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Kroc Policies & Procedures Membership Types Youth For ages 3-17. Applicants for youth membership require the signature and identication of a parent or legal guardian at the time of enrollment. Youth members under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult chaperone at all times unless they are participating in a Kroc Center class or program. Children ages 2 and under are FREE!

Membership Policies Applications Membership applications are available at the Kroc Center Welcome Desk or online at Applications must be submitted in person with proper identication at the Welcome Desk. The following types of identication will be accepted: Driver’s License, State Issued ID, Military ID, and Passport.

Membership Payment Plans Adult For ages 18-61. Applicants for adult memberships and guest passes require valid proof of identication. Senior For ages 62+. Applicants for senior memberships require valid proof of identication. We are a Silver Sneakers participating facility. Family For adults and dependents (up to 6 people) living at the same residence. Must be able to provide proof of address. Household Denition: One or more adults and their dependents (up to 6 individuals) that live in the same residence may qualify as a household. Verication of residency is required for everyone 18 years and older. The following types of verication will be accepted as proof of residency: driver’s license, state issued identication card, utility bill, tax return, passport and military ID. For households larger than 6 individuals, additional member may be added for an additional monthly fee of $10 each for Standard Members and $15 each for Gold Card Members. Gold Card Gold Card Members pay additional fees each month to help support our scholarship program. These members will be entitled to a 10% discount on most Kroc Center merchandise, classes, and, birthday party packages. Gold members also receive free towel use and free childwatch (up to 2 hours per day). Income Based/Scholarship Program Individuals and families who cannot afford Kroc Center membership or program fees can apply for a discounted rate. Eligibility for this program is based on income level. Applications for Income Based Membership may be found online or at the Welcome Desk. Scholarship Applications are available at our First Stop Center. For more information, call 706.922.8330. Registration Fee (non-refundable) Registration fees are used to provide major repairs, equipment replacement and contribute to the administrative costs of setting up and maintaining memberships. This fee is payable at enrollment and is non-refundable. Registration fees are waived for our individual Youth Members.

The Kroc Center has many affordable membership options to meet your needs. Members will enjoy all the amenities the Kroc Center has to offer, along with priority access and special member pricing to programs and events. Annual Payment For our annual payment plan members pay a set rate once a year. This plan has a built in 10% savings off of the normal monthly rate. Annual Memberships are non-refundable. The annual fee and required registration fee are due at time of enrollment. Monthly Payment For our monthly payment plans, members pay a set rate each month via credit card, debit card or EFT transfer through a bank account. A pro-rated fee will be due at time of enrollment and will vary depending upon enrollment date. To complete electronic funds transfer process, a voided check must be provided with completed membership form. Membership fees for the following month will automatically be deducted from the member’s bank account around the 20th of the current month. Any requested changes must be submitted prior to the 10th of the month in order to be processed for the following month. Please see our cancellation policy for cancellation terms. Credit card charges that are declined on the 20th of the month, will be submitted again within 60 days of original run date. Annual Memberships that are paid monthly are considered a one year contract. Monthly charges to your account will continue until your annual fee is paid. There is a charge of 3 months membership fee for cancellations of annual memberships that are paid monthly. Three Month Membership Sign up for a 3 month membership and receive 5% off. Full payment is required upon enrollment. 3 month memberships are non-refundable. Kroc Center Guest Passes Guest passes are available to Kroc Center Members who want to bring a guest to our facility. A guest pass allows entry into the facility, aquatics center, tness classes, equipment, and participation in open activity time. The Kroc Center Member must accompany their guests in the facility at all times. There is a limit of two guests per member per day.

