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Here comes the gown BY MONICA CARTER For Sun-Times Media


hree area bridal fashion experts — Alyssa Kahle, owner and designer at Alyssa Kristin; Pamela Rowell, senior sales consultant/fashions buyer for Volle’s Bridal; and Bonnie Wegner, of Bridal Boutique — give advice on buying the perfect dress.

Let your persona shine

Kahle:“I like to start by getting to know the bride’s personality. This means discovering her favorite feature(s) and the feel and atmosphere she is trying to create for her big day. That information, coupled with her vision, is a great launch pad for sketching design options custom to the bride.”

Keep the entourage at home

Although you might want to share the moment with everyone you know, experts advise keeping dress shopping intimate. Rowell:“The most common mistake brides make when shopping for their dress is bringing too many people. Too many opinions end up in total confusion, and the bride’s voice never is heard. Keep it small.” Wegner:“While it is nice to get feedback from friends and family, ultimately, a bride needs to listen to herself. Getting talked in to or out of a gown by others happens all the time.”

Shopping online? Keep it for research

Cost-effective couture: Designer Alyssa Kahle said to shop trunk shows and sample sales to get a gown at a discount. | PHOTO BY ROOTS OF LIFE PHOTOGRAPHY

Purchasing a gown online may seem appealing, especially at discounted prices, but be cautious; buy from an authorized dealer. Rowell:“The Internet is a great place to look for ideas and styles from different designers. However, purchasing a wedding gown online is not a good idea. Designers do not sell or authorize online sales; they sell to selected reputable retailers.” Kahle:“Always purchase directly from the designer or authorized retailer. Be

Art: Designer Alyssa Kahle considers the bride’s personality and vision when sketching a custom design. | PHOTO BY COLLIN PIERSON PHOTOGRAPHY smart and savvy; if approached properly, this can be a great way for brides to access a larger market of gowns and designers.”

For the budget conscious

Create a budget that allows for some wiggle room. Wegner:“My best advice is to create a budget that includes alterations, veil and accessories and then back those things out so that the budget for the dress is accurate. No matter what the budget, sticking to it will make the buying experience less stressful.” Rowell:“There are dresses for brides in all price ranges, only you can decide what that budget is. Don’t let a few hundred dollars make the difference of the dress you love and the one that fit into your budget.” Kahle:“There is a myth that custom gowns are only for big spenders.Work with a designer to get the couture gown look for a price that is just right.”

weddings! • SOIRÉE | 5 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 •

Meet Borris Powell, Chicago’s King Couture BY ANDY FRYE For Sun-Times Media

Designer Borris Powell has always been a bit of a maverick. Born and raised Piedmont, Alabama, Powell hails came from what he calls a very talented athletic family right in the heart of sports country. Despite being blessed with the gift of speed, Auburn football and life as a sportsman held no interest for him. “My mother was a seamstress and my Aunt Shelby was a fashion model,” Powell explained. “And every Sunday, Shelby was that lady.You wanted to see what she was wearing at church because she was so beautiful.” His aunt introduced him to fashion, big Southern hats and the foundations of gallant style that define country elegance. Powell’s mother, even when hard at work, let her son tag along after school, which stoked Powell’s keen fashion heart and vogue soul. “I was always a mommy’s boy, and I lived vicariously between these two women, learning about aesthetic and style,” Powell said. However, it wasn’t until Powell first came to Chicago — touring as a musician in a prestigious drum and bugle corps in 1995 — that he met his first real first fashion designer. Falling hard in love with Chicago, he would soon call it home while also discovering his true calling toward fashion. Present-day, Powell has surely made a

Paradigm shift: Powell’s clutch purses are popular at his trunk shows. Prices start at $350. | SUPPLIED PHOTO

Chic: As a designer, Powell’s repertoire calls heavily on the influence of old-school Christian Dior and understated sophistication that is custom-built for the woman who bears a touch of bravado and deep-woven class. | SUPPLIED PHOTO name for himself. As a designer, his repertoire calls heavily on the influence of oldschool Christian Dior: classic lines, regal and romantic beauty, and understated sophistication, all custom-built for the woman who bears a touch of bravado and deep-woven class.While originally focused ball gowns and dresses, Powell’s business grew solely through word of mouth. Therefore, the call for Powell’s work took new forms. “I love evening wear and gowns for special occasions. As a designer, that’s always going to be my first love,” Powell said.“But fashion has changed so much, even in the last decade.” As such, Powell ‘s style is sought out no longer just for the evening dress, but for everyday wear for enterprising women from all walks of life. Just like better-known celebrity designers such as Valentino and Isaac Mizrahi, demand for Powell’s hands to dress women of all shapes and sizes has increased each year. His ready-to-wear collections include classy short dresses, skirts and tops, which put to use both bold reds along with softer, understated earth tones and colors that let the lines of construction dazzle a woman’s natural curves. One important tenet of Borris Powell Designs is to highlight what the designer believes to be the most elegant parts of a woman’s body, particularly her shoulders, the neck and the back. Within Powell’s collections, smooth yet strong pieces such as his Rise of the Empress cashmere coat (seen here in grey, $1800)


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speak to the confidence and elegance we love in the American professional woman. Most recently, Borris Powell Designs’ accessories have taken flight. His line of clutch purses and handbags — known as BjP — has become a most popular addition to trunk shows. Likewise, BJP purses themselves have become a must-have for existing clients. For BjP, Powell selects his own leather, custom-made with Powell’s unique designs and bespoke textures. As one would expect, Powell has done gowns for galas galore and also famous televised events including the Oscars and the Grammys. Most recently, he dressed his friend, casting director Holland Weathers, for the 2014 Emmy Awards. Certainly both well-heeled consumers of high fashion and fellow stylists have taken notice. Anna Hovet, often known as Chicago’s queen of comfort, notes Powell’s devotion to timeless elements of fashion. “Borris Powell designs in a classic standard of elegance that transports the wearer and the viewers into elevated sophistication,” Hovet said about her fellow Chicagoan. Affable and easygoing, Borris Powell can straightforwardly describe the woman he knows, and the woman he dresses. “My lady loves the spotlight but doesn’t seek it out. And she doesn’t have to,” he said. “She’s very classic, very demure and very down-to-earth but loves the unpretentious statement with a pop of color.”

