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about me Hello! This is Kritika Kaul, 20, Mumbai. Always felt an art nerve since an early age. Currently pursuing graphic design at MIT Institute of Design. 2011-Present. i have further interests in photography. Have been a good speaker, narrator and actor. I appreciate good music and dance. A big foodie from both ends of the country! A very fun loving person with a bright personality. Dedicated and hardworking towards my work. Grab opportuntities as they come along and intend to give them my best.

Mobile no. 8550980077 E-mail id.

book cover design classroom project

To design a book cover giving

more emphasis to the text.

stamp design classroom project

To design 3 stamps with same contents but placing them differently in different orientation to. Thereby, creating a composition which is image-text balance, then one in which the image is given emphasis. Followed by a text dominating composition.

poster design external project

Poster designed for children’s camp organised by Chinmaya Mission 2011.

outdoor advertising external project

Summer internship in Encyclomedia, outdoor advertising in 2012. Window Design for ‘Staples’, Canada.


classroom project Out of the various options given to work on for our assignments, I chose to try and design a typeface by myself. Firstly, I sketched all the letters. Then created them digitally on illustrator. Followed by visually correcting them. For example- the horizontal lines in letters like- A,E,F,H,J,L,T,Z had to be made thinner and same for the diagonals,etc. Keeping in mind the visual balance.

final typeface

photography self initiated

Recently developed curiousity in photography.


classroom project To take a photograph and illustrate it in our own way.


classroom project To take a story and illustrate it in our own way.

The lost boy sleeps peacefully under a blanket of autumn leaves. The search party’s cries do not wake him, nor do the searchers see him, though they pass within four feet of where he sleeps. The maple tree, which covered the sleeping boy with leaves to protect him from the cold, has inadvertently hidden him from his would-be rescuers. The maple wishes it could call out to the searchers, or wake the boy, but, being a tree, it can do nothing to repair its mistake. The boy awakens hours later, in darkness, to falling snow, and the distant howling of wolves.

pen doodle self initiated

Pen doodling to the sound of music have been some of my personal interests

graphic design portfolio  

hello!! i am Kritika Kaul, pursuing graphic design in MIT Institue Of Design.