Liability Waiver I understand that use of the facilities and equipment at The Salvation Army Kroc Center may involve risk of bodily injury up to and including loss of life or property damage and I agree to assume any such risks. I understand that it is up to me to consult physicians and other professionals to make sure that I can safely participate in activities and events at The Salvation Army Kroc Center. I also understand and agree that by signing this agreement, I am giving up my (or the minor for whom I sign) right to make any claim against The Salvation Army, its agents, employees and volunteers, including the right to sue them, for bodily injury up to and including loss of life or property damage or any other loss that I might suffer while using The Salvation Army Kroc Center facilities and services, except as limited by law. The Salvation Army fully cooperates with law authorities on any criminal activity. Insufcient Funds Policy The Kroc Center reserves the right to charge a fee ($25) for any insufcient electronic funds transfer (EFT). Memberships will be cancelled if payments are declined, returned for insufcient funds or cannot otherwise be processed. This places your membership on hold until payment is received. Memberships that lapse for more than 30 days will incur a $60 registration fee and may need to reapply for membership. Scholarship/ Income Based recipients will need to reapply to receive funds. Membership Cancellation/Change Policy Members must submit a minimum 30-day written, dated and signed Membership Change Form to cancel. Requests must be submitted by the 10th day of the current month for it to become effective in the following month. If a cancellation request is received after the 10th of the month, the member will be responsible for the following month’s membership fees. If a member cancels or if membership payments lapse for more than 30 days, the appropriate registration fee will be charged to reopen the membership account. Only the primary adult on the account may cancel a membership. ID and signature are required. Forms are available at the Welcome Desk or online at Membership Suspension Requests to suspend memberships for medical or other reasons must be submitted in writing via Membership Change Form and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. A doctor’s note must accompany the request for a medical hold. Membership suspensions may be granted for a minimum of 2 and maximum of 3 months. Suspension requests require 30 days processing time. A monthly fee of $3 will apply. Membership

Change Form must be submitted prior to the 10th of the month to affect the current month’s draft. Note: Membership fees, benets, and payment structure are subject to change without notice. Code Of Conduct & Discipline Policy In order to facilitate positive life experiences while at the Kroc Center, mutual respect between members, guests, and staff is required at all times. Failure to observe these policies will result in disciplinary action and/or termination of membership privileges. Kroc Center personnel have the right to refuse service to anyone deemed disruptive or abusive. |All visitors, guests and spectators must check in or sign in. |Refrain from the use of foul language, abusive actions, and inappropriate behavior. |The Kroc Center is an alcohol, tobacco, drug and weapon free campus. |No cell phone use in the Fitness Area. |You must be 16 years of age or accompanied by a chaperone to use the Locker Rooms. Cabanas are suggested for families. |Youth must be 16 years old to check in to the facility alone, use the tness equipment, locker rooms, or act as a guardian to anyone under 16. Photo ID showing date of birth is required. |Appropriate exercise attire is required in the Fitness Area and gym. To maintain dress continuity, please no denim jeans, shorts, or dress pants. No sports bras bearing the torso. Closed toe athletic shoes required. No slipon open heel shoes, ip ops, sandals, Crocs, or dress shoes. |Only non-marking soft soled shoes will be allowed on the Gymnasium oor. |A shirt and shoes are required at all times in the Fitness Area, Gymnasium, lobby, and community wing. |Proper swim attire must be worn in the pool area for safety. Denim, cotton shirts, or coverups are not allowed in the pool. |Any logos or messages on clothing must be acceptable in a family setting. Individuals wearing gang-related attire will not be admitted to the facility. |With the exception of service animals, pets of any kind are not allowed. Photo Policy To protect the privacy of members and guests, individuals wishing to take pictures or videos of the facility or specic programs must request approval from the Kroc Center Administrator. On occasion, the Kroc Center staff may take photos or videos of participants enrolled in programs, classes, activities and events. Please be aware that these photos are for Kroc use only and may be used in future catalogs, brochures, pamphlets or yers. Names of participants are not disclosed for any photos utilized in marketing materials.

Lost & Found Policy Lost & Found is located at the Welcome Desk in the Kroc Center Lobby. Unclaimed items will be donated to The Salvation Army Family Stores after 30 days.