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Green is the new white BY MONICA CARTER


For Sun-Times Media

hen the wedding ends, leftovers are usually tossed in the trash. “Food, cake, flowers, candles, paper goods get thrown away in excess,” said Carlene Smith of Naturally Yours Events, an eco-friendly wedding and eventplanning company. Smith started Naturally Yours to combine her passion for celebrations with her passion for the environment. “I wanted to have a business I could be proud of that could help alleviate some of that waste that is so common in this industry,” she said. Jamie Davis, co-owner of Greenhouse Loft, has been planning eco-friendly events since 2009. She became more involved with the process when a space she used to host events was retrofitted and declared sustainable. “Sustainable living and events have always been something I’ve been passionate about, so it was a great fit,” Davis said. Both Naturally Yours and Greenhouse Loft are part of The Green Wedding Alliance, a nonprofit coalition of environmentally aware and socially conscious vendors. At the start, Smith recommended establishing what aspect of the event takes precedence. “It all starts with your top priorities,” Smith

said.“If that is food, then choosing the right caterer that fits your ideals, budget and tastes is a great place to start.” Do research on vendors. Ask if they run a sustainable business, where its source materials come from and if they have compost and recycling programs. “The florist you work with should be sourcing locally or responsibly, avoiding flower foam and sprays,” Davis said.“You can work with stationary [vendors] for your invite that use recycled papers and toxic free inks. The caterer you use should be a caterer that is also sourcing locally, organically and seasonally. If you pick other sustainable and like-minded vendors, your event can definitely be considered a green event. The details go a long way.” Hosting a sustainable event doesn’t have to be expensive. Both planners recommend simplifying whenever possible and catering the event to what is efficient and economical. “Sometimes sourcing things locally and seasonally can be more cost effective,” Davis said. “Keep things simple. Consider cocktail-style events over full-plated meals if cost is an issue. Cocktail-style events will cut down on food, staff and rental costs. Think about [creating] a signature cocktail using seasonal herbs or syrups, instead of a full bar, for an event.” In their homes, Smith and Davis heighten their sustainable practices.

Lush: Naturally Yours Events, an eco-friendly, eventplanning company, specializes in coordinating weddings with many green touches. | PHOTO BY ASHLEY BOSNICK “I personally try to cut down on the amount of waste I produce,” Smith said. “This includes composting and recycling. I also try to be aware of the type of cleaning products and soaps we buy. Finally, it is such an easy thing to really avoid drinking out of plastic water bottles and using plastic grocery bags.” “Using green cleaning supplies, turning off lights and appliances, recycling or donating things you don’t need,” she said. “There are so many things people can do to live a more sustainable lifestyle. I think most people know in their hearts what is good for them and the environment.”

The Amazing Bottle Dancers

If you are looking for unique entertainment for a wedding, mitzvah and simcha, check out The Amazing Bottle Dancers. Loved by kids and adults, the bottle dancers feature spectacular grand entrances for b’nai mitzvah honorees and add a unique touch of tradition that fits in with any theme, Bottles up: Add a touch of tradition to your event with including sports, music, movies… you The Amazing Bottle Dancers. Visit to name it. If your theme watch some pretty impressive videos. | SUPPLIED PHOTO is The Beatles, you probably will not be dancing the hora to Yellow Submarine; rather, you will be dancing to Jewish music. That’s where the bottle dancers come in. The Amazing Bottle Dancers will be the highlight of your event. Its unforgettable more than 20-minute surprise is capped off with an incredible Klezmer Hora straight out of the old country. The bottle dancers offer other fantastic and fun options: a not-so-typical candle lighting ceremony or a hilarious and interactive bottle dance contest starring the honoree and some undiscovered superstars among the guests. One visit to the website, and you’ll be hooked. Watch the videos, and listen to some of the hundreds of voice mails from clients.You’ll hear the passion in their voices as they rave about how the dancers turned their ordinary party into an amazing memory. Visit’ll be very glad you did.

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• SOIRÉE | 7 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 •

Indie Revolution

A new type of wedding expo marries tradition with counter-culture aesthetic BY MONICA CARTER For Sun-Times Media

It was an idea rooted in selfpromotion. Kelly Horvath, creator of independent wedding expo Indie Wed, came up with the notion of a bridal fair inspired by the indie movement while trying to find ways to promote her own small business, a stationary company called Paper Stories. “Wedding blogs didn’t really exist yet, and I didn’t know where to advertise to find the kind of unique clients I wanted [for Paper Stories],” Horvath said.“After selling my work for several years at various indie craft fairs such as the Renegade Craft Fair in Chicago and getting quite a few wedding clients from it, I wished there was something similar but strictly for weddings.” Indie Wed’s first event was held in 2010. According to Horvath, what she imagined would be a few vendors and several hundred attendees turned into an expo featuring 56 vendors and more than 1100 guests. “The first year I didn’t know anyone,” she said.“I contacted a

few vendors I found in magazines or online. Photographer Jeremy Lawson put me in touch with many vendors who would become reoccurring exhibitors and also friends. After the first event, there was a buzz and I just started getting emails. Indie Wed is now the longest-running independent wedding show in the country.” Horvath described Indie Wed as an expo where “booths and tables look more like a Pintrest board come to life rather than a stale trade show exhibit.” Guests are encouraged to interact with vendors and sample services and products. The expo’s next event will be held on Jan. 31, 2015 at the Ravenswood Event Center on Chicago’s far-north side. This will be the company’s sixth winter show. Horvath plans to dedicate the first two floors of the event space to live musical performances, food tastings and models wearing the latest wedding fashions, along with wedding professionals and vendors. She is also working with an event planner to turn a portion of the center into a lounge area for guests to relax.

