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Create an account. click on:


Click on Create at the top of the screen.


In the dropdown menu from Create, select New Capzle.


On the left side of the screen, a menu will appear. From this menu, you will: add your title and describe your capzle; add tags so that others may quickly find your zapzle; upload photos, videos, audio, and text; select the background; add music.


Click on Add Title & Description. A.

In the box provided, enter the title of your capzle.


Type the description so that others may search for and view your capzle.


Select a color, font, font size, and font style for your title text.


Select Tags and Categories. Select any of the categories that apply to your capzle.


Select Add Content.


This will allow you to upload one picture to be placed on your capzle timeline.


When you upload a stack, you will select multiple images that will be placed on the timeline for a particular time.


This selection will allow you to place an entry on your timeline.


Click on Upload directly onto my timeline. A new window will appear.

A. B.

Enter a stack title. Enter a stack description.


Enter a date.


Click add files.


Click on a file to be uploaded onto your title slide. Click Open then click Start Upload. Your image will appear on the opening screen.


Click on the picture on your capzle. A window will open where you can add the information about the image Add the title and a description, any tags, change the date if necessary. If you do not wish to keep the entry, click on Delete This Entry at the bottom. Click the X in the upper right corner to close the window.



To add multiple images, click on Upload a stack onto my timeline. Follow the instructions in A-F above, except shift or control click on multiple images to load all of them into a new stack. A.

Click on the first picture in your stack. As in step F above, complete the information about the image.


Click on Grid View at the bottom of the screen to navigate to the next image in the stack. Add the appropriate information


Continue with step B for all images in the stack. Click the X when you are finished editing the stack.

Select Design Your Capzle. You may select your own theme under the pick a theme tab.

You may also design your own background under the Design Your Capzle tab. At the bottom of the tab, you are given an option to upload your own image.


Select Add Background Music to add music to your capzle. Click Upload Music. On the next screen, select add files. After navigating to the file containing your music, select the music, click Open, then start upload.


When your capzle is finished, click on the I’m finished button at the top of the screen.


To view the stacks: A. Click on a stack and the first picture will zoom in. B. Use the left and right arrow keys to navigate through the stack. C. Click on Show Details to display the image’s information. D. Click close to close the stack and move on to another stack.

capzle instructions  

C. Select a color, font, font size, and font style for your title text. 1. Website: 4. In the dropdown menu from Crea...