—not like me anyhow! And listen to him—he doesn’t care that he is like the “Invisible Man” of high quality porno. “I rarely get any actual credit other than being paid. Porn fans don’t know me. But, the people in the

one day, some friends of his wanted to start up an X-rated website, and asked him to shoot the pics. The shots came out great, and slowly but surely Marco started to get known around L.A. insider-porn circles and get other adult-gigs shooting stills. Then, in March 2001, he also started to shoot videos and direct hardcore scenes for various bigger and bigger websites. Before long, Marco had no more time for that lame computer crap, and he was in constant demand to churn out sex scenes from one end of L.A. to another in both photo-layouts and videos. However, it was all on the down low! As compared to the “big name” porn directors who are contracted to the larger XXX studios around town, and always get their name in the porn news, not to mention, win all these fancy awards—Marco was always all about the work—putting together great sex scenes and making sure everything was done to perfection. His specialty has always been shooting brand new fresh girls—chicks who are new, or relatively new to the X-scene. Want to see Marco’s work? Just surf the web, baby, you won’t see his name hardly at all, but you will be beating off to his great porno all over the place—I guarantee you that! 59

of what Marco does, here are a group of fantastic hardcore sexy websites that he shoots for exclusively, so you will know they are his productions: 18to-23 year-old shaved and trimmed models with an emphasis on the girl-next-door look and amateur models, 18-to-50 year-old women with hairy pussies—including solo, girl/girl and boy/girl stills and video——18-to-29-year-old women of various ethnicities such as: Asian, Black, and Latina models.—18 to 29-year-old women with a more in-depth presentation of each model doing solo, girl/girl and boy/girl stills and video.—features models who are under 5ft 4in

adult business do, and that’s all that matters. I am not into the celebrity thing at all. Not that there’s anything wrong with it!” Like I said, he’s a funny dude—for a Brit! Yet, he’s nothing but serious when it comes to his craft. Marco, take it away! “Thanks again, Ron. I try to capture the girl’s personality. I know that might sound bizarre for porn, where eventually it all comes down to the sex acts, but I view the girls as individual portraits—portraits of these girls-next-door and how they express themselves sexually. I want their facial expressions. I want the sound they make. I want the thing they say during sex spontaneous. I want them to be themselves. So, we shoot the video straight through and we don’t stop and break the continuity of the encounter. I don’t want any distractions, and by doing it that way, it’s worked very well so far.” Want to see some of the best of Marco’s work? Start off by checking out his own website at www. Eleven But, to really get to see the down and dirty


I was always onhand for “immoral” support!

and under 110 lbs. This site highlights what it is like to be so petite and includes solo, girl/girl and boy/girl stills and video with an emphasis on fantasy video skits, which play on the petite theme. Do you think that will keep you busy for a while? Or at least keep your dick and one of your wrists awake? The only next best thing to watching Marco’s final product is getting to watch it made—which brings me to the pictures on these pages this month, and my wonderful day on Marco’s shoot-set which I mentioned before. Ohhhhh, that! You thought I forgot, didn’t you? Not! So, here it goes— Marco gets this big house, and brings in three gorgeous young babes: Judy Marie, Jaime Langford, and Jana Jordan, along with muscle mega-stud, John West. What follows is a dozen hours of such insane hardcore sex and super-orgasms from everyone. I got dizzy after a while— and I was just watching! Marco had various sex scene setups with all four performers, but the crowner was the threegirl all-lesbo orgy at the end. I wasn’t in any of the sex myself, unfortunately, I was just on-hand for “immoral” support. I have to tell you though, what those three gals did to each other was as mind and load blowing as I have ever witnessed! No shit! But, I’ll shut up now, and let you look at the pics because as I have been yapping about here from the start, Marco’s work is all about the X-rated bottom line. Take a look for yourself and tell me you don’t agree. But, I’m out of time and space anyways, guys! Thanks, Marco, for sharing your work with us! Keep up the intense XXX heat you create. You have set the standard dude! Take care, SWANKites! See you next month in SWANK!!!

What follows is insane hardcore sex! 61 67




78 81


!.!,3,543 '!.'"!.' S PM CC CHKPM PHONEBILL

888$!4%    s 91

92 95 97


PAGE 14!

PAGE 18! PAGE 40!

PAGE 34! PAGE 4!

PAGE 26!



Weekends are the best. Since I don’t have to get up for school, I get to spend the entire day doing my favorite thing lounging in bed. I love to get naked and wiggle around in the sheets, imagining what it would be like to have a boy’s body pressing up against mine. I arch my back and stick my ass in the air ’cause I know that’s what boys think is sexy. Then I touch myself lightly in all the places I want to be kissed: my face, my titties and my pink virgin pussy, and everywhere else in between! 7

8 9


14 15

16 17



I’ve bbebeeenn pracctic t cciing n my ‘come hither’ look because all my that I look too sw friends tell me eet and innocent. M y best friend has alrea her boobs done and she dy had ’s only 19! And my other friend got this butterfly tramp stam giant p right above her crack . I don’t know, I lik natural. I know I’m e being not perfect or anyt hing but what you what you get and w see is hat you get is 100% me! Besides, looking th way I do gives me e the power to shock pe op le. I bet I look lik e the type to don’t really pose for dirty pics, do I? Well, SURPRISE! I’m not shy at all. I’ll sprea d my legs wide so th everyone can get a nic at e, good look. Not ba d, eh? I th ink it’s easy for a girl to look slutty an d I lik e things that ar e hard. Get it? :) Swa w nkM k 19

20 21

22 23


My best gal pa l Mia & I made a pact ages that neither of ago us would have sex real sex got married. S until we till, I want to be ready for when day comes and my big it's my turn to pl ease a man a Mia definitely do nd es too. So until either of us me Mr. Right, we ho ets ok up often to tr y out everything can think of on dirty we each other. I re ally get off on the crazy stuff s ome of , like I love ha ving my asshole and then stret lic ked ched wide open . That's gonna to explain on my be hard honeymoon! 27

28 29

30 S k kM 31

32 Swa w nkM k 33

26516 35


38 Swa w nkM k ag com

The first time my boyfriend wanted to go all the way I was like, “Hell no.” I mean, I kept thinking to myself why should I let yo u stick your dick in me an d you know, pop my cherry, when I probably wo n’t even like it? B ut he begged and begged so I finally give in and let him do me. And yo u know what? It is aw esome! His thick prick pu shing up inside my ti ny slit feels really, really good, especially wh en I lube him up first with my spit. Now I’m th e on e begging for it—LOL. It’s like I can’t ge t fucked often enough! 25978

40 Swa w nkM k 43

44 S k kM 47