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library projects in the last 38 years

INTRODUCTION krM has had the great opportunity to work with 45 public libraries in the last 38 years. Each one has helped us learn and gain perspective on how integral a library is to the life of a community. By improving and investing in a library building, it represents a positive statement towards the community it serves. We intimately understand how to make the transition – and transformation - from old to new. krM has worked on more than two million-square-feet of renovation and adaptive reuse projects, with many for libraries throughout the region. For each project, we look to the individual library’s mission, the site, and its opportunities to develop the best design solution.

“Design to me is essential in a building because it effects how you use a building. To be a beautiful place is as important as actually having a space.” Rebecca Lemons, Markle Public Library, Huntington City - Township

krM ARCHITECTURE A design studio of talented craftspeople, krM is dedicated to creating architecture and transforming buildings to serve the needs of people. Every detail and innovation flows out of our passion for the people who will ultimately use the spaces we create. As advocates for the communities we serve, we seek to design environmentally sustainable spaces that educate, inspire, heal and transform. Our firm has gained a reputation for award-winning design and was named the 2016 AIA Indiana Distinguished Firm of The Year. We design a variety of building types with a focus on libraries, higher education, k-12 education, and civic architecture. krM currently employs 22 people between its three offices – Indianapolis, IN; Anderson, IN; and Ann Arbor, MI. Throughout our history, the firm has had a commitment to breathing new life into

older buildings, with two of its offices located in historic buildings - the Stutz Business Center in Indianapolis and the Historic Postal Building in Anderson, Indiana - spaces krM renovated ourselves. We support a highly active and collaborative design process that works in partnership with our clients and engages our consultants’ expertise. As part of a highly collaborative process, the firm’s partners lead and manage each project from beginning to end. We have participated in regional and national conferences and speaking engagements to better understand the opportunities and trends affecting educational facilities and learning spaces. As project delivery has evolved over the years, krM has responded with the latest technologies and collaborated closely with contractors and consultants to provide the best service to our clients.

“The inclusion of natural light was important, not only for daylighting, but also to showcase the transparency of the library to the neighborhood.� Beka Lemons, Director


HUNTINGTON CITY-TOWNSHIP PUBLIC LIBRARY type: location: krM services: completed: size: cost:

New Branch Library Markle, IN Programming, Architecture, Interior Design, MEP Design June 2016 4,000 SF $850,000

Through the craftsmanship of light, materiality and performance, the new Markle Library’s design respects its neighborhood context and supports the future needs of the library visitors and staff. The design team carefully considered the building’s surrounding neighborhood, scale and materials. The resulting design echoes a contemporary, single-story craftsman-style building. A palette of simple materials were chosen to appear in different applications and details throughout the library’s open floor plan. There was tremendous attention to detail to the structural glulam beams, exposed fasteners and hardware, and clean dominant connections. The inclusion of natural light was extremely important, not only to promote reading, but also to showcase the transparency of the library to its community. The building’s open floor plan and abundant use of daylighting allows the building’s interior spaces to feel more spacious. Echoing the building’s adjacent neighborhood and its bungalow porches, a private, sheltered patio was created to provide additional seating, to welcome visitors, and create a sense of community.

“The library was organized in areas of function, using bold color to clearly define the space.�


LOGANSPORT, CASS COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY type: location: krM services: size: cost:

New Branch Library Galveston, IN Architecture, Interior Design 1,700 SF $275,000

Located in a narrow, storefront building since opening in 1944, The Galveston Branch Library dreamed of attracting a more youthful patronage. The transformation of their space created more defined functions and efficiencies, increased staff engagement and made visiting the library exciting again. A new ADA ramp was strategically incorporated to shift the primary circulation to one side of the narrow room and create room for an intimate children’s area - a key priority for the library’s programs. To be contextual and sensitive to the original building’s character, many of the building’s existing artifacts were incorporated into the new space. Combining new and old, the original interior oak doors became privacy screens, the circulation desk was created from original desk panels, and the existing tin ceiling was preserved and enhanced. Part of the building’s existing hardwood floor was also re-purposed into an entry ceiling. This new entry canopy forms a deep ‘sun shade to light shelf design’ which bounces natural daylight deep into the narrow space. This, paired with the linear LED lighting, bold colors and transparent walls, floods the library with light throughout the day.