Dishy: Indie Wed is the longest-running, independent bridal fair in the country. The sixth market will be on Jan. 31, 2015 at the Ravenswood Event Center. | SUPPLIED PHOTO “I think it is important to offer something new and fresh each year,” she said.“This year, we will be working with Jayne Weddings who has some pretty amazing ideas for transforming the third floor into an exotic destination.” Lizz Sisson, a photographer at Studio Starling and Indie Wed vendor, said that the expo attracts

• SOIRÉE | 8 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 •

the type of clientele she feels her company connects with the most. “As a vendor, it’s like coming home,” she said.“[It’s] a wonderful place to see all types of artists [and] everyone can be very creative with their space.You are side by side with people you work with to put together weddings for clients. It’s nice that we

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Spunk: Indie Wed supports small, independent businesses and promotes the best wedding artisans and professionals from around the country. | SUPPLIED PHOTO can all make each other shine.” Holly Greenhagen of Dame Couture, a bridal shop that specializes in what Greenhagen terms “vintage restyling,” has been with Indie Wed since its first event. “My business caters to the bride who’s looking for more than just pretty things,” she said. “She’s looking for ethical production, alternative style, integrity. A wedding expo that attracts that bride is the kind of wedding expo I’m interested in participating in. It’s enriching to meet other vendors who are small independent business owners.”

With the success of Indie Wed established, Horvath is looking to expand her independent mindset into other aspects of the wedding industry, including popup bridal shops and informative workshops for couples and business owners. She is also looking to write a book of wedding inspirations and advice. Horvath has also been working on projects that make the move beyond weddings and relate to parenting and families. “As a mom of two and having watched many of our previous attendees move from newlyweds to new parents, I think it is a natural progression,” she said.


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A Celebration of DESIGN Party, pizazz and purpose



For Sun-Times Media

he American Society of Interior Designers — Illinois Chapter (ASID-IL) hosted the 2014 Celebration of Design Gala on Sept. 12 at The Langham, Chicago. Sponsored by media giants Modern Luxury/Interiors Chicago and Contract Magazine, the event featured the best of the best in today’s contract and residential design in Illinois. The gala was held in the Devonshire Ballroom, located in the famed 52-story AMA Plaza (formerly IBM Building), which was designed by German-American pioneering architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The building, an iconic Chicago landmark, embraces architecturally significant design and steel-and-glass material minimalism, which was the ideal setting to offer awards, drinks and a lovely meal to design professionals. “The Langham, Chicago is

such a stunning location, both architecturally and as modeled in its design aesthetic,” said Janet Davidsen, ASID-IL president. “It only seemed fitting to honor the state of Illinois’ most talented group of designers at such a setting. We also looked for a space that could hold a large number of guests—The Devonshire Ballroom is ideal for a cocktail and dining reception.” The ASID-IL communications director, Jase Frederick said: “Hosting at the Langham, Chicago will only help to elevate the event’s standing as one of the most premier design galas in the industry.” For 11 years, the Celebration of Design Gala has recognized ASID-IL members, International Interior Design Association members and registered expert Illinois interior designers. “The 2012 and 2013 Galas were sophisticated, artistic affairs held at the Art Institute of

Chicago,” Davidsen said. “2014’s Gala was an elegant and luxurious affair. The Gala brought together over 200 ASID members, industry influencers and prominent area press.” Per usual, ASID-IL granted awards in the categories of contract, residential, historic restoration and product design. New sought-after accolades this year included outdoor space — contract; outdoor space — residential; singular space — residential; and the Industry Partner Award, which honored one new product innovation. The Design Excellence Awards program is the state’s leading design competition; brilliance in design throughout the state is celebrated and honored. “The coveted awards were presented in 11 contract, nine residential and seven additional categories that ran the gamut from historic restoration to new product innovation,” Frederick said.

• SOIRÉE | 10 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 •

The best networking opportunity for today’s designers, educators, students and folks in the industry is a connection with The American Society of Interior Designers, which is 30,000 members strong and comprised of 48 chapters throughout the United States and Canada. The ASID-IL, which is led by a board of volunteers, represents and advocates for more than 1,100 Illinois interior designers, students and design industry partner members. “Our vision is to be the voice of design in Illinois, advocate for the industry and equip our membership with critical knowledge, continuing education and industry news so that we can offer design services that exceed client expectations,” said Davidsen. For more information on the ASID-IL, visit To learn about The Langham, Chicago, visit

Alluring bouquets BY MONICA CARTER For Sun-Times Media

As the holiday season approaches, you will see a rise in events and celebrations. Floral arrangements for spring and summer events easily lend themselves to bold, bright colors. However, the drop in temperature doesn’t have to mean that monochromatic or holiday specific colors are the only way to go. Floral arrangements for the cold winter months allow for the experimentation with deep, rich textures and colors. We asked a couple of local florists about fall floral trends.

Winter weddings

“For fall, in addition to the romantic look, we will get brides that will want bright, bold colors and lots of texture,” said Liz Zimmer of Jane’s Blue Iris in Hinsdale. “Moving on to winter, the weddings will lean towards mostly whites, creams, and grays. The variety of flowers that come in that color palette adds so much interest to every piece.” “If you are talking about winter weddings, you aren’t going to see the red while and green scheme,” said Cyndi Weber of Philips Flowers in LaGrange Park. “You are talking about the deeper reds or burgundy, white and frost.”

Back to school

Autumn means back to school, homecomings and winter dances.Wrist corsages are still popular amongst the young academics; however, according to Zimmer, the female students are coordinating the look. “Many high school female students come in with pictures of their dresses and discuss what we can do to match the dress as best as possible,” Zimmer said. “The male students typically will get a white rose, but that seems to be changing a bit now. Some of the girls will ask us to be more creative than a rose boutonniere for their date.”

Holiday party

Holiday office parties and

Rouge: Cyndi Weber of Philips Flowers suggested deeper reds, white and frost for winter weddings. | SUPPLIED PHOTO corporate events can be challenging to put together, especially with the variety of holidays that are celebrated near the end of the year. Baxter Philips of Phillips Flowers suggests neutral colors for these types of events to make them more inclusive.

