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Do you often worry about missing your favorite television program? Have you ever tried to set up your VCR to record a program only to discover you don't have any blank videotapes available? All of these problems can be avoided with the newest invention in recording. DVR is the latest technology enabling you to record television shows for later viewing. DVR, Digital Video Recording, allows many more options than the VCR that so many consumers have utilized to record their favorite shows. This new technology allows you to have total control over your television viewing experience. With DVR technology, you have the ability to pause and rewind live television, fast forward through recorded commercials, and easily find and record your favorite show. In fact with your DVR, you can set it to record the entire season of your favorite show with just the click of a few buttons. You will no longer have to be concerned with missing portions of your favorite show because dinner is burning or someone is at your door. With the push of a button, you can even pause a live television show for up to thirty minutes! A DVR stores all video on internal memory eliminating the need for videotapes that must be labeled and stored. The amount of recording time available varies depending on the model you choose. Many offer at least 70 hours of recording time with some offering 200 hours or more. Some DVR receivers even allow you to record your favorite programming regardless of whether day or times or broadcast change. Perhaps the most recognizable name in DVR is TiVo®. TiVo® works with cable, satellite or even antennae services. With TiVo®, there is a charge for the box, generally $200-$300 along with a monthly charge for the service. TiVo® offers many more features than other DVR systems including recording to DVD and online scheduling from the internet. With TiVo® service, you can easily search for your favorite programs by actor, genre, or even keywords. With their newly introduced search features, you can record proghtrams based on your favorite subjects. For instance, if you search for "hot rods," every show featuring hot rods in the description will be displayed and you can choose which ones to record days ahead of time. DIRECTV satellite service also offers a DVR with TiVo® combined so you can take advantage of the benefits of both services. If you have satellite service through DISH Network or DIRECTV, the DVR is a must have to be sure you don't miss any programming. Unlike with TiVo®, DVRs through your satellite service can often be received for free or at a reduced price during special promotions. That translates into big savings over the TiVo® service. There may also be a small monthly subscription charge depending on the programming package that you choose through your satellite television provider. Along with the above mentioned features, the DVR through your satellite service provider will enable you to watch one program while recording up to two others.

With a DVR, you may never have to watch commercials again. Streamline your television viewing experience with this latest technology. It is time for you to be in control of the programming that comes into your home. With a DVR, now you can be again.

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