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DVRs (digital video recorders) are definitely the wave of the future. Here's a guide that explains what DISH Network DVR receivers are and what they can do to make your TV viewing more pleasurable. What is a DISH Network DVR receiver? A DVR is actually a hard drive, similar to the one that sits in your computer, that's part of a satellite TV receiver. It's primary function is to record satellite TV broadcasts. What are the features of a DVR receiver? A DVR automatically records your TV shows as you watch them, so that you can pause the show, fast forward through commercials and the boring parts, and even replay parts you want to see again. In the good ol' days prior to DVRs, if you had to go to the bathroom or get a drink while you were watching TV, you had to wait until a commercial came on, run to the bathroom or the fridge, then run back to your TV and hope you didn't miss anything. Now, thanks to DVRs, you simply press the "Pause" button on your remote, do what you need to do, then resume watching your TV show when you're ready. A DISH Network DVR can record hundreds of hours of your favorite TV shows and store them all inside your receiver. No more fumbling with video tapes or DVDs. All you have to do to watch a show is to click on your DVR guide then click on the show you want to see. Your recorded shows are automatically labeled and even include a short explanation of what the show or the episode is about. How's that for convenient. What are DISH Network HD DVR Receivers? HD (high definition) TV is the fastest-growing segment of the satellite TV world. HD broadcasts are so real you sometimes have the feeling that you're watching a scene through a window. DISH Network is offering an DVR receiver that can broadcast and record HD programs. Their topof-the-line model lets you record up to 350 hours of programming (55 hours in HD). And the price is right - all DISH Network DVR receivers are free when you order their satellite TV service which starts at less than $20 a month. The Bottom Line

When I first got my HD DVR receiver I was skeptical about all the claims I'd heard about it, and I didn't like having to pay the extra $5.98 a month for DVR service. But being able to record the TV shows I can't watch because I'm either working or watching another show, plus being able to record my favorite shows with the push of a button, instead of having to go through all the steps I had to with my VCR, has made me a convert.

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The DISH Network DVR Receiver Guide  

DVRs (digital video recorders) are definitely the wave of the future. Here's a guide that explains what DISH Network DVR receivers are and w...