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Farewell Edition :’(

Spring 2013 has finally come to a bittersweet ending. Memories were made, friendships were forged and bonds were strengthened as we all experienced a truly unique semester. This Kronicle is dedicated to the board members who have all put in effort into making Spring 2013 a semester to remember.

Jacqui Braceros President Hi PASA Kaibigan! It’s hard to believe that this semester has come and gone so quickly. I feel like I just wrote my Welcome Kronicle message yesterday, and now here I am writing my Farewell message to you all. First and foremost I’d like to say that it has not only been an amazing spring semester, but it’s been a momentous year for PASA. From making it to Final Rampage and winning Friendship Games for the very first time in Friendship Games history to celebrating our 26th Annual Pilipino Culture Night: The Mural – it’s definitely been a memorable year for all of us and I’m so glad I was able to spend it with such an amazing group of people. When I first joined PASA my second year of college, I did not expect to be in the position that I am today. I was semi-involved in FG, I joined Tinikling and Pasiguin for PCN, but I never really thought about taking on a leadership position in this club. However, I was suckered into interviewing for PCN Dance Coordinator… and from there, the rest is history. I have been a part of PASA for a total of six semesters and have served on board for four. PASA Kaibigan has definitely been a huge part of my college career and has given me so much. I can honestly say PASA has helped me to grow both as a leader and as an individual. I’ve made lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories that I will continue to hold near and dear to my heart even as I walk away from this organization. This spring semester alone has been the cherry on top for my entire college experience. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve as your Spring 2013 PASA President and I am thankful for being given this opportunity. As I prepare to close this chapter in my life and begin a completely new one, I’d like to acknowledge PASA Kaibigan for being a great milestone in my life. I’ve

gained so much from this club and for all of this and more, I am truly grateful. To my Spring 2013 boardies: Thank you, thank you, thank you. Thank you for all of the hard work and dedication you put into this organization. I couldn’t have asked for a better group of people to lead with as president. It was a pleasure working with such a crazy, wonderfully weird group of individuals. I can honestly say we were definitely a unique group, but I’ve enjoyed every second of our madness. I’m not sure there will be any other board that would ever come up with the outrageous ideas that we did, and I’m glad to know that we will be remembered for this. I’m proud of each and every one of you and I wish you the best of luck in all of your future endeavors. I know you all have so much potential. I believe in you. If you ever need me, I’m only one call away. I love you guys! To the newly elected Fall 2013 board, I’m so excited for what is in store for PASA. Continue to strive to make CSUF PASA Kaibigan history. To Robert Bocalan: Thank you for believing in me. To Wilma: We have reached the end of the road both at CSUF and with PASA, and I’m so grateful that you have been there with me through so much these past two years. You are the reason I interviewed for PASA board in the first place and also the reason why I chose to end my final semester serving as president. Thank you for believing in me, along with Gogoshabobo and for pushing me to reach my full potential. Thank you for your constant words of wisdom and for always having my back. You’ve been an incredible friend and a true inspiration. #instawilmaandbetty #instadormsong #thankyou To Jon: Thank you for being an amazing boyfriend and a great board member. You’ve been there for me since I first became PCN Dance Coordinator and you’ve put up with me through it all. I love you. To my adings: I’m so thankful that Jon and I were lucky enough to end up with such an amazing line. Again, thank you for the adventure so far. Even though we’re graduating, we’ll always be here for you. Love you


guys. To PASA: Once again, thank you for allowing me to be a part of this organization and even more for giving me the opportunity to serve on board and as your president this semester. PASA Kaibigan will forever be considered a part of my family. Special shout outs to J12&Friends, Siopao Fam & Tinikling Team of Tinikling 2013. I love you all. Your Spring 2013 President, Jacqui Braceros.

Abigail Aviles Internal Vice President HI GUYS! It’s been a great semester with all of you. I’ve truly enjoyed seeing you guys become more active (and my heart broke a little when some of you became less active D: ). I hope you guys stay in touch with one another and get the most of what PASA has to offer. I know I don’t show a lot of face, but know I wish I could! I don’t hate you guys, so be my friend! Anyways, have a fabulous summer! <3 Your IVP, Abby Aviles.

