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Proficient Skills

Syracuse University— Syracuse, NY Interior Design BFA, May 2010 CIDA Accredited Program #10 in the nation, Design Intelligence GPA Cumulative: 3.5 SU Abroad— London, Spring 2009

7 Heritage Drive Walpole, MA 02081 Call: (508) 641 5308 Write: See: hill

Development Opportunities

‘Metropolis Magazine’ Charrette, Spring 2010 ASID Student Member, Fall 2009–Present Student Representative, Fall 2008–Present Neocon East 2008, Baltimore, MD Peer Advisor & Tour Guide, Fall 2008 ‘Chang Your View’ Design Charrette, Fall 2007

Honors Outstanding Design Student Award, May 2010 Deans List, Fall 2006–Fall 2009 National Society of Collegiate Scholars

Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop Revit Architecture Autocad 2007–10 Google SketchUp Mac OS X Microsoft Word Model Building Sketching & Visualizing

Other Skills Jewelry Metalsmithing Basic Sewing & Pattern Experimental Digital & Film Photography

Work Experience

Ink + Wit Design Intern Syracuse, NY, February 2010–Present Facilitating weekly entries on that forecast trends in illustration, design, lifestyle and photography. Assisted production of company’s business cards by sewing and silk screening.

Adhoc SU— On campus Pop–Up Design Office Design Intern for Garth Roberts Syracuse, NY, October 2009–Present Designing a forty Sq. Meter trade show booth for Kalmar Lighting for the Light + Building trade fair in Germany for April 2010. Creating a cohesive exhibit that combines old and new products. Helping to create a scaled model, elevations and floor plans, formalizing light fixture relationships, and specifying a color and material selection. Nancy Stracka Interiors

Interior Design Intern Boston, MA, June 2009–Aug. 2009 Worked with individual realtors from Sotheby’s Real Estate as a synergistic combined effort to cross promote businesses. Met with realtors, site measured apartments and houses ranging from 800 to 9,000 Sq. Ft. then produced floor plans in AutoCAD.

Hale Reservation Day Camp Leadership Director Westwood, MA, June 2008–Aug. 2008 Promoted to a supervisor position. Led a team of twelve counselors and managed sixty to eighty children. Researched and created a variety of age appropriate activities for team members to implement and fashioned a seamless transition for group rotation between daily scheduled events.

Hale Reservation Day Camp Assistant Creative Arts Specialist Westwood, MA, June 2007–Aug. 2007 Assisted and organized activities for children ages four to fourteen that engaged them in the visual arts. Redesigned the creative arts space to foster group interaction and offered alternative projects to spark involvement and imagination in unenthusiastic children. References available upon request

Interior Design

Visual Dialogue

Other Design

Senior Thesis





Senior Thesis Chemistree Restaurant Walt Disney World, FL 16,000 Square Feet Problem: To create a fun and inter active restaurant in Walt Disney World’s Epcot Cen ter that stimulates child education on heal thy eating that can be taken home with them. Concept: Creating a futuristic, “ma d science food lab’ that fuses together a bioti c relationship between the space & visitors. The restaurant acts act as a catalyst for enjoyment in healthier eating and respect for the environment.




Walt Disney World Receives over 17 million visitors annually. Mass population in the park leads to mass consumption and excess waste. The majority of food offered does not provide the correct nutrients for visitors to endure a long day in the park.

By providing healthier alternative meals to guests and educating them on how the restaurant operates as a living system, both guests and the environment will benefit.

The Walt Disney World corporation wants their visitors to be entertained and happy but they also want to run a successful business. By sparking energy in guests, revenue will increase.

Healthy Food

More Energy




The proposed restaurant stimulates interaction between the environment and customers through the use of heat sensitive fabrics, LED color changing surfaces and experiemental table microscopes.

Nutritional, natural ingredients are secretely infused into popular American meals and revealed after the meal is complete, generating suprising and pleased reactions from children.

The restaurant provides visitors with a macro view into a plant cell. The restaurant comes alive literally and guests are encouraged to take a closer look at their meals with microscopes.

Magnified Projection Wall

The restaurant offers seating on two levels with a centralized focus on an enlarged microscope that can be viewed from both levels in the space.

150’ - 0”

Waitstation Kitchen UP

49’ - 4”

Women’s Restroom

Walk-In Freezer

Entrance Dry Storage

Men’s Restroom

Waiting Area


Employee Corridor

First Floor– Plan View

150’ - 0”

Prep Area UP

Open to Below

49’ - 4”

Women’s Restroom


Men’s Restroom


Employee Corridor

Second Floor– Plan View

The spacial planning reflects the operations of a plant cell. The circulation revolves around the microscope and breaks up the space acting as a nucleus.

Balcony Area

Cheese Burger

Cheese Burger

Guests receive a card after their meal and go to one of the stations before exiting. Just like magic the card reveals the healthy hidden ingredients in their meal. The beauty of the microscope is that is helps people view objects that aren’t apparent to the invisible eye.

Magnifying Station

Booth Relationship- Plan View

Booth- Plan View


Booth Area

Design Process

Brainstorm & Concept Development

Programming & Relationship Diagrams

Initial Ideation Sketches

Design Development

Thesis Presentation

Dey’s Centennial Residential Design Syracuse, NY Market: 13,000 Square Feet Rental Units: 29,000 Square Feet Problem: Syracuse, NY is beginning to flouris h as a city with relocating young professional s. The restoration of the historic Dey’s Centennial Plaza occupies new tenant space and a year–round indoor market for the community. Market Place (Team Project): To revilatize the interior space as a hive of interconnected parts that creates a stimulating organic passage throug h an existing linear space. Residential Rental Units (Individual Project)

Market Place– Level 1

Inspiration is drawn from existing farmer markets in regions across the world and by using the biomimicry principle; researching how bee hives are successfully formed, operated and maintained.

