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In Guatemala you can find a place that is relaxing, not crowded, without traffic jams and the most important thing: IS BEATIFULL to look at.

Where I can find this amazing place?

Along the main Cobรกn highway, La Cumbre turnoff for Salamรก is the Biotopo del Quetzal in the village of Purulhรก.

How long does it take to get to Biotopo Quetzal?

If you are in Guatemala the total journey time from Guatemala city to Biotopo Quetzal takes between 1 -2 hours depending the transport that you will decide to get there.

Which are the services that it offers? Multipurpose salon, Camping and parking areas, shops, coffee shops, toilets, “ranchos� with tables and grills and no more than 20 persons can be home to.

What can I do in the Biotopo del Quetzal?

1. You can camping in the area, eat a nice peace of meat that you can cook over coals. You can swim and deep into a little pool that form the waterfall, 2. You can hike and see the nice view because you will see waterfalls, many varieties of air plants and animals like spiders , monkeys, birds so you have to bring your camera and take an exotic picture of the Biotopo. 3. You can hike and climb in two different trails where you can learn about the vegetation because there are a lot of signs that you can read. 4. If you are lucky you might see it in the mornings but you can visit the museum and enjoy the information about the quetzal that is Guatemala’s national bird.

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Biotopo Quetzal