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The number one selling service provided by DIRECTV Programming is for everyone, entertainment. Entertainment is the DIRECTV Programming Prime Directive and an essential component in our culture. Sports is second to entertainment, and even though sports are considered a part of entertainment, they are actually a subcategory all their own due to their gargantuan market size. People just seem to love sports. Art and up-to-date news broadcasting is the runner up in the area of information and education. These three areas blend with a passion in digital satellite DIRECTV Programming that makes competing cable companies remorse. DIRECTV Programming is Entertainment DIRECTV Programming is entertainment without the shadow of a doubt. The kind of entertainment that DIRECTV Programming offers is superior in high-quality digital multi-channel sound, imaging and movement. What we are talking about here are stories. People love stories. Movie Channels, Primetime reruns, Family & Children Channels that take us to other places and times are essential to DIRECTV Programming. Very different from the competition, DIRECTV Programming offers seven HBO channels, 4 Starz, 8 Encore, 5 Showtime, 2 TMC, 1 FLIX and 3 Cinemax along with pay per view that is interactive through the remote control. DIRECTV Programming is Sports The second major service offered by DIRECTV Programming is sports. All channels want to be sports channels, because so many people are into competition. There is a lot of money to be made in sports by anyone willing enough to take on the competition. Sports Networks and Sports Subscriptions offer the latest up to date live action sporting events from coast to coast and all over the world. No other digital satellite high-quality multi-channel Sports service is like DIRECTV Programming today, none. DIRECTV Programming in live coverage sporting events from all the different walks of human interest are possible at exactly the moment you need and want them for a small monthly fee, with free installation and equipment that can be viewed in up to three different channels in three different rooms in the house at any given time. Looking for the exact Sports Editorials for that day? Sports Schedules? What about Pay Per View Sporting Events? DIRECTV Programming offers everything in Sports you could possibly find. DIRECTV Programming is Art For painting, dance, martial arts, culture and up-to-date reporter coverage of what is going on in the world today; DIRECTV Programming is art. Live radio station coverage, audio only music, audio-visual music television, CNN, Discovery Channel, Biography Channel and more, DIRECTV Programming offers every facet of broadcasted art through special digital compacting informational transmissions of the future known as MPEG-2 (Moving Pictures Experts Group), the

quality digital broadcasting media of the future. DIRECTV Programming literally is the future. Movie Channels, Sports Subscriptions, Sports Networks, Family & Children Channels, Arts & Entertainment Channels, News & Information Channels, XM Satellite Radio on DIRECTV? Service, Music Video Channels; DIRECTV Programming is for everyone and offers a monthly service with free equipment and installation nationwide. Entertainment for the whole family, all possible Sports coverage in the continent and even from outside and Art as a media for changing the world, DIRECTV Programming has everything.

Gary Davis is owner of an authorized DIRECTV retailer, has over five years experience in the Satellite TV business and has written numerous articles on the subject.

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DIRECTV Programming is for Everyone  

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