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Website: Getting students to create their own user accounts: If you want your students to register their own accounts get them to load E2BN Story Creator 2 Creator and click "Messages" (or anything that gets a login prompt) then "Join for Free" if they select your school from the list on the right when they are entering their details YOU will be able to moderate their work when they finish and submit it within the application.


Assemble all the information in a folder.


Click Start to begin creating your museum box.


Click on Change Box in the lower right-hand side of the window to change the number of sections of each tray, the number of trays (levels), and the color of the box trays.


Click on the first cube of the first layer. Add a title to the cube in the Cube Title box. a. To upload an image, click on Images. There is a tab that is labeled Your Images. Any images that are uploaded will appear here. b. Click on Upload, then Browse. c. Navigate to where your image is saved, select it and click Upload. d. The image appears in the Your Images area.


Click on Add to Drawer, then click on Add to Cube if you would like to add the image to the cube. You may open the drawer later to add the images to the cube.


In the Caption box under the image, enter a description of the image.


Continue with steps 4a-6 to complete the cube.


To enter text onto a cube: Click on the red Text icon at the bottom of the screen. Enter a text title. Enter your text in green-bordered box. Format the text with the options above the box (bold, italics, underline, alignment, color, and size)

Click Save As to save the text. Add the text to the drawer. 9.

You may add sounds (either from Museum Box or your own),



and links. Adding links will show a screen shot of the website. 10.

To load a previously saved project: Click the Start button. Click Load. Enter your information on the login screen. Click Login.


Your Museum Box projects will appear on the screen. Select the desired project and click Load.


To work on another level, click on the level button on the left side of the screen. Repeat steps above to add more information to the Museum Box.

Museum Box instructions for teachers  

If you want your students to register their own accounts get them to load E2BN Story Creator 2 Creator

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