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Need more information about DIRECTV HD Plus DVRs? Here's a simplified guide explaining the benefits of DIRECTV HD Plus DVRs. DIRECTV Plus HD DVRs (digital video recorders) Remember the "good ol' days" when the only way you could record a TV program was to put a blank tape in your VCR, program the channel number, program the start time hour, program the start time minutes, program the stop time hour, program the stop time minutes, then hope to heck you didn't miss a step and programmed the right time. My how times have changed. Now, with a DIRECTV HD DVR all you have to do to record a TV program is click a button on your remote control and it's recorded automatically. No muss, no fuss. And you don't even have to hassle with video tapes because all your shows are stored on your satellite TV receiver's hard drive. Personally, I think DVRs are the greatest invention since sliced banana bread. Here are the benefits of DIRECTVs HD DVR: DIRECTV Plus HD DVR Features * You can record your favorite shows in high definition so you get a crystal clear picture and superior sound when you play them back. * Pause, rewind, and replay the live TV show you're watching so you can get a snack or answer the phone, then resume watching it when you're ready. * Record up to 200 hours of standard definition TV programming, or 50 hours of high definition TV programming. * Automatically record all the future broadcasts of your favorite shows. * Record two different shows while watching a third show at the same time. * Store all your programs on your receiver's hard drive so you don't have to hassle with video tapes. * Record your favorite programs with a click of a remote button using the DIRECTV on-screen program guide.

* Use the slow motion feature to create your own instant replays. * Set the Parental Control to restrict what your children watch. The Bottom Line If you want an easy, foolproof way to record your favorite programs ... if you want to see them in high def format and hear them in Dolby Digital sound ... if you want to store up to 200 one-hour shows all on your receiver's hard drive ... if you want to be able to record two shows while watching a third - then a DIRECTV Plus HD DVR is just what the doctor ordered. To get a free DIRECTV HD DVR, click on the link below.

Visit or click on the following link for more information on DIRECTV Plus HD DVRs, and where to get the best deal on DIRECTV satellite TV service You can also see the latest special offers from DIRECTV and order their satellite TV service online. The author, Brian Stevens, is the senior editor for and has written a number of articles on DIRECTV Plus HD DVR Receivers.

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The DIRECTV Plus HD DVR Guide  

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