Kendrew Abueg External Vice President Hey everyone! Just wanted to say thanks for a great semester. From the start of first gen, to the end of PCN, it was great getting to know everyone and working with everyone along the way. Shoutout to Spring 13 Board for a great time with you guys. It was an amazing time and I'm fortunate to have this opportunity to work with you all. And thanks to you, the members, without you guys this club wouldn't be here. Have a great summer and see you all in the Fall for Friendship Games!

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Andrea Ampig

Karen Llave


Friendship Games CoCoordinator

Hi friends! I can't believe this semester is already over. All the events the boardies have planned out are over and I really hope that they gave you guys some great experiences over the past couple of months! PCN was definitely the highlight of the semester for me. It was awesome getting closer to all of you guys throughout the process. We all came together and made PCN the best it could possibly be. Now that PCN and this semester is over, it's officially FG season!!! YAAAAAY! I hope you all participate in FG just like you did for PCN because I can guarantee you, it's going to be awesome! :D Shout out to my adings, Lei Anne, Erika and Tawny for being supah cool, my twin Izzy for being a wonderful PCN Dance Co-Head, our Tiniks team for winning PCN and QTPA2T for being the best family ever. Peace out yo! -Andrea :)

Jon Paredes Treasurer This semester went by real quick! From Members Retreat, Mr. PI, AKA, Hell Week, PCN: The Mural, Family Games, and Spring Formal, this is the most fun Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve ever had. I'd like to thank everyone for making my last semester in college the best experience of my life. SPECIAL THANKS go out to my girlfriend Jacqui for bringing me to this club PASA. All the homies in J12: Walter, Erika, Ces, Jason and Justin. My Adings: Karen, John-Luke, Gabe, and Kristin. All my Spring 2013 Boardies. The TInikling Squad of Tinikling 2013. The Pogi Boyz Squad (WE MADE HISTORY !!) The Best Fam aka Siopao Fam. The #LakerGang. and Pebbz aka Celine !Thanks. Have a nice life. Love, Lord Jon Paredes The Great

TK Gorgonia PCN Coordinator Hey everyone, so here we are the end of the year. I hope I was able to create a lot of great memories for everyone, and honestly there's nothing more I could say. Each and every one of you played an important role and I am infinitely grateful for you all. Shout out to Board and my adings for being so awesome! Thanks again everyone, take care. L=

Michael Cuvin Friendship Games CoCoordinator

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See you next semester! :)

Nathan Barrios Community / Advocacy / Cultural Chair Hey Kaibigans! I'm currently in the middle of a big homework load, at the end of my weekend: I've got books and readings to read, papers and responses to be written, a Hitchcock film to re-watch, online quizzes to ace, and finals to study for. But I put that aside to say farewell to you all. It's been real. No really, I've had a great time being your CommunityAdvocacy-Cultural Chair for Spring 2013, and I'm glad you all tolerated me throughout the semester. It was a crazy one, and whether you were in it for the long haul, or participating in just a few events, I hope you enjoyed it. And I hope I could have contributed to that enjoyment. In the beginning, I had intended to make this my last term on board, giving my all to provide a gift to the members of PASA and becoming a stronger leader in a wonderful group. I hope that if you, whether you're a freshman, or a graduating senior, we can still continue to foster great relationships in the future. ... Ight fuck all dat shiet, it's time to get real, BITCH! "Take it sleazy," dawg, have a bangin'-ass summer, invade bitches, invade tricks, fuck tha world for 72 hourz, neva 4get ya homiez from befo', LOVE ONE ANOTHA MUTHAFUCKA! This ain't "farewell", this is "see ya later", nigga! Summer mean "no school", not "no FUN!" Come chill wit a homie, watch a movie or two! Iiight man, holla then...