Locker Policy Lockers are available for use free of charge. Locks can be brought in or purchased at the Welcome Desk. All lockers must be unlocked before closing time each day or the locks will be cut and the contents of the locker will be placed in the Lost & Found. The Kroc Center will not be liable for items left in lockers without a lock.

Child Watch/Junior Kroc Stars

Safety Information In an effort to keep all of our guests safe, we are constantly updating safety protocols. We are especially vigilant about child and elder dependent adult safety. The Salvation Army refers to these efforts as “Protecting the Mission.” All staff and volunteers are trained in child/ elder dependent adult abuse prevention and are mandated reporters of suspicions or reports of abuse. Similarly, we ask members and guests to report suspicious behavior to the welcome desk. As part of our commitment to the safety of children and elder dependent adults, The Salvation Army Kroc Center reserves the right to consult public sources to determine whether any member or guest poses an unreasonable risk of harm to its patrons, staff, or visitors. Registered Sex Offenders are not permitted on campus. All memberships and day pass users are screened daily against Megan’s Law and the Department of Justice websites. In order to promote a safe and secure environment, The Salvation Army Kroc Center has placed video cameras in numerous locations.

Member discounts are not transferable to other family members. In order to receive a member discount, the registering participant must be a member in good standing of the Kroc Center.

Child Watch is for members and guests involved in Kroc Center Programs. Use is restricted to one, two-hour session daily. Children ages 3 months - 6 years and Tweens ages 7-12 years are welcome to enjoy the Child Watch/Junior Kroc Stars activities. |Prior to entering the Child Watch or Junior Kroc Star areas, all Child Watch participants must check in at the Welcome Desk. |Parent must sign in children on sign-in sheet in the Child Watch/Junior Kroc Stars. |You must stay in the building when your child is in the Child Watch or Junior Kroc Stars area. |Parents and children will be given a matching badge upon drop off to assist with pick up. |No one will be allowed to pick up your child from Child Watch, Junior Kroc Stars or any children’s programs unless you have given written permission at the time you leave your child. The person picking up your child must show a picture ID. |For the protection of all children, children who are sick are not allowed to stay in Child Watch, Junior Kroc Stars or attend children’s programs. |Only small snack (goldsh, cheerios, fruit snacks, etc.), bottles, and sippy cups may be brought into Child Watch. |Shoes and socks are required regardless of their age. |Free for Gold Card Members and $1.00 per child per 2 hour session for Standard Members and Day Pass Users.

The Salvation Army Kroc Center reserves the right to remove from the facility and terminate the membership of any member who fails to comply with any posted rules and regulations or otherwise breaches the Code of Conduct, in which case member will not be entitled to a refund of dues.

Child Watch Hours: Class/Program Cancellations Refunds for Kroc Center Program or Classes must be requested at least ve days prior to the rst class. Refunds are issued only in the form of Kroc Center Gift Cards or credit towards another class. No refunds will be given for refund request made within ve days of the start date or after the session has begun. The purpose of our credit/refund policy is to allow the Kroc Center to maintain quality programs and proper class ratios while maintaining exibility for our members and guests. Refunds are only issued for programs that are cancelled by the Kroc Center and placed on a Kroc Center Gift Card. Gift Cards are applicable toward any program, service, rental or catering at the Kroc Center.

MON.-FRI. .......... 8am-1pm 3pm-8pm SATURDAY ..........8:45am-2pm SUNDAY ............. 1pm-4pm *Ages 3mo. - 6yrs

Junior Kroc Stars Hours: MON.-FRI. .......... 4pm-7:30pm SATURDAY (in the gym) ..........11am-1pm *Ages 7-12 yrs

Facility Rules Fitness Area Rules |No children under the age of 13 years allowed unless they are enrolled in a specic program and are with a Kroc Center tness trainer. |Youth aged 13-15 years are allowed to use cardio equipment, circuit training equipment & strength machines only after successful completion of ‘Smart Start for Teens’ program.