Bringing it home

For the fall, fresh cut stems and rich fall colors are popular options for the home. “Pumpkins are the container for fall,” Weber noted. “You have all your textures, grasses, that excitement to the pumpkin.” In winter, reds and whites are popular, along with fresh wintergreens, cedar and holly. The trends lend themselves to a natural botanical woodland type. If you’re looking to decorate your home into a winter wonderland, Weber suggested amaryllis tulips, garden roses, anemones, lilies and hydrangea as cold weather flowers. Gold or silver mercury glass vases, instead of clear glass, have gained popularity. This adds what florists said is glamour and elegance to an arrangement. However, taking into consideration the look of the room you before you decorate to decide what flowers will best compliment it was highly suggested. Similar to fashion and beauty, you see trends in floral arrangements. However, individual taste is still the primary force of putting any look together. “Everyone is different,” Phillip said. “One customer will want the natural look, the other gold and colors, but that’s what’s fun about it. It’s custom designed for their vision.” • SOIRÉE | 11 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 •


Presents Glamorama Fashion Rocks Styles, performances and a party for a cause BY WENDY ALTSCHULER For Sun-Times Media

The evening started with fashionistas buzzing along the red carpet outside of Harris Theatre for Music and Dance — a bright spot on Chicago’s performing arts community. The bouncers held back sharply dressed ticket holders whom were awaiting the 2014 Macy’s Glamorama event: a night full of music, fashion and support for the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana. “It’s a memorable evening of music, fashion and compassion for a truly important cause,” said Terry Lundgren, chairman and chief executive officer of Macy’s.

Meanwhile, on the inside, a star-studded cast of talent walked the red carpet, behind a velvet rope, for behind-the-scenes interviews and photographs. Headliner Jason Derulo — who started his career by penning songs for Lil Wayne, Pitbull and Diddy — flashed his pearly whites as he walked through the door. Derulo’s “Talk Dirty” hit sold more than 5 million singles worldwide and reaped over 150 million YouTube views. Derulo’s current single,“Wiggle” is his wildest growing single to date — Top 10 on Billboard, iTunes and Shazam. Before You Exit, Macy’s iHeart Radio Rising Star contest winners — with more than 7.3 million votes — also strutted their stuff down the carpet before the fashion show. This handsome band of brothers from Orlando has popped on the music scene with sharp hooks and upbeat rock. The VIP of the red carpet, however, was 10year old Samantha Roberson. Samantha was diagnosed with embryonal rhabdomyosarcoma, a cancer that develops within the connective tissues of the body, which affects the muscles and bones. Samantha, still fighting cancer with chemotherapy sessions, has found great solace in the help given by the Ronald McDonald House near Lurie Children’s Hospital. “The Ronald McDonald House is a home away from home for families of children with complex medical needs,” said Martine Reardon, chief marketing officer of Macy’s.“Macy’s is proud to partner with this outstanding organization that provides hope and support for families in need.” • SOIRÉE | 12 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 •

Philanthropy: In the past 31 years, Glamorama has raised more than $44 million for charities that help fight childhood illness, cancer and HIV/AIDS. | ABOVE PHOTOS BY NASTASIA MORA | BELOW PHOTO BY WENDY ALTSCHULER

This year’s theme, Fashion Rocks, made the indelible connection between music and fashion to inspire self-expression as well as to fuse Macy’s signature mix of pop-culture, style, music and dance. Professional models wore the best of fall 2014 fashions — Tommy Hilfiger,Weekend Max Mara, Ryan Seacrest, INC, Impulse, Hello Kitty, Calvin Klein and Diesel — as they paced up and down ramps in a cleverly designed set. “Even with all the opportunities I have in my life to create, I still consider Glamorama to be a highlight of my year,” said Myron Johnson, choreographer and show director.“Theater, dance, fashion, music and an important cause…what could possibly be more fulfilling than that?” The night continued, post fashion show, at the Rooftop Terrace at Millennium Park. Rock-themed sponsor lounges, delectable treats in little packages, fare inspired by Macy’s Culinary Council Chef Stephanie Izard, libations and photo opportunities kept the evening full of anticipation. “We simply could not be the charity we are — offering care, compassion and comfort to over 150 families every night — without the wonderful support of Macy’s,” said Doug Porter, CEO, Ronald McDonald House Charities of Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana.“Our Ronald McDonald Houses enable the family to heal together and Macy’s has supported over 20,000 nights for families during the past five years.We could not ask for a better partner in the community than Macy’s, and we are honored to participate in this wonderful event.”

1105 Milwaukee Ave., Riverwoods


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is back in Chicago The Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago holds art Edge 2014 to celebrate the opening of the exhibition, David Bowie Is BY WENDY ALTSCHULER


For Sun-Times Media

avid Bowie has been a major contributor to art, design, theater and music so it is only fitting that Chicago’s Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) would host an exhibit that celebrates Bowie’s successes and contribution to contempo-

What: David Bowie Is presents the first retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie. | SUPPLIED PHOTO

rary culture. The international tour made a stop in Chicago, the only U.S. venue, and on Sept. 20 the MCA hosted a Bowie-themed gala — artEdge 2014 — to celebrate the opening of the exhibition David Bowie Is. The fundraiser, presented by Louis Vuitton, paid tribute to rock ‘n’ roll glam’s most notorious trailblazer and distinguished guests got an exclusive first peek at the highly anticipated unveiling. “The MCA is proud to present this year’s artEdge gala celebrating David Bowie,” said MCA Pritzker director, Madeleine Grynsztejn. “We are particularly excited to have the support of Louis Vuitton for this lively evening, which will be the social event of the season in Chicago.” Attendees enjoyed cocktails and hors d’oeuvres on the MCA’s Kern Terrace and Sculpture Garden, a stylish space inspired by Studio 54 and designed by Kim Merlin from KKM Design Group and Event Creative. Next, guests indulged in a lavish dinner, set with stylish décor throughout the MCA’s Kovler Atrium, Lefkofsky Lobby