Anthony Silva Academic Chair

We are going to miss you so much! To my fellow boardies, thank you for being the group I can count on to be there and help me with anything I may have needed. You guys made my first semester on board a great and enjoyable one and I couldn't have asked for better people to lead with. I will always remember our gangster photoshoot, long and entertaining meetings, board night, and weekend spent waffle stomping in the porn house! To Infinite PASAbilities dance team and especially Matt de Leon, thank you for being my get away from school. You guys are truly a family to me! I always enjoy going to practices and seeing what memory I am going to be making that day. Next years team definitely won't be the same, but I will always remember having a "house party" with you guys. I am happy to say I was a part of Matt de Leon's era on IP! To Faith Sabio, Claire Imada, TJ Orencia, Huy Dao, Nic Cabal, Karen Llave and anyone else that helped make my vision of going on an adventure at AKA a reality, thank you for everything you all did! AKA would not have been the same if it weren't for the help of you all, and even up until the hour beforehand you guys helped me out, you guys are the best! To Bootay Fam, WHO SAID WE WERE DEAD?! Shoutout to my Grand Alvin, Kuya Adrian, Ate Jody, and twins Jerick, Nate, Yunnie, Marie, TJ, and Angeli, thank you for being a group of people I can go to anytime for anything. I am thankful to have an amazing line! To my adings, Anna Guevarra, Mary Jane Mallari, Paul(PJ) Sobrepena, and Daniel Ferrer, I am so thankful to have an amazing group of adings! I am proud of your guys involvement in PASA and look forward to spending more time with you all. I love you guys! Thanks for the memories PASA. There'll only be one Spring 2013. I look forward to seeing you all next year during Fall 2013. GET READY FOR THE 2PEAT AT FG 2013! WHO ARE WE? SPRING 2013! PASAAAâ&#x20AC;Ś Board. From the guy who did mermaid dancing at IP Auditions, I got to bag it up, we out.

Jayson Arceo Social Chair

After a long, eventful Spring 2013 semester, it is time to say farewell. This semester is definitely one for the record books that I will always look back on and remember! From being a part of The Breakfast Club during the first general meeting, to going on an adventure during the AKA Revealing, to putting everything we had into The Mural, all the way to the PASA Banquet tonight, this semester would not have been the same if it weren't for all of you! I am privileged to have served as your Spring 2013 Academic Chair! To Jacqui, thank you for being the foundation for PASA this semester and being the president our PASA members can look up to. I went to you for any help I needed with board and you were there to answer any questions I may have had.


Hi PASA Kaibigan! I can't believe that this semester is coming to an end, yet alone this school year. Its hard to believe that my first year of college is coming to an end, and I'm glad that I got the chance to hold the position as Social Chair for Spring 2013. I'd like to thank you to everyone in PASA. My college experience wouldn't have been the same without you guys. Thank to everyone who came out to our social events. I hope you all have a great and safe summer! See you guys in Fall! - Jayson Arceo

Nic Cabal Publicity Chair …

John-Luke Taylor Sports Coordinator Hey everyone! I can't believe the semester is over already! It seems like just yesterday we were starting practices for PCN. Looking back on this semester I can honestly say I had a great and eventful semester! As sports coordinator I helped make PASA history at Cal Poly's Sports Fest with my Pogi Boyz! Making the playoffs for Sports Fest and dancing in Tinikling were the high lights of my semester! I can't wait to see the mysteries next semester holds! See you guys in the fall for FG! John-Luke Taylor

Angelo Villaluz Kronicle Editor LOL I get to put my own picture because I’m the editor of this shit. But I also know that I need more space because Jacqui’s, Matt’s and Anthony’s were so long. So for the sake of space, farewell and may the winds be at your back!

Reinard Tesoro Alumni Liason Hi Kaibigans, first and foremost I'd like to thank everyone for voting me as alumni liaison for two terms. (undefeated!!!) But really it has been a privilege to service everyone as a member of board. Thank you to the alumni who were willing to share their insight and guidance throughout the year. Special thank you to those who came out to PCN Preview Night! PASA has a long running history that needs to be mapped out and appreciated for years to come. I hope I helped in that regard. Thank you Jody Cajudo for your guidance throughout my entire tenure as Liaison. Thank you PASA board for all the great memories and letting me do things my way when at times I shouldn't have. I'm also flattered that I was nominated for a third term, but taking advice from most alumni, its time to move on. Anyway...go T.J. (aka Dark Knight) you will make a great Alumni Liaison! #fall12 #spring13 #PASAkindaSucks #SoDoesIP #Kennedy!!! #WaffleStomp #StageNinja #FaithsBlanketsOnFire