NOT be held responsible for lost or missing items. Gymnasium Rules Locks can be purchased at the Welcome Desk. |Please ask staff for assistance with equipment. |Equipment misuse is immediate grounds for dismissal from facility. Actions interfering with staff |Courtesy to others and appropriate language ability to provide a safe environment will be are expected at all times. Failure to comply may result in immediate dismissal. cause for immediate dismissal.

Aquatics Rules & Guidelines

|Guests must be 16 years+ to use the free weights. |Children 7 years & younger must be accompanied by an adult in the water, within arm’s reach at all |Closed toe athletic shoes with rubber grip must times or have the ability to pass a swim test. be worn at all times. No slip-on open heel shoes. No ip ops or sandals. No dress shoes, casual |A maximum of 3 children for every 1 supervising wear shoes or rubber recreation shoes – such as adult must not be exceeded for children 7 years Crocs. & younger. |Proper workout attire must be worn at all times – to maintain dress continuity please observe the following: No denim jeans, jean shorts or street & dress pants (ornamental rivets, buttons, etc damage equipment). No sports bras that expose the midriff; shirts required. No swimwear. |For the sanitary health & comfort of others all patrons must use a towel on equipment and are asked to please wipe down all equipment after use.

|Appropriate athletic attire must be worn. Soft soled non-marking athletic shoes are required. Large jewelry should be removed. |Personal belongings should not be left in public areas. Please secure them in a locker. Locks are strongly encouraged, the Kroc Center will not be held responsible for any lost or missing items.

|Children under 11years of age must be accompanied by an adult 16 years or older unless they are in an age appropriate class or |Children 8-12 years must be accompanied by a program. parent or 16+ year old that is in the Kroc Center pool area. |Children are restricted to the court area of their supervisor. |Youth aged 13-15 years must be accompanied by a parent or 16+ year old that is in the Kroc |Pushing, shoving and aggressive play are not Center facility. permitted. Failure to comply may result in immediate dismissal. |You must be 16 years old to use the whirlpool. |Fighting may result in disciplinary action up to |You must be 48” tall to go down the large water and including suspension or permanent dismissal slide. from the facility.

|Patrons are asked to observe a 30 minute time limit for each cardio exercise when others are |All patrons must wear a proper swim suit - no |No dunking or hanging on the rims and/or the waiting. athletic clothing and no street clothing is permitted nets. in the pool, such as cotton & denim. |Patrons are asked not to rest on circuit & |No full-court basketball games permitted strength equipment when others are waiting. |Infants must wear swim diapers. during open-gym times. |Please do not drop dumbbells & free-weights |Permitted personal oatation items are limited. |Do not lean, sit or pull on the divider heavily on tness ooring & racks. Please see Personal Floatation yer for specics. equipment.

|Patrons using the free weights should unload all |Kroc Center otation tubes are permitted in the |Water and sports drinks in enclosed plastic plates when nished. Lazy River only. containers are the only drinks permitted in the gymnasium. Glass and breakable objects are |Observe etiquette and demonstrate courtesy, |Horesplay is not permitted in or out of the water. not permitted in the gym. dignity & respect to others at all times. This includes: -Dunking, pushing, shoving, arm locks, etc. |The climbing wall may only be used with |Immediately report injuries, equipment -Flipping, jumping off backwards, or spinning proper parental or staff supervision. malfunctions or damages to staff. off the edge of the pool -Standing or sitting on the shoulders of other |Scheduled Kroc Center programs and activities |All drinks must be in non-breakable, spill-proof persons may take priority over open recreation. Please containers. -Throwing children or other persons do not disrupt classes, events or leagues. |No food allowed in the tness area.

|Life guards may stop any activity which may cause a guest injury or conict.

|No cell phone use in the tness area. |Personal music devices may be used when wearing head phones only. |No personal belongings on the tness oor. It is highly recommended that belongings are secured in a locked locker. The Kroc Center will

*Lap swimmers - Please see pool schedule for lap swimming times.

2013 Policies and Procedures  

The Spring 2013 New Member Welcome Packet for The Salvation Army Kroc Center.