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When: Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago will show David Bowie Is until Jan. 4, 2015. Call the Bowie Hotline at (312) 397-4066 for tickets. | SUPPLIED PHOTO and a tent fashioned across the front plaza. After, guests walked through the exhibit and then strolled to the MCA’s sculpture garden for dessert. Art rock icon and singersongwriter, Bryan Ferry, performed for guests at the gala. “It’s always wonderful to be in Chicago, and as an art enthusiast myself, I am especially excited to perform at MCA Chicago, surrounded by the energy of contemporary art,” Ferry said. “This museum is the perfect place for the nostalgia of my past to meet the excitement of a new generation of fans.” “Chicago is a legendary music city in addition to a thriving art city, so it is a perfect fit for the music legend Bryan Ferry to come to Chicago and perform at the MCA’s gala celebrating the opening of David Bowie Is,” said Cari Sacks, Museum of Contemporary Art trustee. “Part of the mission of the MCA is to support the cultural vibrancy of our great city. The artEdge events do just that. They are full of people who love music, love contempo-

• SOIRÉE | 14 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 •

rary art and who believe deeply in the MCA.” Proceeds from the artEdge 2014 gala benefit MCA exhibitions, performances and education programming. If you’re a David Bowie fan, now is your chance to see more than 400 objects, collected from the past five decades, that are on exhibit for the first time ever — handwritten lyrics, costumes, photography, set designs, artwork and performance material. To learn more about the David Bowie Is exhibit or to support the fundraising efforts of the MCA, visit


Deck the walls


olidays are a time to rejoice and remember the ones we love. The Deer Path Art League holiday exhibit kicks off the season with an opening reception on Friday, Nov. 7, from 5-8 p.m. Celebrate the season with gifts that are artfully created, varied in price, style and truly one of a kind. Artwork includes: crystal holiday trees, glass ornaments, jewelry, notecards, paintings, photography and wood turned pens. Featuring local artists:Vilma Birbilaite, Angelo Fico, Rob Kuehnle, Ray Lapsys, Tina Leto, Marilyn Lamar, Kathleen Messer, Renata Mikota, Susan Miranda, Martha Richter, Susan Russell, and Jackie Truty. Exhibit closes Jan. 2. The Deer Path Art League & Gallery is a 60-year-old, Lake Forest 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The League strives to spark, nurture and enhance creativity as well as raise awareness and appreciation of the arts in the community. ■ Art Technique Classes:Year round, low cost art classes for children, adults and seniors in Lake Forest and surrounding communities. ■ Art Gallery in Gorton Community Center: The gallery curates eight shows per year providing a market place for fine artists working in a variety of media.Young student work Artistry: The Deck the Walls opening is showcased in March. reception will be on Friday, Nov. 7 ■ Art Fair on the Square: This juried, from 5-8 p.m. | SUPPLIED PHOTOS fine art show recently celebrated its 60th anniversary in Lake Forest Market Square. Ranked in the top 75 in the country, the event attracts more than 30,000 attendees, is free to the public and celebrates the individual artisan. ■ Fine Arts Scholarship: Presented annually to a Lake Forest High School senior who intends to study art in college. Every child and adult in our surrounding communities deserves the very best in arts programming.Your support is essential. The organization’s broad-based membership of families, corporate donors and individual volunteers makes the Deer Path Art League the vibrant organization that it is today. Please help the community realize the power of the arts to provide inspiration and outreach. A tax-deductible gift makes you a valued patron of the arts. Gallery and studio classrooms are located in Gorton Community Center, 400 E. Illinois Rd. in Lake Forest. Hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday, Saturday by appointment. For program information and volunteer opportunities, visit, phone (847) 234-3743 or email

With elegant decor and a jolly English ambiance, The Deer Path Inn is the ideal place to establish or continue a holiday tradition your family will always treasure. Thanksgiving Feast to Relish

Classic favorites with a culinary spin N OV E M B E R 27, S E AT I N G S 11:3 0A M - 6 P M

Sunday Brunch with Santa

St. Nick himself stops by for a visit D E C E M B E R 14 & 21

Christmas Eve Dinner

A magical night, surrounded by warmth D E C E M B E R 24 , S E AT I N G S 5 - 8 :3 0 P M

Christmas Dinner

The perfect compliment to a day of holiday fun D E C E M B E R 2 5 , S E AT I N G S 11:3 0A M - 6 P M

New Year’s Eve Dinner

Say goodbye to 2014 in traditional Deer Path style D E C E M B E R 31, S E AT I N G S 5 - 8 :3 0 P M


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2 55 E A S T I L L I N O I S ROA D L A K E F O R E S T, I L 6 0 0 4 5 D P I H OT E L .CO M

THE PEACH IS THE PLACE High-end shopping and luxury gifts

Heather Moore Trunk Show

Thursday, October 23rd, 2014 10 am - 5 pm Please join us to preview the latest and greatest Heather Moore Jewelry Collection. The new designs will inspire you to create the perfect gift or to add a charm to your necklace.