#WolfPack #BayLife #GoLakers P.S. We love you biggest supporter and the girl who always keeps me Tiffany. sane, Jody Cajudo. I wouldn't be here without you. I love you! This club has been a huge part of my life the last two and a half years. I'm a better person Kristine Maramba because of it without a doubt. I have learned so Historian Chair much, made unforgettable memories, and met countless amazing people. However, it is now time I would make a long farewell for me to start slowly stepping away from it. I know message but I'm currently it will be difficult, but it is something everyone has to busy doing my paper right now. So all I have to say is: go through eventually. As I step away, I can only thanks for a great semester! Have a great summer! hope that the impact this club has made on my life has been reciprocated and that I have also somehow affected this club for the better. You won't get rid of Matt De Leon me that easily though. Expect to see me around next Infinite PASAbilities year. Until then, stay classy PASA Kaibigan. Executive Director Greetings Kaibigans! It is hard to believe that this semester and school year are quickly coming to an end. It feels like First General Meeting of Fall semester was just yesterday and here we are getting ready to end another wonderful and successful semester. I would first like to say congratulations to everyone on a successful PCN, especially to TK, Abby, and Izzy. We all put in a lot of time and effort into it and in return we got the satisfaction of putting together an amazing show. Next I would like to say thank you to my fellow PASA/IP board members. Thank you for being passionate enough about this club to help lead it to such a successful semester. Thank you especially Robby and Jacqui for leading us this year. I enjoyed working with all of board, but more importantly, I enjoyed getting to know you and being friends with you all. An extra thank you to my IP Board, both from this semester and last semester: Vanessa, Gwen, Jamie, Huy, Jerick, Chris, Maryssa, Jon, Faith, Gabby, and Christian. You are the hardest working people I know (sometimes). Next a quick shout out to my army of IP Retreat Facilitators: Jody, Janie, Meagan, Mike, Fil, Vanessa, and Janella. Awesome job and thank you again. Thank you of course to Infinite PASAbilities 2012-2013. Everything I have done this past year has been for you guys. Each and every one of you has inspired me to always work hard, do my best, have fun, and of course to love dancing. My passion for dance comes from this team and I wouldn't trade this team for anything. We put together an amazing set and none of it would have been possible without your hard work and dedication. Thank you for putting up with me, listening to me, laughing at my jokes (or at me), being at rehearsals til 3 in the morning, always working hard, (almost) never complaining, and trusting me to lead you. I hope you know that you all taught me so much more than I could ever teach you. I'm so incredibly proud of you all. Now let's finish this semester strong. Also, I gotta shout out the best line ever: Maryssa, Lesley, Eloi, Jon, Matthew, Nic, Danielle, and Aiza. You guys are really the best line I could ask for! Love you! Thank you to my


Huy Dao Infinite PASAbilities Artistic Director Hey PASA, I just want to say thank you for being such a great group of people. It was an honor being on Board and especially being one of the Artistic Director of Infinite PASAbilities ( it only took me 3 years). I don’t see this as a farewell unless your graduating, but for everyone else, I hope to see you all next year, let’s take FG for the second year STRAIGHT! I also want give a special thanks to all of IP, you guys are a great team and I’m proud to be on your board, also I want to say that it’s because of people like you guys that I always want to come back to the team. #IP4L #IP40 #Pantydroppa Imma keep this short. Good luck to all those who are moving on with their lives, and for all those who are coming back I love you guys and keep PASA strong. #huyout Yours truly, Huy Ner.