Syracuse has a rich display of historical buildings that date back to the early 1900’s. The multifaceted structure of the Dey’s Complex is preserved and highlighted in the new design while infusing new raw materials.

The concept revitalizes the interior space as a hive of interconnected cells that creates a stimulating organic passage through an existing linear space.

Central Market Area

Main entrance to Residential Apartments

Vendor adjacency based on smell


Smell is a very important aspect to the market experience and for making food selections. Vendor stalls are adjacent to one another based on the aromas of the products being sold, so no aromas are disrupted. The cafe is located in the corner of the market, providing access to natural light and central to two street entrances for customers that want to quickly purchase items.


Market Floor Plan

Opposite Page: Built Sketchup model & rendered by Julienne Von Turkovich & Justin Kill

Cafe Area

Client presentation box–  Inspired by a beehive

Residential Rental Units– Level 6

N Second Floor– Plan View

Opposite Page: Existing Space originally used for offices and a department store


Standard Floor Plan

Kitchen Elevation – East Wall

Kitchen Elevation – West Wall

Kitchen Elevation – North Wall

Elescent Retail Design London, UK 170 Square Feet Team Project Problem: Through exformation how can a designer inspire and engage onlookers in London to learn about the city and its relationship with smell without dolling out information. Concept: My design team became interested in the correlation between one’s sense of smell and one’s memories. A physical dialogue is created to have people experience the connection to London’s past.




The identity for the store emphasizes the playful and whimsical nostalgic nature of childhood. The Elescent logo identifies with the idea that Elephants never forget and have a strong connection with smell.

The pop-up store allows for an intriguing informational space to help curious visitors learn about the fragrances. The store unfolds as a three dimensional object that can be placed anywhere in the city, adding the element of surprise to the experience.

Apothecary jars are filled with vintage items such as tin toys, models, and dolls infused with a specific scent to prompt the person’s sense of memory.

name of the scent:

name of the scent:

name of the scent:

Identity & Logo Design by Allie Jennings

Packaging & Interface Graphics by Alexandra Sperrazza

The exterior was inspired by the petite Victorian flats on Portobello Road in London, capturing the charming flair of the historical past.

Visitors are welcomed to preview the different fragrances and purchase the scents they favor.

The black and white illustrated walls lend a focus to the color of the products and emphasizes the idea of exformation.

Schulte Roth & Zabel Corporate Design London, UK 14,000 Square Feet Problem: To design the new location of a multidisciplinary law firm located on 12th floor of Norman Foster’s One London Wall building in London. The interior is to reflect the corporate identity and allow for interaction between the multidisciplinaries in a generation ‘Y’ environment. Concept: Schulte Roth & Zabel offers cutting edge, yet practical solutions. The space will reflect the sleek and refined business district of the metropolis below while acknowledging the prestige architectural context of the building.

Inspiration images represent the brand identity that reflect the goals and personality of the law firm.

I was fascinated by the dichotomy between this modern Norman Foster building and the adjacent historical London Wall Roman ruins.

One London Wall is located in the clean, business district of London. The visual language I used to describe the space reflects rectlinear, clean lines and well ordered form to translate what I observed in the area.

Opposite Page: Lobby View Revit & Photoshop

Lounge & Media Area

Canteen Area

Kitchen & Preperation Area


Break Out Area


Dining Room


Meeting Room


Client Waiting Area


Guest Wash Closet


Post Room & Copy


Open Plan Office


Main Entrance


Employee Entrance


Main Reception Area


Quiet Rooms



6 3








10 3


Functional concept: The space creates an open floor plan that encourages multidisciplinary interaction between coworkers while still maintaining areas of privacy. Location: The entrance and meeting rooms are located on the southeast fascade for maximum day lighting and iconic views of the London skyline. Ergonomics: Work stations accomodate both the X & Y generation employees. The sliding work tops offer adjustable heights for different tasks. Magnetic and pinnable screens address customization for individual users. While the seating offers two backrests for user adaptability

Franciscan Ministries Non-Profit Design Syracuse, NY 1,800 Square Feet Problem: To design a space for the Fransican Collaborative Ministries that will bring toget her the diverse cultures and ethnicities from the Syracuse neighborhoods and act as a point of entry for people interested in the organization . Concept: The concept for the space relies on interweaving between people and the mater ials in their environment, thus leading to interaction and ultimately integration.

A vibrant triadic color palette is incorporated into the existing colors of the Credit Union offering an embracing and energetic space. Inspiration is drawn from the affiliated Church interior and incorporated into the fabrics and dividers. The modular furniture allows for flexibility for community meetings and presentations.

Existing Community Space

Affiliated St. Franciscan Church


Utility Room

Credit Union Customer Service




Coffee Bar




Projection Wall


Computer Stations


Reception Desk


Modular Seating

Credit Union




Storage & Elevator Room

Up Vestibule 3

Floor Plan

Opposite Page: Photoshop, SketchUp, Prisma Markers & Colored Pencils

Old church pews and salvaged wood are given a new life creating casework for the reception desk and computer and coffee stations.

Credit Union Customer Service

Credit Union Utilities & Elevator Room


Reflected Ceiling Plan

Opposite Page: Photoshop, SketchUp, Prisma Markers & Pencils

Visual Dialogue & Other Design

Thank You.

Kristyn Hill's Portfolio  

May 2010- Portfolio

Kristyn Hill's Portfolio  

May 2010- Portfolio