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Analog Record Player

Analog record player also known by vinyl records are accurate source of music than digital format and also has the ability to convert music into a digital format. Analog record player provides a more rich tone than digital formats. The reason for production of such a better tone is due to the grooves on records which provide more musical data to your amplifier. Once the stylus fits into the groove of the record, it vibrates in such a way that is indicative of the sound waves present at the time of the artist’s performance. After implication one gets the output of the original performance. There are various resolutions present when the musical data gets converted into a digital format. For CDs the resolution is 16-bit, DVD audio up to 24-bit. Sampling is done to check the quality. Time taken for CDs is 44,100 times per second, DVD audio up to 192,000 times per second and for SACDs it is 2,000,000+ samples per second. After the analog record player is made the original sound of the master tape is engraved in it. Only few sound engineers, professionals, musicians, record players get an opportunity to listen to the original sound of the master tape. Distortion occurs when the needle comes in contact with the grooves. Since there is no contact between the laser and the record the laser reproduces the original sound without this distortion and any damage to the record. Analog record player reproduces the higher frequencies mush better whereas in digital high frequencies sounds thinner, harsher and simply not up to the mark. On vinyl record player the frequencies sound more natural, less harsh and more real. Bass seems to sound fuller on vinyl, sounds thicker, natural and simple. Analog player does not have some weaknesses such as pops and hiss but this can be removed easily if the record is clean. Moreover the pops and hiss add a nostalgic charm to the sound of music. People should experience music on analog record player once instead of digital music then only they will feel the depth and charm of music.Analog recording is the oldest standard in audio recording terms and its standard still remains the same with the origination of new media. Analog record player is still preferred by many music experts as the best form of recording equipment as the style reel-to-reel are considerably overwhelming. Basic cassette recorder is the cheapest form of analogue recorder which is easily available and the quality of the machines present can be occasionally duplicated by

their cassette tapes and smaller recorders. However, the advantages of reel to reel tape recording systems are far better in quality recordings and the fact that the tapes can also be easily edited. The tapes in the recorder are wider in width and faster than normal cassette recorders. They are known to offer the widest frequency bandwidth, greatest reliability, and better signal and noise ratios from any analogue recorder. Reel-to-reel tape recorders are capable enough to record sounds sonically than most other cassette recorders.

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Analog record player also known by vinyl records are accurate source of music than digital format and also has the ability to convert music...