Jamie Sanders Infinite PASAbilities Artistic Director As this year comes to a close I want to say thank you to all of you for yet another successful and enjoyable semester. I truly am grateful to be a part of this wonderful, energetic, and loving family. I always say that though I may stand out (since I'm so much darker than all of you) I never feel out of place and for that I am truly grateful. You are all special to me and I truly care about each and every one of you. PCN was unforgettable and I want to congratulate all of you and especially TK, Abby and Izzy for all of the hard work put into the show. I hope you all remember to take in memories from each event, such as PCN, so that you can later look back and smile on how crazy we all are and what a wonderful family we continue to be. I want to give a special thank you to Jacqui Braceros for leading PASA in such a positive direction and being such a supportive president for all of us. Seniors, we will

Photo credits: Kristine Maramba, Abby Yarcia, Shabrayia Cleaver and Gabriella Mintzer

truly miss you and I wish you the very best in all that is to come for each of you. IP has created yet another amazing semester and I'm truly grateful to be part of such an inspiring, hilarious, and loving team. I'm so happy to have been blessed to be an Artistic Director for this semester's team. I have learned so much from all of you and it's been an honor to see everyone grow as well. Thank you PASA for creating such a happy and safe home for me and accepting me as your token white girl! I love you all! Sincerely, Jamie Rose Sanders.

Jerick Cortes Infinite PASAbilities CoCaptain I greatly enjoyed serving on PASA board this semester, and I feel blessed to have been apart of PASA 2012-2013! Shout out to all you sexy people for making it so amazing! P.S. You should all get a twitter. I AM RATCH KETCHUM AND I APPROVE THIS MESSAGE.

Chris Tju Infinite PASAbilities CoCaptain Bye...

Jon Valenzuela Infinite PASAbilities Financial Director Well, the dreaded farewell stage. Its truly been an honor to be apart of this spring 13 PASA board. I would simply like to thank everyone in PASA and on board for making my first time being on PASA board such an indescribable

experience. This board was truly something unique and a great group of people I look forward to seeing every Monday night at meetings :] that is what truly started my week every time because everyone just made me smile. So long spring 13! i'll never forget you <3

Faith Sabio Infinite PASAbilities Secretary Hey PASA it was a great semester getting to know all of you. PCN was a great and memorable experience and I'm glad I got to do it with you guys. Hope you all have a great summer and I hope to see you guys next year!

Christian Martinez Infinite PASAbilities Media Director Wow the semester flew by so quickly!!! I had so much fun filming our practices and getting to know members I have not met before and with that! So long farewell to you my friend, Goodbye for now until we meet again. I said so long farewell to you my friend, Goodbye for now until we meet again. It's been great to play and sing together... in the box! And now it's time to say goodbye... -shuffle shuffle snap clap!- So long farewell to you my friend, Goodbye for now until we meet a-gaaain!!

Gabriella Mintzer Infinite PASAbilities Historian Chair

join PASA. I feel so Filipino now!!! LAWLs. Really though.. 0_______0. Anyways this has been such an amazing first year :D.. PASA, IP, and you beautiful souls, have all truly impacted my freshman year at CSUF. I can't explain these feelings in my stomach.... I’m so hungry..........for your love & presence. Really though, you guys seriously brighten up my day. I admire everyone’s unique personalities- it’s like.. so very vibrant and fresh.. like a watermelon or something like that? Okay~ I would like to announce that PCN was such a jiggy time. It was such a great show to be apart of and I want to give a tremendous thank you to the PCN coord MR. TK along with Abby & Izzy's volunteering for PCNs Dances and for everyone else that helped out for PCN.. You guys really kicked big enormously squishy booty. Bootay Fam, jk HUSTLER FAM hehe (shout out to my Ate Janie Le ). Butt ya continuing... BOARDIES I had such a thrilling time on board! I am very grateful to be on such a crazy board with such dedicated people. Shout out to Jacqui Braceros for being an amazing President/ leader for PASA and for us Boardies. Jacqui truly worked actively to ensure that you guys have a great experience with PASA. Also another shout out to the team that changed my life drastically (oh you strange people you)... Infinite PASAbilities (the Cute Era & Freak Era). This semester was a blast and would not be anything without our Executive Director Mr. Matt De Leon. Matt I am deeply appreciative for all your hard work to make IP Fall 2012- Spring 2013 a rockin' team. Thank you for having faith...(#pause) in me to be on IP board as well. IP Spring 2013 you guys keep me on my toes. I love you guys... I've got somewhere I belong, I've got somebody to love - this is what dreeeaaaaams are made of!!! ~ Much love, Gabriella Mintzer.

I am so happy I decided to


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Farewell spring 2013  

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