Bridal and Gift Registry Available

303 Happ Road • Northfield, Illinois 60093 WWW.PEACHTREEPLACEONLINE.COM (847) 441-7585

Peachtree Place has been a North Shore staple for 30 years. In 1985, it opened with 1100 square feet. Now, the store has grown to more than 7000 square feet. It is the destination for home accessories, tabletop, luxury paper goods, women’s accessories and jewelry, and it now offers a free standing children’s store called Little Peach — a small branch of Peachtree Place. The store has long been known for exquisite taste and thoughtful, intriguing gifts, as well. The staff is dedicated and loyal with some associates having been with the store for 18 years. The comment most often heard about the store is: “You have the nicest people working here!” The Peach: is the place for tabletop and so much Shopping at more. | SUPPLIED PHOTO Peachtree Place is in itself an experience. Twelve rooms full of possibilities await the customers who know that they can always find just the right thing when they are in need of hostess, birthday, shower, wedding or just because gifts. All gifts — large or small — leave the store wrapped beautifully with gorgeous paper and ribbons. One more reason so many customers make Peachtree Place their favorite shopping destination. The store buyers spend countless hours looking for beautiful yet practical, unusual, thought provoking or humorous treasures. Treasures that most people don’t know they absolutely have to have until they see them. Perhaps that is why the store is known for having the best hostess gift selections. If a customer is interested in finding a personalized gift, many options — from fine jewelry (Heather Moore) to cocktail napkins and everything in between — are available. Peachtree Place is well known for its participation in many local house walks and charitable events. The tables created for these events are highly anticipated and never fail to disappoint. In addition, store displays are ever changing and oh so inspiring. Whether one is just starting out or simply wants a change, it is the destination for creating a beautiful table. Brides and grooms from all over the Chicago area choose to order their invitations and place their gift registry with Peachtree Place. Invitation selection is a painstaking process made easy with professionally trained staff. The selection of invitations offered is sophisticated, elegant and classic — whether for a formal or beachfront ceremony the possibilities are exceptional and endless. Registry items range from fine and everyday dinnerware to lamps and small furniture. Because of this, couples are able to register for a broad range of items that will see them through many years together. Knowledgeable staff is on hand for guidance and to make suggestions. Mothers and mothers-in-law are welcome to participate! Don’t forget to check out gifts for bridesmaids and groomsmen. The store hosts many special events during the year showcasing artisans, jewelers and one-of-a-kind items thus creating a unique opportunity for customers to become acquainted with their work. Upcoming Fall Events include Dana Kellin Jewelry, a master glassblower from Simon Pearce, Lynn Haney Santas, Heather Moore Jewelry and Clay Rice, Silhouette Artist — just to name a few. Now is the perfect time to visit as the store readies itself for the holidays.

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窶「 SOIRテ右 | 17 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 窶「


The Cake Makers A Sweet T’s Bakery & Cake Studio BY WENDY ALTSCHULER For Sun-Times Media

Many bakers and cake designers fantasize about opening up their own shop. Tammy Montesinos was one of those dreamers. After more than 25 years of industry experience, Montesinos and her husband, Abel, brought their vision to life. Sweet T’s Bakery & Cake Studio, located in downtown Arlington Heights, opened this year on June 21, and business is booming. “My one and only job was with Central Continental Bakery in Mount Prospect,” Montesinos said. “I started there when I was 14, just merely wanting a job while in high school.” The job turned out to be a passionate and long career choice for Montesinos. She graduated from Kendall Culinary School with a degree in baking and pastry. “I developed a love for cakes and baking,” Montesinos said. “I returned back to Continental, where I met my husband, also a baker, with 28 years at Continental. And, after many years of working as a head cake designer and competing both nationally and locally in cake competitions for the Retail Bakers Association, I decided that I needed to take a leap of faith for my dream and

open up Sweet T’s.” If you pop in the shop, you’re more than likely to see Montesinos working feverishly behind the counter on a custom cake — her true passion — or on a tray of delectable cupcakes or cake pops. “We don’t freeze anything and we don’t even have a freezer to hold products,” Montesinos said. “Everything is baked daily.” Sweet T’s Bakery & Cake Studio is lovely and bright, with pink and white walls and charming chandeliers. Display cases hold many traditional and fine baked treats, which are, of course, made from scratch: coffee cakes, Danishes, pies, Kolacky cookies and cinnamon rolls. Gourmet cupcakes are also on the menu: lemon, caramel turtle, red velvet, carrot, sea salt caramel, chocolate mousse, key lime, raspberry and more. “I truly love what I do,” Montesinos said.“I absolutely love working and demonstrating cakes in the store, interacting with the customers, teaching, having kids parties and sharing my love of cakes.” “I love being a part of Arlington Heights because it is such a warm and welcoming city and everyone is so nice,” she said. Order something for Sweetest Day by visiting or scoot over to 21 S. Dunton Ave. in Arlington Heights.

The Deer Path Inn

stunning display of architecture and upscale style of service in an historic Manor House (c.1453) building, the Deer Path Inn is the perfect place to gather, work or relax. Champagne brunch: Enjoy a Sunday brunch set in the Located near beautiful English Room. Chef Khellil, Pastry Chef Nabil Lake Forest’s Historic Market and their talented culinary teams set up stations that tantalize all diverse tastes. | SUPPLIED PHOTO Square District, the Deer Path Inn debuted in 1929 as a popular pastoral retreat for Chicagoans. Modeled after a mid-15th century Manor house in Chiddingstone, Kent, England, the half-timber and stuccoed Tudor-style inn features authentic detailing including stone fireplaces, leaded windows, and beamed ceilings. The guestrooms are individually decorated and named after a National Trust of England Site. Guests and visitors alike are in for an unforgettable experience. DeerPath Inn has an award-winning dining room lead by Executive Chef Khellil and his talented culinary staff. Zagat and DiRona recognized the inn as one of the distinguished restaurants of North America. Wine Spectator magazine also recognized it for having the most outstanding wine list THE DEER PATH INN in the world for 20 years 255 E. Illinois Road in a row. In addition, readers of Northshore magaLake Forest, IL 60045 zine voted it the best (847) 234-2280 wedding venue. Deer Path Inn is located approximately thirty miles north of Chicago. It is easily accessible by the major roadways north of Chicago and east-west from Lake Michigan, and roughly 25 miles north of Chicago O’Hare International Airport via I-94 and Route 41.

Contact Isabella, Director of Catering


2901 W. Lake Avenue, Glenview

Consider The Glen Club for a unique event venue for your next special occasion. Our breathtaking clubhouse offers a Grand Ballroom and several special event spaces perfect for any social gathering for 20-216 guests. The picturesque Ballroom is the perfect location for your wedding or special event, featuring floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking our pristine golf course. With both indoor and outdoor event space as well as boutique hotel accommodations for overnight guests, we are committed to making your special occasion one-of-a-kind. From bridal showers to memorial celebrations and everything in between, let The Glen Club exceed your expectations and ensure your event is one you will never forget.