“This place looks so modern, it’s so amazing!.” Library Patron

AMOS MEMORIAL LIBRARY SHELBY-COUNTY LIBRARIES type: New Branch Library location: Sidney, OH client: Shelby County Public Library krM services: Programming, Architecture, Interior Design completed: Phase I: March 2017 Phase II: August 2017 size: 13,000 SF addition 20,000 SF renovation cost: $4.6 million

Amos Memorial Public Library has been carefully designed to expand and improve its service to its community, while adding and contributing to its unique downtown fabric. The project is adding 13,000-square-feet and renovating 20,000-square-feet to its existing 1950’s building. A new dynamic atrium space now serves as the heart of the building’s addition. It hosts a large gathering stair surrounded by expansive windows that flood the interior with natural daylight. Focus was given to improve overall building technology and increase visitor comfort throughout the library, and create new children’s and young adult areas. The community has worked diligently to raise funds to support the library’s renovation and addition and krM has been working alongside the Library for almost ten years in support of their comprehensive efforts.

INDIANAPOLIS PUBLIC LIBRARY NEW MICHIGAN ROAD BRANCH type: location: krM services: status: size: cost:

New Construction Indianapolis, IN Architecture, Interior Design currently in design development 20,000 SF renovation $6 million

The new Michigan Road Branch of the Indianapolis Public Library is currently moving into final design stages. The building will create a new library service area in an area that has gone previously under-served. The design team led four public engagement sessions and two young adult sessions to better understand the community’s program desires and service needs. The interior spaces will be open to encourage abundant natural light to enter, a central staffing point, controlled acoustics, privacy and central staff serviceability. The four-acre site greatly influences the proposed building massing from its topography, existing trees, and entry and access identity. The exterior materials will include a blend of natural masonry and modern detailing which clearly define the library as a civic leader and place of knowledge sharing. To reduce overall energy consumption, the project is targeting a minimum of LEED Silver Version 4 and will incorporate a double-skin wall within the library’s central reading room. This wall is unique in that it goes beyond standard building standards and has been implemented by only a few facilities in the country.

GREENWOOD PUBLIC LIBRARY type: location: client: krM services: completed: size: cost:

Renovation Greenwood, IN Greenwood Public Library Architecture, Interior Design Phase I: March 2016 Phase II: in progress 15,225 SF renovation $200,00

To celebrate the library’s upcoming 100th anniversary and in support of one of the busiest children’s departments in the state, the Greenwood Public Library children’s department was transformed into a vibrant space for its rapidly growing programs. To create a more modem learning environment, daylighting, furniture and new finishes were utilized to enhance its existing space. To accommodate the library’s programming schedule, flexibility and durability were encouraged with the use of industrial tables and chairs, interactive walls, digital and physical gaming. A true community endeavor, the teen area was created from the library’s staff and young adult’s input. They then helped install much of their ideas and added additional artwork to make the space more authentic. Additional projects are planned for 2017, including a new toddler-sensory area.

Existing Carnegie Library


Addition & Renovation Brookville, IN Architecture, Interior Design currently in schematic design 10,000 SF renovation $3 million

Brookville Public Library is creating an addition to include space for new programs. The addition and renovation will offer a new 2-story entry atrium, children’s area, children’s program room, teen area, study commons, private study booths, community meeting room, flexible community spaces, staff offices and outdoor reading spaces.


before, 2016

HISTORIC EAGLES THEATRE THE HONEYWELL CENTER location: size: services: budget: completion:

Wabash, IN 32,000 SF Programming, Interiors Phase I, Approx. $6.5 Million Spring 2019

The Historic Eagles Theatre was originally constructed in 1905 by the Fraternal Order of Eagles and currently houses a 1100-person theatre for performances and movies, ballroom, offices and club rooms. The building was recently purchased by the Honeywell Foundation with the intent to transform the building into a mixed-use civic anchor. It will offer a variety of programs and special events with new film and music education opportunities. This transformation will create a new iconic presence for the Foundation and its programs and energize the existing urban fabric and town’s primary pedestrian experience. The project is currently in design development.


HAMILTON HEIGHTS HIGH SCHOOL type: location: client: krM services: completed: published:

Renovation Arcadia, IN Hamilton Heights School Corporation Architecture, Interior Design December 2014 Outstanding Design in the 2016 American School & University Educational Interiors Showcase

Hamilton Heights students are empowered to participate in a technologically challenging, global environment. The school community aspires to graduate healthy, responsible citizens who are lifelong learners and creative, critical thinkers. Beyond aesthetic updates, the building needed to provide functional program areas to align with contemporary learning pedagogy. These include the development of collaboration areas within an expanded media center created by the enclosure of an existing, underutilized courtyard area. In order to provide an environment that enables students to obtain the best exposure to the best resources, the Media Center becomes a learning hub. The student engagement in this environment enhances learning and encourages more interactive behavior between all students and teachers. The furniture selection focused on easy flexibility to change the space into a variety of layouts, including presentation style for after hours information sessions.



