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website address:


Create an account.


You will see this icon


Click on the link to create a new timeline.


Give your timeline a title. Choose an image if you desire to complement your timeline. a. Click on Choose an Image. b. Click on Upload an Image. c. Find the image. Select it, then click Done. You may also select a category for your timeline. Click GO!


On this screen, you will enter the title and the date of the event and choose an image for the timeline. Upload an image as you did in step #5. In the description box, add the information that accompanies the event. Click Create Event when finished.


Your event will appear on your Timeline. To view the description, click on the + on the event bubble.


For an event lasting more than one day, click on the Add Timespan button at the lower right side of the screen.


Add a title and description as before. Also include a start and end date for the event.


To publish the timeline, click the change status here button at the top of the timeline. Click the publish button next to the timeline to be published.

Click on the left or right marker to view a particular area of the timeline, zoomed in.

(Note: To make a change to the title of the timeline or the picture, click on the Edit title and picture button.)

To delete a timeline, click change status here button, then click Delete next to the timeline to be deleted. 11.

To view, edit, publish, or delete any of your timelines after logging in, click on the your timeline button at the upper right-hand corner of the screen.


Click on

to view the timeline as a timeline or in text view.

Timetoast instructions