Our Famous English Toffee is the Perfect Gi� for Sweetest Day and Holiday Party Hostesses • General Assortments, Hand-Dipped Fruit & Nuts • Mint Squares, Grumpies, Non-pareils & Barque Homemade, delectable gi�s for every occasion! * Mother’s Day * Easter * Passover * Birthday

1844 Waukegan Rd., Glenview, IL


• SOIRÉE | 18 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 •

Sports and Craic at The Curragh

Dance, play, dine and cheer in a happening, Blackhawk-loving atmosphere

Many elements come together to create the craic (a Gaelic word that loosely translates into the English word “fun”) at The Curragh. This unique identity, the pub culture, arises from the eclectic combination of stone and brick walls which hold working fireplaces, the generous floor room to gather in groups or dance in pairs, sumptuously carved wooden bars hosting rows of beer and ale on tap with plenty of space to dine as you root for The Blackhawks, Bears or Bulls. Add to the mix some live music performed by Irish punk-rock or contemporary cover bands such as The Ripleys and nightly martini and beer specials, and you’ve got Curragh Craic: the awesome atmosphere for everyone. Get your game on this winter watching the professionals on one of its 17 TVs or with your own amateur team as you participate in Wednesday Night Trivia where you win prizes and indulge in $4.50 Guinness Pints. It’s football and soccer season.Watch the games at any Curragh location. Drink and food specials are available as you watch the Bears, Big Ten, Notre Dame or Blackhawks on one of its many high-definition televisions. Come in from the cold and dine in one of the Curragh’s cozy atmospheres this winter by the warmth and glow from its giant stone fireplaces. The newest addition to the Curragh is located at 1800 Tower Road in The Glen of Glenview. Its doors unlocked, appropriately, the week of St. Patrick’s Day in perfect time for their annual Fleadh: the festival honoring Irelands oldest and most famous Saint. Featured along with great food and the perfect pint, guests enjoyed live music, bagpipers and Irish dance performances. Each Curragh location hosts the Fleadh every March for two-tothree days leading up to and including the green holiday.

Web: Visit the Curragh at for event and party-planning information. | SUPPLIED PHOTO

Locations: The Curragh at 6705 N. Northwest Hwy in Chicago; call (773) 774-6170. The Curragh at 8266 Lincoln Ave. in Skokie; call (847) 675-9600. The Curragh at 1800 Tower Road in Glenview; call (847) 998-1100. Lexi Lu at 6707 N. Northwest Hwy. in Chicago; call (773) 774-6170. | SUPPLIED PHOTO All locations are open everyday from 11 a.m. until 2 a.m. The Curragh menu consists of both Irish and American offerings. Corned beef and cabbage, Shepherd’s Pie, Guinness fish and chips, Irish stew, BBQ baby back ribs and a delectable 9-ounce sirloin beef burger are some of the most requested items. The Glenview and Edison Park sites offer a special weekend brunch menu on Saturday and Sunday. Choose from Traditional American breakfast fare including pancakes, French toast, omelets, skillets and more, or dive in to the hearty authentic Irish Breakfast plate. Bloody Mary and mimosa beverages are offered up during brunch at special prices. Beer and ale on tap ranges from Guinness, Smithwicks (Ireland’s oldest ale) and the rare Kilkenny (a sweeter, creamier ale than Guinness) to craft gems such as Revolution Antihero IPA, Daisy Cutler Half Acre and Two Brothers. Germany and Belgium are represented as well by Stella Artois and Franziskener Weiss. Chicago’s very own Goose Island Green Line gets a spot amongst its European neighbors too! A vast selection of Irish whiskey, singlemalt scotch and an international wine list are also available. Consider the Curragh for your compa• SOIRÉE | 19 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 •

ny or family party this holiday season. All locations have private-party facilities for special events such as showers, communions and graduation gatherings, rehearsal dinners and anniversary celebrations. The Edison Park and new Glenview Pubs house inside rooms while Skokie features an outdoor heated patio tent that is ideal year-round for any type of affair. Live music draws patrons to The Curragh in Edison Park and Glenview on the weekends and select dates at the Skokie address. Irish and contemporary American cover-bands, such as Anish, Acoustic Generation and Telstar, appear regularly. A calendar of scheduled performances is visible on the website The Curragh cares, and gives back to their communities by sponsoring local sports teams all year. It also participates in dine-in partnerships with schools and humane organizations; it gives 15 percent of its profits to the partner during the promotion. Experience what the Curragh has to offer this sports and holiday season. Come weekly, and work your way down the tap tower tasting all of the refreshing brews. Come for the craic: the esoteric Gaelic term meaning unique identity, the feel of a place, the essence that brings you back time and again. The Curragh would like to have you as a guest and a friend.

Deerfield’s Destination for Outstanding BBQ Baby-Back Ribs, Broasted Chicken, Mouthwatering Burgers, Wonderful Wraps and Salads.



available for any event!

Party Packages start at $15 Per Person

Holiday Specials • Company Party Packages • Showers Birthdays • Communions • Graduation • Bar Mitzvah

405 LAKE COOK RD., DEERFIELD 847-418-3400 • • SOIRÉE | 20 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 •

7 days 11am-10pm

Moretti’s private dining rooms accomodate up to 300 guests Moretti’s Ristorante & Pizzeria in Edison Park is known for excellent food, social atmosphere and great service. It is the perfect place for holidays, birthdays, pizza parties, graduations, showers, reunions and more. The restaurant offers off-site catering plus complete audio-visual telecom features. Party rooms are ideal for any corporate or social event. Moretti’s has a newly revamped menu, which offers tasty, fresh appetizers, old favorites and scrumptious specialties as well as a gluten-free menu approved by a family practitioner. Let the Moretti’s family cater to yours with its custom packages to fit your budget. Call your local Moretti’s for more information or visit

Italian Market and Deli LLC

Think of us for all your holiday catering needs! • Holidays • Family Celebrations • Company Outings • Corporate Meetings • Showers Specialty gift baskets and bags available for your holiday events

Authentic Italian Recipes Made Daily Dine In/Carry Out • Heat & Eat Full Deli • Catering • Specialty Grocery Wine • Gift Baskets & Bags Outdoor Dining • Private Parties Italian Sweets • Starbucks Coffee