EARLHAM COLLEGE location: size: services: completion:

Richmond, IN 5,045 SF Programming, Interior Design September 2016

Earlham’s Co-Lab serves at the hub where opportunities for multiple disciplinary learning merge. The space provides opportunities for communication and teamwork from unique perspectives, to address compelling local, national and global challenges. The Co-Lab showcases adaptability by providing collaboration zones, classroom zones, private offices and presentation spaces. The team explored ways to incorporate traditional elements of the existing campus with the contemporary design ideals that were desired to attract new students.


BIG FOUR TRAIN DEPOT & ARTS CENTER Anchoring the south edge of downtown Anderson, the Big Four Train Depot provides a hub of activity through music, dance and art. When not in use by the ballet company, the building hosts banquets and events for rental. The project was a large historic preservation endeavor and part of a greater effort to restore the town’s Meridian Street corridor. The once dilapidated building now serves as a community landmark and an active cultural center.




MAY-CROSSEN COMMONS EARLHAM COLLEGE location: size: services: completion:

Richmond, IN 15,225 SF Programming, Interiors February 2016

The Earlham College philosophy of “discovering knowledge together” has generated a need for underutilized spaces to be transformed into places that inspire collegial interaction and innovation. Whether communication is intended to be student-to-student, student-to-faculty, or faculty-to-faculty, the May-Crossen Student Commons and The Co-Lab enhance the college’s philosophy. Through a vibrant and modern design solution, the May-Crossen Student Commons provides a dedicated space for student expression, respite, and recreation. As you enter the Commons, a sense of light and color immediately tell the story of Earlham student body’s vitality and energy. Several cozy nooks, landings, and lounge areas encourage interaction while also being visually connected through similar finishes and furniture.

Huntington City Township Public Library, New Markle Branch Library

SELECT LIBRARY PROJECTS Alexandria Public Library Carnegie Library, Expansion & Renovation Amos Memorial Public Library Expansion & Renovation Anderson Public Library Main Branch, Adaptive Reuse Main Branch, Interior Renovation Lapel Branch, Interior Renovation Avon Public Library, Expansion & Renovation Clark County Pub Library, Clark County Public Library Enon Branch Adaptive Reuse & Renovation Clinton Public Library Carnegie Library, Expansion & Renovation Coatesville Public Library, New Library Edinburgh-Wright Hageman Public Library Historic Renovation & Expansion Fayette County Public Library Interior Renovation Franklin County Public Library CaI rnegie Library, Brookville Branch Renovation Greenwood Public Library Expansion, Renovation, & Interiors Hamilton East Public Library Noblesville Public Library Fishers Public Library Hancock County Public Library New Main Branch Interior Renovation Projects New Palestine Branch, Adaptive Reuse New Palestine Branch, New Building Plan Hamilton North Public Library Carnegie Library, Renovation Study

Huntington City Township Public Library New Markle Branch Library Indianapolis Public Library New Michigan Road Branch Jackson County Public Library Carnegie Library, Renovation & Addition Kokomo-Howard County Public Library Main Branch Interior Renovation New South Branch Library New Russiaville Branch Library Logansport Public Library Galveston Branch Project Renovation Carnegie Library, Main Branch Expansion & Renovation Mooresville Public Library Expansion & Renovation Monroe County Public Library Expansion & Renovation Mary L. Cook Public Library Addition New Castle-Henry County Public Library Carnegie Library Expansion & Renovation Peru Public Library Carnegie Library, Interior Renovation Plainfield Public Library Expansion & Renovation Pendleton Community Library Expansion & Renovation Tipton County Public Library Main Branch, Interior Renovation Windfall Branch, Adaptive Reuse West Lafayette Public Library New Public Library and Parking Garage


New Castle-Henry County Library, Carnegie Renovation & Addition

CARNEGIE PROJECTS Alexandria Public Library Carnegie Library, Expansion & Renovation Anderson Center for the Arts Carnegie Library, Adaptive Reuse, Restoration & Renovation Clinton Public Library Carnegie Library Expansion & Renovation Franklin County Public Library, Brookville Branch, Carnegie Renovation & Addition Hamilton North Public Library Atlanta Branch, Carnegie Library Renovation Study Jackson County Public Library Carnegie Library Renovation & Addition New Castle-Henry County Public Library Carnegie Library Renovation & Addition Peru Public Library Carnegie Library, Interior Renovation Logansport-Cass County Public Library Carnegie Library, Interior Renovation

“We talked about our hopes and dreams, fears and limitations, and krM listened. We needed someone who was not there to sell us their vision but rather to advocate for us as we worked to implement our vision. krM has been that advocate.� Cheryl Dobbs, Director Greenwood Public Library


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We have had the great opportunity to work with 45 public libraries in the last 38 years. Each one has helped us learn and gain perspective o...

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