Hours: Mon. - Fri. 8am - 6pm Sat. 9:00am - 4:00pm Closed Sunday

R & V Italian Market and Deli 13801 W. Laurel Drive Lake Forest, IL. 60045 847-816-6468


Banquets & Catering SINCE 1982

Formal or Casual Events, Weddings, Cocktail Parties, Rehearsal Dinners, and Bridal Showers Our Banquet Hall Seats up to 400 Catering and Staffing and Rentals Available for Off-Site Events

Seats for everyone: Moretti’s Ristorante & Pizzeria in Edison Park has new privateparty rooms that accommodate 20-300 guests. The rooms are perfect for holiday parties, birthdays, pizza parties, graduations, reunions and more. Food prices start at $9.99. Complete packages accommodate every budget. Moretti’s is at 6727 N. Olmsted Ave. in Chicago. Visit | SUPPLIED PHOTO

Visit us on the web at or on 4 Washington Street | Ingleside, IL 60041

• SOIRÉE | 21 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 •



For Sun-Times Media

Take a cooking class, and walk away with recipes and the culinary knowhow to recreate the meal for your next big event.

Sur La Table: the Art and Soul of Cooking

Social serendipity is on the menu at Sur La Table: the Art and Soul of Cooking in a number of local areas: Oak Brook, Naperville, Chicago, Northbrook, Skokie and South Barrington. “Sur La Table classes are a great way to socialize with friends while learning something new,” said Sephi Coyle, director of culinary at Sur La Table.“Chances are you’ll make a few new friends at the class as well.” All classes offer proactive connoisseur instruction that teaches authentic meal preparation in a professional teaching kitchen. “Sur La Table’s hands-on classes are fun, dynamic and educational,” Sephi said.“Students work in groups to prepare each dish.” To learn more, visit

The Wooden Spoon

For an independent feel, check out Andersonville’s The Wooden Spoon in Chicago. Trina and Sean Sheridan not only own and operate the shop but also they live in the community — right above the store. To say that they are invested is an under-

statement. These affable folks care immensely about the quality of gastronomic products they sell; they have enlisted the best chefs and instructors to represent their brand. “My grandfather owned a restaurant and lived above it in Chicago,” Trina said. Living and working in the community, as her grandfather did, gives Trina a leg up. “Andersonville wants specialty stores,” Trina Foodie: Host your next event at Sur La Table. A cooking class can be tailored to your guests. | SUPPLIED PHOTO said.“We have a small-town feel in a big city, and we participate in many community events.” what you do,” she said. The Wooden Spoon holds a party nearly Clear a date in your schedule; The Wooden every night, and these parties are the shop’s Spoon’s calendar is at woodenspoonchicago. bread and butter. com.When you pop in, check out the magical “It’s a great venue to celebrate an anopen-air courtyard. niversary or go out with a group of friends,” Trina said.“You’re getting a good meal, you’re Whole Foods Market learning something, and you’re taking someKill two birds with one stone by attendthing home.” ing an event before grocery shopping at In a class, participants move around, interWhole Foods Market. Several events are act with others, contribute to the meal prepalined up this fall season, including excitration and break bread with other learners. ing cooking classes for little ones. In the “It’s an alternative to going out to eat,” Whole Foods café, kids ages 3 to 6 can learn said Trina. “It motivates and inspires you. how to whip up a simple snack in a cooking If you’re in a cooking slump, it will get you activity designed specifically for preschoolcooking again.” ers. Happy Family products, an organic food What’s the homespun experience like for brand developed and operated by mothTrina’s family? “We have three kids. They do homework ers, will also feature a story at this regularly scheduled free event. For more information downstairs, they know all of the workers, on events, cooking classes and recipes, visit and they are around cooking a lot. It’s a part of their life. Cooking and eating a Now, get cooking! meal, which is fresh and healthy, is just

• SOIRÉE | 22 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 •


Watch all Bears, Big Ten, ND, Blackhawks kss and College Games with us! Curragh has the NFL Ticket-watch all the NFL games here!



1800 Tower Rd. • 847-998-1100

Party Rooms available for your Company or Family Holiday Party! Experience the History and Magic of Ireland at The Curragh. A wonderful array of homemade Irish lunch and dinner options and an impressive selection of Irish Beer and Ale on tap awaits. Shepherd’s Pie, Irish Stew, Guinness, Harp and Kilkenny plus traditional American dishes, Imported Beer and Wine make for a unique, comforting dining excursion. It’s Football and Soccer Season! Join us at any of our 3 locations and watch your favorite game on one of our many flat-screen HD TV’s. Enjoy drink specials during the games, nosh on our homemade appetizers or any of our full menu made-to-order items. We broadcast the Irish Gaelic Games LIVE from Ireland! Come for a special brunch menu on Saturdays and Sundays at The Glen or Edison Park Curragh. From 10am-1pm in Glenview and 8am-1pm in Edison Park. Chose from a vast selection of Traditional American Breakfast dishes like Pancakes, Omelets, Skillets and French Toast or treat your palate to an authentic Irish Breakfast. Bloody Mary’s and Mimosa’s are available at special prices. Live musicians perform on the weekends. And St. Patty’s Day, naturally, is the “feadhl” to which all other festivals aspire! Private Party rooms accommodate guests comfortably for any special event: Corporate Holiday Parties, Graduations, Baby Showers, Rehersal Dinners, Funerals Receptions, Surprise Birthday Parties. Call for a tour or to schedule your event. Stop by for a perfect pint and some casual conversation or live entertainment. Bring some friends and enjoy our warm, relaxing culture at The Curragh.

Open Daily for Lunch and Dinner. Free Wifi.

Edison Park 6705 NW Hwy.

Visit Our Other Locations Skokie

8266 Lincoln Ave. • SOIRÉE | 23 | OCTOBER, 16 2014 •

Lexi Lu

6707 NW Hwy., Chicago


Soirée is published by Sun-Times Media Find complete stories online at: Party, night out, elegant, dining, fash...


Soirée is published by Sun-Times Media Find complete stories online at: Party, night out, elegant, dining, fash...